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Gu–Wong Santoshi , a man with ups and down in his life finally meets his end during a Kaiju invasion. Before death, he's saved by Archangel Yukito who offers him and Uji Jagori a condition that can't be resisted. Accepting his terms and conditions, Gu–Wong and Uji Jagori awakens in the new body designed by Lord Yukito to exterminate the Kaijus infesting the universe. The duo uses their new found body and abilities to fight of the Kaiju terrorizing the all of Japan and restore what was once lost. Just when they think they are done, a new breed of evolved Kaiju are forged by an evil magician with the plan to conquer worlds with them. Gu–Wong and Uji Jagori must face the odds in stopping this newly evolved monsters while trying to preserve their personal life's and goals. As they battle through the hordes of Kaijus they meet new foes and allies and they discovers amazing new powers of their own.

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  • Monday Atseyinku


    This is just legit. Can't wait for the next chapter

    2022-12-10 11:42:25
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(Note: This Content Utilizes An Extreme Length) Tokyo, Japan Hakai Nikai, West Coast. Sunkayo City, Year 2025: We once lived in a world were Kaijus never existed. A word that didn't need champions, saviours, heroes. It never needed them. A world were there was just peace and harmony. Of cause not that kind of peace and harmony you might be expecting but yes, it was less of the disaster it currently in now. Before I became one of the archangels, I was just a boy like you. A teenager with big dreams and high hopes of making it in life. But I was a joke to everyone. I didn't go by the name Yukito but Roy Kamado. Everyone looked down on me. Every single damn time! I was the one to always get picked on. Beating up to a pulp and get trashed in a waste bin in any of the alleys around. I couldn't fight back, I never owned the courage, I was just a coward who couldn't fight for himself ...or his own rights. My mum owned a small retail sho
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Chapter 1: Rebirth Prt. 1
Tokyo, Japan Sunkayo. Disaster. It had only been two days since the military lost to the Kaijus, giving them an open space to attack and feed of the Inhabitants of Sunkayo City. In the midst of the disaster, Gu–Wong Santoshi reprimands a man instead of running for his life. Sigh, how stupid of him. "Look at you, sitting there and watching everyone die!." The man in white clothing seemed not to have heard him as he continued to work the black cube in his hands. He owned a white silky woman hair that alinged with his white irises. He also had an halo over his head. "Are you listening to me.", Gu Won beamed. He matched up to the supposed angel like man. And in anger, he sends his right palm across the man cheek but, his palm only passes through. "You imbecile angel! you think you are powerful huhn?!", he snapped his fingers at him. "Just mark my words if I die! I will hunt you so called angels down and pluck your wings." "You should run Gu won.", The angel said. "N
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Chapter 2: Rebirth Prt.2
Kaijus began to stack up again the dead bodies, with an attempt to devour it all completely despite the fellow Kaiju warning. They fought earnestly to eat the two individuals. But then, An omnidirectional wave is protruded from within. Scattering the Kaijus into different direction. The fallen Kaijus raised their heads in shock, seeing what had just happened; they knew their meal was long gone. What exactly happened? Some of the Kaijus got up and drew closer to the ascending smoke that awakened from the destructive wave, protruded from the previous spot the dead bodies once laid. As the smokes continues to succumb into the dark sky. A figure walks out of it. He was over 6—foot—tall and owned a the body of an Olympian god. His statue would body those of Ares and Hercules. His overall black spandex clothing can be mistaken for his skin seeing how they aligned with one another. His face was different from Jagori and Gu–Wong, he had a white taper fade haircut. His irises appear
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Chapter 3: Water , Psionics , Kaiju Prt. 1
Tokyo, Japan. Haikai Nikai, West Coast. [Sunkayo Neighboring City] [Later...] † † [Music Playing In The Background: All Roads Leads Home] On the highway, a yellow school bus drives in a narrow path steadily. Heading back to the west coast with the teenagers after spend a week at camp. It's very odd to find the highway tranquil but it was normal since it was just 3:48PM. The school trip host could not afford to waste one more night there, the amount of parents that disturbed his line was no joke. But the bus driver wouldn't agree to go at the bus top speed. All he wanted was a smooth road trip and nothing else. "If you had just drive a little bit more fast, we would have been at home resting our beacons." The bus drivers scoffed. "You pretend not to know the roads of the west coast. Look Tim, the better we drive like this , the better chance we have not of drawing the attention of the Kaijus." "Stfu! you believe in those stuff? shame on you! t
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Chapter 4: Water , Psionics , Kaiju Prt. 2
¶Words that begins with the sign[\] were spoken or displayed by Eren's Subconsciousness.¶¶Words that begins with the sign[' '] were spoken or displayed by Eren's thoughts. ... ... Eren turned to the owner of the hand only to be surprised, why was he surprised? the hand belonged to those of a young woman. He observed thoroughly from head to toe and again, then he stopped. No, he didn't. He started to observe her again. But the lady cuts him of with her wavy hands. She looked like someone in her mid thirties. "Oh hey, didn't see you there.", Eren said. "Hi." , he waved back. "Umh hi, you don't happen to be looking for a job are you?" "Errrrr..." /Say yes you idiot!./ "Yeah yeah... I am." "Alright, you're hired." Eren eyes bulged out. "Just like that?", he looked around to make sure no was looking. He moved closer. And whispers. "You sure about that? I mean you won't Interview me?" "Oh trust me", She withdrew back waving her hand. "I am done interviewing peopl
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Chapter 5 : Water, Psionics , Kaiju Prt. 3
¶Words that begins with the sign[\] were spoken or displayed by Eren's Subconsciousness.¶¶Words that begins with the sign[' '] were spoken or displayed by Eren's thoughts. Earlier... Before Amabia registered two Kaijus in the localty. ... ... ... ... Running through the dark alleys of his town; Danville. Thinking he would loose them, he pushed his legs further and kept darting faster and faster like his life depended on it. He was close to a dead end, he sighted it from afar but, instead keep darting forward like a missile. Behind him appeared to be two individuals in overall black clothing. Heavily armed with technology and weapons that is out of this world. They were known as the Silhouettes , formerly known as the black dragons. Dealing with technologies and weapons the government had no access to. And to worsen it, this part of town is ruled by them. The black dragons first impression was to bring world peace but it all change when their former leader; General G
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Chapter 6: Water, Psionics, Kaiju Prt. 4
¶Words that begins with the sign[\] were spoken or displayed by Eren's Subconsciousness.¶¶Words that begins with the sign[' '] were spoken or displayed by Eren's thoughts. Students were busy patrolling the hallway , chit chatting as usual. Two girls were discussing amongst one another about the class they had recently. One of them appeared to be Kelly Yushall. Her elegant hour glass shape body hided In the blue tummy jeans that hugged her body and a red singlet that topped the black bra she had on. Her braided red hair rested down her back to her waste line. Mesmerizing steel blue eyes of a goddess that could steal the hearts of men. Her face was calm, one would mistaken her for those hot celebrities but she wasn't any of them... She was a celebrity in her own way. Abruptly, as they converse about the glass across the hallway, a shadow envelopes them, they both look to their side with the other students that were around. They became stunned! Why? A flying truck was heading t
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