Archaeologists in a Magic Cultivation World

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Archaeologists in a Magic Cultivation World

By: J Gaines OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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William was just an average Archeologists’ doing a dig in the outer reaches of society. It had risks but enough security that it wasn't a major problem for the team. Life was good doing something he loved, College Loans paid off, and enjoying a nice open relationship with a few locals. AS things go, small mishaps turned into major mishaps. Leading quickly to something out of the normal. Lost in space and time, William has to try and survive, figure out where he is and how to get back, and the biggest of all not lose his sanity when stuff goes wrong with his very self.

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Chapter 1 Sent Across the Dimensional Boundary
The latest part of the dig site was just one of many exciting encounters today. The first level that worked on the opening found a few bodies that still had clothing on them. The fact that it was preserved so well was much to debate before even unearthing the rest of the remains."Dr.William!" A man called out down below. The harness kept him close enough to the lift despite his over-extending. "You have to make sure to come to see this before you go home today!""Sure, just make sure you take a lot of pictures!" Dr.William waved at the enthused student. He continued his descent into the ruins. "Gloves on to!"His last words went unheard. The students had a real hard time remembering to do so. Always commenting that the gloves prevented a real "feel" of what was found. the oils on the body were not that a big deal to them.But this was a semi-funded University Dig. A few procedures needed to be done still. Only 15% of what was found so far was going on di
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Chapter 2 New Body? Feels like my body as a teenager!
The team that headed to the town was luckier than those at the dig site. When reaching the top, Pete made the mistake that one of the other college students made. He touched the metal harness attached to the corpse uncovered.With out gloves on at that.A silence permeated the area with a wave of light snatching them all up and spiriting them away to a different place.The distance for the people who left was just enough to keep them from getting spirited way as well. At first. The area the fell into had its roof missing and constant years of tremors and weather damage left it exposed to the elements when the wind blew the sand away.Several hit podiums and weird protrusions coming down. A young man had an unfortunate encounter with a rod. His jaw hit before cracking and then sending him off into the light.One by one they all hit something that sent them away. All but William and Claire. Mosconi had shattered his legs landing on his feet. Falling
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Chapter 3 Helping New Students
Going around the Academy and pointing places took up time but the tour didn't run into any trouble. William taking the time to read the different books to allow the students to gape at the places while looking around. The students were happy for the first break. A quick stop to the outhouse to allow them to change clothes as well. A few alterations would be needed for some but overall it would fit fine, the uniform was relatively comfortable. "Any questions before we continue?" William cast a gaze over each of them. They acted about the same as young students did back home. Bored and not really interested when someone talked. "Seriously know questions?" The students fiddled with their clothes. Most looking away at others in the Akademy that passed by. "A chance to have someone help you with Cultivation before the hustle and bustle of class start, how weird or just stupid you don't take the chance to
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Chapter 4 Job Offer
Making it to his dorm room after a helpful day of guidance, the first thing was to take in the Mana Essence in the room. Since he did not relocate from the dorm yet, he couldn't let that go to waste. The Dorm had nice Clean Mana to help the students along. Working the rest of the day and another to help matters along further. IT was a good thing his schedule was clear due to what happened. Knowledge System: Running Schedule Virus Check... 2 hours until complete. 'Well, that sucks. Usually takes longer but then again, I don't have access to what the heck it is scanning through. When this is finish, do I just run the Disk Defragmenter to see what will happen?' The thought of being out for several hours did not sound to promising, but then again, several voice activation methods did not help. 'If my Mind, is jacked up, this would be a good fix. Plus, I haven't been able to check how much space I have currently. Maybe if I g
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Chapter 5 Class and A Trip
