The Unappreciated Son-In-Law

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The Unappreciated Son-In-Law

By: Maddy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Louis Mary was an aristocrat of the city of K.H, but because of his brother's harm, was punished by his family and expelled from the city of K.H. From a rich boy suddenly became a homeless man with no home to return to. But Louis was saved by the landlord Frank and married his beautiful niece to him. Titus Frank wanted to help Louis return to Mary's family, but a year after Louis was married, the old man died. And the Frank family is no longer friendly with Louis, people insult, belittle, and often bully Louis. Not only Louis but his wife, Maddy Frank, also suffered through these things. Three years later, Louis takes off his disguise and begins a path of revenge…


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146 chapters
Chapter 1
After World War II, every country in the world fell into crisis, but most countries were happy when they gained independence. The great powers that developed according to the events of the war, like countries M, A, and P... all made huge profits. And their country has developed dramatically, not only scientifically but also economically.The world is stable, there is no war, and countries begin to develop their economies. Which, country V developed very quickly, and within twenty years successfully became a strong developing country in Asia.Countless foreign investors choose country V to become a place of future development, country V also develops accordingly, and the economy gradually improves.At this time, in a province of V country. Specifically, in G.T province, there is a company holding a grand party at a high-class hotel.It's the Frank family.Frank is a famous family in G.T province, with two department stores with total assets of nearly two hundred million dollars.Today
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Chapter 2
When Edward Frank heard Louis say that the Aquamarine he had purchased was a fake, a panicked expression appeared on his face, but soon he returned to his original pride."On what basis do you say that the Aquamarine on my necklace is a fake?"Louis saw Edward Frank angry and did not speak, but turned his gaze to the oldest old woman in the Frank family.…Fidelia Neil is Maddy's grandmother, and she is also the ruler of the Frank family.At this moment, Fidelia Neil was staring at the painting in Edward Frank's hand, a look of doubt on his face.Looking at the old woman's face, Louis could also guess that the Lintz necklace in Edward Frank's hand was bought by her.It is not fair to say that the old woman of the Frank family respects men and despises women, but it is not.Even the grandson's gift was arranged by an old woman.…Louis looked at Edward Frank, still arrogant, he picked up the gift box in his hand and began to tear the wrapping paper. After a few seconds, a bracelet appe
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Chapter 3
After the party was over, Maddy and her parents returned home.Because of what happened to the Franks today, they feel ashamed.In fact, on the way home, Maddy always wanted to call and check on Louis, but her mother saw and scolded her:“You must not call him.”“Mom, he's still my husband anyway. He hasn't done anything wrong to our family.”Maddy is very honest, although she often speaks harsh words, she still cares about Louis very much. When something happened to Louis, she was also worried and sad, for three years of living together, Louis stayed at home to wash clothes, and cook rice, no matter what, she still had feelings for Louis.But not everyone is like Maddy.Maddy's mother, her name is Ella John.“Call him what to do. A weak guy like him has nothing to worry about. I wish he was dead so that our family wouldn't have to suffer anymore. And you can marry someone else.”“Ella, what are you talking about? How can you say such things? Louis was chosen by his father, you should
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Chapter 4
Louis had just finished speaking, a middle-aged man entered the physical therapy center.This man was dressed in a formal suit, had silver hair, and was tall. Especially on his wrist is a Patek Philippe watch priced at 5.86 million dollars.Henry was shocked, he knew that the watch in the hand of the middle-aged man in front of him was a genuine product. Moreover, this watch has been discontinued seven years ago, and the wearer of this watch represents the upper class.“Welcome…”Looking at this middle-aged man, Henry was a little scared.Henry still remembers well, the day when he still hadn't left his gangster status. He had seen this watch once, worn on the hand of a notorious tycoon in the province of G.T.“Henry, this is my friend.”Louis calmly said, going out the door to buy a bottle of cold water.“Friend?”Henry was surprised at Louis's words, the middle-aged man who entered the physical therapy center did not look at Henry, his eyes still focused on Louis.“Louis, you finall
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Chapter 5
Fidelia saw this, she felt very sad. The corporation is in trouble but no one has solved the problem, it's disappointing.Maddy saw everyone silent, and looked at Fidelia angrily, she stood up and said:“Grandma, I'm in charge of decorating a new supermarket recently. Accidentally got the number of a senior manager of T.D. I will call them and ask them why they terminated the contract with us. Perhaps there will be a way for T.D. Corporation to rethink its cooperation with us.”Maddy finished, without looking at Edward again sat down in the chair.With the cooperation of T.D Corporation, this is Fidelia's assignment of her grandson Edward to work, even signing the contract, also because she brought Edward with her.But Edward was too bothered, so he let Maddy do everything.And now, Edward was a director but did not know anything about this. And Maddy is just an employee, she knows all the information and phone numbers of the senior managers of T.D. Not only T.D Corporation but also t
