A Wandering Ronin

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A Wandering Ronin

By: Hasan Danakum OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ran, is a samurai from the Cliff Village Kingdom. The first two years when he served, his kingdom was overthrown by the rebels led by Garun. A criminal whose very high of level swordsmanship . The government also resisted. But it turns out that the strength of Garun's troops is stronger. So the kingdom fell. Leaving sorrow for the residents of Cliff Village. Ran was devastated because when he fought Garun, he lost. Garun didn't kill Ran. For ten years Ran burned the fire of revenge. During that time he was retrained by Goto so that his swordsmanship would be higher. When Goto felt Ran was strong enough, he allowed Ran to look for Garun. Now, Ran is a ronin, a no-man's samurai with a vengeance.


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A Man With Brown Cape
Sagard, is a city that is still under the reign of the Mondu Kingdom. Almost all of the buildings are made of wood. Certainly not ordinary wood. But the best wood ever in Gatara. At the gate which is also made of wood, every four o'clock in the morning, the officers open the door. Because, the door is also an economic turnaround. When we pass through the door, we will be greeted by a neatly arranged market. Want to buy anything, everything is here.On a scorching day, there was a man wearing a brown cape that covered his entire body up to half his calf, wearing a straw hat, and he could faintly see he was carrying a katana sword from under his cape. The man walked slowly through the wide open gate. He walked past the multitudes of people in and out of town. Some also use horse-drawn carriages to transport goods.Arriving in the middle of the market, the man stopped at a fruit seller. The merchant with a fat body and thick mustache in brightly colored clothes greeted him.“Welcome to S
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Who Are You Looking For?
Gardi jumped up and swung his barbed iron rod horizontally from top to bottom. Ran held back with his katana. Then with all his might he swung his katana to the right causing Gardi to bounce and roll but he immediately stood up again. "How did you know I was hiding here?" asked Gardi. Ran replied, “Just guessing. Besides, I'm not comfortable being followed by your two men," while glancing at Gurdi's men who were hiding behind large rocks. “Your instincts are sharp too. Suni and Darga who followed you didn't have to bother bringing you to the masi,” Gardi smiled broadly. Ran put his katana back into the sheath. Then he ran and drew his katana again at Gruan. Garun calmly held back with his barbed iron rod. They then attacked each other and held back. Everything looks balanced. "You're pretty good too," Ran said as he jumped back. “No wonder Bedro lost badly. Your swordsmanship is way above him,” Gardi smiled then he got ready again. After taking a deep breath, Ran took off his ha
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The sky was getting dark. They arrived at the Sagard city police headquarters. Ran was immediately entertained in a large room. The dining table is also large and luxurious. Ran was invited to sit by Fersa. He then took off his cap made of woven bamboo and his robe."I want to entertain you with dinner," said Fersa."I want to go to the city library immediately," Ran replied."Be patient. After all, the library is currently closed. You can rest in one of the police recruits' rooms over there.” Fersa pointed out the window where there was a multi-storey wooden building.Ran was silent but then he sat down and put his katana on the table. Immediately, Fersa noticed Ran's katana."That sword of yours, I've never seen anything like it," Fersa pointed at Ran's katana."Besides being a swordsman, my master is also an expert at making swords."“I watched you fight Gardi from afar. It seems you master a rare sword style.”"Maybe it's because my master never taught swordsmanship to just anyone
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Ran walked for three days to the west. Fortunately, the path he took was mostly forest and grassland. So to find food is very easy. When it was dark, Ran looked for the nearest river. After arriving, he began to rest by lying on the tree beside the river. He closed his eyes and woke up at dawn.Before continuing the journey, Ran cleaned his body first by soaking in the river. Until it felt clean, Ran put his clothes back on and went back on foot. In the middle of the day, Ran arrived at a fairly dense forest. It was so dense, the road he was on was very dark. Like night."It's so dark," said Ran as he continued to walk quietly.He walked with his eyes lowered. Not long after, there was the sound of an animal growling. Ran stopped and looked to the left in the direction of the growling voice. The sound of rustling bushes was heard. Ran then prepared to draw his katana. But then the voice was heard no more."It seems that there are a lot of wild animals in this forest."Ran quickened hi
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"Sehar, what weapons do you carry?" Ran asked as they were on their way to the dark forest."I brought a knife and a bow," replied Sehar.“Are you good at using both?”"I've never used a knife. But my arrows are quite proficient because I often hunt with my father.”It didn't take long for them to arrive. Before entering Sehar had some doubts. Sweat began to flow from his forehead to his neck. And then he swallowed hard because in front of him, there were big, tall trees and a path into a dark and dangerous forest."Are you in doubt?" Ran glanced at Sehar.Sehar did not answer. He even wiped the sweat off his forehead."If you are in doubt, you better go home and let me go alone into this forest," Ran immediately stepped out."W...wait," Sehar followed Ran from behind.The deeper you go in, the darker it gets. Sehar continued to follow Ran from behind. He drew his knife and held it with both hands just in case. Meanwhile Ran just kept quiet while watching Sehar secretly.“Sehar, have
