The Legend System

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The Legend System

By: Godfred Atambo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Summary: This novel is about a boy named Kai who got mistreated from his Family because he was weak. In a world full of beast, Superpowers and Bloodline he had no powers. He was a normal human being with no Superpowers. He got treated as a loser and got bullied from his classmates and other people with superpowers. In this world every 16 year old child had to go to the military for 4 years to learn to control their powers. ____________________________________ Author notes I am righting this novel because I am bored so don't expect to much. But I am going to try to update every week. And if my English is bad I am sorry I am going to try better so please have Patience. Thank you for reading my novel ❤

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  • Royal writer


    The beginning paragraph is similar to thats of my vampire system. All in all, I think I can manage the book.

    2022-10-24 13:20:35
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-Chapter 1- New beginning-
,,Try not to die by tripping over yourself Kai", A young boy shouted down the hallway laughing uncontrollably.Kai dismissed the petty mockery as he carried on walking down the school corridor. The harassment had become a daily occurrence for him but it still bothered him just as much as it did every other day.He arrived at his dormroom he went in and sat on his bed.He lived alone in his room since he came here ,, The Military School", he thought.Kai lived here since he came he had no friends and his parents left him when he was young because he had no powers. Kai was taken by the military when his parents left, they took in every child when there parents abandoned them.They took care of him for 6 years and when he got 16 years old he was brought to the ,, Military School", because every child that got 16 years old must attend,,Military School" he was a person without an ability that was wery rare. Since he got to the School he got bullied, beaten up, and harassed just because he
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-Chapter 2 -Encounter-
,,Status"Name: Kai .....Level: 1[0/100 Exp]Race: High Human, Half ElvBloodline:...Ability: Appraisal, Language,Affinity: WindSkills: Martial arts , Wind blade,Points: 0Combat power: 54,, Not bad my Combat power got 4 points more just because I learned some new skills , now that I have trained for 2 hours I should really head back into my dormroom",,When I was about to put on my Pullover jacket and head back I was startled by a girl's voice behind me",,Ehm... Hallo " voice Girl,,I looked back and was speeches for a moment ",,Eh" voice Kai,,Hallo" voice Girl,,Hallo who are you and what is it?" voice Kai,,Ehm" voice Girl,, Hallo for the third time my name is Silvia Dream and I wanted to ask you who you are ? Because your presence feels like that from Kai my human classmate but I can senses that you are a half elv so who are you exactly? " voice Silvia,, Silvia Dream were did I hear that name before... wait now I know she is that Elv in my class who always sits alone a
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-Chapter 3 -Hunting zone -
,, In the same military school as Kai South Side in Japan-Tokyo a girl just woke up from sleep she looked tired her hair was light blue and looked messy because she just woke up she hab healthy skin and pointed ears. As you can guess that girl was Silvia she got out of bed end went bathing after that she putted on some clothes and head out the hallway in the direction of the Caffeteria. She wanted to go eat breakfast it was 9 am now as she was walking down the hallway other students in the hallway were admiring her",, Oh look it's Silvia it's she just lovely " voice female Student,, She looks so great " voice male student,, She is my idol " voice female student,, Silvia was walking down the hallway not even looking at the students it looks like this happens often because very one new she was an elv everyone wanted to get on her good side",, I can't wait to train with Kai later it's so annoying that everyone wants to get on my good side so they wouldn't train with me and the look
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-Chapter 4 -In the train-
,,Oh my God ",,What the hell what's up with this Ladys Status is she even human I can't even see her name ",,System what's up with her status "-Ding-- Host is to weak to see through her-,,No way I am to weak to see through her what's up with my life recently first I meet that monster Silvia and now this lady why are all these monsters attracted to me it's only 2 days ago I Awaken the system my life is really hard...ahh...this is so annoying I just wanted to rest a little after hunting in the hunting zone now I have to deal with this lady I hope she just wanna ask were this train is going to ",, System can't you just tell me what her name or Race is please so that I can prepare my self "-Ding-- System recommends Host pays 15 points for Race and name that's Host consider accepting offer-,,Ahh...what a scam you just want my points that I got from my efforts in the hunting zone system you are bad ",, Can't you lower the price if I don't want to know her name I can just ask her"
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-Chapter 5 -Information about the World-
