The Billionaire Son-in-law

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The Billionaire Son-in-law

By: Temmywrites Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"As the last surviving heir of the richest and most powerful family, I ask you to come back and claim your rightful place." "You want me to reclaim the family's fortune, now?" He asked, his pale blue eyes staring brightly at his butler. "Sire, this household has been waiting for you for years now. It is time." ✩★✩ Lucas Williams resumes his family fortune because he wants to protect his family.


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139 chapters
1. The Phone Call.
Lucas Williams was seated in front of the young man before him. It was another day in front of a company's employer, and that day, he was waiting for a positive reply. Until the man began to say; 'We're sorry to inform you that…' The rest of the lines grew redundant to his ears. They'd rejected his job offer. Again! He glanced up to the ceiling and his eyes filled with hot tears. Shutting them tight, Lucas hoped the tears would stop. His lips pursed, pale blue eyes burning with hurtful rage. He went home, his shoulders slouched and head not leaving the ground. That was how his life was. So pathetic and useless! What kind of a man was he? Such a disappointment. Ivy, his beautiful wife, had been blessed with all the amazing features that could ever make up a successful woman. She was rich, smart, gorgeous and kind hearted. But he? He was a disaster for a husband. So he thought, even though his wife had told him countless times that they were just going through a rough ride, an
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2. Our Young Master.
The phone in Lucas's pocket vibrated again, not long after the first time, and he quickly brought it out to check the caller. His brother in law, Peter, yelled out. "You son of a bitch, how dare you even try to breathe?" Lucas rolled his eyes in disbelief. What had he even meant! "Hello, Peter. Good evening." He greeted in the most nicest tone he could find. Peter still wasn't pleased. "Hi? Is that all you can say to your brother-in-law?" the voice of Peter, shrill and filled with hatred spat out. Before Lucas could speak, his brother in law continued. "I can't even believe my dear sister would marry a poor sad man like you! First thing tomorrow, if you don't let go of her, mother will denounce my sister Ivy, her daughter, and disown her and her unborn child. Can you hear me, huh?! If you know what is best for you, leave her alone!" His brother in law threatened. When Lucas was about to speak, his brother in law yelled out again. "I'm still talking, so shut up! Just listen, alrig
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3. Take Back What Is Yours.
There was a light shade of blue-gray along with clean-lined furniture made for a polished backdrop while the woven chairs, light wood side table, and tree stump coffee table ensured a laid-back atmosphere. It was the living room inside the mansion, the perfect balance of approachable and formal. The architect applied hardwood floors in a Hungarian point pattern wood panels to the wall for an extra surge of warmth. The whole area was sparkling neat and clean, all around its vicinity scenting with a soft essence of jasmine. Lucas suddenly had a flash memory that he always loved jasmine flowers. "You used to love the jasmine air freshener," said the old man who'd pronounced himself as his butler. It was as if he'd been hearing Lucas's mind. He chuckled. Lucas asked, straightening his posture. "Who are you exactly?" He was certain he had no ver met the man before. He had Viking-gold hair and bristly eyebrows. "I don't think I know you." Lucas added. The older man was happy to re
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4. The Decision.
The cold in the room suddenly snapped at Lucas, his whole body shivering. He was happy, but at the same time, it was almost too much. "You want me to reclaim the family's fortune, now?" He asked, his pale blue eyes staring brightly at his butler. Of course that would someday have to happen, if truly he was the son they'd all been searching for. Only, he wasn't ready yet. It wasn't really something he'd ever prepared himself for. After all, no one had suddenly woken up to the realization that they might be the son of an insanely rich family!Grover on the other hand, he begged to differ. "Sire, this household has been waiting for you for years now. It is time." In his voice came confidence and determination. He knew he could die anytime soon, in fact, he was ready to. Only, his promise had to come to fulfillment. And that would only happen if Lucas agreed to reclaim his family's fortune. "Okay, if that's true then," the younger man said, leaning forward in the comfortable chair. Wh
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5. Ivy Mochi.
A quote once said: “The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.” Ivy Mochi was exactly that type of strong woman. There was no doubt she learnt well from her husband, Lucas Williams. Somehow, they had both grown to understand each other, and it was difficult to break their connection, otherwise, Ivy would not have still been married to him. Her skin was copper-brown, like a windfall autumn leaf and her eyes were bliss of wonders with an electrifying smile that made Lucas fall in love with her. Ivy's hair was coral-black and it crashed over her shoulders. She had been blessed with a smoldering, doe-brown eyes and a queenly figure. She had been waiting patiently for her husband's returns, and since she trusted him, she knew he would be fine. They never kept secrets from each other, so her min
