The Rise of The Barbaric

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The Rise of The Barbaric

By: Algrend Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A man with a dark past will be forced to go back to his old ways in order to rescue his daughter from the clutches of a terrible disease. He believed that his life was different as he had managed to escape from the jaws of the underworld, but when his wife betrays him, and his daughter is on the verge of death, he can only return to one place, the place that saw him arise once more.


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226 chapters
01: New Life Old Ways
His blood dripped from his hands, and his breathing hurt. The two broken ribs hurt his torso badly as he advanced. “Just one more hit!” He said through gritted teeth. But, the fight didn’t stop as he kept hitting until his eyes opened suddenly in the darkness of his room. It was just a dream… Barrett feared that he was still in his dream as he looked at his hands. Barrett’s fingers moved as he smiled nervously. He shook his head to forget the nightmare. He looked at his sleeping wife and tried to reach out to her. As though by reaction, the woman moved away from his caress as she slept. Seeing her like this made Barrett remember his dream again. How many people had he managed to hurt with his hands? But I should be a different man... Barrett thought as he let out a nervous smile. Barrett went to his closet and took off his shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror. His face was weary from lack of sleep. He looked at his shirtless chest. He still was still reaped and scarr
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02: The Price Of Saving Someone
It is a significant amount of money to have $500,000. That was what his brother had said to him about the wager when he had finally made it out of that dark place. If he had $500,000, he could have retired, but his daughter needed his help. Barrett’s fingers nearly damaged the phone. Before speaking again, he took deep breaths to calm down. “What do you mean my wife took it all?” “She opened the safe and took the cash. She emptied accounts. She said she needed to make a deal, and everything would be okay, and you know everything!” Rose worriedly replied. Barrett’s wrath made him tremble. He showed great restraint to resist lashing out. He tightened his teeth and focused. He shook his head to get rid of bad thoughts. “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to Claudia to see what happened,” He said, breathing hard. After the conversation, Barrett headed to the cafeteria. He expected to see Claudia and her daughter, but they weren’t there. Barrett called Claudia, but she didn’t answer. He went ou
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03: Abandoned
Barrett and Rose walked from the company. Rose could not help but gaze at him in surprise. The incident made his face black. Rose tried to break the silence, but her comments might sound pointless because of her old boss’s dilemma. “Boss, do you really think this is the best option?” Rose asked. “It’s not like I have many other options, Rose,” he said with a forced smile. “Only then could treatment begin. I sold what remained. Without money, the company couldn’t survive. Therefore selling the trucks and building was the best option.” With Barrett’s burden on his shoulders, she couldn’t imagine what decisions he would make. Perhaps, selling the company was the wisest choice. “All that was in your wife’s name. Is it really okay to sell all that?” Rose asked, frowning. Barrett paused before he looked at the building behind them. “They’re his daughters too... so yeah, it’s fine,” Barrett said. He took a deep breath and looked at Rose with a smile, “Relax. I negotiated with the buyer
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04: A Garbage Asking Help
Barrett was bloodied because of the beating that the security guards had given him. So he went home to change before returning to the hospital. Barrett observed some trash in front of his house. He grimaced and approached. “F*ck!” He cursed when he realized that those were his clothes! Barrett ran towards the house to check for any more stuff damaged, but his key could not open the door! Barrett also found another envelope, addressed to him, hanging on the door. “What now?” The owner of the house sold it, and you can’t access it! “Damn it!” He tiredly sat on the floor. Barrett still could not believe what was happening. But he knew he could not stay there. He sighed and stood up to get his clothing. Barrett grabbed some before heading to the park. It was the usual place where homeless people stayed for the night. Barrett washed his face and changed his shirt, and then went to the hospital. He was feeling so heavy and gloomy at that moment. All options were closing on him.
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05: Sickening Selfishness
Barrett knew where his brother wanted to talk decently. Bobby did not have the hobby of reading. For some reason, however, he liked collecting books. Because of that, Bobby has a small library in his house.It was in that place that Bobby liked to talk serious stuff.He went into the library and sat on the nearest couch. It did not take long for the woman and Bobby to arrive.The woman served Barrett some tea, to which he drank casually. He glanced at Bobby and saw him leaning at the door with arms crossed over his chest.Bobby was looking at Barrett with displeasure, but not so bad as earlier. After all, Bobby would never do anything that might cause his collection to be destroyed.Who knows how long they were in that position? Bobby just looked at him in deep thought while Barrett waited. “Brother… How long are you going to think?” Barrett asked finally.He was glad that his brother was not hitting him anymore, but he did not have the whole day waiting for him to decide if he would
