Fourth birth :The Oakmont saga, Book 1

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Fourth birth :The Oakmont saga, Book 1

By: Maxwell CompletedFantasy

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No one came any closer to me since I began to hear voices. It was as if I possessed some kind of aura that attracted everyone, like a field that attracted people. I was either insane or a monster, which I suppose I could be, according to everyone at school. I was able to hear what others were thinking, but no one else seemed to be able to, and some of them remembered me from first grade, when everything first started. I was able to focus better on school because I was isolated, and I loved to do well in school. Since I learned how to silence the voices, at least it had. Before that, I was unable to think in light of the consistent clamor of every other person's brain pounding me constantly.

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Chapter 1
Michael, Headmaster, looked over the results of the most recent FICAT test. Only two students out of the entire sample impressed him, one of whom was the student they had been looking for and had finally found. The additional is a bonus. He remained baffled as to why she had vanished for so long. Naturally, with so few people taking the test. He was surprised that schools had found her at all. At least they had discovered her and her brother, who they had never even heard of before."We should set up a visit to The Frozen North. We want to carry this young woman to Oakmont," he said, his eyes on his lead overseer of newcomers. " We might get a look at the boy while we are there. We must be prepared to hire him, possibly next year.Jessie Trulin looked up at him and said, "If this new test is accurate, she shows a lot of potential."“It is.” He gave her a smile."I've always been fascinated by the idea that a standardized test could identify children with the distinctive abilities we s
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Chapter 2
Naturally, All Saints Academy, a boarding school, came next. I gleaned tons of useful knowledge there, yet that spot still creeped me out when I mulled over everything. I actually had dreams, or perhaps bad dreams, from it now and then. They involved Mr. Radnick rubbing my entire body in that manner. I had been persuaded by my therapist that it was harmful, and just thinking about it gave me chills. Even though he didn't do it to many kids, Mr. Radnick did some really bad things to some of them, even though he was really nice to me and I probably loved him. Despite the fact that my therapy sessions were a lasting legacy of my time there, I still missed him. I put it behind me and carried on with my morning routine.I put on the little bit of makeup that Momma would let me use while the bacon was cooking. Because he thought his baby girl shouldn't need makeup as an adult, Daddy still teased me about it.Regardless of what Momma and Daddy said, I saw in the mirror that I wasn't a pretty
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Chapter 3
"This is the test that you took last week. Please remain quiet in class while I distribute these. After that, she gave each student an envelope with their name on it. Except for a compiled score, neither the school district nor the teachers are aware of the results. The purpose of this was to assess the intelligence of students in this grade level for the federal government. We can't use it to change what you're learning or where you're in class. Open it at home and show your parents what it says. She said, "See you tomorrow," as she gave the last envelope to someone.I quickly got up from my seat and headed for the side exit when the bell rang. I slowed down to open the envelope once I was off school property. I didn't have to listen to the other kids' teasing because, fortunately, I drove them all away. I carefully slipped my finger under the envelope's front flap, taking care not to tear the paper.I slid the folded piece of paper out as I lifted the flap to see what was inside. It
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Chapter 4
After that, he turned back to his parents. Each semester, the Oakmont program costs approximately $15,000 per student, in addition to $12,000 for room and board.Given that I ranked among the top 1% of people in the nation, what he said had me almost vibrating. That was superior to I would've at any point thought, taking into account I generally got scores contrasted exclusively with understudies in The Frozen North, yet this was the whole country!Then I heard how much the school would cost, which made any contention in me disappear. I wouldn't be able to go. For just one semester, that's more than a car would cost. I didn't know anyone who could afford that, and neither could we.As the Headmaster said that, Daddy almost spit out his coffee, but the Headmaster carried on as if nothing had happened. However, to be honest, your daughter's extremely high scores... Her score on this test was the highest ever. We would be willing to provide your family with a full scholarship to help the
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Chapter 5
My mother and I set out to pack for New York. The fact that Momma was packing for the same weather as Alaska surprised me. Given how far south it was, I would have expected it to be warmer there. I chose to pack two or three great books for the plane ride, which Momma said was extremely lengthy. I rethought my books and added a few more to my carry-on bag because Momma was very serious about it being long. Obviously, my venture envelope was in my rucksack also, which would remain with me on the plane.Momma gave me many long hugs and kisses after we finished packing. She tucked me in and helped me get ready for bed at last. I was glad she did it, even though she had given up doing it after All Saints Academy. Daddy came in a minute later, gave me a lengthy hug, then kissed me. Finally, he gave me a very close hug, which I knew would trigger a tickle attack. I started screaming loudly and messing up Momma's tuck-in job completely as soon as I realized, and the attack started. I'd reali
