Cracked God

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Cracked God

By: Alstash OngoingFantasy

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The path to realizing one's destiny is often littered with tragedy. In this light novel, we follow the immortal yet not invincible Tifon, as he comes to terms with a world governed by indifferent Gods, who only favor a small portion of humans while abandoning the rest. On his path to Godhood, only one thing is certain, he won't make it through unscathed.

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???: “Alright, alright… What exactly do you want from me again?”!!!: “Come on! It’s just one really small detour, what’s the worst that could happen?!”A youthful girl and boy, both around the ages of 17, can be seen strolling through the campus hallways. Well, more specifically, a boy can be seen trying to stroll away from a girl chasing him through the campus hallways.???: “…”!!!: “Minisculely small even!”???: “… I’m just going to-”!!!: “Hey, HEY! You wait right there, Tifon!”In reality, there was absolutely no reason why Tifon would be in a hurry to leave the campus. Since he’d already stayed put for a while after his last period, but, in his mind, he had to at least feign some resistance, to not be regarded as a pushover, of course.Tifon: “Can you please explain to me, why, oh why, I would grant you any more favors, Aurora?”Aurora: “HaHaHaa, isn’t it obvious?”Aurora smugly puffed out:“Aren’t you the Gods’ most favored savior of humanity? The one with the X-K∞ Boon? Ring
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I find it necessary to mention that, while this event was of great consequence to Tifon at the moment, and surely inspired some great change in him that would set the woodworks for his fate. His family life, however, remained much the same. Tifon lived with his grandparents, on his mother’s side. He’d never had any communication with his father’s family. Even more, interestingly, his parents’ death was quite vaguely explained to him when he was little. What was much hinted at by his grandparents’ though, was that they had both died by his father’s hand. What’s more, the latter’s family wanted nothing to do with him. And so Granny Lia and Grandpa Radyon took him in and cared for him as if their own. Radyon, a grey man of around 60, seemed to always be busy with his work. Being an architect by profession. He was either at work or designing his work when not, sometimes even while eating, much to Granny Lia’s dismay. On the other hand, Granny Lia was quite different. Still in her early 5
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Now, there is a reason I started the story from what seems to be the middle. Long after Tifon and the others had to cope with the brunt of their respective tragedies as young children. However, I assure you this is where the true story begins. Although not to say that there aren’t some events in the past that are extremely vital to our heroes’ growth, or rather more accurately fall. Therefore I’ll try to quickly go over them all in the following chapters.A FEW MONTHS AFTER THE “FALL FROM GRACE”Aurora: “So, what, basically you can get hurt and age like everybody else right?Tifon: “Right, yeah.”Aurora: “Alright… Wait then what even is your Boon? Just having colored blood?”Aurora giggled in a manner not uncommon to hear when mocking someone.Tifon: “Hah, well actually, I’d like to urge you not to forget that I’m still immortal, that’s my Boon.” Tifon impressively added as if to refute Aurora’s jeers without a doubt.Aurora: “Wait a sec though, you just said that you get injured and
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Tifon though was in no way completely miserable. As time went on the mockery by his peers grew less and less, to a point in which even Eion could only get away with the occasional offhanded remark. Although Tifon had little knowledge of how deep Eion’s anger ran for him, he had a feeling that Eion had a particular reason to hate him. And so usually stayed clear of confrontations with him.It’s worth mentioning that his reasoning wasn’t quite off the mark, as Tifon had made many enemies through his simple-minded arrogance when he was a child. It could be said that he did quite bully Eion during those days, although, the latter would never admit to it. But of course, there was no mere chief cause for Eion’s hatred towards Tifon. It was just the difference that some were justifiable, and others, not so much. One of these reasons used to be a sense of jealousy. Despite his Boon, Eion still didn’t have Ichor In his veins as Tifon did and, he had an all-consuming fear that one-day Tifon wou
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(Gods, must I keep waking up every morning? Haven’t I suffered enough?)Thoughts like these would usually comically pop up in my head when waking from a restless sleep, it seemed as though that was the only kind I’d been getting for the past decade.(Alright, so, wait… where’d I put my uniform again?)Somehow getting myself dressed I made my way to the dinner table.Granny Lia: “Oh sweetie! Well, look who’s finally up.”The only thing I could count on these days was that no matter how early I got up granny Lia would always top my record.Grandpa Radyon: “Eeh! Enough now Lia, serve the boy his food, at his age, he might as well be a skeleton with how little food he’s getting.”Granny Lia: “Oh now really? Keep going on about how I take care of my boy and you’ll be the one not getting any food!”Grandpa Radyon: “Haha, I see, so he’s just yours now is he?”Granny and grandpa seemed to enjoy bickering together every so often. I saw that their love for each other had not diminished an ounce
