Corpse March

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Corpse March

By: Koko OngoingFantasy

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In the year 20XX, the First Magical Academy crash landed into [REDACTED], Japan, gifting the world with knowledge of magic. However, upon receiving this blessing, humanity quickly fell into a third world war, a brutal conflict that would decide who would control this new, poorly understood weapon. In the end, the denizens of the First Magical Academy destroyed it from the inside out, stopping the war. Eventually, what little humans knew about magic became common knowledge. Unprecedentedly, the remnants of the original Magical Academy have resurfaced. The perceived atrocities committed by a specific group humans in their quest for knowledge too much to simply abide by. Their reappearance has thoroughly shocked the globe, and perhaps even surprised the remnants themselves. In theory, this suggests the presence of a Neo Magical Academy. The whereabouts, goings on, and internal world of the Neo Magical Academy are known only to the people within it. But it is only a matter of time before such a fragile mystery is broken…

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  • Gregory Pines


    Huge exposition dump at the beginning and gore for the sake of gore

    2023-02-10 23:38:34
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71 chapters
In the year 2023, an extraterrestrial object was detected entering Earth’s atmosphere before crash landing in [REDACTED], Japan. In the succeeding week, four adolescent teenage girls from the surrounding area were abducted. Stealth technology of unknown nature hindered the Japanese government’s ability to locate the site of the crash. Search progress was halted for a year and half until locals reported being assisted by entities resembling adolescent females in fantastical sailor uniforms. After a brief search, contact was established between the Japanese government and these entities.These entities have been confirmed to be the four missing adolescents. When questioned, subjects were forthcoming with the nature behind their existence. They claimed to be “normal girls” for most of their lives until they were kidnapped and taken into a building that resembled a school. Later analysis showed that the location of the ‘School’ was consistent with the location of the unidentified crashed
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Chapter 1
Tsumugi looks up from her manuscript at her captive. She taps a button on her chair, the ambient glow of the Magitech-Dendrites coursing through the walls of this place suddenly flare up with new life. The near blinding light feels comforting, like she’s in an operating room. “‘It is entirely possible that the golden age of the Neo Magical Academy has come to an end’… I’m rather proud of that line. It has a catchiness to it, wouldn’t you agree?” When there’s no response, she gives her a wry smile and adjusts her glasses to begin her analysis. A network of thin lines spread out along her vision. They coalesce into an array of circles, reticules, cubes, and spheres. Each one relays a wealth of information through a system of electric signals that flow directly into her cerebral cortex via an intricate network of magitech-dendrites connected to a matrix of intracranial ports that create a direct path to her brain before unfurling a tapestry of stitched together thoughts. A millisecond
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Chapter 2
Kagami has a truly delightful expression on her face. It’s filled to the brim with defiance. Which means that she’s finally applied enough pressure to bring that to the surface. She roars in protest against what has already happened as though it will make even a shred of difference. Self-assuredly, Tsumugi taps her glasses again, activating the Magitech-Dendrites. In her mind’s eye, she pictures the vague image of one of her understudies. Automatically, the dendrites release an electric signal. It travels out of the port at the back of her head into a port built into the throne she’s sitting on then upwards along the circuits built into the walls and into a mile-high transmitter. A signal is emitted, one that spans a radius of several hundred kilometers, but is only heard by those with special receivers installed into their brains. There's the familiar buzz of traffic as they relay their positions to each other and decide who's closest. Less than a second after she tapped her glasses,
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Chapter 3
“Praise Nivosus!” Haru holds back her laughter. Nivosus… What a silly name. She raises her arm in a poor imitation of the Monarchian salute and combines it with a goofily wide grin. “Praise be!” Thankfully, it’s passable for the pair of passing Monarchs so they let her pass unimpeded. Up ahead, she sees the juggernaut carrying the prison on her shoulders. Inside, is a truly beautiful specimen. If Haru closes her eyes, she can almost smell her. Tall, broad shoulders, a slight tan, well built. Goodness, could she imagine a more picture-perfect tomboy? She might even make for a decent gyaru if she dressed her up a little. Overall, 10/10. Like the drums in bebop, she’s just Haru’s tempo. A solid ‘Smash’. She goes over the plan in her head again. Get hired by the Monarchs to work security detail. Checked. Absorb all their secrets. Partially checked. Turn info into money. Not checked. Plan a daring escape. Also not checked. Figure out a way into the Neo Magical Academy. Ehhhh, checkin
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Chapter 4
