The Terarch Raivien

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The Terarch Raivien

By: John Smith OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Her world was filled with joy and love. But a mysterious foe has their eyes set on destroying it all. Will she be able to unravel the enigma before all she loves comes crashing down?

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Long time no see
If, say, the public girls' bath or the girls' changing room is the place where the teenage boys dream to enter, then the girls' academy is the ideal sanctuary for the human and male creatures, between twenty and thirty years old.It is easy to understand, because with increasing age without stopping growing, the degree of metamorphosis of creatures called "men" also keeps increasing.Young and naive teenagers, young boys just wish to have a gentle superpower as harmless as invisibility, so they can gallantly enter the women's bath, enter the holy land without normally only dared to sneak a glance when passing by. There they will learn, increase their knowledge, there…But when they grow up, the beautiful innocent dream of the past also begins to degenerate, people will no longer be satisfied with the simple innocuous superpower of that year, the children of the past have become As a man begins to imagine things that are higher and more vibrating. For example, being the only male in an
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Beautiful, noble family, good achievements, all of which made Megan famous both in the academy and in the nobility of Clara Darcy, of course, also made many other ladies dislike her. Now, seeing Megan's appearance like that makes them not only feel satisfied, secretly happy, but also have a very good impression of Vespera.Unfortunately, they rejoiced too soon, Miss Megan's nightmare spread like a plague, all the exams were zero.Achievement is one thing, the scariest thing is the malicious mouth of the substitute teacher, which can be called verbal abuse, mental rape, no one escaped. The most shocking thing is that he cursed dozens of young women continuously without repeating a single sentence.The fire of anger is gradually building up, each person's heart is filled with unspeakable resentment and anger. If the maidens had the ability to project energy beams from their eyes like some muscular guy who likes to wear underwear over his pants, Vespera would have had hundreds of thousan
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Stop for me
"Yeah, I don't believe it." Vespera calmly replied.Zelda was stunned, seemingly frozen in place. The great hero of the past was invincible on the battlefield, his title was the Dark King, holding the most terrifying dark power in the world. army, even in the most difficult situation, no one has ever been confused , following that back will surely lead to victory. The figure of the past faded away, replaced by a lazy, indecent Vespera, hidden under a petty facade of cold indifference, as if he separated himself from the whole world by a frozen wall of ice.Even the comrades who had been born and died in the past no longer believed."Good! From tomorrow we start.”"Huh? Start with what?" Vespera looked up.“Of course, granting your wish, getting the whole academy pregnant.” Zelda gritted her teeth and stood up, her mage cloak falling, revealing her hot curves in her tight suit.“As a principal unable to protect her students, in the face of the absolute overwhelming power of that damned
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No one answered
"Don't look anymore, it's real." Vespera pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, "Even if I used the radish in your bag to carve a seal, soak it in your brother's blood and seal it, if I told you it was true, your father would nod in agreement. , shoot your brother to the North to dig for snow."“This order is temporarily in your custody, if by the time my substitute tutoring schedule is complete you still cannot make me change my mind, please bring this order to your brother yourself.” Vespera patted the girl's head, smiled gently, "I will also visit his house, cut off one of his legs, and let the whole family watch and applaud. The applause isn't loud enough, the cheers aren't enthusiastic enough, I'll cut off another leg. If that's still not enough, I'll cut off the middle leg as well."With a smile as bright as the sun, Vespera stretched out his hand toward the pulpit, an envelope flew, he glanced at the envelope, then toward the next poor, panicked young woman." Elsa Pitt, there'
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The crimson sun peeked from beyond its resting place to illuminate, nothing... Nothing that held any value these days. Jared often wandered the streets of what used to be New York City, but only scavengers and mutated creatures roamed its streets. He stood on top of a rusted slag of metal that used to be the Statue of Liberty, or at least one version rebuilt over the years. Now, it was a melted heap of rusted iron; similar to most structures in the city. Somewhere around the year 2,500, 500 years ago, World War IV rendered most of the world an inhospitable wasteland. Only one in ten people survived in the aftermath. Before the fallout, wealthy billionaires created floating islands in the ocean that allowed people to survive. The remainder of the population were considered acceptable losses. Not everyone outside the islands died, but many of them wished they had. Pockets of survivors remained and even lived a comfortable life, but it wasn't until ten years ago that anyone
