The Forgotten 7th God

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The Forgotten 7th God

By: Zayir MN OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Six Gods rule six towers, allowing the mortal races to earn power, prosperity, and prestige. One day a seventh god appears in the world in the form of a 12-year-old boy. " My name Is Dawn, you can also call me the god of death." The Boy introduced himself. " Become my follower and I will grant you the privilege of using my power. The Power that is the beginning and the end of everything, The power of Death." ------ This is the story of a man bestowed with the power of death and once renowned as the god of death by everyone. He sacrificed himself to save the kind humans of the world but that wasn't the end of him. He reincarnates and starts his journey once again in the same world which has drastically changed. He wields a power that allows him to become stronger by killing. A being with no limits, he will shake the world and will once again become the 7th God who has been forgotten by the World. Follow his journey filled with adventures, action, and wars. ----- The story takes place in a fantasy world known as Sabaspire, there are seven towers in seven different parts of the world. Six out of the seven towers are ruled by gods and the seventh tower is known as the demon tower. Outside the towers, the world is ruled by the BraveHeart Empire and BrenSol kingdom, They are under the protection of Fake Gods. Dawn and his followers will find out the truth about the change in the world and will fight against whatever they consider wrong. ----- Follow me on:- Instagram: @zayir_dm discord:

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The Boy Who Talks To The Dead
" Uncle, what was that huge tower-like? Did you get something cool from there?" A bunch of kids were listening to the story that one retired adventurer was telling them." That is the tower of Flames, where the god of flames resides on the top floor. Do you know something? A tower is a place where you can get as strong as you want, there are even some legends in which people had become close to becoming a god themselves." The adventurer told the kids to make their mouths open in shock. " Hey, Lock, don't inspire kids to do crazy things such as climbing the tower. Are you mad?" The lady who owned the restaurant spoke. " This is just a small village, it's better if they remain ignorant of the dangers outside." " Pfft! You are the same as always, Linda remember that I was once a brat like them in a village." Lock spoke as he picked one child up on his lap. " And we all know what happened, you lost the people that followed you and became good for nothing," Linda said in an insulting ma
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" So is that all you two want to talk about?" The boy asked, once looking at the grave and then at Lock." I don't know how but whatever you said would have been the words only my friend would have said. There were even some things that only the two of us knew about." He was confused but feeling somewhat relieved of his guilt. He looked at the boy in front of him who was standing near him with a calm smile. " I have fulfilled my end of the bargain, would you fulfill mine now." He asked. " Tell me one thing, why is the ghost of my friend still here, will he not go to heaven or hell?" Lock asked in reply to his question. " Souls with strong spiritual prowess take time to vanish, he will pass away in a month or two, if you want I can help him pass away now." The boy said offering his hand. Lock didn't understand this action, but remained at a little distance from the boy. " You said, you are Death! I didn't understand what you meant?" Lock asked. " It's the same thing your friend i
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First Subbordinate
" Since you have agreed to become my subordinate, let's begin," Dawn said with a grin on his face, his smile was so obvious that it was noticed by Kevin and alerted him." Wait a minute why do I think you are still not telling me something," Kevin asked." Haha! What do you mean?" Dawn broke into a sweat and started to look here and there. ' Man, I used to wear a mask, so no one ever found out my intentions by my face. I do need one, soon. Now, how do I make him agree with this?'" Fine, Actually I am currently at my weakest. I can only transform you into some low-level undead that may barely be able to fight." Dawn gave up on hiding the truth as he saw Kevin's soul-making a serious face. " And what would that be." " Have you heard about the undead wisp of flames?" Dawn asked. " That's the best I can do." " Fine, I agree," Kevin answered letting out a sigh." Really, why?" " Aren't you gathering servants to become strong? It may be that I am possibly your first servant, so I only
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Kind People
Dawn collapsed on the ground while walking, his head was spinning because of low energy. ' Damnit, I forgot to warn him that his powers come from me, so if he uses too much of his powers it will affect me. I have no mana now, it's too late to realize, it seems the connection has also disappeared.' Dawn thought as he gasped for air and finally became unconscious." Hey, looks like another orphan died today, and he just had to die in front of my store." A shopkeeper complained, " What do I do now?" " Let's call a guard, they will handle it." " Should I just toss him aside? Dead or alive they are just the same." " Hey, how can you say that about another human like that." Another person spoke, and people were saying different kinds of things, some were saying they should bury Dawn properly and some were spitting because of disgust but no one went near him." What is happening there, Mike? Why is the crowd gathered there?" A woman who was walking home with a newborn in her arms saw the
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My Pride
