Hunters: Rise of a Dragon Demon

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Hunters: Rise of a Dragon Demon

By: Lynxx CompletedFantasy

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Kevin Jones had always lived a simple life with his single mother. But when his life takes a dark turn, Kevin discovers a hidden world of demons on Earth and learns that he originates from a family that has a legacy as Hunters, a brave anti-demon lineage. With newfound friends and family by his side, Kevin must navigate the dangerous path of demon-fighting while trying to maintain a semblance of a normal life. But as they uncover a sinister plan to awaken an ancient and deadly demon, Kevin and his allies face a race against time to save humanity from impending doom. Will they prevail, or will darkness consume us all? *** Story no longer updating, do not unlock

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    Wow! What an intriguing master piece. Kudos!

    2023-07-30 22:14:04
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    interesting .........

    2023-08-28 08:25:01
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24 chapters
1. Made a new foe
Story no longer updating. Do not Unlock.****"Yes, I made it. Woohoo!" Kevin screamed loudly which made students around glance at him as he emerged from Mr. Avery's office. They shook their heads, thinking he was going crazy. Yes, he was crazy. Crazy with excitement. If only they read the paper he was holding, they would have screamed with him. If they read the paper, they would understand that Kevin is one of the nominees in the Best Students Awards, held in Anderson Boarding School every year. But this year's own was special. The prizes of this year's award was bigger than the last ones because Jones Tech Company is a beneficiary of the awards. So the prizes were definitely grand. He was also excited because he had never won the award before. This was his time to shine."Hey what's with the shouting?" His best friend, Darrin, walked up to him and asked."You are not gonna believe this." Kevin shook his shoulder. "Whoa. Calm down. What is it?" Kevin handed the paper to him. "I
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2. Hot surprise
Two hours past midnight.Kevin's sleep was disturbed by intense heat. Hot nights had become a common thing in the dormitory ever since the air conditioner was damaged last two weeks. The students were used to it, but not when the heat was this intense. Although Kevin was awake, he kept his eyes closed, trying to ignore the heat. But it kept increasing on his body, forcing sweat out of his body. Because he easily perspired, his pajamas were already drenched with sweat. He rolled to his other side.To make the matter worse, a choking scent filled the air, replacing the fresh one. The scent became stronger every second. Suddenly, a scream echoed which forced him to sit up and open his eyes. He sneezed due to the choking scent. All he could see was large blurry orange color around. He rubbed his eyes to clear his eyesight. He looked again and what he saw nearly made his heart break free from his ribcage. He gasped, turning his head around swiftly. "Ah!" The person screamed again. Studen
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3. Breaking the rules
Kevin's heart was still racing even after taking deep breaths in a bid to calm himself. But how can he be calm after the strange dream he just had? It felt so real as if it happened just a few moments ago in reality not in a dream. This thought made him wonder if he actually died and was a ghost presently. Then where was his body? That can be it. It was just a dream. No, a nightmare.The image of Darrin being dead and of Scott in his devilish form kept replaying in his head. Perhaps, he had overthought this hot surprise thing that Scott mentioned and that prompted him into having that dream. Scott can't be that dangerous to the extent that he would set the hostel ablaze just for vengeance, can he? All he needs to do is to calm down and everything will be alright. He assured himself with this thought and laid on his bed. Then his bladder felt full. He had to pee.Groaning inaudibly, he hopped down from his bed and made his way to the door carefully as the dormitory's light bulb was swit
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4. Bad friend
"You two. What are you doing here?" A deep voice demanded. They had been caught.Kevin realized he didn't plan this scheme properly. He should have thought of how they won't get caught as security men were always patrolling around the school and the floodlights made it hard for one to walk around without being noticed. Kevin gulped, looking at the man who caught them. Being caught outside the hostel during curfew is one of the greatest offenses the principal detested. Culprits caught performing the act are either suspended or expelled, except if there is a life-or-death situation that prompted the act. He hoped the fire had started so that it would save them from any punishment."I said what are you two doing outside?" The man repeated. "And what is that noise coming from the inside?" Kevin said. "There is a fire in the hostel." Darrin looked at him with puzzlement instantly. "Fire?!" The security man hurriedly rushed to the hostel door and dipped his hand into his pocket. It came
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5. Mabel?
