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Hailey finds her world being disrupted as she dreams every night about a strange city where everything is different. After visiting a fortune teller, Hailey discovers she is the reincarnation of a knight princess who fought hard to defend a lost city. When the nightmares become stronger, Hailey decides to go in search of the truth and realizes she hasn't been alone....

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The night was dark. Rain poured heavily as flashes of lightning filled the sky. The sound of thunderclaps was loud and it would wake anybody. While it rained, Hailey groaned, rolling in her sleep as she had a nightmare. Everything seemed real. She felt like she would touch it if only she stretched her hand and touched it. Unfortunately, fear immobilized her, making her unable to move. Every time she slept, she found herself dreaming of a place. A place that seemed unreal to the world. Her mind was disoriented as she turned around, looking for a poster or something to tell her where she was, but there were none.The place looked empty and destroyed. All that remained were burnt pieces of wood and space."Where am I?" She asked herself as anxiety started to get hold of her.Hailey turned, searching desperately for a door or a road out. The cold air blew against her skin, making all the hairs on her skin stand. Rubbing her hand against her arm, Hailey blew out air as she tried to control
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The next day, the sound of chattering filled the classroom, making Hailey stand up. After cleaning her eyes, Hailey looked around, realizing people were entering the class. Once again, she hadn't been able to sleep well."You look tired." Did you get any sleep at all? " Hailey heard Stella ask in that beautiful British accent of hers.Nodding her head at Stella, Hailey reassured her about being okay even though she wasn't. What was it like to sleep peacefully? Suddenly, her eyes darted to the door as Mr. Oisin entered the room. Was that his last name?"Good morning, everyone. Let's start. " "He said."A few minutes went by and Hailey smiled as she watched him walk across the room, explaining. There was just something about him that made her want to listen.So others might not believe it, but it is our duty as archaeologists to find the truth and preserve history. In generations to come, others will see it and be happy to know something about the past. " Mr. Oisin said, walking past he
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Hailey smiled after hearing what Fredrick had said. It really meant a lot to her. Clearing her throat, Hailey gazed at him."Thank you." "She said briefly before returning to munching on her food.""Hailey!"The loud scream from the door made her close her eyes. Even without gazing up, she knew it was Stella. By the time she had opened her eyes, Stella was already jumping to hug her.Hailey, are you alright? I forgot. I won't leave you to have dinner with Lucas. Will you forgive me? " Stella asked cutely."There isn't anything to forgive. I can't ask you to go out with your boyfriend just because I can't eat alone. I must get over my fear of being alone. " Hailey said."That you should do." Hailey heard Lucas say it from the door.Watching him enter, Hailey rolled her eyes before gazing at her friend. Lucas was Stella's boyfriend. He was the typical college bad boy. He dyed his hair, had tattoos, wore metal rings, did any crazy thing you could think of. And his eyes. Although she hate
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"There were actually two cities. One was Illniza and the other was Velkan City. Velkan City is where the ancient creatures lived. No one could actually tell that they were ancient creatures. Illniza is where the real humans stayed. " Stella said in her British accent."So they are two different cities?" Hailey asked as she remembered the visions she had seen. Suddenly, she became confused about why she had been seeing patches of the vision."Why are you suddenly asking though?" You never seem to pay attention in class. " Stella said as she tried her hair into a ponytail."Nothing. I just want to understand what they were saying in class the other day. " Hailey said, turning her chair around to face the table.Hailey continued to look at her laptop as Stella stared at her. Suddenly, Stella's phone started ringing, and the two of them paused before looking at each other for a moment. It was one of their favorite songs of all time. Katy Perry's song "Call Me Maybe"The two of them starte
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Hailey stared at Mr Oisin as he explained and talked more about different topics. They had just finished eating dinner and they already had a lot to talk about. “Let's take a walk. The weather looks nice.” Mr Oisin said making Hailey look outside. The sky was indeed clear. The night was cold but you could see the stars shinning beautifully in the sky. It was the perfect time for a walk. “Sure." Hailey answered and immediately stood up to go get her purse and jacket. It was rare for a student to be able to walk with a handsome teacher. Especially someone as handsome as Mr Othniel or Oisin. Personally, she liked Oisin better. When she returned from picking her things, Hailey found out Mr Oisin was already dressed once again. Smiling to herself, Hailey avoided his gaze as she reached down to feel her keys which was on the table. “Let's go.” Hailey said leading Mr Oisin out. Few seconds later, they were on the side of the road walking. The night was cold and the sky was clear. Many
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“Hailey. Hailey, can you hear me?” Hailey heard her handsome teacher ask. Coughing out the remaining water lungs, Hailey pulled her hair back from her face. They had come to the sea side to play and have fun but, such an accident happened. “I'm fine. I'm fine.” Hailey said not wanting Mr Oisin to worry. Seeing his handsome face was all the encouragement she needed to stay alive. Helping her stand up, Mr Oisin removed his jacket putting it round her to prevent her from catching cold . Few minutes later, the both of them where walking back, Hailey glanced at Mr Oisin wondering if he was angry at her since he wasn't talking. “Here. You should have this back. Your clothes are also very thin.” Hailey said trying to start a conversation as she removed his jacket giving it back to him. It wasn't what she wanted to do but, it was the only way not to sound awkward. “There is no need. Its my fault that you almost drowned. You may feel cold later. That's why I want you to have it.” Mr Oisi
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Hailey bent over the table studying the old bones in front of her. This should be the easiest thing for her to identify. When others were picking up their tools, Hailey reached for one of the magnifying glass before it finished. Moving round the table till she was able to properly find a correct angle, Hailey was completely unaware that her teacher was watching her. Hailey leaned over glancing at the two bones. For the first time in a long time, Hailey praised her best friend's sense of fashion. Initially she had planned to wear a sexy short skirt but Stella had advised against it. Leaning against the table, she didn't want to seem as if she was being flirty and trying to seduce him. “I've got it.” Hailey heard a student say making her turn her attention to the blond girl who seemed very excited to have gotten the answer. “Which one is the real gold?” Mr Oisin asked. “This one." Hailey heard the blond girl say as she raised up one of the gold necklaces. Somehow a part of her
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