The Beautiful Detective

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The Beautiful Detective

By: Princess Purple OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Being a detective is not an easy job for Azara. Azara Belvina, a beautiful 20-year-old girl is working as a police officer. Azara joins the crime unit team to uncover murder cases that occurred in this city. But misfortune befell Azara when she found her father killed with various stab wounds to his stomach. Azara also has to be professional to participate in investigating the murder case that befell Candra, her own father. Who would have thought, if the culprit was Azara's closest person who had always cared and was by Azara's side who lived alone. Who is the culprit? Can Azara catch the killer who killed her father?

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Murder Happened
"I will transfer you to the detective team at the headquarters of this city. I will send you to assist the detectives there in investigating cases of murder and violence that occur in this city. Are you ready?" said Gunawan as the head of the police in this office. "Ready sir! With pleasure," replied Azara firmly. "Good. Now you can go home, and you have a week to rest at home while preparing to move there," Gunawan continued with a friendly smile. "Ready sir! Thank you. Excuse me," Azara got up from his seat and left the room. Outside, it looks like Rama has been waiting for Azara for a long time. "You're here?" asked Azara looking at Rama. "You accept the transfer?" asked Rama with a sad face. "Can a subordinate like me refuse orders from superiors?" "But I will definitely miss you very much," said Rama as he grabbed Azara's hand who was busy tidying up his things. Azara immediately let go of Rama's hand. "Don't be silly! So the police can't be weak. Must be strong!" s
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Detective Team
Azara is still very devastated after her father's funeral is over. Azara came home accompanied by Lisa. Lisa who always faithfully accompanies Azara because she also feels very missing Candra. The man that Lisa had always liked the most. Even though Lisa knows that Candra doesn't reciprocate her feelings because she only loves her late wife. "Azara, don't be sad anymore, okay. Please forgive your father." "I'm sad aunty... I really miss daddy..." "I'm also sad, I also miss him. Even though he's very annoying," said Lisa while embracing Azara's shoulder. Azara leaned on Lisa's shoulder and cried in Lisa's arms. Lisa tried to stay beside Azara, because she was the only person who had understood Azara's feelings. "But you have to be strong. You don't have to be sad anymore," said Lisa, putting her arm around Azara's shoulder. Azara nodded and leaned back against Lisa's shoulder. "Go to sleep. You haven't slept since yesterday. Later you can get sick," said Lisa quietly. "Oka
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The Psycopath
This morning Azara was very ready to start her first day in the detective team. Azara comes into the room. No one thought she was there. Because they still don't like Azara's presence in this team. Everyone was busy with their respective assignments and reports while Azara was still standing and was confused about what he should do now. "Is there anything I can do?" Azara asked quietly while looking at all the teams who were still busy with their respective work. "Sit down first. Your seat is in front of Azka's desk. Later Azka will tell you your assignment. Azka, give the document to Azara," ordered Ali firmly who sat in the front seat. With a heavy heart, Azka glanced at Azara and threw the file on his desk. "Learn this, if there is still something you want to ask, you can ask Angga." Azka glanced cynically at Azara. Azara began to open the file, her tears could not contain Azara's sadness when she saw the photo of her father covered in blood at the scene.Angga immediate
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There Are Other Victims
At work Maria Azka and Azara meet their superiors directly and try to interrogate Maria's activities before being declared missing. "I'm Azka, and this is my partner Azara." Azka introduced herself while showing her ID card. "Please have a seat," said Fahri, still confused by the arrival of these two policemen to his office. "Sorry, what do you need?" he asked again. "I want to know about Maria. She's your employee, isn't she?" said Azka. Azara was ready with her book and writing utensil to record all the information he was about to hear from the middle-aged man. "That Maria who went missing a few months ago?" Fahri asked frowning to try to convince again. "Yes, sir," said Azka very confidently. Fahri rolled his eyes up. He tried to remember about Maria's figure. "Maria, she is a strange employee in my opinion. She is very quiet and rarely communicates with other employees. I think that's all I know about her." "Does Maria have any enemies at work?" "I don't think so.
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There's No Bright Spot
In the car, Ali discusses with his team about the bodies they saw with missing toes. They believe that the perpetrator of this murder is the same person who killed Candra, Azara's father. "I'm sure this culprit is deliberately playing tricks on us right now with a very difficult puzzle to solve," Arya told her team. "Now we should go back to the office while waiting for the forensic team to finish examining this case," said Ali to his men. "Where are Azka and Azara? How come they can't be seen?" asked Angga who was looking around looking for the whereabouts of his two colleagues. "I'm ordering them to check the CCTV around the scene," said Ali. "Is there a CCTV in a river area like that? This location is also rarely passed by humans," said Arya, raising an eyebrow. "That's why I asked Azka to check it. He will look for the slightest evidence." That afternoon the sun was so hot. Azka and Azara began to search CCTV around the river where the body was found. But there is no si
