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In a world of wars and betrayals, a world of racism and injustice, a world that applies the law of the jungle, a world ruled by force, only the strong write history. Religions and beliefs multiplied, and there were many gods, each sect believes in the god it deems powerful. The strong been worshiped and the weak waits for someone to protect him ,All this has produced for us one belief that has become one of the pillars in all religions. Most religions adopt the idea of ​​the "Savior", which claims in short that the world will remain full of evil and corruption until the appearance of the "Savior" who will fill the earth with justice and equity... Perhaps our problem on this earth is that most people are waiting for someone to come to fix their societies, instead of doing it. This is the story of the man who came from the western land and became the "Savior" only to destroy this belief. The man who thirsts for power reached its highest levels, and there he found the absolute truth behind what is called good and evil. How did he transform from a hero and king looking for justice to a man thirsting for power and revenge, from an innocent man to a man who might stain his fists with the blood of the gods if necessary, from a weak man to a man who rules the heavens and what is below.

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  • Riad Belhaj


    une bonne histoire , bonne chanse...️

    2022-07-24 08:54:14
  • Hafsa Abouelfatah


    a good story...

    2022-07-23 19:55:11
  • Amina Elmamouny


    A wonderful story worth reading ...

    2022-07-21 02:13:40
  • Chaimaa Chaimaa


    une bonne histoire ,...️...️...️

    2022-07-20 00:56:28
  • مريم الكطرني


    tres bon histoire jaime tro jai deja lu sur une autre plate-forme.