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Chapter 6
I suddenly realized that, with the exception of planned vacations and very rarely sick days, I had never seen Daddy take a day off from work. Even the most recent day he was ill is unknown to me. However, taking a day off just to have fun with me was a completely new and strange experience.To get down to business, there was a place I'd always wanted to visit but never did. So I made my decision quickly.Can we visit the Native American Heritage Museum? I asked, hopeful, "I've never been there but have always wanted to.""Yes, sweetheart, if that's what you want," I replied. In this way, we moved into the vehicle and went into Safe haven for breakfast. The outing was somewhat more than thirty minutes, an excursion that was typically something like twenty, however traffic was a piece weighty.We went to the museum after breakfast and walked through the various exhibits in the main building. Daddy made the decision to visit the gift shop as we walked through it. We never bought anything
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Chapter 7
If I could have remained in AHG, that would have been nice. I learn new things from them.Once more, I had to force myself to relax and control my emotions. This was the first time I had admitted that I did not have friends, and now that I did, even to me, it sounded pathetic. I could tell that I was sorry for myself.I'm fine now. Can we return? I gave Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Ivers one last look as Momma and Daddy began to leave.I am grateful to you for your kindness and for providing me with a wonderful learning environment. I said my goodbyes and left.Mrs. Chambers coughed out, "Goodbye Shirley," appearing to have a sudden dry throat. She appeared to be unable to say anything else.Even the proper principal heard Mrs. Ivers say, "Good luck at your new school."I spent the afternoon reading a book I had purchased at the native center, enjoying the illustrations as much as the content. After that, primarily as a means of occupying myself, I went online and read a little more about t
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Chapter 8
"The pleasure is all mine, my holy messenger," he answered, embracing me comparably close.We again separated and I took out the little phony pearl studs I was wearing, supplanting them with the new Falcon Resting hoops. I cherished them and I realized they didn't feel any unique, yet it appeared to be that I was a little more grounded and my stage somewhat lighter. I could do this.I got my sacks and we made a beeline for the front room, keeping my packs in the hall. "I have the papers generally prepared at this point. Sorry about that misunderstanding," Superintendent Michael said, as we went into the lounge room.Momma gazed toward me and grinned, seeing the new hoops swinging from my ears. I realized I was radiating with charm at the gift, regardless of whether I actually didn't grin. I could feel it in front of me.Daddy and Mr. Michael started dealing with the papers, which made very much a stack. "By marking this, I'm surrendering all parental privileges to my kid," Daddy said,
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Chapter 9
"Leave your things and follow me," Mrs. Trulin said, as the Director left the plane."Indeed ma'am, however could I at any point carry my undertaking envelope with me?" I inquired."No, you may not. Leave your things and follow me," she rehashed, and looked somewhat irritated. I left my things and did as taught, not needing a rehash of prior, however I would have rather not leave my envelope.There was a van at the foundation of the flight of stairs. When we moved in, the van took off. It wasn't far before we moved toward a tall wall with loads of sharp looking wire moved on the top and around the base, and two watchmen at the entryway. They recognized the van and opened the entryway, allowing us to go on through. A brief distance later, we came to a wall with lookouts dispersed along it at standard spans. As walls go, I guess it was a decent wall, made of red block, however significantly taller than the one at my last life experience school. Obviously, my last all inclusive school li
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Chapter 10
We went inside to what shifted focus over to me like a clinic trauma center, without every one individuals. Clearly, I was the main patient. The two enormous men strolled me over to an inspecting table, where a couple of attendants and specialists were waiting near, and it seemed as though they were hanging tight for me.Whenever I was situated, the two medical caretakers strolled over pushing a wheeled table with various things on it. They took my pulse and temperature and each of different things they typically did. Up to this point, this had all been typical. A little piece of my psyche began saying that I was simply neurotic and everything was okay. The issue was, all that I'd seen up until this point actually disagreed with that, also what I'd heard in Mrs. Trulin's brain."We will take an example of blood for a few essential tests. Be still and this ought to just squeeze somewhat," one of the medical caretakers said, with a grin.My annoyance was starting to rise once more. I re
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