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By: Inonge Mitchie CompletedFantasy

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Mia finds her world turning completely upside down when a day before her wedding she is transported back in time to the 16th century and pulled into the world of scallywags, swashbuckling and hidden treasures. She is told of her task by the Time Keeper and must complete it before the time allocated to her runs out and it causes a glitch in time that could open forbidden portals and bring forth a destruction that could lead to the end of the world.

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Where am I
It was a lovely day and Mia walked out of the room through the sliding glass double door and onto the balcony, taking in the gorgeous view of the clear blue sky and the even bluer ocean. She walked up to the railing and took in a deep breath of the fresh ocean breeze, smiling to herself and wishing herself to be nowhere else than where she was. She was a brown skinned woman thirty years of age and as cute as a button with big round hazel eyes and with hair curly, long and blacker than the night. She was standing there in her silky night dress when just then someone walked out from the very door and went to hug her from behind; kissing her shoulder and her head, with the widest smile growing on Mia’s face, taken by the feeling of his strong arms around her. “Good morning my love,” he said in his English accent. His name was Peter Krenan; a thirty five year old stud muffin with green eyes and a smile as bright as the sun. “Good morning my love,” Mia said and turned her head back to kis
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I am captain
Mia moved close to the wall. "Who are you?" she asked. "My name is Mr. Bear," the man said; a medium sized man in his late fifties with a bushy greying beard. "What am I doing here? What's going on?" "Calm down, you're alright." "Where am I?" Mia asked. "You're in my home you're safe." She looked around. "What happened? How did I get here?" "You just appeared here," Mr. Bear answered; not at all fazed by the ridiculous words that just came out of his mouth. "Did I wash up onto the shore?" "No. You appeared here." "What do you mean I just appeared here? People don't just appear out of thin air, how did I get here?" she asked. "You-appeared-here." He spoke slowly, maybe she wasn't hearing him well. "I heard a sound upstairs and when I came up to check what it was there you were sleeping in my bed." "I'm not going to ask you again, how did I get here?" Mia asked. "You appeared here." "Oh my gosh you've kidnapped me haven't you? And now you're going to kill me." "No captain
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These waters were our home
The day was bright and the sky was blue and on the ocean a ship sailed along; a small sailing ship that Mr. Bear had hired out to take them to where the time keeper was. On it were three men manning the ship; a captain at the helm and two to operating the sails, and standing at the front of the ship was Mia looking into the vast blueness; a vast blueness she had never seen before but felt so familiar it felt like home. Having teleported to the 16th century wearing nothing but a night dress and Mr. Bear being in no possession of any female clothes, had to borrow a dress from his next door neighbour; a dark blue short sleeved dress that was so not anywhere near her style. The brown leather boots too. It was bad enough that she was wearing outdated clothes but outdated clothes of the lower middle class kind was just something else. And the fact that it didn't sit right on her body was another thing. Mia was slendered bodied, like a model, and the neighbour Mr. Bear had borrowed the dress
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What are the kolossimous scrolls?
Mia and Mr. Bear continued down the long stone path and made it all the way to the end of it where there was another arched doorway that led into a room. They walked in and there were ticks and tocks coming from everywhere. The room was full of clocks. It was a stone room with a high ceiling, a slender waterfall to the left whose waters looked like they were glowing with a faint white light and pools of different shapes and sizes scattered across the floor, and the clocks were everywhere; on the floor, in the pools, on the walls and behind the waterfall; beautifully designed old antique clocks of different shapes, sizes and materials, mostly rocks and minerals. There were clocks made of copper, marble, quartz, amethyst, silver, talc and many others, and they were beautifully displayed. On the walls also were more fire torches burning a bright flame and so Mia and Mr. Bear had more than enough light to see the wonder they had stepped into; a wonder that swept them both off their feet.