    2022-07-19 23:45:57
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45 chapters
The world
600 years after the death of the last dragon (ADLD), the myth said that the time was counted like that because there was no peace before and dragons attacked and destroyed every land where humans live till the day when seven heroes from seven different races attacked the nest of dragons with their armies and the help of the great phœnix they managed to kill all the dragons. in the end of this battle the phoenix returned to ashes and those 7 heroes created their own kingdoms.after 600 years now most people did not believe in this stories and said that just the king's family use this story to make people believe that they are the son's of whom protected this world.Instead of that People began to believe in what is called God, while every race and every sect had its own deity, and with the development of beliefs, the idea of ​​"the Savior" came out of nowhere to become one of the pillars of religions in every belief.There were many religions and beliefs, but the prevailing idea was o
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The seven kingdoms
The first is the kingdom of humans, consisting of five big city the king lives in the biggest city the capital GALIA. The other cities is the city of knights LUNA ,the city of nobles KUGA , the city of trades PULMA , and the city of poor citizens INFERNA. The king who rule all this is the King RAMON GALIA, he have 3 wives ,MINA,THANIA and OPHTALIA. He have 4 son's, And 2 girls, Arthur and FILL from MINA , JHON form THANIA, and HADES , NINA , SALMA from OPHTALIA. The kingdom of humans have borders with 2 kingdoms and 2 big cities EDEN and BABEL. The kingdom in the east of humans kingdom is the kingdom of half's (half animal half human),consisting of 4 great cities, the central and capital city FAUN, the Fighters city KINNARA, the trade city SENTAR, and the city of birds ALIA. The king is a half lion called LEO FAUN, he have one wife SIREN and 2 sons JOGO and LAMIA. His family is the last family from the half lions. This kingdom have borders with humans kingdom and ELF kingdom and 2 b
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The mysterious arrival
Niva was chocked of how beautiful this infant is and the first thing she thought about was « what an infant do in sea?! » « who is he?! » « would throw such a beautiful infant like that in the water ?!». NIVA searched in the whole city if someone know him, that was weird no one recognize him. Neva entered the palace and went to Hydra, who was sitting on his throne, and asked him if he knew the identity of the child. He replied that this is something that often happens in the city of crime. Parents try to get rid of the children of fornication. Niva was not sure of what Hydra said, for her a child this beautiful cannot be abandoned Hydra interrupted her thoughts and told her to get rid of him and return him to the ocean, there is no place for a weak child in the land of war and blood , and the supreme ruler has entrusted you with a sacred mission, you have no time to waste on this child. NIVA leaved the big hall and the infant in her hands she fell in his love, she thought this ang
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The secret of the north tower
A 5 years passed so quickly, AHMET now in his 6th year. He was so thirsty to learn new things he read almost all the books in the castle library, he was not like the other children all he want is to learn to read , he was obsessed by the idée that only knowledge would show him the reality of this world, he was conscious that he is adopted and he don't know where did he come or who is he.His father HARON told him about the name in his neck, the tattoo and the bracelet. HARON was chocked of how AHMET read all the books in this age, and the knowledge he have, so he took him to the academy to pass the entrance exam,even he know the academy accepts children above 7 years old. The academy of alchemist is the only place in this continent where people can learn to be a doctor an alchemist or a scientist. Doctors they are specialist in creatures bodies and they can analyze new symptoms and discover the new disease. Alchimistes the are specialist in making potions to change appearance, to m
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The dwarfs prince
When AHMET open his eyes he was already far from Vinyl. Yuri was the one who saved him from death, she was next to him when he opened his eyes ,and asked him about his condition, with a vacillating voice, he answered her that he was fine and asked her if she was the one who saved him, who is she ?! how did she do this !? while she was bringing him something to eat, she told him that she found him next to the tower, he was unconscious, Then I heard a news spread in Vinyl that the reason for the destruction of the tower was the young scientist Ahmet after he carried out dangerous and forbidden experiments, and now you are wanted for justice there, so I took you out of the city , As for my identity, I am Yuri the girl who carried you from the West to the North before i handed you over to Haron family's . I was always watching you from afar, then She told him how Niva founded him and all the events happens on the past, he asked her if she knew anything about his origins, her answer was th
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The two princesses
In the castle of YURI'S family, AHMET and YURI entre the great hall they founded his grandma in her seat waiting for the guests, it's an old blind dark elf with white eyes.The HEX : approach young manAHMET approached and kissed the hand of the old elf.AHMET: I'm AHMET and im so honored to meet the hex of the elves.The HEX : you so polite, you will have a great future.She took his right hand and put it between her hands and tried to use her power then she get shocked, it was very afraid like she saw a monster.YURI : what's the matter grandma.The HEX : from where you know AHMET .YURI : . she told her the story from the beginning.The HEX : ...Meanwhile at this moment a servent entre the hall and told the hex the royal family is here.Then the gate opened and the queen the king and the princess entre.The King was very tall and big he have that kind of prestige that made AHMET felt like he can't see him in the eyes.The queen was a very beautiful women with white hair and white
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The new king of EDEN
Magic in this world consists items objects and conditions, and time to be prepared.There are special weapons for those who can use magics and some races can use specific magic (exp : snow elves: ice magic)There are 5 natural elements of magic Fire Earth Water Air Light and there are some advanced elements like Ice is advanced from water Lava advanced from fire send advanced from earth flying advanced from air and dark advanced from light.People cannot use magic freely as we said before and whenever the magic spell is greater the conditions becomes greater(exp: an ice shot as condition you need a steel arrow with 5 second mana charging and he will only kill one to three targets but an ice arrow will need a bronze arrow and 3 mana stone with 30 seconds to charge and he can destroy a battalion).Magic can be also used to seal things like weapons doors boxes or even places like towers or even more a continent.Powers like what the hex have is not considered as magic but it's just capac
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The witness of the real history
The news spreads everywhere and all the kingdoms and the cities knew now that the king of EDEN is no more ADAM, HAMAN was the most surprised one.HAMAN : AHMET the little brat did it again now things become serious we should eliminate him before he becomes more dangerous.ADAM : we could avoid all that if i returned to EDEN in the competition.NIVA : i thought your disciple just intelligent not also strong.HAMAN : NIVA you will go assassinate him he should not stay alive he will ruin our plans.Meanwhile in elves kingdom.The king : that what's the hex means now we should announce an alliance with him to protect him.The queen : i agree we will send a messenger to invite him , i miss my little princess also it would be a great opportunity to see her.After getting the crown of the EDEN city AHMET asked for the situation in the continent and then he gives his first order is to close the gates of this city and they prepare the army, he decided to put NADIM the swords master and LILIA a
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The unfortunate feast part 1
AHMET and his group arrived to elves capital the frozen heart , they arrived to the palace gate it was open and the knights were in both sides with their white shields, the red long carpet from the gate until the palace entrance .The king and the queen were waiting in their thrones in the great hall the ministers by their sides, AHMET entre the hall with his followers the whole group kneels for the king and the queen but AHMET.The minister asked AHMET for the reason he respond I'm a king so we are equal.The king laughed out loud and he said that's right if you kneels also with him i would never respect you.The kings told AHMET i invited you to create an alliance with you , you already know the situation HAMAN the king of the south threatened us all and the only way to protect our kingdoms is to create an alliance between us.AHMET told the king that he share the same idea with him and he already created an alliance with the dryad kingdoms and after finishing his job in DRADIA he
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The unfortunate feast part 2
AHMET arrived at the right moment and saved YURI's life.NIVA : oh! The new king is here also, HAMAN will be so happy when i will send your head to him.AHMET : yes but what if i send yours to him.NIVA attacked AHMET , she used a shuriken he dodged and jumped toward her he scratch her in the face , she pushed him away with a kick it was an equal fight until AHMET used his new magic weapon the chain dagger, NIVA were in a difficult situation she can only defend she doesn't have time to attack, AHMET used a dark magic technique called the chain dragon , hundreds of chains ⛓ went out from the ground and surrounded NIVA and the dagger in the end of the chain transformed to a dragon head and attacked directly NIVA.NIVA managed to defend against this attack but she get injured hardly she was bleeding.AHMET used another technique the dark hunger he got swallowed by the shadows the he appeared behind her he put the knife in her head, she surrendered.YURI : o think you don't remember who i
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