Trader in Another World

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Trader in Another World

By: Gabsensei OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"THE STORY OF LIAM HARUTO AOKI THE GREATEST EMPEROR OF PANDEA CONTINENT" Liam is an 18 year old Half Filipino Japanese. Needs 500 million pesos in 3 months for the treatment of his I'll mother. One night a comet hit the road while was going back home, he saw a crystal in the meteor crater, He picked up the crystal suddenly a light appear and the crystal gave him the ability to open a portal to another world. Liam decided to trade his products from his original world into a medieval one.and earn gold coins to trade in his original world. can he save his mother will he be able to survive? Alternative: genius trader in another world

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I duke( ******)will become a vasal of our lord I announce that today is the birth of KALZA kingdom I proclaim that as a first noble of this country I'm gonna make everything to prepare this country into the best place for living. I Liam haru Aoki king of KALZA kingdom promising that I will protect this country until the end of my life for the prosperity of our kingdom.Liam now is a king a lot of people wear expensive clothes but it looks like the place is from the medieval age. Someone slapped him and now he wake up, it was his seatmate The teacher is calling him.Liam saliva is dripping. Everybody is laughing he also laughs at it.he was embarrassed about what he does.he look to the window and look to the sun."what a weird dream"USUAL BORRING ORDINARY DAY AGAIN.BEEP!!!BEEP!!BEEP!!!Liam's phone rang while he was in the middle of his class, He looked at his phone it was an unknown number He felt something off about the call,so he excused himself that he needed to answer the pho
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AFTER HEARING OLD MAN'S WORDSLiam thinks about selling his stuff for gold,Liam asked the old man to taste the canned meat,The old man held the metal spoon that Liam gave him, The old man looked at canned meat It looked very expensive. He told Liam that he would only taste a little.old man take his first bite and cried, Liam asked old man why he is crying,Old man said that this is the very first time he taste such a very delicious food,Liam told to old man to eat the canned meat ,the old man want to refuse but Liam insist the he should finish it,he have. alot more of it.Liam take over cooking, he said to old man that he will show his cooking talent,he chopped some garlic,add water to the vegetable,he opened a can of corned beef add some ground pepper,he open his msg pack, old man ask what is this white crystal powder,Liam replied that it was much more expensive stuff than pepper(liar alert),old man told Liam that don't put those expensive things because he can't eat such a luxuri
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DAY 1 Liam looked at the carriage it looks like the carriage will give him back pain, carriage in this world doesn't have suspension or spring to lessen the impact and bump while travelingLiam put his back into the lower cupboard he is looking at the carriage window,the scene in this place is continuous forest that's why he is Wondering why not move the village near the river.THE CHIEF REPLIED"We cant move monsters everywhere outside the village, that's why we are still living in that barren land,we can't build walls because we don't have the money to build one.Liam"why not get financial support from the leader of your place? the government likes that the one who manages your village "Village chief "we don't have a noble or lord that managing us, we are in the forsaken land a place near the forest of arsan where place is full of mountains, Kingdoms in this continent only want to get flat lands in their hands they don't have any use for those mountain and hills"Liam "They are
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Liam is sleeping and he wakes up because he feels someone is sprinkled water on his face,he wakes up and looks above him He sees a giant wolf drooling on his face.Liam screams in fear, the village chief and the carriage owner wake up when they see Fenrir, They immediately kneel in front of the wolf and pay respect.Liam is screaming while asking them what they are doing just run it's a giant wolf, they are dead if the wolf decides to kill all of them.The wolf look at Liam, Liam is terrified about the wolf.after 30 minutes the wolf still doesn't do anything, even roaring at him. Liam seems to be calm down,Liam ask why the wolf doesn't attack them?.The village chief is smiling, it was a Fenrir a race equal with spirits a higher being, white Fenrir is not hostile to humans.Liam calmed down after hearing that from the old man, Liam looked at Fenrir he saw in the eyes of Fenrir that it says some thing, The Fenrir look at jhon and smell his back pack.Liam unzip his back pack and foun
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The magic swordsman attacked Liam with intent to kill, Liam unconsciously strengthening magic and kicking the magic swordsman in the face. The magic swordsman fell and lost consciousness, the bandit leader knew that Liam is not an easy one, the bandit leader thinks that he can't beat liam, he is looking at Liam's aura dense as the dragon that he saw when he was still a kid before. Liam said that he is dizzy, and puked the bandit is confused know don't why, he didn't do anything but Liam look completely exhausted.all of them including the bandits, adventurers even Liam companions saw Liam puking , and weakening, but Liam suddenly disappears and Liam attacked the magic swordsman again he kicked the magic swordsman flew in the bandit leader, the leader catch the magic swordsman, the bandit leader wake up his unconscious companion. The bandit leader told the magic swordsman that they need to fight for their comrades and families, other bandits still unconscious but no one is in t
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THEY ARE NOW SEEING THE WALLS OF THE BIGGEST TRADING IN THE CONTINENT.The trading city WIND VILE is located near the beast Glades, Even though it was near the beast glades, it was a safe place for merchants Knight,soldier, adventurers, bounty hunters are everywhere they keep this city safe, for the traveler and trader.The windvile city has two thick twin walls and a fortress to keep it safe from the monsters,Even though they have a lot of adventurers this place is still for beginner adventurer's, because knights always doing monster subjugation whenever high level monster appear, that's why only small fry monsters only they can hunt.The windvile city has a breathtaking view, This place is open for all races,there's no prejudice because the lord of this place is not a vassal of any country or state and allied with 4 great empire, attacking this city is like a suicide for other kingdoms,this city created to commemorate the strongest sage The four season mage.LIAM. LOOKED AT THE WAL
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Liam is very excited to sell his stuff, Liam guesses how much he can get for the set of clothes and the shoes.He buys the clothes from a famous brand, he is expecting that he can sell it for 400 gold but he was wrong.Liam handed the Instructions of 2nd and last items.Auctioneer : " ladies and gentlemen,We are starting the bidding for MR LIAM 2nd items it was a set of luxurious clothes and a pair of shoes, The Long sleeves polo is made by the finest fabric Mr Liam called it polyester (polyester is a cloth widely available to anyone and it was very cheap compare to cloth).""the coat is also a masterpiece using a special technique to sew the clothes, look at the sewing patterns this coat was very majestic."The Tailored pants were made of soft refined cotton from a kingdom in another continent called the dasil kingdom (made up lies by the auctioneer)" the auctioneer will get 1% every item from the money that is earned by the seller. and the auction house will get 3% of grossed sa
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