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06: Barbaric, A Joke
“Wait, Sahid! You must stick to the code!” Bobby demanded as he stepped forward.“Don’t get involved, Bobby. You’re already up to your neck in shit!” Sahid yelled, glaring at Bobby.“I do get involved!” Bobby stepped forward, furious. “I didn’t go anywhere! I gave everything to your father, and I continue to give him champions. So I am involved!!”Sahid frowned. He glanced at Bobby and asked, “Then what do you propose?”Bobby glanced at Barrett before staring at Sahid.“He needs a day before he goes back in to fix his stuff. Give him that day, and I will personally take him to Danyio,” Bobby said seriously.“And why should I trust your trash, brother? I don’t even know if he’s reliable… if he still has victory in him!” Sahid pointed out, annoyed.“You have someone here to prove it. Try him. If he wins, you give him a day. If not, you take him away!” Bobby replied, full of confidence.Sahid looked to the side towards the man with a scar on his eye.“Let me do it, Mr. Sahid. I’ve wanted
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07: On the Way to the Hole
Barrett got up with a lot of pain and looked straight ahead, grabbing the dirt from the ground. He raised his hand and threw it to hit Mustafa on the back.“Where are you going, fagot? I’m not done with you yet!” Barrett yelled with a forced smile.Mustafa looked at Sahid.“Boss, if I pay his debt, can I kill him?” Mustafa said while looking at Sahid. He was full of hatred at that moment.Sahid shook his head and said, “You don’t have to pay his debt. Death is a possibility in this business….”Mustafa’s eyes widened. They shared a knowing look, and Mustafa could not be happier at that moment.As soon as he turned his attention to Barrett, he attacked Barrett.He advanced without crossing his legs, taking long jumps, and opening his compass. He stretched as hard as he could to generate more force in his fist.“Eat this!!” Mustafa said as he stretched out his hand and threw a punch at full power into Barrett’s face.But at the moment that the blow was going to hit Barrett, he leaned for
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08: Hate Is Free
Barrett was riding a shotgun in the back of a black pickup truck that was traveling down the highway as the sun rose and began to illuminate the city.He turned his attention to the structures while thinking about the daughters he had left behind.Barrett held out hope that it wouldn’t be for too long, but he knew the wolf’s jaws were closing in on his neck, and anything could happen at that point.Looking out the window, he heard the voice of someone in the passenger seat. Barrett looked up and saw a woman checking her cell phone determinedly.“Did you leave something important behind?” She asked when she noticed that he was looking at her.“Yes, that’s right, the most important thing in my life. The reason I left all of this in the first place,” he replied, smiling wryly.The woman set down her phone and removed the sunglasses that had been hanging from her nose before doing so.“So your life has a poetic meaning... an ironic symmetry that takes you back to where you started for the
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09: Danyio
The three individuals went into the primary room. Barrett recognized the significance of the large empty rectangle in the center of the room as soon as he saw it because the tables had been arranged in such a way as to create it.No matter how thoroughly they attempted to clean that location, it had an overwhelming odor of blood and perspiration.At the far end of the room, several staircases supported a makeshift throne that was occupied by a guy dressed in a green silk robe embroidered with gold flowers.“Barrett, the Barbaric, the undefeated, the invincible... The traitor!” The man with a glass of whiskey in his hand said.Barrett advanced and looked at him directly, the man was smiling, and on all his fingers, he had gold rings that gleamed against the lamp in the room.“You are a legend…” the man said, smiling.Barrett advanced. After kneeling down, he said, “Nice to see you, Danyio….”The man let out a hearty laugh before replying, “Manners… that is useless for a man of your lin
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10: Sacrificial Lambs
On his face, there was also blood, and from the floor, he heard Abdul’s laughter.“The Barbaric fighting with technique and short shots to reduce damage. Who are you?”Barrett got up, and his body was sore. If they saw Luke’s face, he seemed more hurt.However, Barrett felt severe pain on the side of his head while Luke seemed to move.This is bad… Barrett thought to himself. The image of his daughters came to his mind, and remembering Mustafa, he launched himself with everything he had in front of him.As he advanced, his mind repeated only one idea.My body will react, my body will react!He was sure that, as with Mustafa, his body was going to react without problems. Luke waited for him, and he could see how he moved.The inclination of his body and the way the kick would go for him.His kinesthetic vision kicked in, and he could easily predict Luke’s strike. The kick would come up from behind to land on his head, but Barrett anticipated the moment.Barrett attempted to inflict s
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