The Devil's Harem

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The Devil's Harem

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Having been in an accident and soaked in blood, Alex found himself in front of Martha Rutherford. Martha brought him to the hospital and took care of him while he was unconscious. When Alex woke up, he remembered nothing. He had no idea who he was? Where did he come from? Family? Friends? Nothing. Martha along with her husband George decided to adopt Alex and bring him to the family. It was not long before Alex mingled with the Rutherfords and it was not hard for him to love them like his real parents. Soon Alex found a job in a company at the forefront in every aspect of the city. And the plus point was that the company had tons of beautiful ladies. But as the way of the world is where the buffaloes fight the crops suffer. Every one had an ambition. With his job, he came in contact with a number of beautiful women with each having a different temperament. Hazel and Ellaine were like the bullying older siblings, always picking on Alex. Amber was the sneaky younger sister. Jessica was like a mother of them all trying to keep the ducklings in a queue while Karen was like a strict father. But one thing was clear, unlike what is there in the outside world, none of them wanted to trample Alex. In fact, they doted on him the most. But he was not truly happy. There was this constant desire in his heart to find out about his past. Along this journey he bickers with Jessica, the CEO of Theation, he forms a bond with Annie, the cute little girl, gets jealous over Margaret, his neighbour and will he lose his innocence to the growing blood lust in him? P.S. The cover is not mine.


