Incarnation System: angel of wisdom as system warden

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Incarnation System: angel of wisdom as system warden

By: SG OngoingSystem

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A dimension where traveling from one world to another through spatial distortion is possible and where dimensional realms exist including netherworld and heaven etc. Watch our mc who died as a 24 year old professional coder with lots of computer knowledge but tons of regret's, watch him reincarnated into a world where magic and cultivation exist with a system and an AI who refer to himself as the infamous angel of wisdom and knowledge - URIEL?!! ...... Hi, this is sinful_king with his first novel . This novel is about a person who was caring and friendly person but because of some incidents starts looking at everything with indifference and cold manner and died because of this so called incidents. He somehow was able to respond to being who had same amount of regret's but is way more powerful. Who gives him 3 options 1] Death 2] Go in his past with current memories 3] Reincarnation with...... ....... *1 chapter per day if not any problems. *If any grammatical mistakes please ignore as long as you understand. *Not my art, comment if you are the legal art owner and want it removed ............ DISCORD FOR CHARACTER IMAGES

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Regretful death and eventful meeting
Haah, What a miserable death if I must say so.I was just enjoying my after meal walk while listening to the ' Ariana Grande ' when suddenly 2 pitch black cars suddenly and abruptly stopped in front of my way and a noble, elegant and handsome man with 4-5 burly bodyguard came out from the car's."A person like you shouldn't be walking in a road where even ruffling of the tree's can be heard now should you ? Older brother" the elegant man asked in a threating tone."What do you mean by a person like me, no wait what are 'you' even doin here younger brother ? " I asked with smile which was far from happy.By seeing that I didn't even show a hint of hesitation, panic or restlessness the 'elegant' man's handsome face turned into a scoul and he asked 2 of the burly bodyguard to make me kneel in front of him.Without any struggling I let those man make me kneel in front of the elegant man barely a foot away."How unsightly, to think that the heir
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'Angel of wisdom URIEL!!?' I said with a calm voice and a ting of excitement." Wow, so you know me with that name hah, well yeah I am an archangel but not one of 7 archangel's, not anymore" she said in a sad voice which was hardly noticeable but still noticeable.' Okay...' I said in a my calm and indifferent voice.When I said that, the voice or ms.angel seemed to look at me with confusion and when I said look at me and did not explain how she looked right now was because even I didn't know how she looked like.I looked like a mass of dense gas with 2 glowing white dot side by side but ms.angel wasn't even present I can only hear her voice and sense her gaze somehow. I wasn't even able to speak and was communicating with thoughts" Don't you wanna know why I am not one of the 7 archangel's anymore ? " She asked after what seemed like small silence' Well, I will be lying if I said I am not curious but I have my own things I don't wanna tel
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Uriel's interest and a request
When Uriel heard his word's she was shocked but not because of her plan to get out of this eternal prison being destroyed but because of the way this barely 24 earth year's old boy already understood the way this reality is.Now, Uriel was not some young and dreamy girl, she had her own fair square of up's and down's in her life and her age might even be older than this humans planet." Hahahaha... you keep amusing human. Well, yes I do have a selfish wish but that was never to be free." Said the angel of wisdom while laughing like she have heard the most funny joke in her entire life.' Wait, do you mean that you are...' before I can even speak, Uriel explained." Young boy, you haven't even live one hundreth of my life. A long life has already taken my fear of death from me and yes no one forced me in here if I wanted to be free than you are not the only one who can take me out, in one way or the other I would already be free" she said in a somewhat pri
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Reincarnation was a success
"wha-what the hell, it hurts!!?." I screamed inwardly when I felt a sharp pain in my belly area.Uwaaaaaa.....But instead of words only a painful but silly as of a toddlers cry was able to come out of my mouth, I didn't have the slightest of control over that cry it was as if even though I knew I should stop my body was not responding to my brain" Shtimera, sorus ka crual !!? " I heard a panicked voice.And before I could even open my eyes to see whose voice it was, I suddenly felt something warm going down from my abdomen to my lower part of body.It won't need a genius to prove that it was water but when the water fell on my body instead of relaxing I became more tense and started crying even louder." Cerus ku, cerus.." I heard a low voice of a woman as if trying to reassure me that theirs no problem and I should just relax.I don't know how but when I heard this voice I relax a bit, it's not like I stopped crying but it wasn't a
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Reincarnation was a success - 2
