Twin Dragon Demon Incarnation

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Twin Dragon Demon Incarnation

By: Varjomies OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Loxodon, the Black Dragon, seeks to slay the White Dragon to gain power and become the king of the entire world. At that moment, the White Dragon was almost killed by the cunning of the Black Dragon. Although powerful, the White Dragon can be defeated with perfect battle tactics. The White Dragon's weakness is that it is not good at making battle plans. What will the White Dragon do to save the world from the abomination of the Black Dragon?

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Chapter 1 - Kingdom Collapse
"Run faster! We don't have any more time!"A man in robes and long white hair sprinted into the dense forest in the middle of the night.The sound of owls and the howling of wolves fill the silence of the night in the forest.The man was carrying a baby wrapped in a white cloth while holding the hand of a beautiful woman to escape as far as possible."Where are we going? Why did you invite our child and me to the middle forest at night?" Saffia asked behind her husband."Shut up! You and our child must get as far away as possible!""Why?" Saffia replied."I don't have time to explain."The man stopped in the middle when he felt he was far from the Xirna palace. He gave the whining baby to his wife. "Go as far as you can. You must remember that! You're never coming back here ever again! Understand?!""Why won't you explain to me, Ozel?! What really happened?!" Saffia looked at her husband disappointed. The woman was like a net bobbing in the middle of the sea."Look at me, Darling." Th
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Chapter 2 One-by-one Battle
The giant bird dropped Saffia on a hill far away from the people, then just walked away."Hey! Get back! Don't go!" Saffia chased the white bird while holding her baby. "Don't leave me here! ARE YOU DEAF—""Aw…!" Saffia fell when she accidentally tripped over a rock. As a result, the baby in the woman's arms cried even more loudly because her body was constantly shaking.Saffia cried while watching the bird leave. "Please, wait ...!"Saffia couldn't do much to catch up with the bird because the bird had gone too far."Why do I have to suffer this bad luck?!" Saffia's screams made her baby cry even louder.Saffia smiled at her baby. "I'm sorry, Honey. You must be scared, huh?" she sobbed a little. "I promise I will never leave you until your father returns."The baby flashed a dazzling white light. Saffia was shocked. She even had to close her eyes to protect them from the mysterious light.Slowly, the tone symbol was engraved on the tiny baby's chest.Saffia was utterly wide-eyed. "Wh
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Chapter 3 - Massacre
"Mommy! I want to go to the market to sell the fish I just caught!" shouted the twelve-year-old boy, smiling happily at his mother, who was lighting a fire to cook.Without waiting for an answer, the boy hurriedly left before his mother forbade him. This time, he would escape Mother's tutelage. Because, as long as he lived, he had never been to the market and seen the outside world. So far, the play area is just a small hut and a lake."DRAMON! GET BACK!"Draco took a deep breath. Again, he was caught. Inevitably, the boy turned to Mother. "What else is there, Mom?" he asked lazily."You forgot to wear this!" Saffia wrapped her own white knitted scarf around Dramon's neck."I don't want to! Why do I always have to wear a scarf, Mom?! I'm hot!""Don't protest too much! All of this is for your safety too! Understand?!"Dramon sighed in annoyance. "Why is Mother concerned with safety issues?! Is this a magic scarf so it can protect me from harm?!""Don't be disobedient, Dramon! One day y
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Chapter 4 - Legend of the White Dragon and Black Dragon
Zarlia was forced to land suddenly in a dense forest not too far from the village of Kalastar due to being unable to carry two people flying at once. As a result, the two boys rolled on the ground and smashed into one giant tree.Zarlia coughed up blood. His whole body was covered in a thick, red liquid that flowed profusely from the arrow wound.Zarlia tried to sit up against a tree. The woman was weak and exhausted. With a heavy thump, he took out one arrow after another. "Unlucky! It really hurts!""Are you okay? Let me help you!""MOVE! DON'T TOUCH ME!" Zarlia suddenly pushed aside Dramon's hand when he was about to touch it."S-sorry..." Dramon lowered profoundly. The girl's words stabbed him in the chest like a dagger. His words hurt a lot. "I just intend to help you. But I realized you must be disgusted to come into contact with a fishy-smelling human like me.""Fishy smell?" Zarlia frowned innocently. "What do you mean?" She hasn't smelled anything."You... you don't smell som
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Chapter 5 - Meet Again
Luckily no human has power beyond him, so he destroys every human who wants to free his brother so that he can fellowship easily. Usually, humans wish to cooperate with the Dark Dragon because they are jealous of their brothers. Just like what happened between the White Dragon and the Dark Dragon.However, the White Dragon and the Human loved each other like brothers and friends. However, the White Dragon knows that humans can die and cannot be together forever like his eternally aged self. Because of that, the White Dragon entered into a blood pact. He gives some of his blood to humans so that the blood of the two flows until they have the same genes. So that the children who become the descendants of his human partners can inherit his covenant and power forever so that the White Dragon Demon is created.Because humans can be trusted, he allows himself to transform into a magic sword to be used to eradicate the evil generated by hatred and allows himself to fall asleep."Actually, w
