The Brutal World of Gods, Demons and a Fallen Hero

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The Brutal World of Gods, Demons and a Fallen Hero

By: SaimonTheCreator OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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If you had to describe a person with a hard life, who would it be? Someone who experienced a horrible tragedy? Someone who tries his best but is still treated like trash? Nathaniel was such a person and despite his life full of unfortune he always gave it all. His hard work finally paid off as he managed to enter one of the best schools in his country but as he was about to graduate another tragedy struck down his dreams. “Is my life a joke? Maybe I should have a laugh as well”. Follow Nathaniel on his path of madness and destruction.


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Cruel Fate of Nathaniel
"I hate mondays..." A young man with messy black hair complained as usual. He appeared to be very sleepy as he was walking down the road. His name was Nathaniel but he likes to go by Nate. 'Why is this school so expensive? Tsk... I can't even afford to ride a bus' He was walking close to an hour already but that's everyday for him. What ruined his mood to the max today was the fact he had another exam this afternoon. 'Working during the weekend and studying for the exam in the middle of the night... It's far from enjoyable' He couldn't remember when was the last time he got at least a day off to relax. Ever since he could walk, he had to fend for himself and the situation got much worse when his mother kicked him out of the house when he turned eighteen. He had to sleep under a bridge for two days before he found something cheap to rent. 'At the very least my life will get better after I graduate... I hope' Nate tried to cheer himself up but that failed miserably when he notice
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The Ritual
"...The ritual was successful..." 'What is going on? Am I dead? I am feeling so sleepy' "Welcome our hero" 'Hero? What hero? I am not a...' *** "What happened where am I?" Nate opened his eyes and looked around. He was confused since the place he woke up in was clearly not a hospital. It more or less looked like he was in a very luxurious hotel. "What is this place? Wait! My leg grew back? What the f*ck!?" He stood up from the bed and confirmed that he somehow had his leg back. 'My burns are also gone as if that explosion never occurred' "What is going on?" Nate's thinking was disrupted by the sound of a door opening. He turned his head and noticed a young girl in a maid outfit walking in. "Oh! Sir is already awake I will go and notify the Grand Priest!" "Wait! Wher- am I?" Before he could ask his question, the maid stormed off and left. Nate simply decided to sit on the bed and wait for the maid to come back. 'Did she say something about a Grand Priest? Am I in some so
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A month passed since Nathaniel awakened in this world...He quickly adapted to his new life during that time. He looks and behaves like a noble that was born into this world and nobody could tell the difference, even Peter was shocked by how quickly Nate adapted. Of course, etiquette was not the only thing he was learning but some fundamental magic as well.If progress in manners shocked the Grand Priest then his achievements in magic almost made him have a heart attack. Not only is Nate capable of chant less magic but he also achieved the second awakening of mana in less than a month! According to him only a genius could achieve something like this in about 3 to 4 years.'I wonder If he would die If I were to tell him I was close to advancing again. What was the ranking system he told me about anyway?'Ranking system for mages is quite simple: first a person starts to learn some fundamental knowledge and is called an apprentice; he is not capable of performing spells at that stage ye
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Metting With The Emperor
The Emperor looked at Nate with a smile that seemed to have a more profound meaning."You may rise""Thank you, your majesty"Nate quickly stood up and a moment of silence ensued.The Emperor was simply looking at Nathaniel with a smile. Nate in kind also stayed silent with a smile on his face, looking calm.After what seemed to have been a short eternity the Emperor finally spoke."I heard from Cornelius that you already reached your second awakening, is that true?""Yes, your majesty""The ancient records stated that the hero's talent is inferior to no one but I am sure that the speed of your progress is one of best even among the heroes of the past""I am flattered, your majesty"Nate was politely replying and the Emperor seemed satisfied."Well, enough of that. I did call you here for a purpose after all"After saying that, Emperor waved his hand and a pair of people stepped forward holding different items."I called you here mainly for three things... Firstly, I would like to off
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The City And The Church
Nate woke up early and was trying his best to prepare for his journey. He had no idea how long the travel would last nor where he was heading with the holy knights so he was trying his best to organize what little he had. This process was interrupted by a maid confidently walking in."Oh, you are up already? And here I was hoping to wake you up...""Nice to see you too Mia...""Haha... And what you are doing?"Mia chuckled and asked the question with a sly smile on her face."Trying to pack up...""Really? Then I think this would be useful. His holiness Cornelius tasked me with giving this to you"She proceeded to take out a small black box that looked perfectly like the ones men hide their engagement rings in and handed it to Nathaniel."What is this?""Come on! First open it then ask!"Mia seemed excited and Nate was also curious about this 'gift'.'If she didn't mention Cornelius, I would think she wanted to propose...'After having this thought he finally opened the box. Inside wa
