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She was the price her father and her kingdom would pay, she had the royal blood that he needed. He was a tyrant and she knew it, tales told it, yet she decided against running away and facing the monster whom she feared would devour her. Tables turned when he wanted more than to devour her body and soul and also when the truth came out. Would she truly serve her purpose to him? Or would she be another worthless human threading dragon grounds?

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Chapter One
Elena~The view from outside my window was beautiful. Green rolling hills and bright blue skies, I was lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the palace and kingdoms.I had enough to eat every day, and the best that life could have to offer. Life is beautiful and sweet and fulfilling.But it came at a cost. I felt my stomach twist nausea rolling waves through my body, I sat down on my bed, sinking into the soft, plush fabric.Every time I tried to distance myself from the upcoming horror I was sucked right back in. Every time I try to calm my racing heart, the steady beating rose again, threatening to consume me.I took a shuddering breath and felt it, blow out against my hands. I was painfully aware, in this moment of just how fragile I was.How easily broken.I shuddered and tried not to think about it too long or too hard, I still have preparation to make. I still had to get ready for my torturous journey.With trembling leg, I made my way to the bath chamber that was
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Chapter Two
Chapter 2Elena povCatherine's words sent a shiver down my spine, The Dragon Lord would not be merciful. I knew that much already. He was known all through the land for his cruelty and brutality towards anyone who crossed him.He wasn't someone to be trifled with. He doesn't play nice.And I was to go to his side, I was to leave my home, my kingdom and go to his castle and face whatever he had in store for me.Because if I refused, he will burn my Kingdom to ashes."Perhaps." I echoed, feeling the anxiety flow back into my chest.I have to be strong. Catherine lapsed into the silence and I stared into the distance till she finished doing my hair."Dragons." They are terrifying creatures with untold power.Most of them had gone extinct by now, fighting amongst themselves.But those who had survived this long were not only strong but smart too.They possessed a different kind of power and they possessed everything they needed to survive the unthinkable and prosper in this world.The
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Chapter Three
Chapter 3Elena pov"I turned away the heaviness in my chest, it was time to go and I needed to act now before I lose my nerves.Turning around slowly, I followed him out of the castle and into the cold air outside and that was how I wanted it.There will surely be a story about what happened to me, but it wouldn't be a true story. I don't want my people to feel uneasy. I don't want them to live in fear.I needed to keep everyone calm and safe. And also I walked out into the cold night on my own.The wind whipped at my cloak and I pulled it tighter around myself. I wondered what the weather will be like at the Dragon Lord castle.No one had ever visited and returned to tell the tales. I had only rumors to go on and I didn't know if they would be trusted.Every step I took dragged me further away from home, further away from the life I had lived for the past twenty years.It was crazy to think so much was going to change.It was crazy to think how quickly life had been rosy and sweet.
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Chapter Four
Chapter 4Elena POVThe carriage pulled up at the huge iron gate that surrounded the Dragon Lord's castle, I felt shivers move through my body, unbidden.I wanted to draw my knee up and pretended that this isn't happening. I wanted to take care of my people, but this cost felt too high now that I was here.I had to be brave in other to survive. I knew that I really did, but right now my hand wouldn't stop shaking, I pushed them between my knee and held them steady. It was okay. I just had to get through todayAnd then what? It's going to be the end.The carriage pulled up outside of the castle. It was huge, so towering, that I couldn't see the top of the tallest tower from the carriage window. It was gigantic, impressive, and imposing.He was the strongest of all Dragons after all.If this castle was anything to go by, he was certainly powerful. Money, influence, and the strength to take whatever he wanted.I would have admired such strength if he wasn't using it against me right now.
