Fate of a White Flower

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Fate of a White Flower

By: Tony Hallows OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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For the beautiful Liu Liling, everyday was a struggle to survive on the harsh streets she called home. But her life changes when her extraordinary talents attract the attention of the most dangerous fiend in the land, who desires to capture and claim her body. Caught without hope of escape, Liling finds safety in the arms of Liu Han, a mysterious warrior with an even more mysterious past. Alongside his four companions, Han embarks on an arduous journey with Liling to a safe haven where her gift will be removed. The two find themselves inexplicably drawn closer to each other over time. But with the clouds of death rolling over them, will their love blossom or will it suffer and wilt?

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  • Silver Crux



    2022-12-29 16:25:26
  • Aniagboso Martins


    Another stunning work of art from one of the best authors out there. Your works are testaments of your great imagination and your superior intellectual capabilities. Always peak and never disappointing

    2022-10-21 04:45:30
  • Lurd_nazzy


    This book is really amazing. can't wait to read more chapters of this story ......

    2022-10-19 05:54:39
  • Tony Hallows


    From The Author: My thanks to the Goodnovel team for contracting my second book. I hope all my readers have a wonderful time with this. You can follow me for more updates on my works. All comments are welcome. Questions can be asked in the comment section. Thank you all!

    2022-10-12 13:44:50
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18 chapters
Chapter One
Lightning ripped through the night sky, bringing with it the promise of an impending rainstorm. All over the village of Shèngsuo, farmers sat in their beds at home, hoping for the rain to fall and bring life to their crops in the field. The streets were mostly empty, the population of the village having retired for the night. Only a few night stalls are open and the traders hung hurricane lamps inside to shed light on their wares. A black wagon pulled by two horses rolled down a street, its wheels disturbing the silence of the night. As it passed, all the open stalls in its path quickly closed up as their owners recognized the wagon. It was over that had brought suffering on many of the traders in the village. When it went past them without stopping, many traders sighed in relief. It seemed that the heavens were lenient with them tonight despite what the weather might suggest. In front of the wagon, the rider gripped the reins tightly, his face set in a grimace. He was not suppo
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Chapter Two
The man carrying the chest trudged on hurriedly through a dark passage. The box in his hands seemed to increase in weight with each step and he adjusted his grip to carry it better. Maybe it was just his nervousness that was causing it but he constantly kept looking over his shoulder with the uneasy feeling that he was being followed. The darkness did not reveal and he continued on, holding his lamp in front of him to illuminate his path. He came across two guards who were standing sentry in front of a large wooden door. Their faces were grim and intimidating and they each held a flaming torch in one hand and a lance in the other. As soon as they saw him, they crossed their weapons in front of him. The man halted long enough to hold up the golden chest up for them to see. The guards inspected the bids and eyed the man warily before acquiescing and opening the door to let him pass. After he had gone through, they were about to shut the heavy door but a soft clanging noise made th
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Chapter Three
In the building west of the compound, the two shadowy figures moved quickly from one torchlit passageway to another in search of their target. They were fast, so fast that even stationed guards saw them as little more than shadowed blurs caused by the flickering lights. They stopped a few meters away from where seven guards say on benches laughing and drinking together. Behind them was a small dark and dreary cell built into the wall. Its sole occupant was a girl that looked to be about nineteen years who lay horizontally on a small bed in the corner of the cell. She had pretty features with an oval face and almond-shaped eyes that reflected the light from the passage's torches brightly. Snow white hair fell in a straight curtain around her head, slightly dirtied by the less than pristine surroundings. Her nose was small and pointed in a manner that that fit well with her soft looking pink lips. But her facial disposition was quite different from the way she looked. The gir
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Chapter Four
Streaks of lightning crisscrossed the dark sky as rainclouds gathered over Shèngsuo, the accompanying boom of thunder resounding throughout the village and its environs. Below the stormy sky two swordmasters clashed together repeatedly in a fiercely matched battle. Each has their own objective; one to defeat her rival and enemy, the other merely to keep her occupied until his colleagues finished their part of the mission. The assassin blocked an upward slash from the woman and shifted her blade to the left, leaving her open long enough for him nearly slice her back open. She placed her sword behind her to block the hit before spinning around to deliver several rapid blows at him, each aimed at debilitating him but he parried them away skillfully and leaked back to avoid one that should have split him in half. All the while he had an infuriating smirk on his face that sent rage coursing through his opponent. "You've gotten better, I'll admit. But that won't be enough to best m
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Chapter Five
