Darkened Daylight

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Darkened Daylight

By: ArtDisk OngoingFantasy

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[I died more than once, but I never reached heaven. Nor did I reach hell. Who is tampering with my destiny? Everytime I die, I am reborn elsewhere. Even then, I remained second to none. Just who is reincarnating me?] ... "We finally meet, young lad!" "!!!!" The sudden voice that altered the turn of events made Adrona spellbound. "No need to be afraid my dear young lad. Cause you are now about to inherit 'Darkened Daylight', a power that is feared by both life and afterlife!" ... Adrona was freed from his misfortune by the 'Dark Reigner' who is known to be an origin entity and thus began his new journey in succeeding the 'Darkened Daylight', a power that reigns over the abyss.

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Unknown Misfortune
Why? ... What have I done to deserve this? Why can't I go to the afterlife? Does this happen to every living being? No...? That can't be... If my guess is correct, then this is my fifth life. In my fourth life, I lived in a different kind of earth where evil beings called demons and divine beings called heroes were in a constant war. I was not the Demon king but a 'Demon god' in that world. When someone died, there souls reached the afterlife. I was able to witness it since I was a god. Even then I was restrained from entering the afterlife, unless I die. I lived 200 millennium as a Demon god and met my end by the Divine gods who granted powers to the divine beings on earth. Back then, I felt relieved thinking that my long dream to reach the afterlife would come to fruition. But no...! I was reborn again in another earth. I felt despair like I felt in all of my previous lives. But the despair that I felt in this reincarnation was dull. Previously I cried and cried and cried mis
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ORIGIN ENTITY - A Past Obsession
---step---step---step---step---step---step---step---step---"Halt!!!""Beknown Demon god Adrona, this is the door to the afterlife. Entry is prohibited to beings who are not dead!"---gasp---The guards who were guarding the 'Gate of the afterlife' that is a doorway to hell and heaven, fell on their knees. One of the guards began mumbling,"This pressure... Were you hiding your true might for all these years? Not even the Divine gods but a Demon god who was destined to rot in hell is omitting such omnipotent aura?"The guards gaze turned above only to be met with omnious glare of the Demon god. His glare described the depths of fear. The dark and red eyes omitted a fierce warning to not look down on them.""Move aside!!""---flinch---The guards flinched with the voice."Sound transmission? No... This is the 'Domain of will' where one can make everything happen with sheer will. It takes almost a million years to achieve and be proficient in the domain of will for divine gods. But for
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ORIGIN ENTITY - Revelation
"Alright, here is my first question?";;;;"Your first question!" The creature reminded me."Oh!",... What should I ask? Many questions were piling up in my mind. But one thing was common in most of the questions. My mouth opened before I could realise it."Why do I keep reincarnating?"...The following situation turned silent. I thought that I shouldn't have asked that question."Very well, I shall answer your first question!""!!!!"As I received a positive result, my mind seemed to have lightened up. Nearly two hundred thousand and five hundred years... It took me that long to receive this heaven made opportunity. All my years of pain and struggle were coming into fruition. As the large entity opened its mouth, I stood firm to not falter by what was about to be revealed...."The origin of light and the origin of aftermath didn't like to see you rising above as a 'Grand law'!!""!!!!""... The origin of light and the origin of aftermath?"[Moreover, what is a 'Grand law'?]As I he
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ORIGIN ENTITY - Revelation(2)
[There should be mountains of dead bodies on the battlefield field. Where are they?]---snap---My hunch began to flip around."The dead!!"My intuition began to soar as I fell into deep thought. Suddenly, I turned around only to be a witness of the unexpected. Nearly one billion skeletons were standing in wait. When I was the Demon god, I was able to tell how many people were in the battlefield by looking at the area that was occupied by them.[Can't believe my past experience is helping me.]The skeletal appearance must be a side effect of the dead entering the realm of living beings.---crackle---A black and white lighting began to open up a rift on the sky circularly. It was the descent of the origin of aftermath. His eyes omitted black and white flames. He was wearing dark clothes like a reaper. His face resembled a dazzling young man. I thought he too would look like a skeleton. Guess there is nothing that the origin entities can not defy. But something felt off. The colour of
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ORIGIN ENTITY - Revelation(3)
"""DARKENED DAYLIGHT"""---booooooom---A huge bursting of aura took place.---Gasp---Both the origin entities that were about to kill Madrona got stuck in mid-air. Their weapons turned into smithereens. Madrona's aura now became dark and white. The darkening flames were wrapped around the white flames. Guess that is the darkened light flames...."!!!!"[Wait a minute.]When I was a scientist in my first life, I learnt about Newton disk. When the colours of rainbow are set in a disk with equal proportion, they would display a white plane when the disc is rotated fastly. That means right now Madrona is circulating all the seven darkening flames rapidly inside him while keeping them in harmony.What scared me was the technique Madrona used for suppressing the origin of light and aftermath. It was different from the sovereignties I observed until now.---splat---Both origin of light and origin of aftermath vomitted blood and the lord of the afterlife began to question."Huaak... What
