Laura's Journey

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Laura's Journey

By: Harusaki CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A dream of traveling the world. Laura was a girl raised in a small town called Rum. The tragedy happened and her home was attacked by demons. Leading her to lose something irreplaceable. After losing everything she loved in the town Laura decided to travel to fulfill her dream. As she goes on a journey outside of the peaceful town. She started to find out how cruel and unforgiving the world can be, but at the same time wonderful and colorful.

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112 chapters
Chapter 1: Light chasing flies
In a faraway land on the edge of the map. There is a small town living in peace called Rum village.The lifestyle in this village is simple and fun. Kids are always playing around while parents and adults are working hard for their bright future. Life in this village is mundane and peaceful.My name is Laura and I'm 12 years old. I don't have a hobby or anything, but I like learning new things. My favorite thing to do is to eat. Even though that’s a fact. My body is not growing or getting fatter for some reason.When I have free time, I usually help on the farm to harvest some potatoes. The village produces its own crops on this wide farm. Most of the people living in this village are helping on the farm."This is the last basket."The girl with blue hair who is carrying a basket of potatoes towards the cart is my friend named Mayu.She's an orphan and is usually seen working on the farm. She is kind and a dreamer. I also play wit
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Chapter 2: Laura and Luna
After resting for some time on the Farm. Mayu and decided to go back to our home.We did something very dangerous together earlier this morning. Trying to forget everything that happened to our little journey. I know that it will cause some major trouble for us. Keeping it a secret is for the best of everything.That’s what we promised each other.While we are on our way out of the farm. I noticed my mother carrying a lot of stuff. Seems like she’s from the grocery store."Mama! Mama!"I called my mother and help her by taking the grocery bags she's carrying."Laura... Mayu-chan..."With curiosity on what are eating later. I take a peek inside the bags. There was vegetable and in top of them. I saw raw chicken and breeding.Chicken with breading only means one thing. It’s gotta be my favorite food of all time."Wow, it's chicken! Are we having fried chicken t
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Chapter 3: End of peaceful days
I lay down my body to the think moss. I stare toward the clouds and blue sky. Feeling the breeze of the wind, I closed my eyes.I don’t know how much time was passed. But I definitely fell asleep. Opening my eyes the sun is already setting down. I run my eyes and stretched my arms.Turning my glance around I saw Mayu looking out for me while I was asleep. She looks at me and gives me her usual smile.“Good morning.”"I did fell asleep… Thank you for looking for me."I hurried and got up."The sun started to set let’s go home for today Laura."Mayu and I then started to walk back to our houses. Mayu’s home is the church. It’s in opposite direction to my house that located eastern side of the town.While both of us are walking back toward our home. The earth suddenly shakes and I lost my balance from it. Resulting in me to fell. Mayu catches my body immediately and assist me to get up.Read more
Chapter 4: Departure
After the night of the tragedy.The state knight stays in the village to do some investigation. Cries of the people who lost their love once were heard. The flames that burn each house were put off but the tragedy and trauma it leaves to the people was left behind.Even I can’t believe what happened. I can’t believe the fact that the smile that used to put relief in my heart was now gone.I was regretful at that moment. I didn’t even get a chance to make up with my mother after the fight we had earlier. I was so selfish and childish.This is my fault, I have no one to blame but myself.In Mayu’s arms, I continue to cry and cry until my heart out.…The next day.Mayu and I decided to bury my mother near the biggest tree in the village. We made a coffin with the sapwood and made a pretty-looking coffin for her. We filled it with plenty of colorful flowers. After that, we lay her down.Lookin
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Chapter 5: First night Alone
Before the morning shine.I arrived at the town next to the Rum town called Heirbell town.Unlike the peaceful and relaxing scenery of the Rum town.Heirbell town is a town known as a trading site for many adventurers and merchants.People often visit to shop here because of its cheap offers unlike other shops in other towns.There are a crowd of people everywhere and it's very easy to lose in these place if you don’t have enough sense of direction.Its earsplitting sound of the seller and buyers are heard every corner. They are selling many things from small items to bigger items. It includes adventuring stuff like weapons, support items, and adventuring gears.While I was wandering around the busy streets. I notice a group of children walking in the lane. They all have a gloomy expression on their face. Their clothes are dull and tear up.Looking closely at the children, I noticed that their feet are chain one each othe
