The Hybrid's Tactics

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The Hybrid's Tactics

By: 2567 OngoingFantasy

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Ten years ago, an inter dimensional crack opened between the planets, exposing Earth to all external attacks. Through the Crack, the devils invaded Earth and started their massacre on Earth but were defeated by humans not long before their arrival and the crack was closed. Few years later, a system appeared on earth, giving humans superpowers. 69 dungeons also appeared on earth and an uncountable number of monsters invaded Earth. The super humans were tasked with fighting off the monsters and the devils. But I am different. I am a Hybrid of Devil and Human, I'm both superhuman and Dungeon Master. I need to the kill monsters, but I need to herd them too How will I serve both races at once?

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The Dungeon Appears
I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it said 8pm. The sky was as dark as it could be and a cold breeze blew. I felt sleepy, I tried to restrain myself but it is like I have used sleeping pills, I leaned against the headboard of a mahogany bed. I tried to keep myself awake by reading one of my interesting novels, my eyes were zoomed on the book in my hand. It was an old edition of my favorite young adult novel. With one hand clasped around the coffee mug, I turned the page with my free hand. I felt a sharp pain in my eyes which made me close them instantly. I dropped the coffee on a stool beside the bed and I squeezed my eyes with my hand.I took my hands off my eyes and blink a few times before opening my eyes. When I opened my eyes, everything changed.I saw myself not in my room but in another place I looked at my surroundings and I was scared of what I saw.Few meters away from where I am, there is a blue orb. The orb is the only source of light in this place as it shed its
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The System Activated
"Welcome dungeon Master " said the lady I met earlier who is also the dungeon core protector"I am not interested in explaining myself like I did the last time neither am I interested in your dungeon mastering whatever "I said unconcerned "I know you will come up with this so I have decided to do things on your behalf" I still didn't reply as I folded my arms and laid against the wall. The vines started moving and before I could move, I got tied down. The lady dipped her finger inside my body and our finger pierced through my skin, she let out a drop of my blood on the dungeon core and some words appear in the air [System activated][Occupation accepted as an hybrid of the devil kingdom][The hybrids blessing 100,000 points][The worst spirit concentration! Your power is very low][Beginners protection period (60 days][Random high-level monsters will appear on the ground floor of the dungeon, monsters will disappear when the beginner protection is over][Notice: Randoml monsters wi
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The Guardian
The connection between the floors in the dungeon to the dungeon core through the use of vines, the veil somehow seems to be explaining things that I'm seeing to me."Is there no wrong in me using this skill on you?" I asked Warg"What do you want to do?""Check your status ""Go on"I states at Warg and her status window appeared before meName: Warg(Demon)Occupation: Dungeon Core ProtectorTitles' Unknown Skill: Corroding DarknessAbilitiesStrength 59 Intuition 58 Spirit 65 Agility 48 Constitution 60Overall Ratings: 290"It works, I can see your stats" I commented"I'm not surprised it works better on you, one of your hybrid advantages" Warg replied"What is this corroding darkness of a thing?""You'll see it when I use it, what are my titles?""They are unknown""Like I said, it won't work fully. It is unable to see my titles cause one if them is a princess ""Wow, a princess of this kind… Do you hear that?"I heard a heavy breathing and grunting that sounds like a monster's"He
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The Hunters
My happiness can't be comprehend and didn't that monster just say "at my service"I looked at Warg and saw the surprised and smiling face of hers"What?""Where did you get that sword?""Oh, while I was searching for a weapon on the market a lottery popped up which I won and this sword of lies is the reward""This sword is a good one but it can't kill, unless you are good at lying, you can't use it"The snake monster wriggled it's body and said "order me dungeon master""Go to the lowest floor of the dungeon, and stay put"With great speed, the snake went down. After she left some messages popped up in my vision[The monster 'Mou' is under your command due to the effect of the sword of lies deception and control][If you lose the sword, the monster will go against you and will be freed from the sword of lies]"It isn't necessary to kill when you can control" I said to Warg"That's only if you can tell the correct lie to the target""Will you teach me how to lie better""I'm a demon an
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The new recruit spent about 15 minutes in the trial dungeon before the door opened again. They all came out, all of them hurt, some were almost dead. I also came out with lots of wounds on my body but something is different about me.While others were struggling to move and waiting for medication, I am still standing and my wounds, although at a slow rate, are visibly healing. The lady earlier ordered the guild workers to give medication to the wounded. When she noticed me she asked for my name and my powers"My name is Levin and I have a fast growth in all aspects ""plus healing right, your gift is really rare. Your strength should be at least on the second leaf level. Well, let's check your ratings first "the lady said and move away from me to where the judges are, she scanned through everyone's rating and called their attention to tell them their results"Attention everyone, all of you did great in the trial dungeon and you all managed to get to the one leaf level, none of you ha