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Chapter 6
And B.M Group also invested a very valuable item with T.D Group, so Louis was not afraid. He took out his phone and videotaped the girl and the license plate of the BMW AG.“Filming is also useless. My boyfriend is Anselm Marc, director of B.M corporation, you will get revenge by my boyfriend. You just wait and see!”“I filmed evidence that you were drunk, nearly stabbed to death, and scolded others. No matter how good your boyfriend is, he can't break the law. I will send this video to the police, you will have your driver's license revoked.”“And the people of B.M, I have never taken seriously.”Louis has the evidence in his hand, and doesn't care about this woman anymore, but grabs Maddy's hand and pulls her away.“Oh my god, I'm sorry. Please delete the video for me.”This woman heard Louis was going to call the police, she was sober.This is a new car she was given, if Louis reports to the police, she will be fined for 1 or 2 years not being able to drive. Because she did not hav
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Chapter 7
Although Edward thought that Maddy would not help the Franks sign a cooperation contract with T.D Corporation, when he heard that Louis wanted him to give up the position of director to Maddy, he was not happy.“That's Ok. But you lose, and the whole Maddy family has to leave.”“Okay.”Louis replied, then he led Maddy into T.D Corporation to sign a cooperation contract.“Louis, how can you bet with Edward? Your friend is just the branch manager's secretary, not sure if he can be signed. You do that how do I talk to my parents?”Maddy angrily confronts Louis.“Do not worry. The contract I will help you, don't worry.”Louis holds a Patek Philippe watch hidden in the cuff of his shirt, now the entire T.D group in G.T province is up to him. Cancel or cooperate with the Frank family, as long as he says it.…On the other hand, Edward wasn't about to wait either.“I talked with Director Axel last night and agreed to have a meal at the Haizaa Hotel at noon today.”“Louis, do you really think
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Chapter 8
Frank's family is extremely unhappy with Maddy's successful signing of a cooperation agreement with T.D. Corporation, feeling that Maddy is exercising their authority in Frank's house. This time Maddy has great merit in signing a contract with T.D Group, other major shareholders will definitely value her more.Mrs. Fidelia Neil also knew that Frank's interests were greater, so there was no stopping this. She's always wanted to make Edward the president of Frank's department store, and Maddy is just an employee. Even if Maddy successfully signed with the T.D Group this time, she would not be happy.Hearing Edward's words, she also thought that Maddy had used tricks to seduce the director of T.D. to succeed. Once this is known to the media, the Franks will no longer have the face to go out, so Fidelia Neil is also extremely angry. She thinks that without Maddy, Edward can also sign a contract with T.D Corporation.The more Fidelia thought about this, the angrier she felt, she just wante
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Chapter 9
Maddy suddenly raised her head and looked at Ella incredulously. Usually, her mother also talked about forcing her to divorce Louis, but this was the first time she said this in front of another person, and it made her feel very unhappy.Augustus looked excitedly at Maddy.Maddy nonchalantly said: "Mom, don't say such things in the future. I'm married to Louis, his leg injury will also heal. If he doesn't mention the divorce, I won't divorce him. .”“It was because my grandfather allowed me to marry a strange man, which is not fair to me. Your grandfather is dead, and now it's time for you to decide on your own life bets, aren't you happy about that?"Ella felt that Maddy was a bit stupid.“Maddy, if you divorce Louis and marry me, I promise to find the best doctor in the world to treat his leg injury.” Augustus's face was filled with emotion:"I'm willing to do anything for you."Maddy looked at Augustus with a slight wave in her heart, I would do anything for you, this is a beauti
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Chapter 10
“Yes, if the two of you don't like these cars, we go to zone 2. That place specializes in importing cars priced from $500,000, you don't have to worry about not finding your favorite car. .”The enthusiastic store staff clearly assumed that Louis and Maddy were big customers.Maddy doesn't understand cars, so she let Louis decide, but when she heard the price was from $500,000, she frowned slightly, feeling the price was too expensive. Maddy looked at Louis, feeling that he was very normal in his heart, a little hesitant, if she said she didn't want to now, it would make Louis lose face.Thinking about the contract, because Louis knew the people of T.D. Group, Maddy successfully signed the contract, it's okay to buy a little expensive car today. According to Maddy, after that, Louis would come to pick her up every day, so quietly let Louis choose the car model he liked.Maddy thinks of herself getting 10% of the profit from signing the contract and is happy, if so she also has about 1
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