Elf King's Son-In-Law: Becoming The Strongest Mage!

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Elf King's Son-In-Law: Becoming The Strongest Mage!

By: ShadowKatake OngoingFantasy

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Ainsley Wagner was an average Meganovel reader. After walking down the streets, he found himself transmigrated to the world of Eternia! Not only that, he became the son-in-law of the powerful Elf King, and the beautiful Elf Princess became his fiancee! In the world of Eternia, where the five major races are at war against each other, and where divine existences such as Gods exists; Ainsley was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Supporting the elf race, Ainsley became the greatest traitor of the human race. But with his Unique Magic: Magical Magicka, he possessed the ability to create any magic spells that he could think of. In other words, it was magic that could create another magic! After he was transmigrated into the world of Eternia, the Strongest Mage Ainsley Wagner was born!

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14 chapters
Chapter 1: A Reader Became The Protagonist And Was Summoned Into Another World!
“Sigh, novels are fictional for a reason. No matter how much I wanted to become the protagonist in it, it is nothing but a mere fantasy.” “Especially if it’s a protagonist in those fictional fantasy novels. Almost any of those novels had overpowered MCs that had a smooth-sailing life. I want to become such a protagonist!” A teenage boy with silky black hair that reached up to his neck, and a pair of sapphire blue eyes that were as clear as the vast ocean, sighed as he swiped his mobile phone upwards. His peerless and handsome face donned a longing expression. On his phone, his online novel application was on display and he was currently reading one of the fantasy novels there. There were countless novels in online novel platforms with different genres. But the ones he loved the most was those urban and fantasy novels with a son-in-law protagonist. Both of those novels featured very capable protagonists who were overpowered and had a smooth-sailing life! Even when they encountered
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Chapter 2: What Do You Want As Your Compensation?
As a narcissist, Ainsley knew very well what beauty and handsomeness were!‘Hmm, from my estimations, their appearance and charm should not be less than mine. Finally, a worthy opponent!’Ainsley commented as he saw the appearance of the Elf King and Elf Princesses.On the bigger throne that was situated at the central front of the throne room was where the Elf King sat, gazing at Ainsley.Ainsley noticed their gazes on him but like them who were observing Ainsley’s every movement, the same went for Ainsley. Or more like, Ainsley focused more on observing their appearance!The Elf King was a handsome middle-aged man who looked to be in his early thirties. There were no wrinkles present in his face and he looked to be in his prime.With long golden blonde hair that was adorned with a golden crown, the golden crown on his head was inlaid with countless multi-colored jewels which looked priceless. The Elf King has a mature and flawless face that exuded nobility and an indifferent demeano
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Chapter 3: I Want The Elf Princess To Become My Wife!
When Ainsley heard the Elf King’s assurance, he knew that he could ask almost anything he wanted. His imagination ran wild as his eyes darted across the room, surveying his surroundings.In the end, his eyes landed on the Elf Princess, and seeing her beautiful appearance, Ainsley already knew what his compensation would be.“I want the Elf Princess to become my wife!”When the Elf King and Elf Princess heard Ainsley’s words, they didn’t expect that he would ask for such compensation. Especially the Elf Princess who examined Ainsley’s handsome appearance and seeing that it was too handsome and charming, blushed and turned her head sideways out of embarrassment.Ainsley had already expected that those two elven royalties would refuse. After all, his demand for compensation was indeed excessive especially when he asked for the hand of marriage for the princess of the elf race.But to Ainsley’s surprise, he heard the Elf King’s acceptance of his demands. “Sure, what else do you want?”“Wa
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Chapter 4: The War Between The Five Major Races
“Wait, wait! Isn’t this too fast? Although I don’t disagree, I still have to prepare my mind.”“I don’t mind. If you want, like what father has said, we can start the wedding now.”When Ainsley complained, it wasn’t the Elf King who replied this time but the Elf Princess.With a soft yet charming voice, the Elf Princess continued. “Don’t worry. I have already prepared myself for this day. The elf race is in a precarious state with the war against the other major races in this world. And my father is getting old so he needs a successor and I also need a husband to… protect me…”Although at first, the Elf Princess was confident with her words, the volume of her voice slowly became lower as a blush crept up on her face.The Elf Princess might be currently more powerful than Ainsley, but she knew that she needed a husband to protect her. After all, the successor of her father must be a powerful young man.As not only the princess of the elf race but also a young girl, she dreamed of falli
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Chapter 5: The Cause Of The World War