“Heyyyy, Kuroko. Come here to give me one last scolding?”Haru can’t keep the malice out of her voice.“I figured as much.”A girl as gaunt as a shadow puffs the last of her cigarette and throws the stub on the ground next to the dead Monarch. The brand name ‘Gilded Glow’ is emblazoned on the filter. It smolders there, giving off what little smoke it has left to offer. In stark contrast to Haru, whose school uniform looks like it could use a wash, a girl dressed in a neatly pressed suit stands on the opposite side of the hallway with her hand on the alarm. Her face is somehow an equal blend of severity and nonchalance. “This is in clear violation of our contract with the Monarchs, Haru.”“Screw that.” Haru spits on the ground just to show how much her own loyalty is worth. “Then I suppose we buddies have no other choice than to settle this the hard way?”“Don’t act like we were buddies. We were never buddies. We never even spoke.”Haru snags KANNIBAL’s neck with her foot before kic
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Chapter 5
“Flame Bolt”Haru’s walking towards her from the other side of the hallway, a smug grin on her face and her arm held out in front of her as she fires off flame bolt after flame bolt. So she did learn something in the end. Her incantation is calm, clear, commanding and the resulting spell bends to her will. It does not zig-zag or ricochet, it simply flies straight and true. Kuroko runs the numbers in her head. This isn’t the kind of low-level spell that can be countered. If she doesn’t move, then Haru will close the gap then she’s forced to fight both her and the Vice President in close combat. There have been times that she’s been able to take down Haru in less than a second but that was just sparring. She’ll have to think of another play. “Net.”She conjures a thin web of wire between her and the flame bolts. It’s not enough to hold up against an entire barrage, but it will suffice to buy her an inch of space. Just enough to get away from the recovering vice president. By the time t
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Chapter 6
A voice rises above the din of rushing air. It has a sharp but light tone, like it’s telling a joke. It comes from a plain-faced girl with glasses so thick she can’t see the eyes behind them. The girl gives her a little two-fingered salute. She’s wearing a long black dress that goes all the way down to her calves. It’s reminiscent of Haru’s middle school uniform. She has her smooth black hair tied up in two long braids that flutter in the wind behind her. The veins on both of her hands bulge from the strain of carrying both the Vice Prez’s impressive bulk and Haru at the same time. Overall, 4/10. Some people like a little freckle the same way some people insist that heavy metal peaked in the 80’s. But Haru’s singles weren’t released in the 80’s so she automatically disagrees. A solid ‘Pass’.“Thanks, ‘Mugi, I’ll remember this–”“Save it.”Bolts of light begin to rain on them. Some from the Monarchs shooting at them from above, others from the Magitech Anti-Air guns shooting at them fr
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Chapter 7
“Help me to m-marry. I know that the students of the Neo Magical Academy typically marry around the age of seventeen to nineteen so… I figured that someone like you would be knowledgeable.”“Hm? You truly risked your life for marriage advice?”“N-No, not exactly. I was hoping for… more direct help.”“Then perhaps you would like me to arrange one for you?”YES! Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSS!!! “Why, yes. That would be ideal indeed. She would have to be a noble woman, one of great beauty. Yes… that person would be ideal.”“Very well, then, Tsumugi, would you mind marrying Hamamoto?”NO! No! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!“You read my mind perfectly, Lady Kentomi. A political marriage to strengthen the bond between our factions is ideal for both of us.”“Hey, hold on, I just said–”“A noblewoman of great beauty?”“Well, yes, but–”“But…?”Tsumugi raises an eyebrow at her. Haru suddenly gets the feeling that she’s walking on a very thin tightrope. If the options are between her potentially poking the horn
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Chapter 8
“Good.”Kagami takes a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Tsumugi earnestly follows suit like a little sister copying her big sister. Well, she supposes that this arrangement could be worse. Tsumugi seems like a sweet and gentle enough girl. Maybe she won’t mind getting such a quick divorce. Hm, no, she’s definitely going to take offense to that if Haru even suggests it. She might even have her beheaded. Do they still do beheadings in the Neo Magical Academy? She isn’t sure. Though, she did say that Muse was just an honorary title. Well, honorary title or no, she’d hate to break her heart that callously. Hmmm… what to do? Maybe she’ll eventually just get bored of Haru? She can hope. But only time will tell. “By the way, is someone missing?”Kagami’s voice cuts through the din inside of Haru’s head. “I only count ninety nine–”The joy of the occasion is suddenly soured. A wave of vanished smiles spread out from the center of the circle all the way to the edge. The din of joyful m
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Chapter 9
“My last name’s Tsubame. As in, Tsumugi Tsubame.”Tsubame… why is that name so familiar? Then it hits her, like the meteor hit the dinosaurs. “You’re shitting me.”“She was my mother, yes.”“Holy shit.”Tsubame… as in, Hoshi Tsubame, the god-queen? So does that mean she just married a princess or Jesus? Both? Either way, that’s a hell of a score. Holy shit indeed. That’s some bona fide fairytale stuff right there. A girl is accidentally married to someone else but that someone else turns out to be a princess. This is beyond luck, this has to be fate or something. “Should I like, bow?”“No, no, that won’t be necessary.”Tsumugi giggles a little bit. Haru must be even shallower than she herself thought because her heart is fluttering to the beat of her laugh. Suddenly, she feels like the luckiest girl on Earth. “So, does that make me a princess?”“What?”“You know, a princess, like you?”“Oh no, I’m not a princess.”“But your mother’s the god-queen?”“Oh we’re not a Monarchy.”“But…
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