Royal Return Of Leo Luke

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Royal Return Of Leo Luke

By: Clarissa Moon OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Clara and Leo Luke's were happy couples, not until Clara was appointed the new Duchess of Manila, then she felt Leo was not too good for her again. She proposed divorce, not knowing soon the Princess, Melissa, who's about to be made the Queen will take keen interest in her husband and then her further success will be dependent on them, especially Leo.

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145 chapters
Chapter 1
Elene cleared her throat right before Leo, she was his wife's personal assistant. Leo stared at her with a smirkful reaction."Mr Leo, I'm here to pass to you the information your wife sent me.""So my wife can no longer come out of her office to meet me but you?" He questioned. He was invited to her new office for the first time, three weeks after she assumed the position of the New Duchess of Manila.In the community, she was the most eligible being a Masters Degree Holder in the Leadership field and also showing leadership skills. Leo wondered what she was about to say but he felt bad not being able to see her in person, all his hope was to see her."She's quite busy so she can't come to see you, and besides it isn't so significant to see you before she can pass her message across to you!" The PA said with so much of an irritated expression on her face. "Then don't bother about passing the information to me. I'm her husband, whenever she's ready to tell me, she will come see me."
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Chapter 2
Leo decided to go to the park to sit and think of this disappointment that had befallen him. His heart was heavy, right there he didn't know where to go. As Clara has divorced him, she's sure to send him out of the apartment her family gave her right from when she was a teen."How am I going to survive?" He asked himself. He didn't want to show these emotions while he was with her, it would cause her to laugh at him. "I'm fucking frustrated right now!" He grunted, dropping his hands which he was using to support his chins. Clara was richer than him, her family was well to do, so she most of the time took care of him before she attained her current status. Even before his divorce, she did see to his needs although sometimes it came with bits of insults. He would have overlooked it if she didn't ask for a divorce as he loved her so much. Seeing the way he loved and had her genuine interest at heart even though he was poor, he vowed. "She'll absolutely regret this, I promise her!" He
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Chapter 3
Linn stood there seeming defeated, she turned around to watch as Leo was leaving. She didn't want him to leave scotfree without being hurt. She saw at that point a van of SWAT which was the most ruthless sect of the police force patrolling, she raised her voice welling. These cops were patrolling since this park was dangerous in the past, they now patrol to ward off criminals. "Help! Help! Come back here, you have injured my son!" She kept screaming. "Please help, officers. He abused me, assaulted my son, now he's getting away!" She even had fake tears in her eyes, after this thought came up in her mind, she hurriedly took up a razor and slashed her wrist and punched her face so hard that it became red. This she did to lay the accusation ok Leo, so the police would believe. "Heyy, heyy!" The cops went after Leo. He was still walking along the pathway, almost reaching the gate of the park when he felt heavy grips from both sides. He turned immediately, he almost fainted seeing thes
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Chapter 4
"But Clara, you can't just let this poor asshole harass us this way, he wouldn't ever have respect for us and you in particular no matter who you later become!" Linn emphasized. She kept insisting that her daughter do something. "It's not a small position, being a Duchess!"With time, Clara's anger was fuming. It increased as her mother was talking more to her. "Mom, you don't need to worry, I'll handle this. Take Fred to the nearest clinic, then the physiotherapist will take care of his condition."Linn was now happy, she could now go away with her son. While they went away, she picked up her phone to call Leo, her ex-husband. This call hit Leo while he was inside the car with the Princess, Melissa.Melissa was such a free person, she gestured to him to pick the call with a smile. He was surprised by this gesture. He tapped on the accept button."Hello, why are you calling me now?" His voice was stern and filled with disgust."Heyy, listen to me. If you want good and not trouble, yo
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Chapter 5
"No wonder the king acts ruthless and disorderly at times, he has some mental issues!" Leo wondered inside of him. But he tried his best not to judge, it wasn't his fault after all. He was keen on making the king well, this time around not really because of money but out of his love for serving his country, according to news, the king hasn't been able to rule for some time now, Melissa has been the Acting royalty kept in his place for the meantime. Leo wanted to use this chance well. This was a great privilege. "A lot of doctors, both foreign and local had been employed to treat his traumatic brain injury but none could, some say surgery would be needed while others say it's pre-cancer symptoms, others tumors but all were wrong.""And you didn't believe any of them?" Leo replied to Melissa's complaints."Why would I believe them?" She shrugged her shoulders. "When they tried all they could but couldn't bring him back to a good, conscious state?" "Oh. So why do you believe in me?"
