365 days as a Billionaire

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365 days as a Billionaire

By: DC Carnelian OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"I want my body back! Sir Riccardo, I made a mistake and I'm ready to right the wrongs. It's too late, no one's going to listen to you or believe more so, it's all your doing;Enjoy my money Martinez! While I keep your body. ********************* Midlife crises is no ‘news’ a 54 year old billionaire Riccardo Ferdinand Deville was diagnosed of a rare cancerous disease and given one year to live by his doctor, accepting fate ; he decided to leave town and explore the world before his demise, he comes across a young man during his journey unexpectedly and the unexpected happens. Transmigration occurs between the two. How will both men survive in their new world?. Will both parties get their utmost desire? How will the soul swap affect their lives and family?. Whose idea was it and who benefitted the most from it? “Things are never as they seemed to be, sometimes you can accurately judge a book by its cover and sometimes you can’t”.

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51 chapters
Riccardo flung the medical result papers in a rage; he couldn’t handle the pain anymore. He was trying hard to console himself but nothing was working. The Doctor’s words flashed back in a rush to his head, “You have a year at most to live, I will send the test result to your office tomorrow morning. Don’t worry about it sir, with the best of care and attention we’ll make sure you have adequate treatment that’ll guarantee your safety for the next six month before you start experiencing any form of uncontrollable difficulty”. “You’re suffering from a rare cancerous disease, and it has no cure, I said that earlier, I’d advise you sign the treatment required papers so we can start the process. I will forward it with the Test results”. “Excuse me sir? Are you listening?” Asked the doctor Riccardo was absent minded, he stretched out his hand to shake the doctor, he couldn’t look him in the face. “You mean I will have to die at 54”? “I’d be 54 next month you know”? ” I heard you say
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New Body, Old Soul.
IN RICCARDO'S MANSIONIt was a spacious, empty but aesthetically layout design in the mansion, it was painted all white, only the furniture and equipment had different colors. In the sitting room there were several artworks on display, only one was portrait of Mr. Riccardo Ferdinand Deville. The portrait was an original painted image of him, it looked so real and clear, it would be the first thing to attract ones attention when you step inside the mansion.A big white blinding light from the gigantic chandelier in the room pierced into his eyes, he was fast asleep, enjoying the smooth and soft feeling of comfort from the bed. He rolled left- right on the big king sized bed he was sleeping in, anyone would find it hard getting out of such a comfy and big bed. “Good Morning sir, you’re late for your morning routine” it was Vazquez his house keeper and personal assistant, who turned on the light in a bid to wake up his master.He tardily took off the heavy, fluffy cover he used on his
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What went Wrong?
*Three days earlier*After receiving the bad news from Doctor Benjamin personally yesterday, Riccardo decided to make a Bucket list of things to do, in case the test results come out different. He was to visit his only distant relative and child-hood crush Jacqueline Camille Alphonso who stays in Cartagena, Colombia.Sebastian drove him directly to the airport, he was with just his travelling bag, his cellphone and a water bottle, Mr. Ricardo loved the simple and exquisite life style.Ditching his private jet, he opted for a convenient first class flight, the journey lasted for roughly twelve hours, he enjoyed it because he could sleep and was less worried, the plane landed at the international airport in Colombia.The time on his wrist was different from that on the display screen in the airport waiting stall. He saw a group of people cheering up to welcome someone also from London where he came.He admired them and wished he was in their place.Sebastian had booked a private taxi t
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Different world
The Richarlison’s apartment A rented apartment of a room and parlor situated in a densely populated two story building, owned by Augusto Desmond Ernesto.Everywhere was rowdy, plates, clothes and other materials were left lying around in the surrounding, the apartment had a public kitchen and restroom.The wires from the electricity pole were almost touching the ground, most of the connections were by passed.Riccardo followed Mrs. Vanessa Richarlison home, she had gone to bail him out as soon as she heard that he was in jail.Mrs. Vanessa Richarlison was a hard working nurse, she worked from morning to evening, upon her arrival without resting she had to go an bail her son; throughout their journey home, Riccardo tried explaining to her that he wasn’t his son and he needs her help.Mrs. Vanessa Richalson was mute all through their journey back home; Riccardo followed her as she led the way.They got inside their apartment it was on the first floor; “how do you people survive in a pl
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New Billionaire
