The Power Man

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The Power Man

By: THE MAD AUTHOR OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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°°°°°°°°° What happens when a young bromite child, is banished from his planet, for a crime he knows nothing about. Thrown out into deep space and Traveling in the universes for years upon years, he finally fell into our Universe, landing on the moon where he was found by an astronaut. Little bromite was taken to earth and upon adapting and learning their ways, he forgets his true self and accepts the one he is now. But when he discovers his powers and true story of his family, he must stand up as the true son of sheim and fight the ravaging beast till the universe is save.

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6 chapters
Chapter 01
MULTIVERSE 001, UNIVERSE 10 AGAUR GALAXY, PLANET BROMINESome Millenia Now Crack!! Lighting flashed in the skies, Prahh!! A massive thunderclap followed, revealing the realities of this unknown world. The clouds became void of light and soon, it began raining on the crimson sands that embraced the water droplets like it was nothing. Planet Bromine, a planet of rare and supernatural realities, occupying its terrestrial and arboreal realms. The scarlet clouds made the whole place seem like a bloody reality. Silver mountains and valleys, occupied with red trees and supernatural hybrids of animal species were the most amazing realities in here. The planet was so blessed that it gained the power to sustain itself, directly from divinity above all, that it didn't need rain or sunshine to help grow its plants. What a wonderful world. Planet Bromine is a Powered Harboring Planet made by the Omni [The Embodiment of Duality] it is the leading planet in the Solar system of the Agaur Galaxy
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Chapter 02
The king noticed the look on his face but decided to ignore it. He has always known Sheim to be a good and powerful warrior right from childhood, and that was one of the reasons he made him the Commander of his armies the moment he inherited the throne.“And besides, my lord. There isn't anything special about me. You are the superior one here, you are the one with the alpha physiology, so all powers to you my lord. Am just lucky to be a commander of your army, my lord.” Sheim quickly made his point known to the king, but it wasn't deceiving enough.The king knew that if he was battle him, it would be a loss for him, as he has never seen anyone like him before. But yet, even with all these powers and qualifications, he remained loyal, loyal to the point that he sometimes runs errands for the royal family and it amazes everyone in the kingdom, even I am amazed.The king tilted his head down for a short smile before saying, “You are forever loyal sheim.How I wish that more men could be
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Chapter 03
The king stared at Sheim for a while, he couldn't possibly digest the words he had just heard from the cheif minutes ago, he took a while to stare at both of them and, suddenly, burst into laughter, knowing fully well that Sheim would never and can never do such a thing. The elders who were also present in the hall, could sense the confused atmosphere and couldn't help but join the king in his laughing moment as they too were surprised at what they just heard. The cheif was dissapointed, he didn't expect the king to express any other feelings than pain and anger for sheim. He thought his plans would work out fine, but no it was going the other way round and he lowered his head in shame while sheim kept staring at him. The king could not help, but continue laughing that his subjects were beginning to think he was going nuts, but he managed to subdue his intense laughter, placing both hands on his throne, before he slowly got up on his feets.The king was a man of super features, his
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Chapter 04
The blue force warriors opened a portal and walked inside as the portal closes instantly. The cheif slowly walked towards the elders seeing what just happened. He was pleased to know and see that things were going to his Favour and he smiled with a clenched fist. But something was bothering him all of a sudden, "What do we do with him Elders?" The cheif maned up to ask.One of the elders was forced to speak up in anger, as he said "The fact that we are trying to follow the laws governing of our planet, doesn't mean we are against Sheim. But beware that once sheim is vindicated, your punishment will be worst and deadly." He said to the chief who stood and watched with a wide eye.Whom!! A bright portal opened above the elders, slowly casting its rays on them all, literally dragging them together with Sheim into itself before closing again and the chief smiled."Don't worry Sheim, everything will be fine." He said, before twitching his fingers and a portal from a spatial opening sucked
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Chapter 05
PLANET BROMINETHE ROYAL KINGDOM''Secret dungeon of Thalma''Two men dressed in black, black hoods covering their faces, with a fire stick on their hands, stood in front of a rocky door watching as ancient words were been absorbed into it until they vanished. The door shook all of a sudden and suddenly began to slide upwards, dropping some rocky particles on the floor as it went upwards. After the door must have gotten to its opening limit, the two men walked slowly into the dark room and the door immediately slammed down again on its own accord.The secret dungeon; was a large, well built prison in the whole of bromine. It steels were made from pure Vanadium; the steel of the divine Guardians of creations. It is the second most hardest steel in the whole of creation, so the bromites put their deadliest prisoners here. But unfortunately the prisons were empty, except for one. The two men walked close to the prison door, unveiling their hood and occupying it, was a man standing close
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Chapter 06
THE UNIVERSE 10•Agaur Galaxy(Planet Bromine)Under the glowing scarlet clouds, a man was seen to be standing on the field of the protectors, with both of his hands, placed on his back as he stared at the beautiful nature of the sky. Later revealed to be an unknown being, he was donned on a red stylish armour with a sharp edge at both sides, a black iron boot and a black cape that swept the floor and still danced to the tone of the soft wind that moved about.His helmet was seen on the floor and his long thick blonde hair danced together with the cool movement of the wind, but his mood was something else that man couldn't explain and he remained that way, until suddenly, another man was approaching from behind revealing himself to be the wicked cheif, who was actually dressed on his sleeping attires. The cheif was surprised to see himself at the is unknown location, and he made sure he walked slowly and cautiously towards the unknown man standing in front of him. The cheif was unabl
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