Kevin watched buildings, infrastructures and people swoosh past his eyes with incredible speed. The sun was at its peak, giving out its heat and light rays on Fox City. The city was brimming and bustling with activities as pedestrians and vehicles moved about, doing their everyday business. Although the view outside was interesting, the ride was dead boring. Normally, on a drive like this, Darrin and Kevin would be deep in a funny conversation or play multiplayer games.But right now, his mother was turning the wheel with complete focus on the road before her. Darrin was just staring outside through the window, acting like he wasn't in the car.If not for the sound of the car and the noise outside, Kevin would have gone mad because of the huge silence.After traveling a long distance, the car came to a stop at the front of a gate. Inside was Darrin's home."I guess this is it. Bye Darrin." Kevin bade."Hmm, bye." Darrin hummed, not sparing a look at him as he alighted from the car.Ke
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6. It's already happening
Seeing Mabel in his room astounded Kevin to the core. Why on earth would the school sassy queen come all the way from school to his house? They were enemies at the moment. So why was she here? How did she even know where he lives? Did she stalk him? Anger replaced his surprise. He didn't know how she got here but how dare she enter his room. "What are you doing here?" He asked.Mabel clicked her tongue, smirking. "Is that how you welcome a guest?" "The last time I checked you were never invited here. What are you doing in my room?" Without answering, she sniggered and twirled some strands of her blond hair on her index finger. She didn't seem fazed by the cold or fog that was still spreading out."You better get out of here before I go get my mum." Kevin folded his arms feeling irritated by her presence."Don't bother. I'll leave after I accomplish what I came here for." "What do you..." He didn't finish his statement before Mabel surprised him with a strange scene. She suddenly de
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7. Leave the house
After Kevin had unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep, he decided to stay with his mother in her room. Maybe if someone was with him, he would fall asleep. But after he had knocked on the door, he decided against his former decision. What was he thinking? He was freaking sixteen. His mother will never allow him to sleep next to her. He seemed too old for that. But it was too late. His mother had already opened the door and asked him if there was a problem."I...uh..." Kevin hesitated. "Never mind. It's nothing serious. Goodnight." He turned slowly to leave hoping she won't call him back.Just as he thought, he was called back and told to come into her room."Is there something you will like to tell me Kevin?" His mother asked. He looked at his hands. "You know you can tell me anything." She placed her hands on his shoulder."Uh..." "Come on. Spit it." He sighed. He should just tell her the truth and release the weight of the secret from him. "Mum, something happened today. I also w
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8. In the forest
Kevin saw his life flash before his eyes as the car crashed hard and loudly on the strong stem of the tree, pushing them forward and hitting their heads on the car seats. A sense of dread had completely taken hold of him, thinking they were going to die. Luckily they weren't. They were okay but weren't spared cuts and bruises.Kevin pushed the car door open and came out with Darrin. He was rubbing his head which had hit the front seat as a result of the bumpings. Lisa and Darrin had bruises on their foreheads too.Kevin's head snapped to the road for fear of the blue car. The road was devoid of any vehicles. The car must have gone after accomplishing its mission.Shifting his gaze from the road, he examined the car. The front was badly crushed and smoke hissed out of the engine. Looks like they won't be using it anytime soon."Ouch. That looks bad." Darrin remarked, referring to the car. "Yeah. Looks like we are going to be stuck here for a while." Lisa added.Kevin's eyes scanned aro
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9. Killed his second nemesis
Darrin charged and swung his sword at Mabel's head. Mabel bent her neck avoiding the sword blade as it swung above her head. Raising her neck quickly, she slashed her ice sword at Darrin who deflected it, the clashing of metal and ice echoing in the forest. His sword nearly slipped out of his hand due to the forceful impact and he jumped back. Darrin realized that Mabel had knowledge of sword fighting. Most demons usually depend on their powers. More determined to win this fight, he tightened his grip on the sword hilt and attacked. They started slashing their swords at each other, taking turns in attacking and defending. Darrin swung his sword at her when he found the chance and blocked Mabel's when necessary. He had initially thought that the ice sword would have shattered after he had hit several times but it hasn't and he had already attacked more than ten times. This won't be easy.Darrin flung his sword at her and Mabel parried it with hers, raising Darrin's sword in midair in
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10. Demons do exist
The scent of iodoform evaded Kevin's nose as his mind awakened from unconsciousness. He recognized the smell as the scent of a hospital. His eyelids separated slowly and closed back immediately as white light nearly blinded him. Using his hand to block the light rays, he opened his eyes and blinked speedily to unblur his eyesight.He was in some kind of hospital ward. The window panes were closed, so the only source of light was the white light bulb. Almost everything in the ward was white including the walls, ceiling, bed he was lying on, first aid box attached to the wall and the white cupboard next to a white table that had a sterilizer on it. Next to the bed stood an unactivated heart monitor. Everywhere was too quiet which made Kevin wonder if he was the only one in the hospital. Weird!Kevin looked around swiftly sitting up. There was a white chair behind a brown table near the door and seated on it was Darrin. He had different clothes on him whereas Kevin still has his last ni
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