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Grand Master Sara I
"What the hell did I do to deserve this c*ap?"Nathaniel was standing in the middle of a forest, covered in blood and sweat. The area around him was covered with corpses of small, green skinned creatures. His breathing was heavy and he felt like he could collapse at any second. He looked around and observed the knights in white and blue armour fighting, burning things or doing whatever. This was a proper battle between holy knights and goblins!'F*ck my life'He tripped while walking and almost fainted out of exhaustion but screaming of a certain someone brought him back to reality."Hahaha! YES! Kill them all! Burn them all! Make sure even their ancestors feel the fire! Hahaha!"The voice belonged to a blonde-haired woman that was swinging her sword left and right, decapitating goblins wherever her sword went and her smiling face that was covered completely with blood could be clearly seen from a distance. Nate looked at the scene and that was the first time he felt truly horrified b
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Darkwood Forest
A group of knights could be seen traveling on horseback. At the front, leading the group, was a beautiful woman. She was smiling and humming some unknown song. Her hair was also slightly fluttering in the wind. Such beauty could easily make a lot of men fall for her..."...Nana na... kill them all... Nana na... children too..."At the very least until they would talk with her.'Can I kill this b*tch?'A bit behind her was a black-haired youth, wearing similarly black robe that easily distinguishes him from the rest of the group. His expression appeared neutral and disinterested but if one looked closely, one could notice his one eye twitching from anger."Sigh... It appears we are close to our destination...""Huh?"Nate was tired of her singing this awful song so he pointed out the fact they were already close to the forest."You are right! By the way do u know how we call this forest?""How?""Darkwood forest. You know why?""Why? Because it's dark inside?""Well, you guessed it. Th
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Grand Master Sara II
Sara slowly walked forward, holding her sword with one hand. Sparking bluish energy could be seen on the blade.'Is this so called aura?'Nate didn't admire it for long though. He was trying to process the many things that just have happened.'If she wanted to kill me, I already would've been six feet underground. This attack was a warning and looking at the state of the goblin it is quite clear what she was warning me about. I was fooled by her...'Meanwhile Sara was already close to Nathaniel and finally stopped in her tracks. She stabbed the ground with her sword and placed both her hands on it. Her expression was neutral and it was impossible to guess what she was thinking. Nate's face similarly didn't show any emotion.They both stood there in silence and only after a minute of this standoff a change occurred. Sara smiled slightly and Nate immediately replied in kind."Have you talked with it?""Talk? Didn't you say yourself that goblins can't be reasoned with and only know how t
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A Glimse of Truth
Nathaniel and Sara were slowly walking back towards the camp. Nate used the opportunity to pry for more information. "The emperor was obviously tricked. My guess is that the church was initially collaborating with the empire about how to deal with me but that changed. Is my potential also the reason?" "Who knows" "Then why take me with you in the first place? To kill goblins? What all of that even achieves?" "You'll see" "And the person who ordered you, was it Cornelius?" "..." "So, it was him" 'The always nice, friendly priest turns out to be a sly fox. You really can't tell what people think by just looking at the surface' The pair could already see the campfires being short distance from them but Sara seemingly irritated stopped going forward and Nate noticing this also stopped. "Tsk... you just want to know everything don't you? Well, let me tell you this politics are simply complicated and not worth thinking too much about" "That I understand but I still want to know a
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'Will Gurk be back?' A certain small creature with green skin could be seen peeping its head outside the cave it was in and although goblins differ in looks and behaviour compared to humans, one could easily tell that the goblin seemed worried. 'Gurk promised to be back' His name was Gork and he was feeling nervous since his friend that he grew up with is yet to return despite the sun already rising. He understood quite well what that meant but still strongly hoped that was not the case. 'Gurk will be back. Humans sleep when night. Perhaps he wandered further to find food and Gurk coming back. Maybe Gurk...' His thoughts however where disturbed by someone grabbing his shoulder and he turned to look at who it was. It was an elderly goblin wearing slightly better clothing than him, with some paint on his old face and some feathers stuck in his hair. That was the clan's shaman named Gerk. Gerk looked with pity at Gork and was shaking his head slightly. He was far more realistic tha
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