" How are you feeling kid?" Amy asked when Dawn got up and sat on the bed. " I am fine, I appreciate your help. May I know your names." Dawn said lowering his head to show that he was grateful. ' Is this child an orphan?' Amy questioned in her mind and the other two doubted as well because Dawn was showing manners that other orphan kids will not do. He got up and bowed before them." My name is Amy, and this is my husband Mike who saved you."" I will repay this kindness if you have anything you want me to do. You can just ask me now and I will do it." Dawn said looking toward Mike." It's alright, I think you need rest. If you want we can look after you for some time." Amy suggested. " No, I can't be any more of a burden. Right now I have no means to pay you back for your kindness but I will." Dawn again bowed in front of Amy." No sweat kid, you go live your life. We will wait for you as long as you want, let's go, Amy." Mike said with a loud voice as if being proud of something.
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Earn The Money
" Kevin, what do you think is the best way to earn money?" Dawn asked.' From my experience, the easiest and the right way to earn money is beating the bad guys and taking their money, hehe,' Kevin replied while eying what was in front of him. They were deep in the forest and Kevin had found some bandits in the forest the last time he went out to explore. " You are a hundred percent right, Let's free those slaves they are trafficking and take all of their money," Dawn said as he looked for an opening. He hid above a tree and pointed his fingers toward a bandit. ' I hope it kills him.' Dark purple energy started to gather when Dawn focused on his mana circulation. A small round bullet started to take shape and Dawn started to focus on the target in front of him who was the boss of the bandits. Dawn fired the round energy bullet, the leader of the bandits sensed the danger and was going to run but could not because of the speed so he tried blocking it with his hands. However, the bu
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Followers Of Death
" You people, tell me about yourself," Dawn asked the freed slaves, who were still confused. The Slaves still could not believe that they were saved by a little kid. " Did you kill them?" One of them asked." Yes, I did. I wanted their money so I killed them." Dawn explained. " Please, will you allow me to be free? I want to run away." The slave who had asked the question requested." Please let us go," " Please don't kill us too." The entire crowd erupted in chaos as they all begged for only one thing. " I will let you go, just tell me how did you become slaves," Dawn asked. " Most of us were kidnapped, our villages were attacked by these bandits and we were captured as slaves." " Okay, those who are from the same villages form a group with each other," Dawn ordered them. They quietly followed his orders and started to form groups because they feared the ball of flame flying around him.There were two groups, consisting of 25 or more villagers in each, and there were some othe
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Followers Of Death Part 2
" I am interested in becoming a subordinate but how can I be useful?" The girl who was the first one to speak among the seven questioned him." What is your name?" Dawn asked." I don't have one." The girl was quick to answer anything and more than that she was brave, Kevin tested it by floating near her but she didn't even flinch.' I like this one.' Kevin said, he was amazed by the girl because she was the weakest among everyone, she was young not more than 16 years old, and was too skinny. There were many bruises all over her body but she was still ready to fight back." Leona, from this day forward, call yourself that," Dawn said while smiling. " If you become my follower, I will make you strong." " I asked how will you use me?" The girl asked again." You will fight for my cause and follow my every command," Dawn answered. " What is your cause?" The girl was asking everything that others also wanted to know. " I don't know I will decide later." Dawn answered, " Right now, I al
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" Tell me, how do we earn money? I think after giving away most of it, we are just left with enough to only survive this month." Dawn asked his followers." I don't think there is any way for us to earn money in this place unless you want to become a bandit," Felix replied to Dawn." We can sell their weapons, they are mostly useless," Hans suggested. " Yes, doing that will help for a few more days. However, our leader needs some fine clothes first."" Clothes are very expensive, I had checked," Dawn answered." How much money do we have?" Hans was evaluating everything and he wasn't sure if they even had enough money. " We have 3 gold coins, 7 silver coins, and four promissory notes of one silver each." " How can we afford food for all os us with that much money? The meat will be too expensive." Hans questioned. " Where will we be living?" " We are going to live here and food will come from hunting. We will only buy things for the ladies and the necessary things." Dawn explained.
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The Creatures Of Death
" Run! Run! Run!" Dawn shouted from above a tree. " Run as your lives depend on this." Today he was training his follower with Kevin, and all of them thought that the training would be easier but he pushed them to their limit. Leona wasn't giving up despite being the weakest among everyone, even Luna was better than her when it came to stamina. She was the skinniest among the bunch.' I have to Run faster to become stronger, that's what he said. I can not give up.' Leona encouraged herself in her mind and ran as fast as she can without giving up.She was being fed more than enough food for the first time in her life and she wanted to repay her savior for this. As Dawn told her, she would be fighting for him so she needed to be strong to not disappoint him. Dawn himself was running but he had already completed his fifty rounds on the decided route. The others were not even finished with half of it, everyone was amazed by his ability to run.The fastest among everyone was Brook, follo
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