Cultivator Apocalypse

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Cultivator Apocalypse

By: Smiles OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In an apocalyptic future, where humanity has unlocked the spiritual energy of the earth and become cultivators. Zhang Xuan is a lowly weakling with no significant achievements. After dying to a spiritual beast, he regresses to two months before the start of the apocalypse. "In my past life, I was nothing but trash. But in this life, I will overcome my weakness!"

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Chapter 1
Regression. It was a word that held a lot of weight. In the world of Manhua Men, it was a belief that held just as much power as any religion. To some, it was a sign of hope – to return back to the past with everything you knew. To others, it was seen as a curse – to return knowing the cruel reality ahead of you. A doomed destiny, like ant struggling against a giant. Some could never overcome the gaps of reality. A talentless loser would always remain a talentless loser. For Zhang Xuan, it was a hope that kept him moving. He dreamed endlessly of returning back to the past one day. One day, a miracle would set him free from the hell that had become his life. If he could just be like the protagonists of the online Manhuas he used to read. A burning, evergrowing hope that he could remake himself as someone better, someone smarter or richer. Someone Superior. "Yeah one day...One day I'll go back and show them all!" Several months ago, he was still a stay at home loser. Living an unev
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Chapter 2
Zhang Xuan awoke with a shock, his body covered in cold sweat. It was just a dream, he told himself sternly. But even as he did, he could still see the gruesome image of his own death vividly in his mind. It had felt so real... As if he had actually relived the experience. Even now, he could feel the pain and terror of that moment as if it was happening all over again. "Damn, the world didn't really end did it? It was all just a dream!" Zhang Xuan shouted to himself, but felt a strong gut feeling otherwise. He reached out quickly in desperation to his phone nearby.He needed to check the date now more than ever, his eyes shot up upon disabling the lock screen after several attempts. His excursion back into the past had made him nearly forget his password! It was 2/1/2030. "Two months before the apocalypse...Have I really gone back two months!?" Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs from his mind, Zhang Xuan got up from his bed and walked over to the window. The sun had not yet ris
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Chapter 3
Here, Zhang had to endure the tribulation of finding a good apartment.He scoured every part of the city, visiting countless desolate buildings and empty residential complexes. But no matter where he looked, he couldn't seem to find a suitable place for him to move into. These places were often too crowded, or too run down for him to bother moving into. He refused to move into a place with too much noise, or rats! He needed to remain in seclusion, and not risk creating any variables before the apocalypse began.With each passing day, his anxiety grew stronger as it became clear that he was running out of time. Finally, after spending days of tirelessly searching for a home, Zhang Xuan stumbled upon an old apartment building hidden away in a quiet corner of the city. Zhang Xuan only had 45 days left until the beginning of the apocalypse.The building was rundown and decrepit, with many rooms left unoccupied by previous tenants who never returned or moved elsewhere. But despite its a
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Chapter 4
Zhang Xuan could feel a sudden power grow inside of him. Where he formerly felt his dan tian in his past life was now glowing with a very strong energy.Zhang Xuan knew that he had somehow obtained a deep and powerful cultivation style thanks to this master, one that had truly earned the name True Blade Emperor Cultivation. The sharpness of blades became very intimately familiar within his mind, his body began to feel as if it had swung blades for thousands of years in the span of minutes!"This master's technique is so potent, it is a shame that he does not have long to live.." Zhang Xuan felt regret build up inside of him. This kind master was willing to give him something, a chance everyone would kill for. And yet, he would not live to see the results his disciple would bring onto the world.The mysterious master felt Zhang Xuan's emotions well up, "Bah you silly disciple! Don't feel pity for an old man like me and go back to cultivating!" He immediately struck Zhang Xuan on the b
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Chapter 5
Arrogant and entitled, the young master sneered as he surveyed the shabby apartment complex. He looked down on the landlord who owned the property, regarding him with disdain and contempt.Clicking his tongue in disgust, he scoffed at the run-down appearance of the building. It was clear that he saw himself as superior to everyone around him - after all, only lowborn and undeserving individuals would be willing to rent a place like this."Well what are you waiting for stupid trash? Are you going to sell me the apartment or what!?" The young master glared at the landlord, his eyes filled with hostility and disrespect. He sneered at him as he crossed his arms over his chest, clearly intent on causing trouble for the poor man. He was rich, and the land lord was a simple man barely unable to manage such a run down place!Why wouldn't he look down on him?The land lord was shaking in fear as he took a step backwards, his brow furrowed in anxiety. He knew that he couldn't afford to anger t
