The Dimensional World: A Journey of Discovery and Adventure

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The Dimensional World: A Journey of Discovery and Adventure

By: Kenex Updated just nowFantasy

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A man who discovers a scroll that can create a two-dimensional world, decides to use it to explore the mysteries of dimensions and create his own fantasy world.

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The Scroll of Fate: A Dying Man’s Last Wish
“I am sorry to tell you that you have lung cancer. But, if you receive treatment, there is still a chance of recovery. Does your family know about it? We suggest that you be admitted to the hospital and receive treatment!” “How long do I have left?” “You have most likely contracted it for some time. But there is still…!” Vincent walked out of the hospital in a daze. It seemed unreal, like a dream. The people who walked past him were like from a different world, as if there was an invisible boundary that separated him from reality. Vincent felt like he was in a nightmare. He had just learned that he had terminal lung cancer and only a few months to live. Vincent had no intention of starting any treatments, he didn't want to waste his money and time on futile treatments. Even if he were to die, he did not want to die in agony on a hospital bed with tubes inserted into his body, he wanted to die peacefully, not hooked up to machines and needles. Since his youth, Vincent’s lungs had
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Exploring the Two-Dimensional World
It was a portal to another dimension, where Vincent found himself in a vast and beautiful landscape, full of wonders and mysteries. He felt a surge of energy and vitality, as if his illness had vanished. He felt a warm sensation in his hand and saw the grasshopper on his palm, He looked up and saw that the scroll had changed, it now displayed a beautiful painting of a mountain and a river. He felt a connection with the scroll, and realized that he could control it with his mind, he felt he had inherited a legacy of ancient art and wisdom. Vincent had decided to look at it from the three axioms of the theory of the universe: Time (T), Space (U), and Matter (M). Time, space and matter were tightly related to each other one another. The three elements were independent yet inextricably linked. The relationship between space and time was U=U(T), and M=M(U) for matter and space. Time was found in space, and space was filled with matter. Thus, time and space were related to matter. Among
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The Scroll of the World
During the night, Vincent drove his BYD to Dragonspine ridge where the historical Sunrise Bastion stood still facing the waves of time, The Sunrise Bastion crimson colossal wall of rock and metal that encircles and protects the Dragon kingdom from the barbarian hordes, it is the last trace of ancient ancestral civilization which was near the lake where land was rich and fertile. Vincent had even felt the soil with his hand. The Dragonspine ridge was the name given to the towering mountain range that guards the northern border of the Dragon kingdom. It is said that the ancient ancestors of the Dragon kingdom people built a great wall along the peaks of the mountains to protect their lands from the savage invaders from the north. The wall is called the Sunrise Bastion because it is a massive wall of metal that protects the Dragon Kingdom from the northern barbarian hordes, and because it reflects the sunlight and glows like a flame during the day. The Sunrise Bastion is a symbol of the
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The Unexpected Visitor
Vincent took a bottle, went to the courtyard, and filled it with some ants. Time and gravity were present in the painting space so as were the sun and moon, the four seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter and plants and oxygen, but there were no animals. Vincent decided to put some specimens into the painting space himself. At this moment, he heard a voice outside the gate, “Vincent, what brings you home?” Vincent stood up and saw a girl with a wine-red helmet, sitting on a motorbike outside the gate. She was staring at him, surprised. Vincent put down his short-handled hoe and bottle and walked to the door. “You are?” The girl removed her helmet at once and said, “I am Ruby!” Vincent was embarrassed. The girl was pretty and looked familiar, but he could not remember her and did not know what to say. Suddenly, he remembered a joke that he had read from the internet. A teacher met a student, but both of them could not remember each other’s name. The student could only say, “I rememb
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The Evolution of Ants: The Insect Queen
“Let’s go out, relax, and have a drink!” Vincent had been dragged out by Ruby to join her friends for dinner. After dinner, they went for a karaoke session and had beer and liquor. At first, Vincent had felt embarrassed to be with the high school students, but he soon realized that there were also university graduates and adults there. Many of them were couples. Vincent was shocked to find that modern high school students were much more open-minded than his generation. After drinking a bit, a pretty and innocent-looking young lady started to make out with her university boyfriend. After a while, they excused themselves to the restroom and disappeared. The rest of the group started to get even wilder, especially Ruby. She sang and screamed. She also kept kissing Vincent’s neck with breath filled with the smell of liquor, which terrified Vincent and made him quite uneasy. As Vincent supported the stumbling Ruby, he could feel the stares of the people on the street. He could swear, he
