Academy for Specials; The Ash Legacy

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Academy for Specials; The Ash Legacy

By: PENCILS Updated just nowFantasy

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Q-grade Specials, A-grade Specials, B-grade Specials, C-grade Specials, D-grade Specials and E-grade Specials. That's the order in which every Special in the academy had been ranked until Kastian shows up at a critical time of the school. After losing his parents in a ghastly car accident, Kastian had to move in with his Aunty who did nothing more than maltreat him and make him feel like he should have died in the accident too. However, Kastian's normal life takes an unexpected twist when he gets unreal abilities. Initially, he thinks he had gone mad but when things begin to get real, Kastian finds himself in the Academy for Specials. At first sight, the school is a perfect place for superhumans to grow their abilities away from the knowledge of ordinary humans while fighting bad guys from the shadows but the longer Kastian stays in the academy, he soon realizes that the downfall of the school had come. With the few Q-grade Specials the academy had ever known dead, the academy is nothing more than a playground for the biggest enemy to both mankind and Specials. It's almost impossible for him to control the prototype his parents left behind for him but when he finally gains control, he's merely an unstoppable force of nature. Kastian is the only hope of the school now; the only hope of the ordinary humans who had made his life a living hell. He doesn't know how long he can hold out until he loses control of his abilities again, but he knows that he's going to live up to his parents' legacy as the best Special the academy had ever known; the best Superhero the world would ever see.

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  • Ojuju-Writer


    So far so good.. and bruv I make good covers Incase you're interested.