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"Jared, wake up!""Dad? Hello?""Jared, you better get out of bed before I finish breakfast. We have a lot to do today and you need to earn your place at the table.""Why do I hear my dad's voice?" Jared thought. His dad was dead. He died three years ago when a mutated bear raided the farm. Jared struggled against the pain in his head and tried to pry his eyes open. It was as though cement glued his eyes together. They weighed a ton, and he continued to struggle."Leave him alone John, he's only five. He's not even of official age to work.""Mom!"Jared's eyes snapped open, or at least he thought they opened. He looked around and all was black. A suffocating blackness enveloped him. He tried to move his body, but nothing responded. He could look around, but there was nothing to see."Where am I?"Jared turned in a circle and noted a small pinprick of light in the distance grow larger. He tried to walk forward, but again his body betrayed him. As the light grew brighter, he looked down
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I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die...Slowly, arms raised, Jared turned around. He expected to see an angry maw filled with razor sharp death descending toward him; Scarlet's promise not withstanding. Instead, all he saw were massive tree-trunk legs covered in blood-red scales.Jared swallowed hard and craned his neck up... Dang...Unprepared for the visage before him, Jared stood in shock. The dragon loomed imposing, magnificent, terrifying, and fantastical. He blinked a few times and felt like this was just a dream. How could such a creature exist in secrecy? Jared knew the answer from Scarlet's explanation of dragon's history, but it all seemed unbelievable that something so incredible stayed hidden for so long.The queen of fire dragons stood one hundred meters tall on her hind legs and had a wingspan that required Tristen to crane his head as far left and right as possible. Her scales, the color of fresh spilt blood, covered every inch of her body. Her underbelly appeared less armored.
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Jared ripped off his shirt, "Oh yea!" The nanites altered his body significantly. Where before he stood just over six feet tall, he now stood at six and a half feet. His arms and legs rippled with muscle and... I have a six-pack...Jared whipped his head around as he heard a huffing noise from Scarlet. She stared right at him as he admired his body. His face burned with embarrassment and he put his shirt back on.His body inspected, he quickly realized new clothes were in order. The current ones were much too small and tight now and he wouldn't get very far hiking in them. He had a couple extra shirts and a pair of light wind pants, but they didn't have much protection from the environment. The chances of finding new clothes were rare. After two years exploring, he'd only come across a few items that even resembled clothes. Time, environment, and other explorers stripped anything of value."Scarlet, we have got to do that again! It's amazing!" Jared continued to marvel at the physical
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"Scarlet move!" Jared screamed as he dove to the side, barely escaping the overgrown mountain of fur. Glancing behind him in mid-flight, he saw Scarlet narrowly avoided injury. He hit the ground with a crunch of bone. Not his bone, but a pile of bones and flesh in various stages of decomposition. The bones snapped under him and he felt a sharp jab into his shoulder as a shard of bone broke and embedded itself into his flesh.Jared rotated his arm, and the bone caught between his shoulder blade and rotator cuff. Rather than delay the inevitable, he reached behind him and ripped out the bone before he could second guess himself."AAAGGHHHH!" He felt blood trickle down his back, but he could move his arm and that was more important right now.SCARLET, WE NEED TO AVOID THIS THING WHILE I SHOOT FROM A DISTANCE. I DON'T THINK EITHER OF US WILL SURVIVE IN A PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION WITH THIS THING.Scarlet acknowledged his mental communications and darted around the room staying just ahead of
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JARED, NO!Jared recoiled, dropping the booster in his hand. He and Iliana both fumbled for the syringe, but it clattered to the floor and wedged itself into a crack on the floor. Jared whirled on Scarlet, what was that for?Jared, you may have felt some of her emotions, but you only experienced her reaction to some life events. She is deliberately trying to hide something from us. I don't know what it is, but I felt the emotions more strongly than the rest.Jared turned back around and watched Iliana try to extract the syringe from the crevice. Without her noticing, Jared withdrew his Colt and leveled the weapon at her."Iliana...," he deadpanned, all emotion drained from his demeanor and voice.She glanced up to see the muzzle of the gun pointed at her head and stumbled back on her rear."Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?""Scarlet says you are hiding something. While I believe your emotions are true from the things you saw in the vision, my companion pointed out she is much better at
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