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Chapter 6 - Saffia's Death
"Mother... don't fight him. He is a strong man. We will die." Dramon tugged at his hand to escape."Go away, Dramon!""No. I'm not going to leave you!" Dramon said firmly. Even though the boy was a loser, he wouldn't let his mother die."Don't be stubborn at a time like this, Dramon! Go and take cover!"Saffia turned to Zarlia. "You must be Dramon's friend, right? Please take him as far away from here as possible!""Alright." Saffia pulled Dramon's hand forcibly as he struggled."Let me go! I'm not going to leave my mother!" Dramon was crying hysterically."Don't disobey your mother!" "Don't worry. I will definitely let you guys meet Ozel!" Roxy smiled mockingly."Get ready to go to hell to catch up with Ozel!" Roxy attacks Saffia.There was a fierce battle between them.Saffia ran while shooting the vicious man with thousands of arrows. However, his attacks always missed and didn't manage to hurt Roxy.Roxy drew the Dark Dragon sword from its scabbard and chased after Sapphire. Roxy
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Chapter 7 - Train To Be Strong
Night's getting late. Zarlia and Dramon sat cross-legged around the bonfire. The girl was busy burning the fried fish she had just caught. Occasionally he glanced at Dramon, who kept pensive."Eat this." Zarlia handed the grilled fish to Dramon. Dramon stared at the fish. Because of his selfishness and fish, he lost his life support."I'm not hungry," said Dramon coldly."Ck! I know you're grieving! But you can't starve to death. If you die, we won't be able to carry out the revenge mission!" Zarlia protested.Dramon looked at Zarlia sarcastically. "Shut up! I won't eat! Are you deaf?!"Zarlia was wide-eyed, not expecting Dramon would dare to snap at her. He immediately remembered when the boy had a tantrum earlier. Now, she can no longer curse Dramon just like that if he doesn't want it to end badly."I'm sorry. I was just worried about you getting sick. It's fine if you don't want to." Zarlia ate the fish alone."I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you.""No problem." Zarlia smiled
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Chapter 8 -- Dramon's Decision to Leave
Zarlia was busy cooking in the kitchen. After living alone, the little girl could do any job that adults often do."Zarlia."The young girl turned when she heard Grandfather calling her. "Ya?""Can I talk to you?"Zarlia was surprised to see Grandpa's expression. He was a little tense and worried, but Zarlia tried to smile. "Of course.""I will be waiting for you on the terrace.""Alright."Grandpa Xior left Zarlia while the girl rushed to clean up all her cooking utensils before following Grandpa.After finishing, Zarlia went straight to meet Grandpa.The young girl found Xior pensive while looking up at the sky. Zarlia approached Grandpa, who was standing with his back to him."What did Grandpa want to talk to me about?" Zarlia was a bit tense. Maybe Grandfather would reprimand him for a mistake.Grandpa took a deep breath before looking at Zarlia seriously. "Since when did you become friends with Dramon? And where did you meet him?"Zarlia frowned in confusion until she was silent
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Chapter 9 - Back Rampage
"Where are you going, Smelly Child?"Dramon stopped when he was confronted by five of Grandfather's disciples. He was surprised to hear them cursing at him. Even though they were very kind when they welcomed his arrival yesterday. Dramon thought they could accept his condition, which always gave off a rotten smell like carrion.However, all of that is just hypocrisy."I'm will leaving here.""Finally, we don't have to hold our breath and pretend to be friendly with you anymore.""Pretend? What do you mean?" Dramon was surprised."Before you came, Grandpa had told us to be nice or not to show a vomiting expression around you." Drogba chuckled evilly.Dramon lowered sadly. His suspicion was correct that Grandpa was forced to accept it because of Zarlia's request."You don't worry. I promise I won't come here again."Dramon passed them and left."Dramon! Wait!" Azeta ran after the boy while crying loudly.Dramon was forced to turn to his second friend. His heart hurt seeing the girl cry.
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Chapter 10 - A New Mission
"Grandpa, I came back here because I want Grandpa to teach Dramon to control that mysterious power! Because I'm sure, Dramon will be able to beat Roxy with his abilities! Because just yesterday, Dramon overwhelmed Roxy when they fought!" Zarlia kept on babbling as he recounted the tension of the fierce battle."So you want to use Dramon just to fulfill your ambition?"Zarlia fell silent.Xior sighed wearily. "I have said many times that I give that power for good, not for revenge! Don't you understand?""I did, Grandpa! I've always been loyal to helping people with my strength during my travels! However, I can't accept the death of my family due to Roxy's cruelty! She must die!""It's useless if you expect Dramon to succeed in killing Roxy even though he is the strongest demon in the world.""Why?!" Zarlia was disappointed."Because Dramon will lose if he uses his powers for revenge. Because anger will make him short-lived. Even though he seems strong at first, he will eventually lose
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