Atonement's Path

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Atonement's Path

By: FriedrichFriedrice OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a fantasy-driven world, Zagorzaly Frostpyre is a ruthless villain who has killed thousands of humans and other races for pleasure. He has no remorse for his actions and continues to commit heinous crimes with zero regard for human life. His actions finally catch up to him when he is forced to confront his past deeds by the ultimate power in the universe, Luca, who sentences him to live a life of perpetual pain and suffering unless he reforms his ways. Zagorzaly must now embark on a journey of redemption, where he meets new people and experiences things he never thought possible before.

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Chapter_0: Path of Guilt
I, Zagorzaly Frostpyre This topic will delve into the destructive tendencies and irrational actions I have committed, as well as the anguish and remorse I felt as a result. The focus will be on the depths of my own insanity, along with the impact it had on my surroundings and the feelings of guilt it aroused within me. Growing up, I lacked joy due to my constant contemplation of existential questions. Unlike others who engaged in hobbies for fun and personal benefit, I spent most of my time pondering the profound mysteries of life, seeking a meaning to my existence. It's quite absurd in hindsight, as I now understand that the meaning of life is personal and relative to one's perspective. As God's creation, I often wondered if I was special, as I had a tendency to dwell on profound philosophical questions. Even as a child, I pondered existential concepts such as the meaning of life, asking myself if I was different from others. I believe that I have the capacity to ponder such concep
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Chapter_1: Lovers
The First Age, also known as the Age of Medieval In the eastern lands of the Realm of Air, a muscular man and a radiant woman stood before each other, united in their love and commitment. The wedding day was a grand celebration of their devotion to one another. "Oh, my dearest wife, whose grace and beauty shine like the brightest star in the sky, whose love burns within me like a never-ending fire, I stand before you now with a heavy heart and a soul filled with adoration. For I know that I have found in you not only my partner in life, but my reason for being, my reason for living. You embody all that is good and pure in this world, and it is my utmost privilege to call you my own. It is with these words that I declare my undying love for you and swear to be yours till the end of time." The man gazed at his bride with pure adoration, proclaiming his endless love and admiration for her. "Oh, my dearest husband, how you move my heart with your boundless love and devotion. You are my
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Chapter_2: The Unveiling
A boom of footfall announced the presence of a stranger as the door swung open. "Bane, who is this?" Ragnar asked his second in command. "This is Doctor Drake, a renowned physician from the North. His reputation precedes him, and I have brought him here to aid your wife." Ragnar turned to face the stranger, a man with a trimmed beard, glasses, and well-combed hair. "Doctor Drake, I must thank you for your services; my wife has been incapacitated for far too long, and I am grateful for your arrival." Drake bowed slightly and introduced himself with the attitude of a man who had encountered many like Ragnar before. "A pleasure to meet you, Ragnar. My name is Doctor Drake, and I must admit, your summons caught me off guard. You are a powerful man with many resources at your disposal; it baffles me that you have called upon my small practice for assistance." Ragnar responds, sensing a hint of judgement in Drake's words. "My wife is everything to me, Doctor. I would move mountains fo
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Chapter_3: Celebration
The farm was filled with crowds that were wild with excitement as Lady Ana's pregnancy was announced. Cheers and applause erupted from every corner of the land as people celebrated the news with tears of joy. The air was filled with a sense of pure happiness as Lady Ana's husband, Ragnar, held her close and whispered sweet nothings into her ear. "You will finally have the father that you've always dreamed of, my dear," she said, her voice thick with emotion. "And I will become the man I've always wanted to be— A Man of Honor. I will no longer be a bandit, but rather a protector of our child. I will do whatever it takes to keep our child safe." It was an incredibly touching moment, as both Lady Ana and Ragnar were overcome with joy and happiness. The sound of bards singing filled the air as the couple danced gracefully across the land. It was a beautiful sight to behold, as the couple's love for one another was apparent to all who watched. They were truly a match made in heaven as they
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Chapter_4: Argument
The silence filled the room as Mr. Smith descended from the carriage, and the tension was palpable. Ragnar's gaze was fixed on the ground as he tried not to show his fear. Then, a young man who could only be Zach Smith stepped out with his silvery hair and striking features, and the crowd held their breath. "I-It's been a long time, Mr. Smith," Ragnar stuttered, his voice trembling. "Why did you do that to my daughter?" Mr. Smith kicked Ragnar hard, and the noise of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the courtyard. Blood oozing from Ragnar's nose only intensified the fear and horror that permeated the air. But the tension exploded when Zach spoke up, his face a mask of worry. "Father, you must stop!" His words were like a spark in a dark room, and for a moment, the crowd held its breath, their gazes locked on Zach. It felt as though time itself had stopped, and all of history rested on his words. The silence that followed was heavy with the weight of emotions; the fear and desperat
