The First Mage On Earth

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The First Mage On Earth

By: Shadow-Smoke OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After the disappointing first day of high school, Oscar fell into some weird cave. What he found in the cave changed his life forever. He discovered the mana! With the discovery of mana, everything around him changed. While he was learning magic, he noticed that the world around him isn't as simple as it seems. From an immature and inexperienced high school boy, he will rise to become a legendary figure in history books. He will face the darkness of humanity and the enemies who are beyond humans. This is the new version of my previous story which has the same name. The story will be slow-paced. There isn't much action in the first chapters. Everything in this story is fictional. The names of the people and institutions were made up by me.

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General Information
Hello there. Before we start the story I wanted to give you guys some information about the world of this story. Magic System First of all mana. Mana is the energy every being who uses magic possesses. Normal human bodies can't produce mana only some with special bloodlines or hybrids can. Magic is the manipulation of the mana. While there will be magic with chants there is also chant less magic. Their difference is that mages have to manually shape the mana to perform magic while chant itself is the automatic shaping of the mana. Mana responds to intent and with putting intent on words chants are created. Magic Circles are visualized forms of the spells. Higher the level of the spell more complex the magic circle. Magic and Spell Levels Levels of magic are determined by how complex the magic and spells of the said magic and their required mana amounts.<
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Ocean... As far as the eye can see everywhere in the ocean. The sky is cloudless and bright blue. It's a weird scene. Everything is blue. I don't know how but I'm standing on top of the water. I can smell the scent of the ocean. If this is a dream, how the hell I can smell? But... It must be a dream. I'm walking on water right now. It shouldn't be possible. Ugh... I saw the water shaking under my feet. It was weird. There is no wave but the water is shaking. I tried to see where this shaking comes from. What I saw was a giant blue cocoon. ***** "Hmm...? Ugh... My head hurts, my eyes are itching. What happened to me? Where am I?" I get up from where I was lying. My vision is blurry, I can't see around me. I can only see something blue. My head is hurting like hell. It feels like it's going to crack open. Ugh... What the heck is going on?! I tried to move my bo
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Kairi Of The Undine Part 1
Everywhere was a sea. Even my eyes couldn't see anything else. I was standing in the middle of an ocean. It was nerve-wracking. Somehow I'm back in this dream. But everything is clearer this time. The most important thing is, what lies in the center of this ocean. It looked like a cocoon of some sort. Shining at deep blue color. I didn't see this before. Maybe I was too confused to notice? It's possible. I slowly walked towards it. Something tells me I have to reach it. I can feel something between that and myself. Like a connection. It's weird. What is this place? What is the thing inside of the cocoon? What is this weird connection I'm feeling? What is happening? I have so many questions. And only one lead so far. It was as tall as an adult human. Maybe even taller. When I came closer to it a word appeared on my mind. Undine. It is said to be a water nymph who lives for love. They are the creatures of the legends. Bein
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Kairi Of The Undine Part 2
"Ugh... So can you at least tell me who you are?""I am a spirit. A Great Spirit to be precise. I don't have the usual firepower of the Great Class Spirits because of my almost empty mana reserves. As I have said I'm from the Undine Clan.""Spirit? Like, as the souls of humans?""Nope. We are simply living beings but made of mana. I can teach you mana later but I don't think you can be able to use it. After all, aside from spirits, no one can use mana correctly. Hmm, now that I think about it if we made a pact maybe you could use mana." Mana? Is it the same one I know of? I hope it is. "Really? I don't know if we are talking about the same mana but I'm really curious about it now. Can you tell me more?""Normally pact is performed between spirits grant others to powers for a limited time. But before I went into the cocoon, my father did create a new version of it. This version is permanent and creates a mana link
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How It Begun
I'm Oscar Williams. My new life begins today. I'm going to be a high schooler. Middle school was, boring, and full of bad memories. But high school going to be amazing. I will make sure of it. Because I really need a change of pace. Make lots of friends, then have amazing adventures with those friends! That is my master plan. The adventure part might be difficult to realize but I will somehow manage.   I got up early and quickly had breakfast. Then I wore my school uniform and after saying goodbye to my mother I left for school. At every step I take, my excitement rose higher. My high school adventure finally begins. I'm going to enjoy my youth to the fullest!   When I arrived at the school, I stop in my tracks. The school building is massive. There is a little anxiety in my heart. New school, new environment and most crucial of all new people. In this school, I will have an amazing school life! With excitement and hope, I walked to the clas
