The Saga of the Unbroken

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The Saga of the Unbroken

By: RandomGuy CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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"I want to retire." One of the elites in the army, Luke, complained silently as he wanted to take a break from his job. Duty bound as a soldier and genius as a mage from a famous magic academy, Luke had achieved the rank of corporal in his younger age. One day on a mission, there's storm going on inside his country as conspiracies brewing in secret. 'Who cares about the country, go to hell!' thought Luke, as he avoided a barrage of bullets and ran away for his life before his body would be shred to pieces. In the last second before the explosion hit him, time stopped and some unknown force pulled him from the fabric of reality, placing him in a place far away from home. The mystic land of dragons, inner energy, and demons. "What the--"


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576 chapters
1. Luke
"Dammit!" In the sky of a certain area, there's a young man clad in black mech armor. He flew in a zigzag way as a barrage of bullets came at him from the dozen of humanoid shaped drones. The sky was painted in red even though it was at night. Crimson clouds covered the stars and moon as thunderstorms rumbled within them. "My drone is already badly damaged.." muttered the young man softly inside his helmet as he pointed his handgun towards the crowd of drones. "Let's see if you can deal with this." Pouring a big chunk of his magical energy into the weapon, he chanted a spell, "ᚲᛟᚾᚾᛖᚲᛏᛁᛟᚾ.. (Connection..)" Magic circuits began to spread into the bullet inside the gun's barrel, without stopping, he continued, "ᚲᛟᛗᛒᛁᚾᛖ: ᛟᛪᚤᚷᛖᚾ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛟᛗᛒᚢᛋᛏᛁᛟᚾ... (Combine: oxygen and combustion...)" Shouting loudly as if wanting to vent out his frustration, the young man was hardly able to maintain the spell to not be thrown in chaos, as this definitely was the worst place to perform a magic spell. "
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2. Mission
 "In your next operation, we had assumed there would be a mole in the 14 division. One of your mates would be someone who had supplied information about our army database to our enemy, the Empire." Squinting his eyes, Luke replied in a surprised tone, "With due respect, sir. Each division of ADF only consists of eight members, with six field officers in duty and two tasked for tactical and suppor
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3. Embark
 "Any results?"  A man with bright red hair asked his companion beside him while munching some peanuts in his mouth. His companion, a young man with age that looked like 26 and had azure hair and eyes replied, "The place still had MIZ (Magnetic Interruption Zone) online. The scrying magic didn't work at all."  

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4. The Unexpected
 The Staff Inspector, Charles, walked to the group with a grim expression. Nodding back to the soldiers which immediately took a salute to him, he went straight to the point as he said with all seriousness, "Gentleman, we have a change of plan. There's an unexpected situation that has occurred."  Seeing the confused gazes of the soldiers, the staff inspector moved his gaze to their captain, Morlock, and
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5. Preparation
 The black box started to reassemble itself and changed into some type of metallic construct, similar in shape to an eye. Though with some features on it. Two barrels of mini guns each on both of its sides, pointing forward and a strange construct near the back, shifting with its movements. Then, it floats in the air as it follows Luke's position.  Seeing that his android was ready, Luke started to laun
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6. Attack
"Any signs of them yet ?" Flying in the air, one of his teammates' voices sounded in his communicator. Squinting his eyes, Luke replied, "None. Why don't you ask the guys in front instead of me?"Sound of giggles appeared as Orzo replied jokingly, "Well, as long as we know that your skin still intact then all good." Not understanding what Orzo had said, Luke was about to ask back when suddenly the air in front of him seemed like it shook. A heavy, huge presence filled the air as the mana flow in the air became erratic. Luke's pupils trembled as he felt something blocking his sense in magic. "Alert! We may have encountered the Dead Zone! Every personnel starts preparing your weapons and the energy shield! We are in a combat state, red light!" shouted captain Morlock in the team's intercom as everyone began to quickly execute the order. Every situation always had a grade of assessment for the severity of it. Green light was the signal for the situation had come under control and all
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7. Signal
Whizzing in the air with the speed of sound, the enhanced bullets burst half of the enemies' body apart. Frowning, after just a few shots, Luke noticed how the flow of magic from his body to the magic circuits inside the gun became unstable. As if an invincible force tried to disrupt his connection's magic from the surrounding air. <
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8. Trap
 Approaching the distress signal under the guidance of the system, Luke felt something was amiss along the way. Although it was a possibility that the group had a rough time and didn't have time to ask for help directly from their communicator, Luke couldn't help but suspect something was not right.  'Am I being too paranoid?'  Read more
9. Incoming
 Swiftly raising his handgun, Luke didn't wait for the man to continue with his speech and immediately attacked. As if he had predicted his move, the man lightly stomped the ground and a wall of stone covered his body.  The bullet bounced off from the wall as the man spread his hands and laughed, "Hahaha, so excited for our upcoming dance, eh?"  Read more
10. Appearance
 "Where's that green hooded guy over there?"  Shortly, Orzo stopped their conversation and pointed his chin to the place where their enemy was fighting against Rosemare a few moments ago.  Read more