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Chapter_5: Father
The air was still, and the crowds were speechless, their breath catching in their throats as they watched this play out before them. In that moment, not an ounce of noise was to be heard, save for the rustling of the trees as the wind blew through them. "You foolish daughter! I am your father, your only father. You are my daughter, my only daughter. Do not treat me like a stranger in front of a crowd. I took care of you and protected you, yet you treat me like this!" Mr. Smith shouted and pointed at his daughter with such a bad temper.Tears streamed down her eyes, tightening her fist. "You are right, but I want you to treat my husband like you treat me. He also protected me and took care of me."Ragnar, disappointed in himself, still kneeled at Mr. Smith. His face was still covered in blood, and his nose was broken.Zach was shocked by what happened in front of him. "Sister, treat your father better. He was just worried about you." He's worried about what might happen next. Another v
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Chapter_6: Turning Point
Mr. Smith was paralyzed with shock and disbelief, staring into Ragnar's dark, emotionless eyes. His words had shaken him, leaving him speechless and questioning the sanity of the man sitting across from him. "Is he crazy?" he wondered. "What's with the sheer confidence?" He was unsure what to do next, the confusion and uncertainty palpable in the air. Everyone was speechless, with shock and disbelief on their faces. "Ragnar, what happened to you?" Ana pleaded as she shook Ragnar's shoulders, tears in her eyes. But Ragnar did not speak in response. Instead, he remained quiet and still, as if he could not hear her pleas."Ragnar!" Ana cried, tears streaming down her face. "Please respond to me!" She was shocked and in disbelief; her eyes filled with tears. Ana tightly gripped her hands. “Please, just please.” Ana’s voice was like a whisper. SLAP! Ana slapped Ragnar just to snap him out, but he was still emotionless. Another slap and another, yet he’s still not responding. Ana let go of
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Chapter_7: The Birth
7 Months LaterAna yelled, "AHHH!" as she prepared to give birth to a newborn child—hopefully a lovely one. “AHHH! I think I’m about to die!” Ana screamed as she felt the pain more. “Just stay calm,” Drake told her while he was operating on her. “Calm? How am I supposed to be calm like this?” Ana questioned him arrogantly. The screams can be heard outside of the room—loud and clear. Two men sat on the bench next to the room. Ragnar sat and began to think deeply. “Stop overthinking this,” Bane said as he rubbed his hand on Ragnar’s back. Ragnar said with a worried look, “It’s just that Ana will leave after this.” He began to think more deeply. His thoughts were getting the best of him; he was overthinking. Questions filled his thoughts, like, “What do I do after she leaves?" and “Am I going to raise that baby alone? He was also feeling motivated because of the people that trusted him, but that would make him more overwhelmed by his thought, “What if I failed? ”, questions began to pop
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Chapter_8: Committed
The snow fell, and the flowers were covered. “It was beautiful, Ana. Is your dad coming?” Ragnar stood up from the rock, and he stretched his legs and arms. “Yes, they might be here in minutes,” said Ana while she held the baby in her arms. “I won’t see you grow up, Thors.” Ana looked at the cheerful and handsome little baby in her arms, and she smiled. It was not a smile of sadness, but a smile of happiness at seeing her son one last time. “It was fun while it lasted. I’m surprised I didn’t hate Ragnar when he said to let my father take me. Is it because we were couples? Or is it that I don’t even hate him a bit? I have been living with him, and I couldn’t find a reason to hate him. Even when he thought that he was a coward. It has been seven months since something happened to us, and he has changed,” Ana thought while looking at Ragnar. While the snow continued to fall, a familiar-looking carriage got closer. The designs were gems that represented royalty and flowers that represent
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Chapter_9: Change
The harsh weather slowed down, and the strong flow of the wind also slowed down. Ragnar took one last step, and both of them arrived at the village. Frostbite covered his fingers, and he was covered by cold snow. Bane and the other bandits rushed to Ragnar. “I’ll get the baby, and all you do is assist him to the bar!” Bane rushed to get the baby in Ragnar’s hands. He looked at the baby carefully. “How is this kid safe?” Bane continued to rush to the bar. “Go away! Fast!” A bandit said to the villagers eating on the huge table, then they carefully placed Ragnar on it. “Call Drake!” Bane proceeded to look at Ragnar’s body; he was extremely injured and could die any moment now. Ragnar opened his eyes and said, “How is my son?” He’s more worried about his son than him; he really changed; he was really committed. “He’s safe, don’t worry. Just lie down.” Half of the Bandits rushed to get Drake, while the other half took care of him. A lady looked down at Ragnar; her eyes were only gazing a
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