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Chapter Five
Chapter 5Elena povI took a step back, feeling the hairs at my back stand up.He was gorgeous. I have never expected a dragon to be so attractive. But that didn't make him less of a dragon, or less a danger. Somehow his good looks were even more terrifying.I felt my breath catch in my chest and I did my best to straighten my shoulder and stand my ground."Whatever you have in store for me, I'm prepared." I said, doing my best to keep my voice leveled and stable even though my hands were shaking."Just, please, honor our agreement and leave my kingdom alone."Every part of me was telling me to run. My mind was screaming at me to get out of there now, my hands were shaking as I stared at him down.But I had to stand my ground. I wasn't going to run away.Whatever happened, happened. I wasn't going to flee nor cry.The Dragon Lord looked at me with an expression full of surprise. He looked like he was analyzing me, trying to determine what made me tick.He hummed a soft sound that carr
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Chapter Six
Chapter 6ElenaThe door slammed behind me, echoing through the darkness of the castle. I reached forward, tugging at the handle, but it was locked from the outside.I had expected to be locked up, but the lack of light was confronting. I was never without light, never without something to guide my way.At home the moon will surely guide my way and shine through my windows, the lantern will burn in the garden. At home, I have the light from the scullery floating up the stairs, the warmth of the fire burning down the stairs.They had always been light in my life. Life and laughter and something to look forward to.But now, there is nothing but darkness, the cold echoing touch of the night. And wasn't that fitting? I was stuck in a world of darkness, after all. I was stuck in a hole where the light of hope no longer burned.I was stuck here with no hope of ever going home and no idea what was going to happen to me.The dread sink into my heart and I felt sick with it. Shuddering, I lean
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Chapter Seven
Chapter 7 Elena pov"Your whole life?" I asked.The hope that has started to rise inside me was falling fast. But Delaney looks happy as she nodded."Yes, of course. My mother was a refugee who fled in this land. I was born here in service." She smiled and I didn't know what to think."It not uncommon to be born into service, right?"She was right. That was a very normal thing to happen, even in my kingdom. If your mother was a maid, you were often a maid too, and so on.Despite that, there was still something about what she said that wasn't common, something I needed to elaborate further on."Yes, that's true. And your mother was a refugee? From where?"Who would possibly need to flee to a kingdom ruled by Dragon? Who would be so desperate, especially in our surrounding lands? My kingdom was flourishing, and many other kingdoms were too.Providing they didn't anger the Dragon Lord, of course. "A country far away from here. She didn't speak of it too much, but she said she had to tr
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Chapter Eight
Chapter 8Dracul's povI leaned against my desk, feeling the smooth wood beneath my hands.The door shut behind me and I listen to the footsteps echo down the stairs. After a few minutes, the noise vanished.What am I doing?I felt the thick knot of tension at my back, between my shoulder blade and I rolled my shoulder to reduce the pain.I had been tense lately, more than normal.Running a kingdom and keeping my people safe for thousands of years had been no small feat and it had taken a lot of planning, strategy, and smarts.But more than anything, it had taken strength. When the mortal saw the slightest inkling of weakness, they pounced on it.But other dragons were the same. All hopping on weakness like it was a great big meal and they were famished.I hated it, I despised every part of this facade, this game, the terrible role that I took. But I did what I had to do. I would keep my people safe no matter what the cost is.I would keep them safe, the few of us the were left, and w
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Chapter 9Elena povI snuck through the corridors, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, leaving me breathless. I didn't want to take the wrong step and be caught. I didn't want to make a wrong move and be seen.I wanted to get in, see what was happening and get out.The closer I got, the more I started to worry about what exactly was going on, what exactly all this meant.What was happening in this kingdom, in this land?Like it or not, I was a part of it now, I had something to gain by knowing more about my surroundings. It was a benefit, after all.So why did I feel like I was making the wrong choice? Why did I feel like I wasn't going to like what I saw?I got my answer pretty quickly. I poked my head around the corner and froze.The scene in front of me was like something out of my nightmare.Zane was laying on the ground, bleeding out from a gaping of his neck. His eyes were open and glassy and I had a sickening knowledge, right then and there, that he was dead.And my eyes dri
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Chapter 10Elena povAnd he kissed me.What I'm I doing?It was like my body moved on its own. One moment, I was furious at him, the next, my lips were on his and my hands on his coat seemed a lot more intimate than they had a moment ago.His golden eyes widened and for a second, I thought he was going to pull away. I didn't know if I wanted him to pull away, or if I wanted him to kiss me back harder.What the hell is going on with me? What's wrong with me?Then the world seems to kick back into gear, and he was kissing me back. His lips were hot against mine but so much softer than I had imagined. He tasted sweet, like whiskey and woodsmoke.?I stumbled back, my back slamming against the wall. The stones were cold against my dress, the iciness seeping through and leaving me shivering.But he was warm, he was so warm. He radiated heat as he pressed against my body and I melted right into it.He smelt amazing, and I didn't want to let go. I pulled him in, parting my lips as he kissed m
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