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(Why… How can he be so happy? Must he always spite me?)The thought raced across Eion’s mind as he made his way back to the main building where he’d attend his usual classes. (To think, I’d even gone out of my way to talk to her, and she answers my friendship with that indifferent tone?!)Eion had gotten somewhat used to Aurora’s feigned friendliness, although he saw through the respectful nature of it, it was still definitely better than whatever this new personage was.Feeling his pride wounded, the young master made his entrance into the classroom with extraordinary force, flinging the door open with all his might as if to announce his arrival. At least half the students already inside the class flocked to greet him, not missing the chance to gain ground with him.Arian was sitting down in the classroom as well. With a single gesture, Eion signaled to him, and as if having already agreed upon this code of conduct beforehand Arian spotted it immediately, going up to the young maste
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Tifon: “You have to be kidding me.”Mr. Clive: “I’m afraid I’m not kids, the whole matter was settled by people whose names are even above my paygrade, teachers get no say. We only have to enforce it.”Apparently, due to some ‘unforeseen economic turbulence’ with our neighboring land of Turkia, students that possessed any Boon at all now had to mandatorily participate in combat training, previously only performed solely by those possessing Boons of grade W and above.Tifon: “Wait, even me? But you know my Boon, it has no way of helping me in combat-”Mr. Clive: “Well then you’ll have to learn of one, or just learn how to fight without a Boon. As I said it's mandatory, no exceptions.” As the bell rang our P.E. teacher added “Don’t forget! All those with Boons are exempt from their usual 3rd period, and should report to the 5th floor’s custom gymnasium instead!”The commotion after the class soon faded away and as I was walking through the halls to my next period I spotted Aurie, appar
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There was nothing but dead silence in the gymnasium for a minute after the commandant’s words. Everyone’s eyes were on Tifon with great anticipation, however, out of all of them, the only ones he noticed were Aurora’s. There was a sense of grave distress in her eyes that kept him from moving even a single muscle.Suddenly then she dropped her gaze, and almost as if a spell was lifted off of him Tifon unfroze. Followed by the crowd’s cheers he made his way to the arena.Pankration: the ancient martial art still practiced in military training today. Sadly most of its techniques and teachings were now long lost. Being replaced by more modern wrestling, the only thing that had remained from its old history was just the name. At least, so was the case for all those not born into the family line of Areios.Finally stepping into the arena Tifon stood 7 feet away from her. Perhaps the only hint given of the coming slaughter was the fire of unbridled bloodlust that flared up in the commandant’
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Through groans, I somehow managed to prop myself up after just waking.“Gods, this must be some kind of torture”Nurse Lia had made it extremely clear that I was to stay bedbound for the week. She even went as far as to guilt trip me. ‘I suppose if you don’t care about my concerns then there’s no helping it…’. Damn those puppy dog eyes.It had just been a day too, and I’d already gotten bed sores. Well, I guess two days to be exact. I still can’t believe the commandant had actually managed to knock me straight into a concussion after just one punch…Also, would it kill the school’s budget to add a TV here? What am I supposed to do for the next 24 hours?!Ironically apparently even thinking too much was ‘bad for me’ after a concussion. These thick bandages over my forehead weren’t doing my sleep any favors either…Before I could finish complaining to myself, the door was cautiously opened.Nurse Ias: “Oh! Good, you’re awake. How are you doing dear?”(As good as a forced invalid can be.
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As it would later turn out the following week, Aurora was correct. The ‘economic turbulence’ had settled with Turkia like a right plane ride. Of course, the whole matter stank of forgery. Aurie even asked a friend she had in some school with a few scattered W grades whether they’d gotten any such announcement to no avail. We had no particular reason to worry about it though, and so we ended up dropping the whole case. Right when the commandant had just started to warm up to me too.And so, not much happened for the rest of the while I was hospitalized. Apart from some memorable (embarrassing) visits by my grandparents, everything was slowly returning to normal.While Tifon was enjoying apparently the swellest hospitalization of all time, everything was much different for our other hero.Eion was becoming more unstable by the day.Recently he’d started to not even glance in his servants’ direction when returning home. When I say return home however I don’t mean from school, not at all.
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