Hearing Ainsley’s question, the Elf King immediately answered. “The human race was too ambitious and they wanted to conquer the lands of all the races in this world and become build the largest human empire.”“It just so happened that the human race’s border was adjacent to the demon race’s. Because of that, the human race attempted to invade the demon race first which started a war between the human race and the demon race.”“The demon king was infuriated by the audacity of the human race so in retaliation, he kidnapped the human queen and impregnated her with his seed. Because of that, the human king was cuckolded and he waged a full-scale war against the demon race.”When the Elf King reminisced about the past, he sighed with a gloomy expression on his face. “This wouldn’t have developed into a five-way war if it wasn’t for the dwarf race fishing for trouble by harassing the human race and demon race whenever those two races showed weakness.”“As if that wasn’t enough, the human ra
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Chapter 6: Whether To Support The Elf Race Or Not?
Faced with Ainsley’s question, the Elf King answered after some thought. “Assuming we have a ten-point overall potential evaluation as the maximum… A human has a potential of 1, a dwarf has a potential of 3, a demon has a potential of 5, an elf has a potential of 6, a dragon has a potential of 9, and a hero has a potential of 10.”“As for you, from my estimation, your potential has already exceeded 10 and is at least 11.”“This is the average overall potential evaluation for the members of all races. So even if a human has a potential of 1, their prodigy is several times higher than it. Same with other races. Unfortunately, the human race is too blessed and their prodigies could defeat our prodigies and the prodigies of other races.”Ainsley was naturally pleased when he was evaluated highly by the Elf King and he knew that the Elf King was unlikely to lie to him regarding that. After all, if that was a lie, it could easily be exposed later on when the Elf King would check his talent
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Chapter 7: Marrying The Elf Princess
After a few minutes worth of contemplation, Ainsley finally decided. “I am willing to inherit your legacy and marry your daughter.”Hearing Ainsley’s words, Beluar was delighted. “Since you agreed, then let us formally introduce ourselves!”“I am Beluar Ruvyn Triandal Deux Liarieth, the 12th generation king of the elf race!”After Beluar finished his introduction, the Elf Princess who was silent at the side finally spoke. “Floryn Shalheira Virdieu Deux Liarieth, the princess of the elf race.”Floryn’s soft and melodic voice made Ainsley’s heart skip a beat. It was like meeting your crush and your crush talking to you. Such wonderful emotions and anticipation made Ainsley nervous but he immediately regained his confidence.“I am Ainsley Wagner, the future king of the elf race and the heir of the 12th generation king of the elf race!”Ainsley’s introduction undoubtedly allowed him to obtain a good impression from Beluar and Floryn. After all, his introduction meant that he had already a
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Chapter 8: Crest Of Eternal Bond
Floryn’s heart melted upon hearing Ainsley’s oath. She felt warmth surging in her heart as countless positive emotions budded in her heart.Seeing how manly and resolute Ainsley was in marrying her, Floryn who was nervous no longer hesitated.She spoke without any hesitation. “I, Floryn Shalheira Virdieu Deux Liarieth, swear to the heavens to take this boy right in front of my eyes, who is the most handsome and charming existence in my heart, as my husband. I swear on my mana, blood, family, ancestors, and the world to always love him dearly. I will be happy in his glory and support him in his difficult times. I’ll take good care of him whenever he is sick and will do my best to protect him in times of danger.”When Floryn spoke these words, she wanted to look away in a different direction out of embarrassment. But seeing how this was the most special day of her life and Ainsley was sincere in marrying her, Floryn didn’t put up any resistance and decided to be bold for once!Albeit, F
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Chapter 9: Using The Identity Of A Human Slave To Fool The World
“When creating my identity, it must not be too suspicious but can attract their attention to the point that they will think it's absurd.”After giving Beluar and Floryn an idea of his plan, Ainsley continued, “For example, it will be impossible to make my identity a half-elf since my bloodline is purely human. And even making my identity as a wandering human adventurer is impossible since I don’t have any license in this world.”“I need an identity that proves that I am a native in this world, yet at the same time, doesn’t need any proof of identity.”Hearing Ainsley’s words, Beluar and Floryn didn’t interrupt Ainsley since they knew that he wasn’t done with his suggestion yet.“If I am not mistaken, there is such thing as slavery in this world, right?” Ainsley asked Beluar for confirmation.“Yes, there is. But wait, you can’t possibly be thinking of using the identity of a human slave?!” Beluar answered Ainsley’s question but as a wise king, he already guessed about Ainsley’s plan.I
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Chapter 10: Spending A Week In The Royal Library
After Ainsley made up his mind to obtain the identity of a human slave, Beluar and Floryn no longer dissuaded him. They knew that his plan was plausible.There might be better alternatives, but currently, it was the best option that they could choose. They didn’t have the luxury to waste more time since the world was currently at war and the other major races were eying the elf race’s land and resources.Seeing that Beluar and Floryn agreed with his plan, Ainsley decided to suggest something. “How about I take a week's worth of break so that I can adapt to this world?”“If I am not mistaken, the Liarieth Royal Palace has a royal library, right? So can I use it for a week since I plan to learn about the history of this world and adapt to this world’s culture?”Hearing Ainsley’s words, Beluar replied, “I don’t see the reason why not.”“I will grant you a week's worth of vacation. You can tour around the palace during that time. After that, I will awaken your mana and let you inherit my
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