Dreams were not unusual to her. In fact she was very familiar with them, considering the fact that she tended to have one nearly every night of the week. Sometimes they were strange and meaningless, other times just plain confusing. A few of them had actually helped her foresee some future events in the past but more often than not, she found it hard to decipher some meaning from her dreams. The last one had been a sort of premonition about her eventual capture by the people who had been hunting her for months now. Unfortunately she had chosen to ignore it, a terrible choice that had not failed to land her in captivity a few weeks ago. Since then she had decided to start paying a bit more attention to her dreams, just to be on the safe side. That was easier said than done with how much little sense her current dream was making. She had found herself lying on her back on the ground in the middle of a forest clearing. Looking around she found no sign of fauna despite the nature of
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Chapter Six
Jiang Shui had noticed her unease when he had mentioned her criminal past and acted to quell get fears of imprisonment again. It seemed to have worked albeit marginally as the girl looked a bit less tense than before despite her eyes still flickering to the nearest exits from the room. Her body sunk back into the bed and she drew the blanket covering her up to just below her chin. "Then again, I suppose it would be a bit difficult to maintain a low profile with hair like that." He offered her the steaming cup in his hands with a disarming smile. "Here, drink this. It'll help with your pain." Liling peered into the cup suspiciously, the black liquid swirling in a misty circle with a small amount of froth on the surface. It had a strong yet surprisingly pleasant scent. Logically she supposed accepting the drink would be a terrible idea, seeing as she knew next than nothing about the young man. But when she remembered the manner they had decimated her guards, Liling decided to
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Chapter Seven
After rescuing their target from their enemy's stronghold, the team had escaped down to an obscure village to throw off any potential pursuers. The village was small and largely self sufficient but the locals were kind enough to have accepted them without asking too many questions. The local innkeeper and his wife had been more than happy to accommodate them in their establishment. Outside the inn, a grass field spread out behind for several dozen meters. No particularly useful crop had been cultivated there. The field's primary duty was the production of pasture for the livestock of the village, as well as hay and silage to be used when the need called for it. It was because for this reason that no one bothered the lone figure standing in the middle of the field. The young man had snow white hair that fell down his back in a neat ponytail, with two locks of hair deliberately left to frame his smooth face. Dressed in a loose red and brown outfit that looked a bit out of place
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Chapter Eight
Mei Daiyu was the name of a woman who had made herself nothing short of a living legend. Such a thing was expected when one considered the fact that she was the single most dangerous individual in all of Eastern China. Also known as the Lady of Death, Mei Daiyu was the first thing many thought of when asked to imagine themselves in a waking nightmare. Very little was known of her past, less so about her source of power, but her methods of obtaining whatever she wanted were common knowledge to all. Any village or town that opposed her rule, she crushed mercilessly under her overwhelming power, leaving what remains that survived her onslaught to be plundered by her ever increasing army of mercenaries. The Lady of Death's influence extended up to the Imperial Palace where the Royal Family resided. Unwilling to attack with his full army and risk mutual destruction with Daiyu's forces, the Emperor had long reached a compromise with the Lady of Death. As long as Mei Daiyu kept her
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Chapter Nine
The change in the atmosphere was instant. A minute ago everywhere had been filled with a soft underlying calmness. But as soon as she made her declaration, a heavy tension settled between them. Liu Han's dark eyes stared heatedly down into her brown ones at her words which threatened to destroy everything he had worked for. Years. He had spent years pursuing the Lady of Death to avenge the crimes she had committed against his family. Not only him, but all four of them held deeply rooted grudges against the evil woman, and now they had come so close to fulfilling their lifelong desires. Only for the main factor in accomplishing their goals to turn out to be a young roguish girl who got into more trouble than she was worth. Thanks to her penchant for getting negatively involved with the law as well as her constant movement from one town to another, it had taken them several months of tracking before they effectually found her. The irony that they found her in the clutches of t
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Chapter Ten: Melodic Hunt
The rest of the day was spent packing up the few things they had in the rented house and they left after paying the nice old landlady. Liu Han had decided that they would move during the night to avoid detection by any spies the Lady of Death might have sent out to find them. The first night saw them having to pass through a village that was celebrating some local holiday that involved a lot of fireworks and boisterous crowds enjoying the night's festivities. Han's initial plan was to go around the village and avoid the celebrations as it would cause them to risk discovery barely two days after setting out. Liling wished otherwise. She wanted to attend the festival, and while normally he would have straight up ignored her request, somehow she had managed to convince the other three as well to plead her cause. That was how Liu Han found himself being led from one colorful stall to another by an over-excited teenager whom he had the misfortune in his opinion, of sharing the same famil
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