    2024-03-31 05:33:28
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87 chapters
Chapter 1
"You better be back early enough to make dinner or hunger would be the least of your regrets." I hear my aunty say over the counter.Sighing silently so as not to anger her, I pick up my water bottle and strolled out of the houseGetting outside, I could finally breathe; the air was refreshing and the quietness was therapeutic.Getting away from their barks of order was the most relieving thing…..ever.The walk to the bus station was a long one as we lived in the heart of the City.Sidon wasn't such a big city but it was beautiful especially her inner parts.After inheriting all that my parents left behind for me after their deaths, my aunty and her family got their dream house; my parents house and all the money from their insurance which legally, rightfully belonged to me.I really should be grateful they even let me under their….my roof and spared me something money to feed from which I took the bus.I couldn't take the school bus, I had been severely warned by Justin and his gang.
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By the time i wake up, it's the school nurse sitting by the side of my bed."oh, you're awake?" it sounded more like a question than a statement."how long have i been gone?" i don't ask what happened as the images flood my head."only a few minutes." she feels like forever."i'm not getting my exam rescheduled." i sigh and dropped my head into my hands.the perfect plan i had made for my life had gone up in ruins thanks to justin."are you okay?" she eyed me looking somehow scared.was i not supposed to be?Justin had injected me with ethanol but it couldn't be that bad, right?"You were injected with a large dose of ethanol by your exam partner." she didn't need to go further, i understand what that meant.ethanol causes pain and hemolysis and considering the force, speed and amount justin had injected me, i wasn't even supposed to be breathing or at least conscious after a few minutes."you stopped bre…." she stopped halfway because someone walked into the dispensary.
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No, I'm daydreaming.Wrong! I'm hallucinating.I should see the City's therapist soon.He offered me therapy for free after my parents' death five years ago.There's a good chance he'll help me again.What if he doesn't?I can't seem to think straight since I encountered that creep and then the other one.How the hell did he even erase their minds with just a snap of his fingers?FLASHBACK"S-U-P-E-R P-O-W-R-R-S." The second one spelled out."There's no such thing as Superpowers." I argued,unsure.I had watched my own blood flow back into my wrist, supersped and saved a girl, watched this guy wipe out people's memories and could see the other one that claimed to be invincible.None of these were real,None of these could be real.I was hallucinating, I should get treatment soon."Your parents should have told you about the damn Chorazin before their death. I can't believe I'm about to babysit an ignorant Ash." The memory wiper seemed pissed.What the hell?!Did I just refer to him as
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Chapter 4
I grabbed the envelope and shoved it into my pocket and turned my attention to the food on the stove."Kastian?" I turned around and sighed lightly when I saw that she was alone."Good morning, Aunt." I greeted her, keeping my hand in my pocket where a certain black envelope was."Why were you loud?" She yawned but still managed to sound angry."I…" She raised her hand in the air to stop me."I don't care what it was but keep your voice down. You'll regret waking my husband if you do." She warned me and I swallowed saliva.Without waiting any more than she already did, she returned to her room.Sighing, I brought out the envelope.It still had the same words at the back.This couldn't be from creep or Memory wiper, right?They hadn't showed up today, not like I was expecting them to anyway.After turning off the stove, I opened the envelope.I brought out the white paperwork inside it and read the content on it. Are you ready to be a Special?I couldn't help but laugh out loud but c
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Chapter 5
A portal had appeared in my room and a strong force from the other side had pulled me in.I recognized it as a portal because I had seen it severally in comics.But then, if it had appeared in my room then all of this was…No! "Don't say it Kastin." Somehow, those words never came out of my mouth.I was now traveling through a hole with many bright colors at a speed that shouldn't be real.It felt cold in here and I felt like puking but I didn't.Eventually, I landed on something really hard and I puked.When I felt a little better, I took time to take in my surroundings.Right now, I was in a really dark place but it wasn't so dark that I couldn't make out the giant door in front of me.Where did it lead to?Do I push it?What happens if I'm not dreaming and I end up in the worst places possible?No, this couldn't be real.It had to be a dream and maybe when I push those doors open, I'll return to reality.The thought of returning to reality made me feel better.Soon, the only thing
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CHAPTER 6Ivan only laughed before pushing me off."You really are ignorant, Ash." He stared at me like I had suddenly become something interesting."I wouldn't be anymore if you tell me."I bet my parents knew about Chorazin.I bet they knew a lot of things about this school and hid it from me."Well, if you insist…." He laughed, sitting on the bed in the room."Chorazin is your prototype." One simple answer was enough to confuse me."What does that mean?" I remained in my position."Every special whose abilities are inherited have their prototypes. For instance, both your parents were specials so your prototype is Chorazin. It was your mother's prototype."He seemed to know a lot about my family so I decided to question him further."What about my father?" I asked him, becoming more relaxed with him in the room."He didn't have any special abilities but he was a Special." There was a look of respect in his eyes and I could imagine him thinking about my father."How did you know them
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I stormed into his office, not caring to knock."What the hell is this?!" I yelled at the principal.My anger leveled up when I saw Ivan sitting at the Principal's desk."I told you Ash, you would never fit in the school." Ivan laughed, walking up to me to pat my back."That's not true! I'm sure you did something. How do I know there's nothing wrong with your ranking system?! You mentioned the portal being broken, I'm definitely sure your ranking system is broken too. How could I not belong to any grade?!" I yelled at the Principal who maintained his cool."Trust me Kastian, we are as surprised as you are. No Special in the academy since her existence has ever not been unable to be ranked. And if there was anyone who would break such protocol, it should never be you. Your parents were great Specials. Your father didn't have a Special ability but then, even he was ranked. Your mother had the strongest prototype and she passed it down to you. The Ranking system already revealed you inhe
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Two days passed before I returned to my dormitory. I requested to see Ivan but the Principal refused to let me do so.I tried to use my abilities severally after I left for my dormitory but I couldn't.Everywhere in the academy that I went, other Specials spoke in hushed tones.They pointed at me and snickered but when I looked, they immediately looked away from me.Another scanning was done on me but I still couldn't be ranked.The Principal however, fixed a schedule of classes for me to attend.The day for my first class had come.I was as excited as I was nervous.It didn't matter if I was ranked or not, I definitely had Special abilities and I was going to train so hard until I could use them as I liked.I hadn't seen Magda since the last time we spoke.I tried to search for her but I didn't even know where her dormitory was.I would have asked around but everyone avoided me.After futile efforts of finding Magda, I decided to focus on training my abilities.As expected, everyone
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Chapter 9
I checked every part of the academy that I knew but she was not there.The Specials who had gone on the same mission with her had all returned.As a matter of fact, I saw a lot of them around the hall where I had my first class."Hi."After going all over the academy and still not being able to find her, I decided to ask one of the Specials."Well, if it isn't fire boy." The tall guy with dirty blonde hair with whom I had spoken to, laughed.His friends tried to say something to him but he waved them off.They took one last look at me before walking away."Do you have any idea where Magda might be?" I asked him.The humor in his eyes glistened like there was suddenly something funny about me."Why? Are you interested in my sister?" He asked and I was taken aback.How could he be Magda's brother?They didn't in any way, have any resemblance."Oh, I didn't know you were related to Magda."I was suddenly thankful he was.Maybe he knew Magda and I spoke and then decided not to be mean to
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Chapter 10
Once she said the word, I found myself in a dark empty space but before anything else could happen, I opened my eyes.Micah's hands had left me and she was panting."Are you okay?" Magda rubbed her back.Micah nodded before looking up at me."What happened?" I asked."You really do have Chorazin flowing through your veins." She admitted what I already knew."I was going to help you remember anything but your prototype was too strong for me. I can't help you remember anything." She said either a hint of apology in her voice."So I have such a strong prototype but I still can't be ranked?" I sighed, disappointed.I had been hopeful Micah was going to be able to help but I guess she can't.Maybe I was useless after all even with Chorazin."You can still train your physical abilities.", It was Magda who spoke.My father didn't have any Special abilities but he somehow became a Special.Maybe I could be like him if I couldn't be like my mother."And if I can't?" I still felt doubtful that
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