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I am just a woman Mr. Bear
Mia and Mr. Bear sailed back to Cape Mackerel and when they arrived they went to one of the drinking places to come up with a plan on how to execute the grand task that had fallen before them. It was a bar called The Whistling Man and they were seated at one of the tables by the window; him sipping on a glass of whiskey and her a cup of coffee. The place was quiet as they were the only ones in there, with a man standing behind the bar wiping down on the glasses."Gosh . . . I feel like I'm dreaming and I can't wake myself up," she said; looking down into the blackness of her coffee but obviously wandering her mind as to just what the heck was going on. Again she should have been freaking out about what was happening to her but she wasn't; for someone that had just travelled to a whole new time and had to play a massive part to preventing the world from being destroyed by a massive beast that feasted on planets and had consumed many worlds before, she was pretty calm. And she didn't li
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My name is Mia Dalhamavaughn
Mia trembled. It was bad enough being in a time that wasn't her own but being taken in by the authorities, that was not at all a good start to her being there. "This necklace symbolizes piracy," Admiral Krenan said, dangling it in his hand. "Are you a pirate?" She wanted to answer the question truthfully but seeing what had become of her just wearing a pirate necklace she figured it wouldn't be wise for her to do so. "No," she answered. "So why were you wearing it around your neck?" "Because it was given to me." "By whom?" he asked as he came out from behind his desk and sat down on the edge of his table, right in front of her; an action that made her tremble even more. She paused for a moment; what was the right way to answer that question without compromising herself more than she already had? "Someone." "What is your name?" Again she paused. Saying her name would completely compromise her; she shared the same last name as one of the notorious pirates that terrorized the oce
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Another you . . . My you
Night fell and Mia had been locked up in one of the holding cells; sitting quietly to herself in the corner with her arms wrapped around her body whilst trying not to panic about what was going to become of her. The night was quiet and there was a bright full moon in the dark sky; she could see its blue light come in through the small barred window that looked out into the ocean. The cell was small; and its walls were rough and cold; she needed a blanket, a small fire would do too but she had none, all she had to keep her warm was her dress and it wasn't doing a very good job, what a long night it was going to be? Just then the main gate to the holding cells was unlocked and swung open and a moment later someone walked into Mia's sight; the sight of him immediately causing her heart to do that thing it always did when she laid her eyes upon her lover. It wasn't her lover but it was a perfect replica of him and that was more than close enough. And the way he looked with the moonlight
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The greatest pirate treasure known to man
Mathew arrived home. He lived with his father in a fancy two story house right in the middle of the island; enclosed in a metal barred fence and with armed soldiers patrolling the grounds. It was almost mid-night and Admiral Krenan was in his study. On another night he would have been in there catching up on his reading whilst sipping on a cup of tea but on that night he wasn't, instead he was sitting back in his chair looking down at Mia's pirate necklace on his table; in almost a mad way. Looking at it as though he had asked it something and was waiting for it to answer. Pirates on his island, it couldn't be. He and his army had worked so hard to end piracy and now could it be on the verge of coming back, if he could he would have grabbed the necklace and just crushed it to dust in his hand. He would have reduced it to nothing because what it represented was an insult to who he was. Piracy was unlawful and he was the law and so staring on at the necklace and wondering if it was jus
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We can trust him
Mathew grabbed a horse from the stable and flew to the fort. It was under attack. The explosions that were heard was the impact of the cannon balls blasting through the main gate and part of the fort wall. The next thing gun fire was heard; gun fire that sounded like it was coming from two different directions so two sides were obviously going at it; the soldiers holding down the fort and whoever had attacked it. Mia had heard it too and was standing by the bars looking in the direction of the main gate wondering just what was going on out there. It was two groups of men; one group was located in the trees and was equipped with cannons that after firing at the gate and parts of the walls were aimed at the guard houses and the other group ran into the fort throwing smoke bombs into the parade ground and shooting their pistols at the soldiers that were coming at them. The smoke spread and covered the entire parade ground and the soldiers lost sight of the men who knew exactly what the
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I would rather have you here
The ship Mr. Bear hired out had set sail; sailing along the calm waters of the ocean under the bright light of the full moon. He, the men he rescued Mia with and a few others, Mia herself and Mathew; she asked him to come with them and he said yes and they stood together by the taff rail looking back at Cape Mackerel and the fort that they had destroyed. It wasn't on fire but it had suffered massive damage; three of the guard houses had been destroyed, the gate had been completely shattered and there were a good number of holes that had been blown through the fort wall. The smoke had finally cleared but it was too late; the men that had attacked the fort were gone and all that remained was some major cleaning up and fixing to do. Meanwhile on the ocean, the ship sailed on. It was a medium sized sailing ship made of dark brown wood and had cream white sails. A fifteen man crew ship with a man at the helm and the man in charge standing next to him. Mia and Mathew stood on as the gentl
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