God Tier Sword Mage

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God Tier Sword Mage

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Fenrir is a slave sold to the noble Clark family. The slave auctioneer labels Fenrir as "A person from an ancient civilization with crystal blue eyes." Along with Fenrir, a book written in an unfamiliar language is sold, and only Fenrir can read it. The auctioneer refers to it as the "1000-year Magic Book." One day, Fenrir accidentally summons a great mage named Silya. Silya isn't an ordinary wizard but a protector of the Empire known as the Forest Wizard. It's revealed that Fenrir is a genius wizard, and even Silya is impressed by Fenrir's power. Is Fenrir truly a person from an ancient civilization as claimed by the auctioneer? And what is the actual content of the mysterious book Fenrir possesses? These questions don't occupy Fenrir's thoughts much; right now, Fenrir's focus is on becoming stronger to avenge those dear to him.

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  • Kirana Raja


    interesting story, waiting for every update.

    2024-04-19 22:20:53
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Chapter 1. The Clark Family Slave
Fenrir winced at Zeldris' kick."Hold on little dirty slave, don't let my feet step in the mud. "Zeldris ordered Fenrir to lie prone on the mud so that he could pass through. "Come on you guys step on Fenrir too, do you want to get your feet in the mud?"Zeldris' friends who were also children of noble families did as Zeldris said, they laughed every time they stepped on Fenrir one by one. "Young master Zeldris, the great lord Gildart summons you to his chambers."A servant of the Clark family approached Zeldris while whispering something. Zeldris immediately left leaving his friends and Fenrir. "Are you alright, Fenrir?"Mrs. Freya, one of the Clark family's servants, approached Fenrir and tried to help Fenrir clean himself from the mud. "This is normal for me Mrs. Freya. Thank you Mrs. Freya, you are the only one here who would help a slave like me. "Fenrir felt grateful that there was a Mrs. Freya in this world, because since 6 years of being in the Clark family only Mrs. Frey
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Chapter 2. The strange green-haired woman
Fenrir blinked his eyes and tried to frown, trying to analyze his current whereabouts. "Hey, little guy, wake up, you're not going to sleep all day are you?" the green-haired woman looked annoyed that Fenrir was not paying attention to her at all.Fenrir held his stomach which was still sore from the kick last night. "Where is Mrs. Freya?"Fenrir slightly got up from the bed trying to find Mrs. Freya's whereabouts with a sense of worry, he was now certain that Mrs. Freya was not there. "The photographed woman you mean? She wasn't there when I returned after defeating some people outside this house. What exactly did you do to be hunted down by those assassins?"Fenrir did not pay much attention to the woman's babbling, because what was certain was that Mrs. Freya was not there now. Fenrir tried to get out of the house and looked outside. "Hey, where are you going with a wound like that?"The woman pulled Fenrir back to the bed and placed her hand on Fenrir's wounded stomach. And
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Chapter 3 Fenrir's Truth
"I will make you a strong man, now that I know who your mother is. "The Clark family servant suddenly turned into a green-haired female witch. For a moment, Fenrir was shocked but the pain on his face was so painful that even being shocked hurt. Fenrir could only hold his face and move away from that place without responding to a single word the woman said. The only response Fenrir gave was a face of pain. "What a misfortune for my nephew, give me your face, I'll heal it in an instant. "Fenrir was surprised to hear the woman's words, surprised by her magic and her words that called Fenrir her nephew. "It is better now that we return to the hut first and let your body rest, I can heal the wounds, but your body must also rest."Meanwhile Zeldris was annoyed because it turned out that her mother did not call Zeldris to his residence, Zeldris wondered who the servant was who dared to lie to her. "I will give a severe punishment when I meet her, who is the she who has dared to waste
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Chapter 4. Genius wizard
Fenrir who heard all of Silya's words could only shake his head. How could a slave like him have a great mage mother and have such special powers. Fenrir still hadn't accepted this fact. And actually from earlier there were things that haunted Fenrir's mind more so that Silya's words were not really heeded. Fenrir had been wondering where Mrs. Freya was."Didn't you go somewhere around here when you disappeared? Did you hear any news about Mrs. Freya?"Fenrir tried to change the subject and tried to find out Mrs. Freya's news. Silya who heard Fenrir's question only smiled sarcastically at Fenrir, because Silya expected Fenrir to be more enthusiastic to hear all of her explanations about magic but it turned out that there was only Mrs. Freya in Fenrir's head. "I went to a safe place to read this book, I didn't look for any info about Mrs. Freya. "Fenrir who heard that was just downcast, he felt worried about Mrs. Freya's safety. but he also didn't know where to look at night like thi
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Chapter 5. Fenrir's development