The students William was assigned, were mostly those from the introduction tour. With an additional 10 added from other classes that were to full. This was odd, considering it would make teaching a little harder for him as he was now pass the normal amount given. This put the class higher than any other. Only by 8 but it still was unusual. "Alright, in the interim and various other reasons why, I, a student who has not graduated yet, will teach this class. Any questions you have regarding the matter write it down or go and report to the Student Coordinator after class is over. If you have an issue with it and can not tolerate it at all, leave my classroom after signing here." He pointed to an engraved metal tablet on the podium. All the students were listed on it as well as the curriculum he would teach. Opting to stay or leave was on them of course. Can't force someone who does not want to be there to learn.&nbs
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Chapter 6 Library
"Hmm, nice." William held up a manuscript from a cart. His eyes scanning over it intensley. So much, he ignored the surroundings. He entered a state of "Diving" by accident. Or basically that of Hyperfocus. "Is teacher William ok?" One of his students asked worriedly. "He is." A librarian said. "Your teacher has entered a state called Diving. It happens when a person finds something that interests them greatly. Or something compatible to them. I wonder what he found?" William did not find it interesting the more he read when he got halfway. But the knowledge System did not allow him to pull away. The information was key to it unlocking higher features back, which felt ridiculous that a computer could upgrade in an out of time scenario. Trying to stop a sof
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Chapter 7 A Technique Like No Other Has Problems!
A week later- . William was watching over the students as they dutifully trained. Each one is giving it their all for physical body training and practicing lunges, weighted pushups, doing curls, and basic yoga. All the while circulating the personal manual of their choice. "Not bad purchases." In front of William were a few wooden swords. Made from Cypress Branches with Glyphs etched into them. The Glyphs came from the Manual put together from the various offensive techniques read over. "Not gonna buy actual swords just yet." In case the Glyphs were messed up, or he screwed up the techniques, he didn't want to be broke or injure himself to a high degree in the process. *Schup!* Two swords flew into his hands with the activation of his blood mana. The two swords fit into his hands perfectly. The Glyphs spread further in design with the mixture of his understanding and the material
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Chapter 8 The Computer and Backpack!
"Enough Vada," The Medical Student voiced. The authority used was defintely more than just a regular student."Go and get the Muscle Relaxant from the back. The red label one at that." The Intern shook and did a double look between the two. "Hurry up!" "Yes!" Running like a scared rabbit, she moved as fast as possible. "It will just be a moment, Coordinator Bailey!" William's body tensed up at the admittance of it being Coordinator Bailey. He didn't trust the people on the School Board at all. Having one of the Medical Department higher-ups working on him would be a dumb move. "Hmm?" The Mana from William forced her green hands out in an instant. The muscles were almost squeezing them to bits to help along. "What's wrong? Did it start to hurt?" The woman made no other move against him. "No.. but if a Balm or something just needs to be applied, I take care of it myself. Thanks for
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Chapter 9 Student Teacher v.s. Teacher Part 1
William was currently cultivating in the student area. A few of his students doing the same. With a few other classes having been canceled because of Teacher complaints, quite a few students paid to sit in on his course. Nothing outwardly expensive, a gold piece, or let him view the Manuals they were using if they were going to socialize instead of listening in. Slowly the expansion of knowledge on what he could use increased for work and personally. A rowdy bunch started making noise, causing a big stir. "What is going on?" William walked over to check it out. A few other student teachers were doing the same. Two students were yelling at each other loudly, with their friends holding them back from all-out fighting. "Enough of this; I need you all to stop." Of course, they just didn't comply with the request. *Woom!* A pulse of Mana left from William as he stepped in between the group. Both students were still raring to go but stopped whe
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Chapter 10 Student Teacher v.s. Teacher Part 2
"Stop!" Another teacher shouted. With a thrust of the palm and lift of their cape concentrated waves went out. Sent their Mana out in the form of a shield to block William's strike. "You have won this match already!" *Kong!* Both strikes with the sword were rebuffed only leaving a slight scratch before shattering the protection. William reared back focusing some more mana into the very tips and struck with his fist ignoring the other teacher who interfered protests. They would be dealt with after if he was able. *Kong!* His fist only left a dent on the concentrated waves of protection. Cuts spread along with his fist impact, but the shield's defense was by far a lot weaker than before in retaliation as it wavered. "Did you not hear me!?" The teacher jumped into the arena, which was against the rules completely. Already having several "Black Bands" around his neck from getting involved in the match so far. "I said for you to stop!" The referee
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