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Male Lead: John Rizzo Female lead: Sabrina Bernette John, born with a strange red crystal in his hand, lived his life as any other seventeen years old boy would. But when he turned eighteen he started having nightmares about events of his past life which he did not know he had. Because John lacked money to complete his school fee, he decided to become a bounty hunter. But John lacked the fighting experience and a beast attacked him in the forest, which he wasn't able to protect himself from. Just as he was in the brim of death, 'Let me take over from here.' He heard a strange voice in his head. John fell unconscious but when he woke up, somehow, he had defeated all the beasts that were after him. Then the voice explained to John that all the dreams he had were not just dreams, they were memory recalls. From John's memory recall, he and his parents were killed but before he died he made a wish to a genie to be Reborn in order to seek his revenge. Meanwhile Sabrina, a skilful thief, sent to steal the crystal John had on him, ended up falling in love with John. The story consists of Fantasy, Comedy, mystery and a little bit of romance. Including Vampires, wolves and humans. I hope you enjoy this novel.


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A young boy has left town and the woods is the only direction he seems to concentrate on. The boy though looking so handsome, the sadness on his face reveals his distress.The boy heads further into the woods not bothering about the certain dangers he could encounter.' Mum and Dad are always telling me I can't be a hunter, that I won't be able to protect myself. Today I will prove them wrong.' The boy thinks to himself as he keeps walking with a determined look on his face.The boy has gone deep enough and he seems to be lost at this moment. He hears strange sounds coming from the nearby bushes. This frightens him a lot.He takes out his sword and holds it like a student touching a sword for the first time.He is probably a novice in swordsmanship.He looks around and to his horror, he sees a pair of red eyes staring back at him from the nearby bushes.Aaaah the boy shouts, then he drops his sword and runs off in a random direction. He doesn't care where he is heading, he just wishes
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John never knew when he had fallen asleep on his bed with the window of his room left open. His mother stepped in to offer him supper, made of fried fish and bread, but when she saw him sleeping peacefully, she never wanted to disturb his sleep. So she placed the food on the little table beside his bed and closed the window in order to prevent mosquitoes and other dangers at night. She kissed his forehead, then she smiled and said " Good night my wishing star, sweet dreams." After saying this, she pulled the blanket over his body, then she left the room.--John saw himself in a strange house, it never had the modern look in it, but instead it had the old fashioned design. He was holding a strange kettle in his hand and the same red crystal was on his neck.Then he heard noises outside. It sounded like a battle was going on. Then he saw a woman running towards him, she hugged him and said "Cassian! Don't worry my son, everything will be okay." John could feel the pain in the woma
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" Dude, did you listen to the news today? A Mayor's son died while doing a solo hunting mission." A student in John's class asked his friend.It was lunchtime so everyone was free to discuss.John as usual just kept to himself and sat on his desk alone, but his ears could hear their conversation. Despite the fact that this school was in a poor area, there were still some few rich and popular kids one never had to mess with." What? A Mayor's son? Man that is strange. I mean what will he need money for? He is a Mayor's son."" But after examining the body, the police found out that it was not a beast attack but someone murdered him and collected his gold coins."When John heard this, his heart started beating faster as he remembered the trouble he was currently in." The Mayor has placed a bounty of ten thousand gold coins to anyone who reveals the killers."Those words in particular really touched John's ear drums and it got him thinking; He contemplated on whether to report the case
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All these days John had been going to school and something was yet to happen to him.but still yet when he leaves school he will always look over his shoulders to make sure no one is following him. A few weeks had passed and exams were approaching and John knew his school fee needed to be completed in order to take the exam. His parents had not made a statement up to this moment, so John decided to take matters into his own hands.' if the real culprit is out there, then he must be searching for me. I cannot report him if I don't have evidence. I need to learn how to defend myself. and there is no better place at the moment than being a bounty hunter. There I can increase my fighting skills and also make some quick cash in the process.The advantages are far greater than the disadvantages.I am sorry dad, I will have to go against your advice. only a few hunts won't hurt right?'John left the house as usual, he said good bye to his parents but his destination this time was not at sc