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Chapter 6
Though Leo was still confident in his skills, he felt it was needed he withdrew on time, he didn't want any further accusations from the royal family member."These people wouldn't believe me no matter what I do, it's best I withdraw now!" Picking his phone, he was about to leave. Melissa sensed this, she became unhappy. "Please begin the treatment, you don't have to mind all these bunch of fools!" She gingered, before he leaves. "If it's only you, your highness, I'd stay but I'd like to fulfill their wish so that they might have peace of mind." He insisted. "And I insist," the senior doctor said. "If you like you take it, if you don't like it, you leave, my princess," he said with a very serious face. "From the facts I've derived about the king's condition, it's a sign of cerebral palsy. He would be bedridden for life in the next three months if no surgery is conducted on him."Colton was back into the room without them knowing. "I know what she's trying to do, she wants the king
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Chapter 7
Leo slapped the king behind his right ear and then his left ear, twice. He began to massage it slowly, people standing around wondered why he was doing, especially the doctor that said he would kneel before him should he revive the king. "What's this fool doing here, let him get out of here. He's only going to compound issues!" He moved forward to push Leo off the side of the king's bed but Melissa came up in front of him, standing on his way and giving him deadly stares. "If you go near him again, I'll stab you!"He was scared and retreated. Before a calm and loving princess which everyone loved could say this, then it was serious. "Why are you always bent on causing confusion here?" She talked back at him. The doctor tried to avoid the gaze. Everyone's attention once returned to Leo and the king, when they watched his heartbeat and pulse, it was reversing back to normal. The next moment the king was seated on his bed, calm and quite thoughtful. "What's happening? What happened
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Chapter 8
Melissa and Leo sat in the backseat of a silver Benz.“Mr. Leo, this is the royal family’s honor crest. I'll love you to have this as a sign of recognition, you've been a great, useful help to us today! It's a thing to remember!" “With this, you will be treated as an honored guest in any event held at the palace and outside, you will be a VIP and you will be treated as such. I haven't forgotten my promise of marrying you as well, you know, you're such a nice, cool guy, don't know why your ex-wife let you go.”“Princess, I don’t need this.” Leo shook his head. He sensed if he collected, it would look like he's greedy or saved the king because of what he'd gain. “Don’t worry, Leo. This is just a personal gesture,” Melissa said with a smile. "You need to accept it for memory's sake!" “That’s very kind of you, Princess. Thank you very much.” Leo bowed and accepted the card.This was a golden gift with a diamond glass over it. Since it was a gift from her, it would come in handy. As the
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Chapter 9
"What?” Leo was as shocked as hell. He never thought this is what Melissa would say. Taking a closer look, he found that her beauty was different from Clara’s. She was more slender, had bigger boobs and ass, long straight hair, her face was very smooth, her skin glowing like she used a body treatment from space. She could ensnare men with her bewitching charms.“Why are you so shocked?” Melissa’s breasts heaved as she laughed heartily at Leo’s face. Her scent caught him in this seduction. It was all Leo could do to tear his eyes away from her voluptuous curves. The more he looked at her, the harder it was not to gawk at her figure. He was being tempted so hard. “Leo, back to the issue at hand. I need to ask a favor from you again.” Melissa ’s expression grew serious, like she wasn't the one that just tried to seduce him.“What is it?” Leo asked.“You know that all my bodyguards are stationed at the hospital, so I don’t have anybody to protect me. Now that this incident has happened,
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Chapter 10
"Clara, nice to meet you. How may I be of help to you?” Leo’s eyes widened when he saw Clara walking toward him, but his gaze turned cold in a moment.“What a coincidence seeing you here.”Clara choked back the speech she had prepared to explain herself and greeted Leo stiffly, especially seeing the princess. She thought she was with him for only that day. If someone had told her this was her ex's new love interest, she wouldn't have believed it. Who would have thought that it was true? Although they were divorced, Clara felt a little uncomfortable seeing her ex-husband being with another woman. She was kind of jealous. “Leo, is she a friend of yours?” Melissa asked. She sized Clara up with her eyes, scanning her from head to toe. She was hostile towards Clara, seeing her as not her class. Clara widened her eyes, is the princess who was her acquaintance no longer recognizing her but this was an act from the princess. “She’s my ex-wife,” Leo replied.“Really?” Melissa opened her eye
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