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Chapter 6
The landlord cowered behind his desk, his gray eyes wide with terror. "Oh no," he mumbled. "He's done it now..."The landlord cowered behind his desk, his gray eyes wide with terror. "Oh no," he mumbled. "He's done it now..."The landlord cowered behind his desk, his gray eyes wide with terror. "Oh no," he mumbled. "He's done it now..."A burly, fat body guard stepped up to Zhang Xuan, his fists clenched and a threatening aura emanating from him. "Young man! You are courting death! Apologize now or you won't be able to walk out of here in one piece!"He spread his arms wide and sneered at Zhang Xuan. He was as small as an ant compared to him. How would this man be able to fight back? Zhang Xuan looked so weak!The young master sneered with absolute confidence, looking at Zhang Xuan as if his victory was already assured. "Well? It's not too late to beg and grovel at my feet!"The young master sneered with absolute confidence, looking at Zhang Xuan as if his victory was already assured. "
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Chapter 7
The young master's face paled as he backed away from Zhang Xuan. "I- I'll call the police!" he threatened weakly. His hands trembled greatly with fear, he clutched into his pocket looking for his cell phone desperately. Zhang Xuan looked at the young master's pathetic blunder. Watching as he could barely focus enough to properly pick up his phone. Several objects began to fall from the young master's pockets while he scrounged for his phone. The young master even carelessly tossed his very wallet to the ground, filled with several hundreds of bills! Right before pulling out his cell phone. "I have my phone right here, you're finished! You'll be arrested for fifth degree assault!!!"Zhang Xuan just scoffed at that. "And what will the police do? You are the one who attacked me!" Zhang Xuan then menacingly approached the young master, "You are like an ant!" The young master quivered with fear even more, before daring to open his mouth once again. "H- How dare you! My father is the head
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Chapter 8
The young master stumbled backwards in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief as he looked at the seemingly indestructible Zhang Xuan.It was at this moment that the truth finally dawned on him – that he had severely underestimated Zhang Xuan and had made a grave mistake in trying to harm him. And now, there was nothing left for him but regret.But as the saying goes, it was too late for tears. His defeat and humiliation were complete – there would be no coming back from this, no redemption to be found. No one could take away the shame and despair that he felt in this moment.At last, the young master broke down, his fragile heart shattered by the immense pressure and stress that had built up in his mind. He wept bitterly as he buried his face in his hands, struggling to cope with the despair and devastation that loomed over him."You are so strong...How!! How!!!""It's too late to ask that now,young master. You have lost, and there is no point in making excuses. Just like a real man,
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Chapter 9
Zhang Xuan stood in the apartment lobby, victorious over the silly young master. In one fell swoop, he had stolen his pride, and his money! The land lord looked at Zhang Xuan relieved, thankful that he would not be threatened any longer by the young master.   The young master had left the building, but the body guards that worked for him remained inside. Even the one who had suffered the slapping of the face! They approached Zhang Xuan, humbly bowing to him.   "Respected Senior, we were blind to even challenge you. Will you give us the chance to serve you?"   Zhang Xuan heaved a nonchalant sigh, rolling his eyes at the body guards.   "Why should I need any of you to serve me? Leave now, and never bother me again!" Read more
Chapter 10
Zhang Xuan felt himself on the verge of a breakthrough from the constant cleaning, his body exposed to the spirital qi while under heavy strain and hard work.  "Is this the results of hyper cleaning in this enviroment? I feel my whole meridians glowing with strength!" Zhang Xuan feverantly worked harder on the cleaning, this was proving to be more intensive than any exercise he had done before at all. He had just finished wiping the last speck of dirt, after burning through several cleaning rags and cleaning liquids in order to disinfect the apartment. But, to his surprise, he suddenly felt something shift inside his body. The spiritual qi that had been circulating through him began to flow even faster, and he could sense a sudden influx of energy into his meridians like never before. He could feel a sudden jolt of energy and vigor coursing through his body. His heart was racing and his limbs began charging with a powerful strength, like liquid t
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