,, I was sitting in the train and waiting for Sahra to bite me and suck out my blood",,What are you waiting for didn't you say you wanted my blood so why aren't you biting me or something like that to get my blood or don't you want my blood anymore" Kai,, Are you some kind of idiot I was waiting for you to cut your finger with something if I suck out your blood you are going to turn into a Vampire or worst a ghoul didn't you say you go to South Side school don't they teach such basic things " Sahra,,Why does the world hate me so much I was so happy that I could get the Vampire race now this...why that's such things always happen to me ",,Eh..I thought only humans get turned into Vampire or ghouls that's why I didn't bother about since I am an half-elv and all" Kai,,Oh so that's why then I think your school is dumm because they don't teach such basic things everyone can be turned into a Vampire even demon's you idiot why do you think that they allow all humans on earth go to the p
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-Chapter 6 -Training-
,, When I passed the hallway and arrived at the cafeteria there weren't as much student as I thought there would be I walked to the counter and picked a plate after that I Walked to were the food was because it was self service when I arrived there I picked some rice with sauce some salad and a glas of orange juice after that I walked to a table that had four sitting places and sat on one of the places and started eating ",, Whoa have you seen this guy before " female student,, if I save someone as handsome as him I would remember him" female student,, Anyway who cares about that guy he is just a show off " male student,,Aww there is someone jealous how tragic " female student,, In a dark alley in Japan-Tokyo a lady with silver hair a white pale skin and red eyes was walking on a wall to when she got to the wall instead of walking against it she walked through ",, As she walked through the wall and came to the other side of the wall you could see that there was a big Vill
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-Chapter 7- Hidden Quest-
,, After the explosion because of the slash between Kai and Silvia there was smoke everywhere the arena was destroyed in the training room ",, A few seconds later the smoke settled and you could see two people standing opposite to each other and one of them had a sword in his hands the two people were obviously Kai and Silvia there training suite was a bit torn and they had few bruises but they weren't bad hurt ",, Man you are really strong Silvia I could barely hold on but you were even holding back anyway I could force you to use a sword so I feel a little accomplished " Kai,, I won't talk about the sword for now it was A Grade after all and I don't want her to feel suspicious of me for knowing what grade her sword is ",, When I was in thought I suddenly heard the system nonfiction "-Ding--Hidden Quest-- Have a trainings fight with Silvia and don't lose-[REWARD]- Unlock Bloodline, 15 Points , 1 level up- Congratulations on completing hidden quest --level up- 3 points- 2 Co
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-Chapter 8- Summon-
,, Kai was right now in his room and was still shocked about the skills and abilities he got ",,'t this a little overpowered well now I am stronger then 90 % of the human students in this school but I bet those other Race students are much stronger than this ",, System can you tell me what new powers I got and what they can do"-Ding--Necromancer-- This ability allows the user to someone a weak Skeleton army when user gets stronger the Skeleton get stronger to this ability came from the Bloodline Skeleton King-- Transform-- This ability allows the host to transform between his Races -- Summon Skeleton General-- This skill allows the host to Summon 10 Skeleton General but right now Host can only Summon one because host is to weak--Tamer-- This skill allows the user to tame a beast that can fight along with the host the beast has to be weaked first before taming Host can't tame stronger beast than the host-,, Aren't these skill a little overpowered well anyway I
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-Chapter 9- Night before classes-
,, After Alice told me her story I was shocked for what happened to her and the other Skeleton Generals and a specially the Skeleton King he was basically like me only that I can't give Races to other Races for now ",, If I one day lern that ability I should keep it hidden now that I remember I heard about the same story in one of our studies at class it was about a Skeleton that had other Races under him but they all died because they supposedly attacked the Elvs but later after the Elvs killed all of them they found out that the Skeleton King wasn't the one that attacked them but then it was already to late but the Elvs didn't care less about it such as the other Races ",,Anyway Alice thanks for sharing your story to me so you said that the other Races didn't find your base in the portal world so maybe if we go there it may still be there we could then use it as our base how about it " Kai,, Yes Master I think it is a wonderful idea I now the exact location of the base so we can
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-Chapter 10- Cursed Child-
,, Alice was right now still laying in bed she was waiting for Kai to come out of the bathroom and as he did she was really shocked she was a little embarrassed at first but then she pretended to still be at sleep",, Kai was right now standing in underwear before the door of the bathroom he walked to his closet and took out a black school uniform outfit and started dressing it on ",, When he was finished he could see Alice still in bed and sleeping he went close to her and started trying to wake her up because Alice wasn't really sleeping she woke up fast but Kai didn't know that he thought that she just woke up now ",,Good morning Alice did you sleep well " Kai,,Good morning to you to Master, I slept well what about you Master " Alice,,Same here I slept good to anyway you should start getting ready so that we can go to the Caffeteria to go pick breakfast " Kai,, OK Master then I am going to take a bath quick " Alice,, After she said that she crawled out of bed and took her nin
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