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ORIGIN ENTITY - Dark Reigner
[How much crazier is my life going to become?]"No need to feel like a burden!", Madrona tried to cheer me up. But his looks were so obvious. They didn't cheer me but pitied me. I felt like wanting to kill myself. I didn't even think of myself as a burden. But, here is an origin entity mentioning me as a burden. How obvious can he be?I had no choice but to let it slide, since the one who is infront of me was none other than the first and foremost origin entity whose might reigned supreme than the other two entities.[I wonder what kind of monster I would become if I am about to inherit the 'Darkened Daylight'. Would I become like him with a dragon face and a body with claws and spikes?]---smack---I was smacked with flick of the finger of Madrona, that sent me flying backwards.---crash---When I opened my eyes, I saw myself being stuck inbetween the cracks of the walls where I crashed.Madrona ordered me, "That's your punishment for making fun of my appearance. Stay there until I f
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GRAND LAW - The Key Role
"Please enlighten me...!"The dark reigner asked, "Do you have any other doubts that you want to ask?";;;;"No, thanks. Too much time has passed. It is better to get it over with the main forum!"And I already wasted two of my precious chances due to my stupid curiosity. But, I atleast found out something new. So, I began to cheer up.I cleared my and sharpened my senses for what what was about to be revealed. I locked my gaze straight onto the Dark Reigner. And he began to reveal."The war that you saw was later termed as the 'War of Origins'. After a few thousand years, a weird phenomena occurred. Beings with irregular shape and mixed powers of mine, Martha's and Kraissilis's began to move rampant over all the three realms. We called that weird phenomena 'The Anonymous Emergence'!"I engaged inbetween the elaboration, "Are these beings stronger than your average living gods? Did they pose any threat to the origin entities?"The dark reigner continued, "Of course, they were no match
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GRAND LAW - The Key Role(2)
The mood began to lighten up. I was writhing in anticipation for the Easter eggs to be cracked and for the shells to be opened. I got myself together and calmed my mind.I asked, "What was it that lead to the emergence of Grand laws?!!"The dark reigner began to explain,"Earlier, I told you that we sent irregulars who took the authority of hunters while having their authority of observers in a temporary halt. Hunters who were sent to hunt down the escapee, failed in their mission. That was the first time we suffered casualties. The hunters were dead, and they weren't killed by any escapees but rather by the dwellers. So, we investigated the reason why dwellers killed the mutant asymmetrons who were our loyal pawns. Moreover, the mutant asymmetrons were aliased as outer gods who reigned supreme over the gods in the realm of living. It was far too fetched to be true. Later, we found out something out of the ordinary...We uncovered the reason behind the concealment of the escapees. Whil
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GRAND LAW - The Key Role(3)
"And for your note, the grand laws 'emerged' from some of these cultivators!""!!!!"I yelled in anticipation, "Please continue...!""The cultivators put an end to this game of the fake gods. But, the case was not same everywhere. Cultivators whose powers weren't strong enough to suppress the blessed entities died. There were still seven million worlds that still remained under the rule of the fake gods. If we were to eliminate the fake gods, beings who received their boon would cease to exist. And we can not afford to lose five hundred trillion souls!"[The count is way too overwhelming...;;;;]I interrupted, "Five hundred trillion in the sense, all the infinitos, the living and the dead combined together?""Yes...!", answered the dark reigner.[If it was all three realms combined, then it makes sense.]"So a few days later, Kraissilis came up with a solution.[Here comes the smartest being of all the three realms]He came up with a new game that would end the game of the fake gods a
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GRAND LAW - The Key Role(4)
"Yes, you are right. The grand laws were the people whom we later chose as our successors...!"...[There's no wonder in him telling me that I was about to inherit his power.]I interpreted, "You people are beings who are unbounded. You are origin entities. There is no need for you beings to falter over anything. So, why would you choose to retire in the first place?"The dark reigner responded, "Can you guess what my age is ever since I gained a consciousness?"I attempted, "Maybe a hundred or two hundred million years?!!!"He corrected me, "One hundred trillion years... I am nearly that many years old!"My hunch was an 'over-underestimation'. One hundred trillion years is too greater than one hundred million years. Its two constants above. My mouth was stuck open in excessive shock. It felt like being stuck by a lightning.He continued, "Now, tell me... After living for that many years, do you think we won't have a change of heart?"I interpreted, "Yes, I understand. But, what is th
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