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First Sacrifice
6pmBack in the guild, there are many members present in the guild all practicing and cultivating. I joined the group of people practicing how to use a sword as if it will do any good to me. Well, it might. I have the sword of lies though I do know how to use a sword. If practicing with humans will help me, why not. I initiated the movements of other learners and I am starting to understand how to use a sword. Just then, I heard her voice"Sword, I think spear or other long weapons will be better" Maxine said holding a spear on her left hand"Why will you say that""When you hold a long weapon, targets tend to keep their distance at the length of your weapon. It will be better if those monsters won't come closer to you. Plus, you've got the strength to use a long weapon"I stopped practicing I thought for a while"Well then, let's learn how to use a spear"I return the sword to where it should be and follow Maxine to where those learning swords are. On our way, we saw those cultivatin
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Human In The Dungeon
The village is full of long grasses and small huts. There were around 50 superhumans in the village. The super humans were surprised with what they see and couldn't understand"Do not be afraid or relax, I've been in a dungeon like this before . They are most times filled with dwarves alone, just learn that dwarves are friendly unlike other monsters" the guild master advisedThe guild keep scouting the village until one of them called out " we found something" others rushed to where the voice came from It was a deep hole filled with water but it wasn't closed."This place looks more of a safe zone to me" one of the guild administrator said"Are there safe zones in dungeons" another asked"I have come across a safe zone in a dungeon before but not on the first floor. It's impossible for a devil to make its first floor a safe zone" the dungeon master answered" What if he's just being nice? " One of the newbies asked" There is no being nice when it comes to the devil, it's either you d
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Training Room
"Welcome Levin, my name is Ethan and I have laser eyes. I am the leader of the squad, as I have two years of experience in dungeon hunting. May I know if you are experienced or not" " I am inexperienced but I've fought monsters before" " It doesn't matter. Your skill will be tested on the 27th of this month. By then everyone should be in Golg. Do we have any Golg resident here? " " Yes, max and I are in Golg currently" " Great, you guys should arrange a place for us to meet. I'll update you if there is anything else. Mind you Levin, the squad is just a five unit squad so you need to try your best in winning the fifth position." " Don't worry, I will" The conversation ended as everyone's name went from black to gray; that is to indicate that they are offline" I don't know if what I'm doing is right or wrong but I do know one thing: 27th is three days from now and I need to prepare the dungeon for a real fight. I don't really need to kill them after all I waited till nightfall b
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It's just like challenging a devil to kill 300 super heroes. Whereas it is very difficult to achieve, it's not an impossible feat Grr.. The sound of battle dogs came from all directions and I was surrounded. I took my battle stance and gripped the hilt of my sword.They all rushed towards me at once but they didn't realize that all of them cannot bite me at the same time. Every time I swing my sword, at least two of them fell There is always this small space that I always have between a fallen dog and an incoming one. All o have to do os occupy the space and use it to my advantage I kept slashing and slashing for a long time and it felt like it's never going to end but I didn't stop.I can't get hurt right in the second quarterAfter around ten minutes of slashes, I finally killed three hundred batti dogs. Blood was dripping from my sword and my body wax coloured red[You killed all the monsters; mission completed][You can now go to the third quarter]I jogged from the second qua
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My Greatest Fear
Out of the dungeon "It was good having you in our team, never thought acute senses could be this useful" " Rose, people don't know that acute senses is more of predicting the future than it is useless " After we got out of the dungeon, we drove back to the cafeteria we all met to share the profits. "Steve, bring out the black gold coins for account" Steve had already wrapped all the black gold coins in a cloth, he took it out of his suit I put it on the table "We killed twenty scorpions and five birds. Both monsters are level 1 monsters so here, we have twenty five black gold coins" Steve paused to see if everyone was listening and then continued " according to the squad rules, we share our profits equally. So here are five black gold coins for everyone " After giving everyone five black gold coins there still remain one on the table and everyone looked at Steve with a suspicious eyes " Did I count wrong? I thought there were twenty five coins here" " There are supposed to be
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