Wargod of Mycroft world

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Wargod of Mycroft world

By: Visionary OngoingFantasy

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The soul of the nation slowly withers, in the howl of the empty wind. As the spring lays, crushed beneath the hammer, the invisible flame. My vision sears the crowded square as the mouth of injustice grins. This routed place fire runs through my veins. I choose to expire You're all on the brink of compromise as the steel in my nerve sets in. Mass concessions in defeated eyes I carry the cries. A terrible kindness to break the thrall in my end, a new world begins. I strike the match it's not me who dies. And let it fall Oppression, injustice, self-immolation I am the Wargod of Mycroft world. I am Wargod Duncan! Ruler of Mycroft. Some run screaming Some sit silently An agonizing gift of charred humanity as my footsteps, They will echo through eternity A seismic scorching outcry of indignity I write my blackened name, carved into the wind I fill your hearts with rage I leave you ash and legend Fire runs through my veins ★★ He is Argus... The Wargod of Mycroft world. Born to slaughter and rule with a yoke on his people. The cold young creature who faces turbulence especially when he has to lay calm just to survive... Dying in the hand of his friends knowing it was the end for him but suddenly reincarnating to another world. In a world where people awake powers to manipulate certain Rules, they are known as Rule benders, Just when he thought he could live a normal life, disaster stroke as the chaos race and void race attack wipingnatures out. And what turned him into an anti-hero war god?... What is the misery behind his survival? Wanna find out, then follow and read the book to know how the young primordial god came into existence...