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In the group of four, John could tell from their scents that Nick was a vampire, Alexa was a werewolf and finally Ricko and Charlotte were both humans.Even though Nick was a vampire, he could move freely under the sun without getting burnt because he had his protective ring on. It was still another product of the Drexeler company.From their choice of weapon, John was wondering what the abilities of the humans were.Ricko carried around two metal canes While Charlotte carried a bow without arrows. Alexa was a sword user like John, but she had just an intermediate tier sword.Finally, Nick wore a spiked gauntlet which matched the color of his armor.His choice of weapon was not surprising because vampires preferred hand to hand combat.John all his life had convinced himself that he is a human like his parents, but he also had a little confusion in his mind.He wondered why his senses were so hyper despite being a human. His ears were so sharp and his nose could differentiate the sce
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John's uncle was scared to the roots when he received a call that something bad had happened to a Novice hunter in the forest while hunting, which he then discovered that it was John. As one of the officers who were responsible for such emergency cases and also as the uncle of John, he picked up his magic weapon and left his house, stepped in his car and headed straight to the location of the forest.He was already feeling guilty and he didn't know what he would tell John's father if something happened to his only son. So he had to try his best to avoid any tragedy as much as possible.This thought made him hit the gas pedal harder.--The speed in which Mr. Benson had driven to reach the location of the call had finally paid off, as he arrived after a few minutes only.When he arrived, he saw a bunch of Amateur hunters, around the age of John and also other members from the locality standing in a little gathering. The hunters looked exhausted as though they had been running for a
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The group was still giving John a hug except Nick, uncle Ben and the rest of the men.The hug had lasted for an awkwardly long time and Nick couldn't help but roll his eyes." Aaugh alright his fine you can let him go." Said Nick." I am happy to see you fine, but I must say it's like a miracle happened here, do you know who or what killed all of these beasts?" Uncle Benson asked. At this point, the group had stopped hugging John and they were looking at him with questioning eyes, waiting for his answer." Unm no, I don't remember a thing. I just woke up here with everything like this and the only thing I could remember was that I was being attacked by an Advance tier shadow dog." John lied. And because of this, Cassian shook his head. ' You can't hide who you are forever, you know,' he said.' I know what i'm doing.' John replied." Aah, I see." Uncle Benson said as he went over to one of the corpses of the shadow dog and started examining its body." How did you all find me?" John
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John's father had been outside not for a long while, then rushed in suddenly with the look of horror on his face."We need to get out of here now," he said." What is going on?" John's Mother asked." We don't have time to answer questions, let us go now." John's father replied.Everyone left the house and stepped outside and down the street were beasts attacking houses. Some members of the neighborhood were using their abilities, trying to fight off the beasts, but they were outnumbered as the beasts were just too many.The whole area was in chaos as people were trying to run for their lives. Others were trying to protect their properties while others tried to protect their loved ones.When looking at the area, one could not believe it was once a peaceful neighborhood.While watching the beasts, John noticed that the beasts behaved in a strange pattern repeatedly as if something was controlling them. The beast didn't kill anyone, it looked like they were trying to drive people out of
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"Here is your room, have a good night." Sabrina said as she gave John a wide smile." Thank you," John said."Your welcome," Sabrina said, then she turned to take her leave, but then she heard John's voice saying " Wait," which made her turn back and face John." Umm.. I.. I am John, nice to meet you" John stood there with a red face as he tried to speak. He wasn't good with girls so he felt embarrassed that his speech was shaky." Oh, I am Sabrina, nice to meet you too." Sabrina replied politely." Good night," John said as he rushed into his room and closed the door.' Damnit, look what you made me do Cassian, are you happy now?' John asked, feeling enraged.' Uhh.. Don't worry it was a good start, next time you will do better.'' There is no next time,' John replied.--At night, for some reason, John could not sleep, so he decided to go outside and get some fresh air. When he stepped outside, he picked up a familiar scent. It was that of Sabrina. Then John's ears picked up the sou
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John and Sabrina had left the building which the meeting was holding in and they were both heading back home. The Journey was a silent one. John peeked a little to his right to see if Sabrina was still mad but he realized that she was really still mad as her face showed her rage. John quickly turned his eyes away from Sabrina because he never wanted to know what will happen if his eyes met with that of Sabrina.' Boy, now she is like a wounded lion.' John thought to himself.' Say something, will you leave her that way?' Cassian asked.' And what will I tell her?' John asked.' Tell her you are sorry.' Cassian replied.' Don't you think I should wait until she calms down?' John asked.' That is also right, but what if she wants you to say something?' Cassian asked." What were you thinking?" John and Cassian's discussion was interrupted when they heard Sabrina's voice." Why did you follow me?" She asked." Look I am sorry okay, I just saw you leaving the house at night, heading somew
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