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6. The Beginning Of A New Beginning.
The door creaked open, and just in that moment, her mother rushed out in anger, pushing Lucas out of her way. "Get out you filthy rag! Bitter excuse of a son in law..." She muttered on her way outside. Ivy was furious. A bit more related to frustration in fact. Her mother never acknowledged her and respected her, and it was a sad fact to Ivy. Which mother doesn't acknowledge her daughter's wishes and even tries to make them come true? When she turned—which she didn't even have to—the face of her husband smiled wearily at her. "Where have you been?" A tinge of anger mixed with her tone of voice. Lucas managed his way over to her, then, displeased by the frown on her face, his hand met with her face to dry the tears away. "I'm sorry, I received a news." He said, as casual as he could. But his wife was not moved. "I received a call from my mother, she said there was a problem." Still wearing the frown, Ivy managed to say to her husband. They never kept secrets, so she knew
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7. The Next CEO.
Peter passed down the message to his sister and she couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother, Blanche was an arrogant and proud woman, and the thought of her having to give up the position of the family CEO must had absolutely displeased her. The family was truly in trouble. No matter how arrogant and pompous Blanche could be, she was still her mother. She still felt pity for the woman. Lucas had been staring from over the room's entrance, the petrified face on his wife's face. He also over heard their conversation, and that was when it suddenly hit him. He was going to make his wife the CEO of her family. "My love?" He said, finally announcing his presence. "Are you alright? What is the matter?" "It's my mother. She's really in trouble. The entire family is!" Her eyes misted over and a sob rose in her throat. "I feel numb with disappointment, Lucas." She said, finally admitting to her husband. "You know I'm working now. It'll be fine, I promise." Lucas promised, hoping he could
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8. A Dare.
Lucas purposely played dumb in front of his family in law, but told his wife how to place the bid. He told her to trust him, announcing to her that he found a job at the same company her brother had been talking about, and that he has inner information. That Monday morning, he had hurried straight to work, and entrusted his wife to place the bid. Of course she didn't understand anything, but she would have to trust her husband. She trusted Lucas with her life. She was not sure about Lucas's instruction, but having decided to trust him at last, she placed the bid for her family without noticing the others. ✩★✩ Thirty minutes later after Lucas had left work, he was already home. To his surprise, his wife hadn't been the only one at home. "Blanche? What is my mother in law doing here now?" The word shockingly emitted from his lips as a soft whisper as soon as he opened the door to catch her view. She was scolding Ivy, as usual. And her bodyguard—and son!—Peter, had been standing
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9. Announcement.
"I have told my wife to place the bid. And here's my proposal. If she wins, you must all promise to make Ivy over here," he paused to steal a glance at her, and the worried state on her face propelled him to speak faster, "the family CEO, and never ever, mention us divorcing again." "And if she doesn't win?" Said Peter, almost instantly. He was losing his patience already. "Then, I'll leave her and never bother this family ever again." There was a loud gasp from Ivy, a slender hand covered on her opened mouth. This reaction followed a raucous laughter from Blanche, and Peter followed in the footsteps of his mother. Her mouth twitched with a smile, and let out a triumphant yelp. "Oh... So you, you want to tell me that... Seriously?" Another series of thundering laughter followed. "You think that she would win? That you can win this bet? Ha!" A faint tremor of amusement was on his lips. Lucas watched in silence all through their drama. He was certain that his wife would win.
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10: The Highest Bidder.
Ivy sat next to her husband, fingers crossed and silently prayed the bid would be in their favor. She glanced over to her mother and saw that she had a smug smile plastered across her face, probably pleased that they would lose the dare.Lucas on the other hand looked completely calm, he must have really high hopes in his connections. She just hoped he knew what he was doing.They all sat patiently awaiting the announcement of the winner but the announcer never mentioned it, instead he kept going around in circles, refusing to reach the essence of the matter. "On behalf of our generous CEO, Mr Williams, I say a big thank you to all the individuals who took part in this bidding and I hope that even after the results are out, your relationship with the House of Freddie will continue to flourish and to those who didn't take part in this bidding, we hope to see you all next time."Peter and his mother leaned forward in anticipation of the winner announcement but the secretary kept going b
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