World Fire

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World Fire

By: Blackavar OngoingFantasy

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Locke is a boy who dreams of living a peaceful life with his sister, Fahrla, but this dream is torn from him when the city of Arindel is destroyed and Fahrla is taken from him by the enigmatic Straza of the Black Hand. What follows is a story of Locke's struggles to find his sister again.


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The Opening of the First Act
The sand stretched to the horizon in every direction. Great dunes formed like waves in the sand sea. The sun beat down from the cloudless blue sky, creating waves of heat that reached a few metres above the sand. The place was devoid of detail, except for a column of sandy dust that worked its way between the dunes as it headed westward. A large, scaly beast charged through the column of dust. More than ten metres wide and thirty long. It was a triceratops, far larger than a normal one, and domesticated. Leather straps lined the body, holding a platform of wood and stone tight on top of its back. There was a crowd of people on this platform. One of them was at the front, wearing a pair of goggles, looking through a spyglass to navigate the sandy land in front of them. This man was Miles Rodger. He was a man of the Amber Army, a squadron of the Royal Army of Justisar that was dedicated to roaming the land and bringing peace. He hid his sleek black hair underneath a leather cap and twi
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Fahrla and Locke
'Locke, can we go to the beach today? The wind is so pleasant, and the sun is warm, but not hot. It would be a waste not to go,' Fahrla said. 'Sure, let's go.' He grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet. Fahrla was only a year younger than he was, but her figure was small and frail, the result of a girl that could never have a proper and regular diet. This poor health left her always in the tender care of Locke, who had to watch over her every step. Locke himself was only fourteen but had grown strong enough to carry her. Fahrla climbed onto his back and held onto his shoulders. 'Careful now,' he said, gently stepping down to the lower platforms and onto the streets of the slums. As they walked down the street, he waved to the familiars of the Arindel slums. There was Old Broom, the name everyone gave to the old man who always swept at the sandy street ways. People said that he never quite recovered from the shock of losing his wife, and now devoted his life to sweeping the
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A shadow swished in the darkness in front of them, and with a slash of silver, a demented figure appeared, holding a scythe with one hand. Locke skidded to a stop, and Fahrla held onto his shoulders tight. The figure laughed at them. He wore a hooded cloak, and underneath the cloak, Locke could make out a skull. Bone knuckles flashed underneath the hem of his sleeve. Lightning and thunder crashed around them as the rain sunk into their rags and their skin. Danger! Locke's senses cried out at him. Whoever this person was, he was out here to bring harm. 'Danger, so he thinks.' The figure stretched out his bone hand and touched Locke's forehead. 'And danger, so she thinks.' He touched Fahrla's forehead. With a touch, Locke found that he could not move. Fear gripped at him, holding him tight. He felt Fahrla's delicate body shudder against his own, her breaths short and sharp, and her finger trembling against his shoulders where she held him. 'St-stay away!' Locke cried. The cries in th
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Atop the Triceratops
When Locke came to, he found himself sitting on a rocking wooden platform on top of a massive triceratops as it made its way east. 'Hey, you're awake.' A girl he did not recognise smiled at him. Before he realised what was happening, she had handed him a bowl of rice and a fork. 'Eat up, eat up. Stag will want to speak to you, so eat up while you can. I'm Trys.' Trys had orange hair that fell to her shoulders. Eyes as green as moss and freckles that stretched across her face, she had the mien of a cheerful and jovial girl who let little bother her. 'I heard about what happened,' she said as she shovelled rice into her mouth. 'Really sucks, I hope you can find her again.' Locke could hardly make out what she was saying from all the rice in her mouth. He was still in that state between dream and reality, and he was struggling to remember what had happened. 'Where am I?' 'You're on top of Dorothy the triceratops. Come on, eat up. Or I'll eat it for you.' 'Who are you?' 'Huh, I alre
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It took Dorothy the triceratops three days to break free from the sweltering dunes of the Sandara desert. The desert shifted into a rocky landscape where smaller dinosaurs roamed alongside leagues of two-legged feathered birds that were as tall as a human. 'That's a Kalbuk,' Miles said, pointing to the feathered birds. 'They look goofy, but you definitely don't want to go toe-to-toe with one. Its beak is strong enough to break through metal, and its talon can cut through your gut with ease. Don't underestimate them.' In his free time, Locke had decided to spend his time at the front of the triceratops next to Miles so that he could learn more about the land outside of Arindel. Every so often Arla would run up to Miles, offer a few words in secret, at which point the two of them would look back at Stag, who waved at them with a smug smile on his face. 'He just does it to annoy me,' Miles said as Arla returned to Stag. 'He wants to know "how long?" every few hours. What would it take