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Chapter 6: Outside world is dangerous
The next day.I wake up early and headed to the forest to hunt mushrooms and herbs to sell.I started to notice that mushroom with darker color is used in poison and cursing. Meanwhile, the lighter colored mushrooms are used in Recovery and enhancement.I used to do this repeatedly and started to notice my competitors.The Heirbell is a trading town. The mushrooms and herbs are always in demand because adventurers and travelers used to buy tons of them in this town.But like what I said there are competitors. some of them already got territory, where they hunt every day. As a simple powerless girl like me. There is no way they will help me out.They once caught me hunting mushrooms in their territory. They got angry and tried to attack me. They are all so heartless.Good thing that I have a talent for running fast. I’m able to escape and save my life from possible danger.I started to make savings and enough money to feed
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Chapter 7: Master and student
Walking with the woman named Koyuki. We arrived at a house at the top of the hill. Hearing our footsteps two little girls came to greet us."Welcome home.""Welcome home Mama."The girls who seemed to be 6 years old welcomed it with cheerful smiles on their faces. The two girls look identical to each other. The only difference between them is their hair color. The other one has peach hair and the other has white-silver hair.Mama? Koyuki-san looks so young I didn't know that she already has a child."I'm home Nonon, Yaya."Greeted Koyuki back and enter the house.The two girls then got curious and stare at me with puzzled eyes. The girl with pinkish hair walked toward me and said:"Mama, who is this girl?""Yeah, I'm also curious."Of course, they will be curious. I'm a starter after all. But their stare makes me feel embarrassed for a moment.I'm quite nervous and stayed silent but I guess it's rude i
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Chapter 8: Laura's training diary (Part 1)
"First take a deep breath and then swing your sword."Koyuki is currently demonstrating the basic swordsmanship, that I need to follow. It's hard because this is my first time training swordsmanship.My small hands are turning red and numb. Copying Koyuki's attack pattern using the old sword on my hand. I get ready myself and swing my sword vertically.After having practice swings for quite a while. My hands can’t take it anymore. I lost my grip on my sword. I then left my hand really hot and painful at the same time.Looking at my palm I saw how red it was.“If you want to survive in the outside world. You should at least endure something like that.”Koyuki said.Master is right, this is just a small part of my training. But still for a small girl like me to have this kind of hardship makes me want to cry.Still, I can’t just give up.I stand up and repeat it from the beginning.Yaya and N
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Chapter 9: Laura's training diary (Part 2)
"Where are you? And who are you?"I said as I turn my head around searching for the voice I just heard."Common don't treat me like a scary ghost… I'm here."The girl shows herself in front of me.She got short hair like mine and her blue eyes and aqua hair resemble Mayu. She's wearing an ordinary villager outfit for girls like I used to wear when I was in Rum town."Can you do your fighting stance again? And follow my instructions."She said.I look at her with suspicious eyes.She looks younger than me. She’s suddenly giving me an order? This girl suddenly appearing in the middle of the night was kinda shady.“Don’t look at me with those eye’s would you? I’m not that shady.”She reads through my mind.I sense nothing ill behind her words and just followed what she’s saying."... Now concentrate your mana in all over your body. Make the mana flow to t
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Chapter 10: Request of the potion maker (Part 1)
"We arrived at the Witchport city, I repeat we arrived at Witchport city."Said the ship captain.I stand up from my seat and go down with the other passengers out of the ship.I'm quite dizzy because of me riding the ship earlier but when I step foot to the ground I feel a lot better.To think that I have seasickness is really surprising for me. Someday I will gonna get used to it.Now, what should I do next?I did have enough money to last a month. But unlike before, I’m now able to use magic. I guess I’ll start making money by taking quests.  I’m confident that I can take care of myself now.Moving on.Walking in the streets of Witchport. I started to scent an aroma that I can't resist."Umm... his smell's really nice..."I run and followed the sweet aroma and reach and restaurant expert in making fried chickens."I knew it, fried chickens. maybe it's fate that I came to this city
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