The Apocalypse Saviour

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The Apocalypse Saviour

By: Loner Hades OngoingFantasy

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Sean is unlucky, it was when he decided to enter the game that the game system started to malfunction. First, he had to share his mission world with another player Second, after the game system was repaired, he was taken to a new mission world, rendering all his hard work useless. On getting to his new mission world, he was given a new identity; Hybrid of a devil and human. His mission: Support One specie and help the specie in surviving. The devil's are preying on humans but humans also have superpowers. Who will Sean support? Will Sean even survive? Will he ever complete the mission? Read to know!

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  • Loner Hades


    Such a good start, life in a VR

    2022-11-06 23:00:30
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35 chapters
The Game
It was December during winter, it was all cold and the snow kept falling Even though the thick curtains had been drawn shut there is still cold in the atmosphere, nothing can stop it. The wind blew inside the house through the loophole beside the window and blew against the figure that is lying on the bed beside the window. Ring! The phone rang for third time. The boy lying on the bed is too lazy to answer the call earlier well he did this time "Sean? This is doctor Ben. It's been two years since you have eye problem, if you don't treat it now, you might lose the chance and get blind completely?" Official and polite as usual Sean ignored the words as he concentrated on the game cartridge in his hand. Dark blue color, in size of an egg, with a clip mouth After he checked it, Sean clipped the cartridge that had cost all his savings with the virtual glasses Clip! Everything he saw changed the moment he put the glass on and an alert sign appeared He didn't care There was no
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The Mission
***************** [Authenticating User Id] [User ID confirmed: Sean, 18, orphan, working in an automatic workshop] [Authenticating Element] [Welcome To The Apocalypse System, the game will begin shortly…] [Starting Single Player Mission] [Story line: The people of Agrah all know about the coming of devil tribulation, they all prepared but the devil army is stronger than their expectations. There are devils are everywhere, watching all powerful humans in Agrah and killing them. All civilians lived in fears in thier house, it will only take a fire ball to burn and kill them all. Some of the rich ones used money to buy protection charms from the powerful people. The dragons intention is to take over the world] [Lowest Ratings: kill a dragon and escape to a safe place] [To have higher ratings, kill more dragons and safe more people of Agrah] [Not having the lowest rating may result in death of the player] [The game tends to protect beginners, this level will not be too hard, it's
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In The Game
**************** Night is it in Agrah when Sean appeared. The first thing Sean saw was a house, there was no lights on the house but the door is opened. There a flashlight at the door step of the house and blood. Sean went to the doorpost and took the flashlight, he looked at the bllod on the ground; whoever owned that blood was draged away from the house. Sean entered into the house, it was neat and we'll arranged. The smell of blood from outside kept giving him a turning stomach "Hello…Hello…is anybody home?...Hello" Sean got no reply so entered into the house. Except from the smell, he didn't care about the outside or who died. If it was five years ago he might be afraid of blood but after having an accident and witnessed the death of his parents, bloods and corpses are not as irritating as people think Cautiously, he took a step and then another, ensuring there is no trap on the house. With the danger level of this game, he couldn't let his gaurd down. He have to do all things
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Conscious and Confused
*********************** It's just like the system saw through the whole of him, he is entirely worthless, even in the real world. Sean knew he had to find equipment in this world if he wanted to be safe. The dead man who wrote this note might want to set a trap for him or anyone who checked the freezer. Sean went to the kitchen and found a knife, he took it and went to the freezer. In fear, he opened the freezer and bent down immediately, he learned this in an action movie. Since he didn't know what was in the freezer, he couldn't just look at it. Thanks to that, the first that came out of the freezer was a knife. According to the orders her father gave her, the young girl in the freezer strike whatever opened the freezer "Who are you?" "I saw your father's note on the table and came here to…" Sean doesn't know how to finish the statement. He didn't come here to save the girl, he was just doing things randomly "Are you the one?" The girl asked "Who" "My father, he said he wi
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*********************** The dead body of a young man was lying the bed "Father" The girl ran to her father and tried to wake him up. She faced Sean and said "I thought you said he went somewhere far to call someone that can save us" The girl kept trying to wake her father and keiran was wondering why the girl haven't give up that 'can't she see the blood on her father's body?' Wait! Sean went closer to the corpse and saw that there is no wound, no blood or anything that can prove that the man was killed. 'whose blood is the one outside?' Sean told the girl that her father is dead and they need to get out of the house. Sean took with him a dagger, a kitchen knife and a map. Sean choose a place on the map; one of those that are not circled with red ink, he thinks the place must be at least safer than this house where two people already died Sean and the girl hit the streets, their destination is a few kilometers away from the and they will have to trek it. After walking for a