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It was night. Dorothy continued marching her way towards the east. Across the blanket of stars in the sky, and the sickle moon above, there was the shadow of a distant castle. This was the royal castle of Justisar.‘First time seeing it?’ Locke, who thought that he was the only one awake, jumped in shock. ‘Relaaax, it’s only me.’ Trys sat down next to him.‘Yeah. First time. Lived all my life in Arindel.’‘What was it like over there?’‘Lots of sand, not much food.’‘Sounds like hell.’Locke shook his head. ‘I miss the people in the slums. There was more than just Fahrla, my sister, who I lost that day. I lost all my friends, all the familiar faces that I walked by and talked to every day. We had a strong sense of community in the slums. Everyone knew everyone, and everyone understood each other’s plight.’‘I’m sorry.’ Trys twirled her orange hair around a finger.‘For what?’ He met her gaze and playfully hit her on the shoulder. ‘Don’t apologise for no reason. Where did you come from
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Amber Hall
Hidden deep within a forest a short way to the North-West of the Royal City, Justisar, was the Amber Army’s headquarters. Constructed of dark stone, with dusty windows spanning across the walls, the place had a very gothic appearance to it. Stag named the place the Amber Hall.The Amber Hall was split into four quadrants. The girls’ dorms were to the east, the boys’ dorms to the west, the training hall to the north and the recreation room to the south.It was evening when they reached the Amber Halls, and Locke lit up when he saw it. This place was amazing compared to Arindel.‘Make yourself scarce,’ Stag roared over the soldiers, who were eager to jump off Dorothy and return to their rooms. ‘Have a good night’s sleep and meet me here at sunrise. I feel it is time that we turn things up a notch with your training.’Groans swept through the ranks of the soldiers.Locke expected Stag to show anger, but a malicious smile played at his mouth instead.‘Sleep well, all of you. It’s the last
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Training Game
Locke glanced around at the soldiers and noticed all the mean gazes shot in their direction. They want Kets, the most unskilled person in the squad. 'We need to get out here as soon as possible,' he whispered. What a cruelly designed test. Those who performed the worst are worth the most, while those who performed the best are worth the least. This test will devolve into a struggle about preying on the weak.'Oh, what should we do?' Kets' legs wobbled. 'They're going to all go after me!''And therein lies our advantage.' It was the first full sentence Locke had heard Rickter speak. He threw his cloak over her and hid the two of them under the shadows.'NOW!' A loud bang went off as the test started. As Locke had predicted, the soldiers charged in their direction, screaming and shouting. Rickter pushed Kets out from his cloak into the direction of the soldiers.'Come. Run. Now.' Rickter sprinted towards the forest.'Ha, they ditched the girl!' the soldiers shouted.'What about Kets?' T
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Kets, Irritating and Cowardly
Far from Locke and the other, in a small clearing, a small group of recruits paced around Kets.'What are we going to do with the girl?' one man asked as he tightened the rope around the tree.Kets sat on the ground with her legs folded, frowning at them all.'Why did we even bring her with us?' another man asked. 'She's a dead weight. There is no tactical advantage to having her with us at all.''Hey, it's not like I want to be here, either. Let me go.' She kicked out her leg at a woman who was close to her.'Oi, you better watch yourself, girl. You cost us a lot of marks,' the woman snapped.'It's your fault for getting tricked by something so obvious.''Shut up!''Idiots! Ya ha ha.' She poked out her tongue at them.'Hey, you didn't even realise what had happened until we had explained it to you,' a second woman said. 'And besides, I wouldn't call other people idiots when you had the most marks out of anyone else. Your team used you for bait and nothing more.''La la la I'm not lis
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There was a sombre mood in the air as Stag waited for them.'Stand at attention. Or sit. I don't care.' Stag watched as they assembled. A few people stood, Locke among them, but the rest gave in to their exhaustion and sat down. Arla, her forehead wiped clean of all the marks, and Miles, stood on either side of Stag.Stag waited for all of them to come, then an extra minute, until he opened his mouth to speak again. 'None of you returned with any marks, let alone the forty required to escape punishment. All of you have a gruelling punishment waiting for you. It will not be pretty, and you won't enjoy it one bit. After you have finished your punishment, you will go to sleep and wake up once again at cock's crow. All that will await you is more training, and more punishment, and more training, and more punishment. There will be no end.'And when you engage in real combat, it will be with your life on the line against an enemy that the Royal Army of Justisar has ignored. You will earn no
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