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185 chapters
The Nightmare
Chapter - 01 Early morning, the sun has just risen, and the birds were chirping happily, announcing the dawn of a new day. People of varying ages, donned in their jogging clothes, were out on the roads, in the parks or in their yards, bathing in the early morning rays from the sun. Except for a few, everyone was enjoying and hoping for a wonderful day ahead. One of the few people not enjoying the lovely beginning of the day was a guy in his early twenties sleeping with his face covered in sweat. He tossed around and wriggled on the bed like a fish out of water. Judging from his expression, it was evident that he was having a nightmare, and the bulging nerves on his forehead showed that it was not a pleasant one at that. While the boy was tossing around, the door of his room opened, and a lady probably in her early forties walked in. "Alex, wake u---" the lady was there to wake the boy up, but when she saw the boy drenched in sweat and his painful face, she was left stunned. Hurrie
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Martha wants it
Chapter - 02   The lady climbed down the stairs, engrossed in her thoughts about Alex. She failed to notice the man sitting at the dining table reading the newspaper. When the man saw her walk past him without saying a word with her face full of concern, he called out for her from behind.   "Honey, what's the matter?" The man called out from behind.   But the lady, as if deaf to his calls, continued to walk away.   "Honey!" The man called out again, this time a bit louder.   "..."   "Martha!" The man called out her name this time, loud enough for neighbours to hear him.   "Huh... George? What's the matter? Why are you shouting?" Martha asked, getting out of her thoughts.   "I should be the one asking this. What's wrong? You look lost over something. Did something happen?" George asked.   By this t
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The lady next door
Chapter - 03 Just as Alex walked out of the house, he was greeted by the lady next door. "Aa... Alex! Where are you off to so early?" The lady asked, smiling and oozing with affectionate vibes. "Miss Cole," Alex greeted back. Standing in front of him was the most infamous woman in the neighbourhood, Margaret Cole. Margaret lives alone in the house right next to Alex's house. Probably in her early thirties, Margaret was a person of a warm personality, which made it easy for people to approach her. With black, shiny, wavy hairs just below her shoulder, fair skin, and an ample bosom, she was only about a head shorter than Alex. Margaret was a lady with a mature aura around her, and with her seductive charms, she was an ideal woman for men. No one knows what she does for a living, but she sure was rich. Despite her warm and affectionate personality, numerous rumours about her floating around. Some say that she married an old gu
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Theation, Alex’s new beginning?
Chapter - 04   While Alex was lost in his own thoughts, the cab stopped in front of his destination. Paying the fare, Alex was in no time standing in front of the skyscraper. The name 'Theation' was grandly illustrated on the building, making his heart race as soon as the thought of him working here came to his mind. Rubbing his hands, Alex was eager to walk in and slam-dunk the interview.   Theation was among the top ten entertainment companies not just in the city but the whole country. The company was started by Jessica Wilson from scratch, and she made it reach this level in just short three years. Theation was also one of the reasons for the sudden boom of the industry and tourism in the city.   Major businesses began to invest heavily into the local industries owing to the popularity Jessica brought to the city. Small scale businesses began to thrive, and maybe their wishes were the reason that Jessica and Theation
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Susan, A new friend?
Chapter - 05 Eager for his interview, as soon as Alex walked inside the building, the ladies stopped in their tracks. They couldn't help but look a second time and steal glances of the stranger that just walked in. The men, on the other hand, couldn't help but throw venomous glares at the stranger, who in no time captivated almost every girl who laid eyes on him.   With that lean, not so muscular built and neatly combed hair, Alex gave that innocent and pure vibe which made the ladies want to devour and conquer him. They just wanted to have some fun with the young man.   Under countless devouring gazes, Alex walked up to the reception and lightly tapped the counter in front of the lady there, trying to get her attention.   "Excuse me," Alex called out to the receptionist. The receptionist was a fair-skinned lady, about the same age as Alex, blooming amply in the right areas. She was dressed in a white shirt a
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Interview (Part-I)
Chapter - 06 As soon as Alex entered the room, he was asked to sit wherever he wanted to. The job process was simple and to be conducted in two stages. First was a written test, followed by the interview for those who passed the previous.   The room was packed to the brim, which made him feel even more nervous than he already was. Contrary to the men to women ratio in Theation, of those present in the room, the majority was that of men. This surprised Alex a bit, but this was a competition and everyone has the right to try their luck. A bit nervous, Alex slowly dragged his feet to the very end of the room, looking at the faces of his competition.   Employees were coming and going out of the room with documents with them. And the others found it really hard to keep it down with all the applicants present. Overall it was quite hectic, and Alex was probably the only one sitting silently, all alone at the back.   Read more
An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter - 07   "Time is up," One of the ladies called out. Hearing her, the other ladies present there to invigilate, stood up from their seats and walked around the room, collecting the papers.   After all the papers were collected and bundled up, the lady in charge said, "We will be announcing the result in one hour. Until then, you can head to the cafeteria on the sixth floor and enjoy the refreshments arranged by the company for you," the lady looked at all the participants and continued, "You will need to show them the visiter's pass we are about to hand out."   One by one the candidates walked out of the room collecting the passes from the ladies standing by the door. Alex also followed the other candidates out of the room and made his way to the sixth floor. Due to the constant bickering of his parents early in the morning, he was not able to eat to his heart's content in breakfast.   'I h
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An Unexpected Encounter Contd…
Chapter - 08   "Thank you," The girl said.   "Don't sweat it. I didn't do much anyway," Alex said.   "Still, I appreciate your help."   "Well, If you want to," Alex shrugged as he turned his eyes in front.   "You don't want to know why they were looking for me?" The girl asked when she say the lacklustre response from the guy who just helped her.   Alex nodded, "I just thought it would be impolite to ask. So, are you some kind of internet celebrity, and you snuck out of the shooting?" Alex asked.   "Well, I am..." the girl began to say but paused after saying a few words. She contemplated as to what to say as Alex looked on, "Well, you can say that I am a celebrity," the girl finally said, with pride evident in her tone.   "Why are you putting on such airs? What's so great about making some eating videos all day long?
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Friends with Benefits
Chapter - 09   "YEAH!" Alex cried out in excitement, but when he came to sense over his overenthusiastic display of happiness and saw the people in the room looking at him weirdly, he quickly gave a slight bow to the ladies in charge and sat slumped back in his seat, trying to hide behind the big guy in front of him, avoiding everyone's gaze.   He waited for the ladies to continue, but when he did not hear the lady speak again, he peeked from behind the big guy and found the ladies still looking in his direction. Embarrassed. he could do nothing but hide behind the guy once again.   The lady finally continued again, "Well, once again, those who did not pass the first stage, try harder, and we hope that you get to join this company the next time. Those whose name was called out just now, congratulations. Please pack your stuff and follow behind us. We will be waiting for you outside," the lady said and walked out of the r
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Interview (Part-II)
Chapter - 10   Alex, when called, walked inside the room. Inside the room, there was this large table and on one end sat the lady from before, the PR head, who was nowhere to be seen since the start of the written test. Sitting on the sides were three ladies from earlier.   Alex walked in and greeted the PR head with a nod followed by a nod towards the three other ladies.   "Mr Rutherford?" The PR head asked to confirm.   "Yes, mam," Alex replied.   "Please take a seat," the PR head gestured towards the empty chair at the other end of the table for Alex to sit.   "Thank you," Alex went ahead and sat in front of her.   As soon as he sat, his attention shifted to the camera setup beside the PR head. It was probably recording the proceedings of the interview.   When the PR head noticed Alex staring beside her at the came
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