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[Authenticating User ID...] [User Is confirmed: Trina, 15, orphaned, student, lives alone] [Authenticating Element...] [Welcome to the Apocalypse System] [Entering the Beginners Mission World...] [Story Mission: The people of Song City all knew about the coming of devil tribulation, they all prepared but the dragon army is stronger than their expectations. Most of the citizens migrated to a remote area and built a city. Unfortunately, the devil overlord sent batches of dragon army to the village. There are dragon's everywhere watching all powerful humans in the village and killing them. All civilians lived in fear in their house, it would only take a breath for a dragon to kill them all. Some of the rich ones used money to buy protection charms from the powerful people. The devil's intention is to take over the world [Lowest Ratings: Survive 10 days in either the village or Song City ] [To have higher ratings, kill more dragons and safe more people of Song City] [Not having the
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Haunted 2
****************** "Ruuuuuun, Ruuuuuun" The voice shouted again, Sean looked back to see why the man wants them to run. He saw something he don't know how to describe. Magma hands, burning eyes, breathing smoke, superb strength. He had read some novels that speaks about magma beings, most time they are the devils. Sean took to his heels, grabbing the girl along. The three of them ran as fast as they can but they can never outrun the devil who is already close to them. The man who screamed earlier ran closer to Sean and said "You see that building over there?" "There are lots of buildings here, which one are you talking about?" "The one that is broken down among them, we run into it and hid. We will devise a plan to kill the devil" "Kill the devil? I don't understand" "Run faster, he's catching up" Sean tried to run faster bit the little girl is holding him down, Sean carried the girl on his back and run into the building with all his might leaving a considerable length of dist
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Dragon Law
When Trina was reading the dagger's attribute, her eyes went blank, she looked like she is unconscious. Liu who have been calling her slapped her into consciousness, Trina have finished reading all the messages though " what's wrong with you?" "uhm, I was...I was trying to remember the way you cut the dragon earlier, you know I am wondering if this dagger cat do the same" "it can't, but it can stop and slow down a dragon"s fire. If you want to kill a dragon, take sword and the shield, I will teach when we get home" " home like your house?" " if you are bent on going to your cousin's, you can find the address yourself, just drop my dagger and the sword, you can go your way" "of course I'll go with you, I hope my cousin is safe" "the probability is low, those dragons and devils already destroyed 60 percent of the Song City ai there's just this village left" Trina put on a sad face to convince Liu that she is really here for her cousin "am not that cruel actually, even if y
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Haunted 3
****************************Sean thought about Bean's offer, he doesn't know whether he can trust him or not but he thinks in this apocalypse world it will be better for someone to be alone. More numbers will attract devils"No. I can't go with you to your hiding place, it will only attract devils, it's better we separate""If that's what you want"Bean went out of the building leaving Sean with the little girl's corpse. Sean buried the corpse under the broken bricks. When he was going out of the building he heard the sound of footsteps running to the building. He retreated back inside and hid in a corner holding his dagger and listen carefully to what the intruders were saying"Haha, see what we have here. It's an harmless lady"The voice of a man sounded with clear excitement accompanied by a cruel laugh The voice became clearer and the two people were coming closer to Sean.Sean hid behind the entrance door and pin himself to the wall, he is peeping through a hole in the door. He
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**********************Ding!Sean was breathing heavily when he heard notification sound, he opened his status window[Acquired Skill: Sharp Weapon (Dagger) (Basic)Sean saw his first skill, he is not an harmless player anymoreSean was suprised about how he got the skill so he checked the other notifications[Stabbing: Inflict zero damage to the opponent][Striking: Inflict zero damage to the opponent][Continous Stabbing: Inflict Continous Damage of 10 per stab, Opponent is dead; You killed a devil][Striking: Inflict 10 damage to opponent][Hitting: Your opponent hit you, Inflict 5 damage to your HP. Causes bleeding…][Striking: Inflict 20 damage to the opponent][Punching: Inflict 5 damage to your HP][Continous Punching: Inflict 30 damage to your HP][Stabbing: Inflict 60 damage to opponent][Target is dead, You killed a human][To recover HP, you have to eat and rest][You killed two beings using dagger, Skill Earned][Sharp Weapon: Dagger ( Basic)]When Sean got out of the buil
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