Mages in the Balmuth Empire have several levels starting from beginner, senior, advanced, expert, master, grand master, sorcerer, sage, great mage, archmage, and the highest is ancient mage. All of that depends on the amount of magic power, force control and the number of spells that can be used and many more things that can also affect such as the number of spells that can be used in one use of magic, how rare the form of magic used, how efficient the way to use magic, and many others.But there are some things that are usually used as a reference by ordinary people in the Balmuth Empire to determine the strength of a wizard, namely the level of a wizard is usually directly proportional to the wizard's work and to whom he works, such as the average senior and advance wizards they will become adventurers or join guilds to hunt in dungeons or do a quest to get money and rare items they want.Meanwhile, at the expert, master and grandmaster levels, on average, they will become a protect
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Chapter 6. Dungeon
Fenrir's anger really overflowed. Fenrir clenched his fists and prepared to chase Zeldris. when Fenrir had run towards Zeldris, suddenly a hand pulled Fenrir's body.Zeldris who had felt something approaching looked back, but found nothing, Zeldris passed with his friends out of the park. "What do you want to do? You want to die, huh?"Silya scolded Fenrir for what Fenrir was just about to do. Silya felt the killing air that Fenrir emitted when he wanted to hit Zeldris. Silya who had been watching the conversation between Zeldris and Fenrir from a distance also understood what Fenrir was currently feeling. But Silya could not turn a blind eye to the consequences that Fenrir would have to accept if he killed Zeldris. Fenrir tried to release Silya's hand and tried to go back after Zeldris. But Silya pulled Fenrir's body back and slapped Fenrir's face. "Wake up, Fenrir, what you're about to do could endanger your own life. Do you know who Zeldris' father is? He is one of the heroes of
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Chapter 7. Execution
This morning Zeldris planned to practice swordplay with his father, Zeldris had the opportunity to learn the sword techniques of the clark noble family directly from his father. Zeldris felt happy because finally the thing she had been waiting for had arrived.The Clark noble family sword technique is one of the best sword techniques in the Balmuth Empire. There are many people who want to learn this sword technique, because in the long history of the Empire, many of the owners of this technique have become big names, one of which is the current family leader, Gildart Clark, who has become a hero of the Empire and Zeldris' brother who has become a hero protector of the Empire.This made Zeldris even more excited that she would be one of the successors of this sword technique. Zeldris knocked on the door of his father's room, and someone from inside invited his to enter. The guard at the door opened the door for Zeldris and found a soldier inside who was reporting to his father. "Sit
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Chapter 8. Fenrir's anger
Fenrir who was in the garden saw several people running towards the city center. Fenrir who saw his only turned his head and returned to his work, occasionally wiping the sweat that began to fall because of the hot sun this afternoon. "Did you hear? There was an announcement at the town hall, there will be someone who will be executed today.""Who will be executed? Is there anyone who dares to defy the family head lord's wishes anymore? Last time Lord Gildart executed his own younger brother for defying his decree.""I don't know, it's better to see it in person so we know what's going on. ""Come on, I wonder what that person did wrong that she was sentenced to death."There were the voices of two people who were talking and passed by Fenrir towards the town hall. Fenrir who heard that seemed uninterested at first, but he felt a bad feeling about this. Silya changed from her blue sparrow form back to human form. This was one of Silya's magical abilities, the shapeshifting ability.
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Chapter. 9 predators and prey
Fenrir's huge explosion of magic power had evidently drawn the attention of someone from a distant place. "A familiar magic explosion, is it time for us to move master?"A black-robed person with fiery red eyes asked the opinion of the person in front of him. The person called master looked at the outside of the castle and seemed to have his mind wandering far away. "We will begin our plan, but we will do it slowly. Our plan must be successful and in accordance with our goals so far. I alone will ensure that our Lord's revenge is carried out."The master gazed intently at the painting on the wall of the castle, a painting of the dashing man the master called Lord. "I will avenge you Lord, and bring back our glory. "The master said inwardly showing how much loss and pain he had felt for the loss of his Lord. ---------------Silya was still carrying Fenrir away from the Clark family residence. With her rain magic Silya tried to eliminate the trail and ran into the forest. But th
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Chapter. 10 Albert's army
Gildart seemed to have just woken up from his stupor. Next to Gildart was Albert who was the main servant of the Clark noble family. "How long have I been unconscious Albert?"Gildart held the back of his head that had been hit earlier. Gildart also felt a slight pain from the direction of his stomach. Gildart blinked his slightly blurry eyes and looked around the room. Gildart recognized this room, this was his rest room. "About half an hour sir"Albert said as he bowed slightly to Gildart. There was something that Gildart had just realized, if he was already inside the resting room it meant that the battle against Silya was over, because Gildart no longer heard the noise outside the room. "Where did Silya and the slave go? Did you manage to capture them? "Gildart's face seemed to turn red again remembering what Fenrir had done to him. A lowly slave was able to knock him unconscious. Making the honor of Gildart who was the Empire's protective bastion tarnished. This made all of
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