“Life couldn’t be better being rich”“Sir you haven’t observed your daily routine since you arrived from Colombia”, Vazquez said to him.Martinez had his full focus on the large television screen, he was watching a movie. “Excuse me sir” Vazquez pestered him. Martinez still wasn’t giving him an audience; “you have a visitor sir should I tell her to come in?” Vazquez asked his master. Martinez took the remote control that was on the table, lowered the volume of the sound system and asked Vazquez a question. “Did I hear you say she?” Hurry up and let her in he shouted”.A beautiful, moderately dressed woman of average height walked in, she held a big tablet with her and an office bag; Martinez stared at her lasciviously from her head to toe, she was what people describe as a ‘Thick woman’.“Is everything all right sir” she asked Martinez thought in his head, “Riccardo is one hell of a lucky guy”, “who could this beauty be”?,” I’m sure it’s not his wife; he told me he has no family, s
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Life's differences
It was a cold and frosty evening; the temperature was extremely low, the sky was gloomy with its darkened gray color, the moon would soon be out.Riccardo and his gang members were made to held down by Adrian’s thugs; they were at Martinez house earlier to get him; he and his friend tried escaping their claws but the thugs were smart enough to come with a lot of men.They were forced to kneel with their hands tied to their backs.“Undress them”, said Adrian in a coarse and husky voice; he continues sipping his local gin, it was a common trend there to help heat them up during the cold.“Please don’t its too cold, we’d die of Pneumonia and you won’t get your money” Randall said.Other boys joined in and begged Adrian; it fell on deaf ears. They stripped the boys leaving them in only their underwear.Adrian stood up from his sit, took out a cigarette from its pack and lighted it, he hit all the boys below the abdomen serially; “ which one of you would take the fall, no that the wrong qu
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Sebastian drove out of the mansion in a white exotic car; Martinez could not help but stare at the world outside the mansion. It was bright and colorful, all the buildings in the vicinity were alike; “Just one of these houses would contain all of us in my street” Martinez said still admiring the beautiful view.The car got out of the street and cut into a broad busy road; Martinez stocked his head out of the car for a while before settling in. “Don’t make it obvious Sure Three” he said to himself as he settled back to sit.They arrived at the company few minutes after; Martinez knowing the door can’t be opened was still waiting for the driver to open it; Sebastian made no move to open the door.“Sir I have to discuss something important with you” Sebastian said just as Martinez was about requesting he opened the door for him.“What could that be” he asked in a wavering manner; he was unsure and curious about what question Sebastian wanted to ask him.…………Martinez got out of the car a
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Finding me ?
Riccardo had just gone through the letter; his hands were visibly vibrating but he still clunged his hands to the paper. Posed with mixed feelings he sets out to reread the letter, standing up from his sit. "This is crazy, suddenly I have a child that's not mine just because of this body…No I must be dreaming" "Don't forget to take care of the poultry today Fransisco!" Mrs Richarlison said as she stormed out of the house hurriedly; dressed in her uniform she added "you already know I have to go very early". Riccardo was startled "Poultry?!" He asked reeking with sarcam. He was ignored by Mrs Richarlison, "help your little sister to school also, be nice to her" It was still early in the morning, not resting from the brutalizing midnight he had in the hands of Adrian's and his thugs, "A basketball game, A baby and now take care of the poultry; how on earth would I be able to do that? I'm finding Martinez today no matter what it takes" Riccardo went outside the house, looking ar
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Martinez POV I can't believe I just slept with a hot lady without having to ask her out. That was crazy man. Riccardo isn't getting this body any time soon. "Get Christabelle for me " I said to my secretary or whoever it was. She hurried off to get her. I didn't know how I became careless and let go of the cellphone. It was after my call with that fraudster, I hadn't even enjoyed this to the fullest and he was asking for a share. Christabelle came in, she wouldn't look me in the face, she still hadn't processed what she saw, how was I to know that she had never seen him in that state? "How may I help you sir" she finally struggled to say. Acting like a boss, I am. "Call me Sebastian.I left my phone in the car." I lied but that was the only way I could get her to believe me. "Yes sir" she said, still avoiding me, "why are you still here?" I asked because she was still there. "I don't know if you'd like to see them but they are here saying you called for them." Without wasting ti
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Who knows?
Riccardo's POVI found my way back to beauty's house, the phone battery went down suddenly, that was the only place I could charge peacefully. I watched it dearly the percentage increased.Beauty rushed down from her room, almost hitting and slamming her body on the floor. I was shocked to the core. “What’s chasing you? Who are you running from? The last I knew it was just you and I in the house?”Gasping for air and controlling her actions, she said to me “My father is here. He came in through the back gate. I saw him from my window in the room. You have to run now.”Not today, I have had enough of this built-up tension. “What do you mean, you told me no one was home?”“Did you not hear me clearly, why are you acting as if this is the first time my father is coming home unannounced,” she said with disgust.That brat, Martinez, was everything bad and a problem. “Why visit a girl when you know her father allows no such things? You could court her in the right way. To stop it all, she is
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