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8 chapters
Chapter 1: New world, new magic
"Duncan!, Wake up you have a fight this afternoon and you are still sleeping!".Inside a structure which looks like a boardinghouse with beds line up, a young lad with lustrous curl hair and pale white skin could be seen shaking someone laying on the bed.After some seconds the teenager on the bed sleepily woke up with a grunt, after having a detailed glance at his surrounding he jump up in a panic and warily look at the teenager with gold hair."Jeeez, Duncan don't give me such fright" The Golden hair youth jokily said, but all he got was a stare from the boy called Duncan, "who are you and what am I doing here?".The Golden hair youth was perplexed after hearing Duncan's question, unexpectedly he felt all his hair stand up, it was like he has been locked by a predator who was observing every of his move.Quickly sweat crammed his forehead as he hastily explain."It's me jack, bro claim down before you do something stupid," Jack said.*******Angus was fully confused seeing himself
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Chapter 2: Rule benders
Duncan didn't put the matter in his head as he followed jack to the crowd of students.Being a useless drunkard made most students not put him in their sight which made his arrival attract little to no crowd, observing all students Duncan was able to remember some of them, especially his stepsisters and blood brother.{Seems like Duncan's dad was one hell of a lustful man} with a mocking smile on his lip he thought and shift his attention back to the match taking place, from what he sees the fight wasn't different from that of cultivation.*******With a spinning kick sent toward Sarah, the blond hair girl, Sarah lifts her arms and hastily crosses them on her chest.BaamThe kick landed and send her flying back to where she did a backflip allowing her to land safely but before she could stabilize herself the silver hair boy Ferguson rush straight to her front and reached her with a tiny fireball the size of a tennis ball appears in his palm and he hurls it towards her.Watching the ba
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Chapter 3: Emotionally beaten
Being a teen Jane felt her ego was hurt here and let her rage consume her, she forgot it was just training and wanted to truly end Duncan's existence.★★★Duncan felt the slight threat coming from the flame in her hands, he knew what flame that was.Back in the cultivation world he once fought with a hell-hoard, a three meters tall dog with three heads which spat out different elements.One of the heads possess the hell flame, he knew what type of damage especially when the host is strong enough to use the higher-grade flame could unleash.{Kids can easily get emotional, can't believe I just trigger her and hurt her unimpressive ego} Duncan scoff in his mind as he stare intently at the flame and thought again {weird, there's no difference between a Rule bender and a mage from the western kingdom or is there something I haven't confirmed? Guess am gonna visit the library later. Gotta end it now}.With such thoughts Duncan dashed straight at her, Jane saw Duncan coming she glance at him
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Chapter 4: Inner core student
held in the air by magic, Duncan was intrigued and wanted to take another look but was interrupted by the old woman. "What do you want?" With a deadpan expression, the woman asked with a gloomy voice. "Am here on the order of sir Alberta" with that said Duncan took a slip which was given to him by the instructor and gave the woman who without waste of time collect it. After opening it and taking a glaze she squeeze the paper and flicked it into the dustbin which was close to her, as soon as the paper landed inside it was magically incinerated.The old man then went towards a football size Crystal and place her palm on it, suddenly a book from the wall flew down toward her who reach out and grab it. {Looks like the wall and books are linked to that Crystal, meaning to take a book one has to just browse through the Crystal if am not wrong} Duncan thought as he saw the woman bringing the heavy book covered in dust, with a bang she drops it on the counter making the counter vibrate.
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Chapter 5: Free ride, hard to get
Sitting inside the carriage, crimson gaze outside through the small window frame.Looking at the scenery Duncan felt calm. Nature could be dangerous yet put on a facade of peace. On the opposite side of the road, it was occupied with lush trees which towered over 6 to 17 meters tall rendering the sun unable to penetrate it.The chirping of birds and the growling of beasts could be heard from time to time. Luckily they were the weakest beast which even mortals could eliminate without waste of energy.Suddenly the carriage came to an abrupt halt alerting Duncan who secretly peep outside.What he saw made his mouth twitch in anger. On the road was a huge log of wood which someone used to block and standing there were 3 men.One seems to have only one eye, with his dirty face covered in beards. He wore a faded black sleeveless shirt which exposed his bulging muscle.On his waist was a jackknife.The other one was a lean guy dressed in a normal animal skin shirt, faded jeans and leather b
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Chapter 6: Unknown bender
With that said, Duncan stepped out of the shed of trees as he head towards the shop."Buy your fresh flame-rose flower here!""Heregon sword for sale! First come first serve and am gonna give 'em 20% discount""Level 2 demonic horse for sell""Sultra fist technique for..."As usual, the market was rowdy with voices of people yelling their goods to buyers. Some even went as far as pulling them forcefully to advertise their sales.The passerby could only helplessly follow to see if it was worth their coins. Duncan unbothered by the commotion heads towards the shop with great obstacles as there was literally limited to no gap for him to pass.After a bit of struggle, he was able to bypass most of them when he suddenly felt a strong arm grip him by the shoulder. Duncan who was alert of his surrounding, to begin with immediately leap for subconsciously to shake his grip of him but was alarmed to discover that he couldn't even move. Swerving back Duncan saw a chubby man with fair tender ski
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Chapter 7: Saber
Duncan who held the thought of destroying the egg didn't do so for now, fearing the merchant might have sent his boys to observe him so he decides to wait till he was out of town."If I were still in my demigod's form, I could have used one single punch to send you into a different reality or a dimension might do" Duncan mutter with resentment as he lift his gaze and saw the board made of wood, nails on the top of the shop.'Undead Lord's shop' was boldly written on it with an intricate design Giving it a fine calligraphy feeling that attracted any passersby.{Wow, it has a mix illusionary design on it. Wonder who made 'em} snapping out of his daze Duncan headed towards the door.The door was made of glass, in fact literally all part of the building was made of glass, allowing those outsides to see all the weapons on display. After pushing the door, a bell hanging inside rang as the door hit it.Without bothering it Duncan enter and look around him, inside the shop over 60 people coul
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Chapter 8: Arthur Pendragon
"Aaachoo!""That's odd, I wonder who's talking of me" Duncan mumble as he use his sleeve to wipe his nose.After then he head towards the gate facing the capital city, at the gate lot of carriage could be seen. Just like a taxi park or bus station the gate could be said to be the only place people could get carriage to take then elsewhere easily.After thinking of it, Duncan headed towards one of the carriage parked far from others but not without shoving or rejecting the others intense persuasion of coming on board of their own carriage.This carriage that Duncan came for looks so old that others would doubt if it won't break down on the road, especially when encountering a pothole. But Duncan thought otherwise that's cause his horse is not the usual mortal horse rather it is a beast, albeit a low level one though."Broken skull guard city, sir""Take me to broken skull city..."Just when Duncan said so, a young man about 15 years old dressed in a shiny armor with it's red cape flut
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