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Mind Reading; Power of Thoughts
Vincent slept for a day and a night. When he woke up the following day, he felt that the whole world had changed, he had become more sensitive to his surroundings. When he tried to reach out for his disposable cup by the side of the bed, the cup fell to the floor, before he could touch it. When he looked at the Scroll of Creation, he found that the battle inside the Scroll was growing more and more fierce. After the first insect queen had appeared, the rest of the colonies had started to evolve as well. Fights, evolutions, and new insects developed as a result of the catalyst. Although Vincent would have liked to continue with his observation, he changed his mind when he realized he was starving. After walking around his neighborhood, he settled down at a café across the street from Carrefour. It was late in the afternoon and quite a number of people were having afternoon tea. “Sir, are you alone or…” the waitress asked him, immediately struck by his handsome appearance. This guy
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“Hello, teacher. I am here for the yoga class!” “Mr. Vincent, I am your instructor. From now on, please put aside two hours each day for yoga practice. Since you have never done yoga before, we will start with the basics!” Phoebe was a 25-year-old yoga instructor. She had her long hair twisted up into a bun and she exuded an air of classic elegance. Vincent had signed up for a VIP package, which included personal yoga training sessions. He came to learn about meditation, and had never expected to meet such a beauty. Vincent had a crush on Phoebe, but he had certainly paid a high fee for it! Vincent felt that, when he was practicing meditation, he could feel his blood circulating. On top of that, he could gradually sense every part of his body. He realized that he was able to focus and control his mind power as time passed by. Originally, he could only send his mind power toward the outside world, as he strengthened it, he was also able to conceal the power. Yoga is a physical, men
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A New Life
Thump! Thump! Vincent could hear his own heartbeat. He mentally ran through his whole body. He could feel his blood circulating, and the senses that seemed vague previously had now become clearer. Ultimately, a strange looking picture appeared in front of his eyes. There were no colors, only structures in this picture. It was like a three-dimensional model or a planar graph created using CAD. The skin, muscles, bones, arteries and internal organs were all shown in the picture, formed by multiple sub-units. Vincent could even feel the thickness of his skin, the length of his bones, and the sizes of his internal organs. However, as his mind power was not powerful enough, he was still unable to reach the cellular level. He could only vaguely sense it. Vincent could see the dark shadow in his lungs. The cancer cells, which had been separated from the healthy cells, had been increasing. Amassing, they had started to form a tumor. Cancer cells are cells that divide continually, forming
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A Bittersweet Romance: Vincent’s Breakup with Phoebe.
Over the past two weeks, other than attending the personal yoga classes and going to Phoebe’s house, Victor had been mostly staying at home. Today, while he was out, he found something amiss. Everyone who walked past him turned around to stare at him. There were even a few times when he actually caught sight of people secretly taking photographs of him. He looks so handsome! Is he some comic character? Is he a celebrity? He is so elegant! He seems to have a mixed ethnicity. He looks so gorgeous. His eyes are so charming! Oh no! I have been lovestruck. He’s looking at me! Along the way, weird thoughts flooded Vincent’s mind continuously. When Vincent looked at himself in the mirror, he only felt that he looked good and was not really bothered. However, when others looked at him, it seemed that Vincent had undergone an astonishing change. For instance, when he went to the café for a meal, the waitress actually secretly passed him her mobile number, and many girls came up with dif
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Change in Body and Life.
Vincent was lying on his bed, playing with his mobile phone when Ruby suddenly approached him. Staring at his face carefully, she asked, “Why did I not realize earlier that you are so handsome? You were good-looking before, but now you are stunning…” “Tell me honestly, did you have plastic surgery?” Vincent pushed away Ruby’s head which was almost touching his face. “Previously, my work environment has greatly affected my health. Now, I am recovering and I have been training every day, so that may explain it.” “It’s such an amazing transformation!” Ruby was simple-minded, so she believed what Vincent told her. However, because of Vincent’s flawless appearance, she still stayed beside him. “Hey, Vincent, I have just broken up!” “Oh!” “Should you not comfort me?” “Should I? I don’t think so!” Vincent put down his mobile phone and glanced at Ruby, feeling somewhat strange. Ever since he was able to control his mind power, he did not really read another person’s thoughts unless it
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