The demon

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The demon

By: Authoress Mira OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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The demon SYNOPSIS Who says demons ain't scary? step forward and receive a handshake 🤝 welcome to horror itself. Everyone are afraid of demons especially girls except a few brave boys but it's really time for their God damn stamina to be shaken, they need to see what's like to be afraid Gandalf, the demon hunter who spent all his life locking up evil demons In the prison of Lebanon guided by war lords. With his powers he was finally able to lock up all the demons in the prison but died trying to capture the demon of deception who was the top demon and had the ability to be in the about 10 places at same time. Gandalf is dead but able to lock up a hell lot of demons and a heir his son, Nick who lives in the human world. Nick grew up with his grand father and never knew he carried the powers of his father in him. The demon of deception traveled to the prison of Lebanon and after killing the garrisons released all the demons to return back to earth, Vice City in particular where Nick lived. He unleashed them to continue from where they stopped, Causing chaos. Vice city who thought the demons were all gone were really wrong as the demons now returned back more powerful. The demon of Phobia. The demon Aquarium. The demon Ghosty. The demon Soapy. Demon Viper. Demon Trick after and all varieties of demons not exempting the boss the demon of deception. Now it's up to Nick to Take up his father's legacy and save Vice city from this plague.


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Demon hunter
The demon EPISODE 1Nick Robert, The son of the mysterious man who appears and vanishes as a ghost and his occupation only a few knew of it.Nick grew up with his uncle, Harry who was a blacksmith. Nick always wondered why his father never had time for him and could only be seen twice in a month.Harry raised him up as a child and took all responsibility to sponsor him even though he never had a child of his own."Dad am off to school!". A voice rang from inside as he hammered a hot iron on an anvil."When did i become your father nick?". He asked continuing the hammering.The door opened and a teen boy stepped out. "Since you raise me as your child". He said."Stop it nick, am your not your father". Harry said."Really? A dad who don't care a damn about me.. Where his huh?". Nick said almost shouting."He's busy nick that's the reason". He said and used a tong to pick the hot iron."Busy doing what? What's more importa
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Huge image
The demon EPISODE 2 Nick stretched out his body and turned to the other side of the bed facing the ray of the morning sun which shone straight into his eyes.His eye lid gave way and he rubbed his eyes so he can see clearly.His eyes caught the clock immediately.7:30am."Shit!". He cursed out and jumped out of the bed 🛏 with full speed knocking away something.His eyes meet with that of uncle Harry who was stunned.Harry's eyes drifted down slowly and Nick's own followed after his.On the ground was a stainless tray, a broken ceramic cup, tea all over the ground and pieces of bread ."Damn! Am sorry uncle i never knew you were coming to wake me up". Nick apologized immediately.Harry pointed to the clock."You're late for school already, Freshen up, eat your food and get going". He said."I literally just destroyed my food right now. Right?". Nick asked."Yeah.. Bu
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King of demons
The demonEPISODE 3The room light up as a switch sound was heard and nick could see uncle Harry at the door with his hand on the switch.Nick heaved heavily and collapsed unto the bed."Hey i heard your scream are you alright". Harry asked."Hmm. It was a nightmare". Nick said."Nightmare? That's usual of you". Harry said."Am surprise too and it looked so real". Nick said."I just hope it's not what am thinking". Harry said."What uncle?". Nick asked."Same thing that happened to your father when....". He said and paused."Just make sure you see Mr. Frank today". Harry said and made to leave."When what?". Nick asked."Go back to sleep nick". He said and left."So how does he expect me to sleep again after that horrible nightmare?". Nick asked and began to ruminate on what his uncle said. Harry was definitely hiding something else he would have completed his statement.Nick couldn't sleep again as he st
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Oh my God
The demon   🎞️EPISODE 4🎞 "So you're actually saying this demon of Deception can't be captured?". Nick asked."Not really. But this demon is named deception for a reason, he's always tricky in his acts". Mr. Frank said."So am in the bloodline to take up the legacy of the Demon Hunter?". Nick asked."That's it nick, it's your turn to protect this city". Mr. Frank said."No no am still a kid..why should it be me? Someone else can take it.. Am sorry". Nick said and took to his heels."Nick!". Mr. Frank called out but he was out of sight already."Hm. You can never run away from your responsibility nick". Mr. Frank said. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌺🌺      🌺🌺🌺🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌺🌺 Harry opened the door and let Nick who was sweating into the house."Am sure you've gotten all the answer you needed Nick". Harry said.Read more
Incoming evil
The demon 🎞️EPISODE 5🎞️ Nick rode with full speed to AMC, sliding the bike left to right dodging cars and obstacles.He only rode a bike once and broke his ankle in the process but here he is driving like a pro or maybe the bike was actually moving by itself.He got to AMC and alighted down from the bike, he quickly into the building and almost collide into Mr. Frank."What the... Nick?". He said."Yes it's me and I don't know how to make this damn cloth disappear". He said taking off the steel mask that covers his nose and mouth."Seems you finally took the responsibility". Mr. Frank said." What responsibility? No no no no i was only trying to put on the spec". Nick said."Putting it on means you've agreed to Take the legacy, there's no turning back nick". Mr. Frank said."Okay okay then agreed I'll be the damn Demon Hunter or whatever you call it just tell me how to get all this of
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The creature
The demon🎞️EPISODE 6🎞️"Shit it's coming here,get your asses up". Nick shouted.Glenn and Lance jumped to their feet quickly and ran to the door that lead to another room but it was locked.Nick ran back as the creature's head broke down the door thereby gaining access to the room but the rest of the body was stuck out.It roared loud puffing fire at nick, he climbed a desk and dived away landing on the ground close to his friends."Nice on superman, i hope no bone was broken" Glenn said facing them.The creature kept puffing fire into the room burning down the furnitures in the room, the fire didn't reach nick and his friends but the heat radiated was awesome and they were sweating already."I can't open the damn door". Glenn said."i should try". Nick said and pushed him away.He held the knob with all his might and dragged it down until it broke.He then move backward and the kicked the door open breaking the bol
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His heart pounding
👺THE DEMON🎞️EPISODE 7🎞️Nick jumped back as the Creature launch it wings at him.It roared out puffing out fire but it blocked it with his sword but the creature caused more.Nick couldn't control it and he let go.The fire hits him hard and he collapsed unto a building.He struggled up and charged at he creature holding his swords.He launch the first but it hits the sword away from his hand.Nick jumped back and somersaulted to the left escaping the fire.He then dived forward and slash the left wing of the creature.It screamed out and used it tail to hit nick but he blocked it and his other sword was knocked off.He pulled out his gun and shot the creature but it puffed out a greater fire of which the bullet couldn't pass through.Drago flew up to tram trample on nick but the Somersaulted backward picking up his sword.Drago launched it tail again at nick and he blocked it With his sword causing the tail to w
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