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Personality Disorder
Azka and Azara go to the hospital. They met the forensic team to see the body that had been found in the river. "To be able to get evidence of fingerprints and bloodstains, how long will it take?" Azka asked the treating doctor. "It will take more or less a week. I will let you know later when the results are out. The bodies that were found have lost many organs. Not only the toes are missing, but almost all of the internal organs have also been lost," replied the doctor earlier explained. Hearing the doctor's explanation, Azara shuddered in horror. Imagine how cruel the perpetrator did that. She also believes that this perpetrator is not a random person. Maybe he has black tissue that is used to buying and selling human internal organs. Azara was lost in the car. She thinks about her father's death which is still a mystery. 'But why did the culprit kill my father? What is my father's relationship with the perpetrator?' all those questions appeared in Azara's mind. Seein
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Corpse Discovery
The next day Azara was ready to take Lisa to the airport. Today Lisa has to go to America to attend seminars and research there. Azara must be encouraged to live alone in her house during Lisa's absence. Arriving at the airport, Lisa waved her hand at Azara. Her eyes are glassy. It was very hard for Lisa to leave Azara, who she considered like her own daughter. "Already go there. You also have to work right?" said Lisa with a smile. Lisa tried to hide her sadness at having to leave Azara. "Yes. Auntie be careful too huh..." "You have to be careful, Azara. Take good care of yourself while Auntie isn't around," said Lisa slowly. Azara nodded and let Lisa into the airport. The plane was about to fly, Lisa had to get into the waiting room. Azara has to go back to work. The meeting with the detective team is still not over. There are still many things that are stuck and no valid evidence has been found to solve her father's case. But suddenly Azara's steps stopped when she
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Reveal Identity
Azara stepped closer to the hut followed by Azka who was still confused as to why Azara had come to the house. In front of the hut, an old man was seen arranging the used goods he had just collected from scavenging. "Grandpa..." Azara called out to the man. But the man just stood there without looking up. It seemed the man didn't hear Azara's voice. Then Azara called him again with a louder voice. "Grandpa...excuse me," shouted Azara. The man turned and immediately came to Azara. "Sorry, grandpa didn't hear. What's wrong?" he said in a slightly trembling voice. Azara glanced at Azka who still looked confused. "Sorry Grandpa, did you see what happened near the empty building?" said Azara while pointing at the empty building where the woman's body was found. The old man just kept quiet then shook his head. "No, Grandpa didn't see anything there," he said quietly. But somehow Azara felt sure that the old man was speaking a lie. Then she again urged the grandfather to be h
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Incident In The Old Building
Azka looked at Azara with a scared face. "Who... Who are you, huh? You're not human, are you? You're not an angel of death, right?" Azka said in a stuttering voice. "I'm an ordinary human just like you too," replied Azara casually. Azka took a deep breath, he tried to calm herself down so he wouldn't be afraid to see Azara. "Okay now tell me where did you get that ability from? The ability to hear the human heart?" said Azka with a very serious face now. "I'll explain it to you later. What's more important now is that we have to go back to the old man and look for the evidence there." "No need. It's useless! If the witness still doesn't want to talk to us properly and cooperate with us, then we can use another method," said Azka, starting the car again. "Another way? What do you mean?" Azara asked frowning. "We immediately searched his house when the grandfather was going to work looking for used goods," said Azka as he drove his car back to the grandfather's house. "Huh?
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There's A Scout
On a very sunny morning, Azara and Azka were ready to go to the hospital to visit the old scavenger grandfather who was still being treated there. In the car Azka again asked a question that at that time, Azara had not been able to answer. He still feels curious with the power that Azara has. Because Azka knows that Azara's ability to hear the voices of other people's hearts and thoughts is not possessed by many ordinary humans. "Azara, you haven't answered my question that time," said Azka, turning to Azara who was sitting beside her. "About what?" "About your ability," said Azka slowly. "Oh about that, I was born with that ability," Azara answered slowly and told the truth. Azka nodded then said again, "Then your father?" "What do you mean?" "I mean does your father also know with this ability of yours?" "Yeah. Even though he's not my real father, he knows everything about me. Including this ability that I have," replied Azara with a smile. "Not real father?" Azka aske
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