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Magical Cave
Now that I'm feeling better I look around again. Things I saw were unnerving. The water I get out of was no water at all. It was blue and incredibly shiny. I could say it was magical. This shiny blue liquid comes from massive blue crystals. They were shining so much that it takes some time for my eyes to adjust themselves. Did I fall into some kind of... eh, I don't know anything to compare with this. It looks fantastic.   There is just a little, even tiny thing that worries me. My necklace, it was used to be my grandpa's. It is blue crystal covered with black strings. Blue crystal in it was like glass. You could see through it. But now it is shining. Just like the surrounding blue crystals. I am a little confused right now. Did my grandpa fall here too? I don't know and it is hurtful to imagine. But I can breathe here. Which means there is air. Then there should be a way out of here. First I have to check my phone and flashlight. But my flashlight isn't here an
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The Rabbit
"A talking rabbit?" "Wait, are you the lake, nibi?" "Hm? Yes, my cocoon was inside of the lake."   Somehow I get the feeling that the rabbit's eyes shined with excitement. It jumped at Kairi and hugged her. She was surprised but nonetheless she hugged it back.   Magic is already weird enough so I think I can get used to the talking rabbit thing. Still, in one night my whole life changed. It's weird but I think I can get used to it.   "Thank you for granting this powers to me Mother, nibi!" "! Wha-what!"   After the words of the rabbit she blushed down to her neck. It took some time to calm her down. After she calm down we listened the rabbit.   Turns out it fell into the lake two years ago. While it didn't gained the ability to control mana like me thanks to my contract with her, it gained a powerful body. According to her, it turned into half spirit.
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Mana Research
Let's research mana! After Kairi manipulated memories of Jason and Hope, I talked with them and we returned our homes. They think we just sat at the upstairs of the church and just chatted.   Magic is amazing! Spell Kairi used is so useful that I'm so envious. Don't get me wrong. I have no interest in manipulating people's minds and memories. What I'm envious of is how easy she cast a spell and how useful it is.   I'm fully motivated to research mana. Being told that magic is real and seeing it is totally different. It was fantastic. I can't wait to cast my own spells.   After the thing with Jason and Hope, I left the cave. Kairi is staying at the cave. She said that lake might help her recover her mana. I don't know the details but turns out spirits can't really generate mana. I'm going to ask for details later.   Now it's time for mana research! Why mana but not magic? It's because magic is the man
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Mental Depletion Is Scary
When I practice with mana after a little time my head starts to hurt. But the worst thing is after I woke up I thought I was the worst. I regretted everything I've ever done. Manipulating mana puts a heavy burden on my mind. I guess it also kind of gives depression. It was bad. I'm going to name it mental depletion.   "Oscar, are you okay? You have a fever." "I caught a cold, I guess. I will be fine if I rest a little." "Fine, you can rest home today. But if anything happens you will call me okay? And if you don't get better till night we are going to a hospital." "Yes, mom. Don't worry I will get better." "I going to work, I will call you later." "See you, mom."   It's a good thing that mom let me rest for today. If I was to go to school right now, things can go bad. I don't know all of the effects of mental depletion. Depression side effect is gone after an hour. But I don't feel any mana in my body
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Unexpected Crisis!
"I can see an outline of Aether on my chest." "Wow, that's great. Are you able to inspect it?"   I focused on my reflection in the mirror. Right now this is the only way for me to observe what is happening in my body. I took off my shirt to observe clearly. I can see the outline of mana and Aether in my body. Still, I can only see the outline of them. I can't inspect or further observe how they move or act.   "It's no use. I can't further inspect it. This isn't enough to give me any idea about Aether." "I see. It's unfortunate."   I was very hyped about it. I guess I will focus on mana from now on. Kairi taught me a few more basic spells. From their magic circle, I learned a few more magic runes. There's one magic rune that exists in every last one of them. I think it means water. Little by little I will figure out this magic system.   I know now five water spells. [Water Ball], [Wate
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