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Strongest Human
Ran drew his katana. Then he turned it around and held it with both hands. The werewolf growled then howled and ran as fast as lightning. So fast, Ran did not realize that less than a second, the werewolf was already in front of him while attacking with his right paw. Ran quickly restrained with his katana. But because the werewolf's attack was too strong, Ran was bounced so hard that it hit a big tree. Even the tree was hollow and Ran rolled on the ground."RAN!" shouted Sehar as he ran to Ran who was lying on the ground."Sehar, you hide," said Ran as he stood up.“B…but.”“If I give you the signal, you should be ready to attack, won't you?” Ran looked at Sehar.Sehar then nodded and ran to hide in a safe place. Then Ran walked slowly while taking off his brown robe. He stuffed his katana into the scabbard then closed his eyes as he continued walking. Meanwhile the werewolf smirked."This is the first time I've fought a strong human," said the werewolf.Ran was not surprised that th
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The Old Book
Whenever Berna is asked to shop for groceries at the village market, he is always excited. Because he is smart, when he walks to the market, Berna calculates the money given by her nanny and what groceries to buy written on a piece of paper."If I'm good at bargaining, I have leftovers to buy a book," said Berna as she walked away and looked at the list of foods to buy on a piece of paper.Arriving at the market, Berna made a bargain. Almost every groceries he bought, he bargained as low as possible. He even studied the movements and habits of the women who bid in this market. After everything was bought, Berna got the rest of the money. He immediately rushed to the bookstore and chose a book that appealed to him.The bookstore looks very old and a bit run down. Just like the owner who has entered old age. The owner smiled sweetly when Berna opened the door and saw a lot of books on display."It's rare for a child to come to an old bookstore," said the shop owner, whose skin was alrea
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The Promise
The fire continued to gush so as to make a beautiful light. Several people who happened to pass by suddenly turned and approached out of curiosity. Berna felt happy when the people gathered praised her as a magician."You're great," said one man."Yes he is great," said a mother who was holding her child.After Berna showed some tricks, the gathered people dispersed as it was getting dark."Great!" Ellie smiled and gave a thumbs up after everyone left.Berna smiled shyly."Let's go home, Ellie," said Zaru as he grabbed Ellie's hand."So, I can be your friend?" asked Berna.Zaru didn't answer. He kept walking while pulling Ellie's hand followed by Weda and Nandi. But Berna was not sad. He was very happy today because people finally acknowledged his existence. But also he was sad that he was alone again. Berna returned to the orphanage and was immediately treated to household chores such as sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom.Until the next week, Berna could not leave the orph
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New Home
After dawn Berna was ready to wear a suit and tie. He also put all his clothes and belongings in the suitcase. He did not forget to bring an old book with "Ethias" written on it. Exactly eight o'clock in the morning, the sound of horse hooves was heard. Marudi and Merna were immediately greeted by Erma."You are very handsome," said Merna when she saw that Berna was already tidy."Soon you will have a new room," said Marudi."Come on please sit down. I have prepared the adoption agreement documents to be signed,” said Erma while preparing a chair. He then opened a large envelope and took out several documents.Marudi and Merna carefully read the contents of the agreement file. Then they nodded and Marudi pulled a pen from his coat pocket. He quickly signed the files."Thank you, Erma," said Marudi.Erma just nodded then she put the files back in the envelope. Then she called Berna."Now, you are part of the Rombepayung family," said Erma with a smile. Of course the smile is fake.Bern
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A Gift
Saturday morning, Berna was invited to the backyard which is quite spacious. In this backyard planted a lot of vegetables and fruits. And there is also a farm shed for raising livestock. There were several men who worked watering the plants. And a few more men work taking care of the livestock. Including the horse-drawn carriage."Would you like to go around, sir?" asked Remin.Berna nodded. Remin then asked Berna to follow him. While walking around the backyard, Remin explained that the Rombepayung family had always enjoyed farming and raising livestock. They prefer to grow their own for their kitchen needs rather than having to buy them. When he reached the orange tree, Remin picked one fruit and gave it to Berna.“Try it, sir,” said Remin.Berna happily took the orange then peeled it and ate it. Nothing special but Berna admitted it was really sweet and fresh."Let me show you the livestock belonging to the Rombepayung family." Remin walked to the farm barn with double doors m
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