[Congratulations!!! Reincarnation process has been successfully completed with 100% success rate. ] ' Wait, before everything why does it show 100% success rate ? ' I said with frown on my baby face. ' What did you expect that I can just do a dangerous and doubtful process without any complications, but you should be happy shouldn't you that you were able to reincarnate without any complications ? ' she said with a pout if she had a face for it. ' No no no, it's not like I am happy or relieved because YOU didn't told me anything about complications oh great goddess of wisdom.' I said in a completely noticeable sarcastic tone. '... I didn't ? ' she asked a question not knowing if it was for me or for herself. ' Haah Whatever, I asked for a system which will show me my summary and progress of myself, why does it have the name of ' Incarnation System', does it have some meaning ? or...' I asked with my same indifferent tone. ' I am going
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Summary of five years
Within the confines of a fortified city, their stands tall walls from all directions which were not tall enough to compare that of the walls protecting the city but luxurious enough to standout even from the gates of the fortified city.Within this were a group of constructions but what will catch anyone's and everyone's attention will be the mansion, Mansion might not make the justice for what seemed to be a small palace if someone paid enough attention.Within this palace into a certain room which had a huge chandelier and filled with countless shelf filled with books, it was easily recognisable at first glance that this was a library and a library big enough to accommodate two above average couple rooms and if that wasn't enough, it had a second floor which seemed to be made by adding rooms of the floor above.This whole place will be as silent as grave if not for one person sitting on one of the tables arranged to read while resting, this person seemed more
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Summary of five years - 2
I always had a simple question, what is 'Incarnation system?' even though I know I asked for it from Uriel but is it what I wanted ? That means can it reach my expectations of system. Can it do this, can it do that I always had this type of hypothetical question.Now, what does incarnation mean because through this word I can draw out hundreds of possibilities. That's why before coming to a certain conclusion and excepting something which is not present and completely declining what it can do, I decided to ask the person who created the system, which is the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom itself.And to my questions Uriel explained,' See, I don't know what your expectations are from the system. But I can tell you what you can expect or what you can do with the help of system. So first of, let's start with how I created the system. I created this system by assimilating millions and thousands of different energy codes. Now the concept of energy code is a story within
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Introduction to the family
While I was remembering this memories, someone entered the library, it seems like this person was knocking the door but because I was lost in my thoughts I was unable to hear, that's why this person decided to enter without permission. This person was actually a woman, she had a shoulder long navy blue hair and sharp green eyes, she was wearing a maid outfit but unlike the petite maid she was wearing a silver metallic shoulder pads with the design of lily on them and same silver chest plate like the petite maid, she was wearing frameless glasses and her hair was tied on the left side falling from her shoulder, her height was 5,6" inches. she had light green hair What was the most noticeable thing about this woman was her big breasts, not as big as the amber hair lady but enough to jiggle while walkin even the chest plate's middle part was perked up because of her breasts, any man would like to get in the middle of her legs if not for her small two horns above her hea
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The first guest in five years
" Hmph, you get to stay with Lucy 24/7 Julia, at least let me cuddle and snuggle my son once a week." My mother said with a pout which was cute instead of anger. " I humbly refuse!" Julia muttered under her breath while shaking her head as if given up. " Mother, you usually don't even wait for me to come and directly barged in wherever I am, even if I am bathing, so did the sun rise from the west today ? " I asked with sarcastic smile. " Ah, Lucy you are cutest when you are indifferent but hottest when you are angry." She said completely ignoring my sarcastic tone to the point even praising me for it. I just smiled and shake my head, after all she is not like my mother from my past life actually she is way better compared to her. " Mm, Lucy does your stomach hurt ? Are you not feeling better ? Should I cast a healing spell on you ? No, I guess a professional..." She became nervous after seeing my gloomy expression. " I am fine mom, the
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The heir to the throne of Darkness
" haah, whatever now shall we get to the main and important topic." Aunt Rias said trying to avoid the topic." Hm, let's do it" said my mother thinking what was the they were arguing." Alright now let me start explaining" Rias said looking at me with a firm and serious voice, my mother, Julia and Lily took in deep breaths as if preparing themselves, my mother looked at me as if someone is going to take me away from her and she won't be able to stop me but after a few seconds she turned away and looked at Rias with firm voice." Go on" she said with a firm voice but it seemed like she was holding back her tears." Hm, Lucas this is something which is important just not because your mother hide it from you but also because this is going to led you to anything but a normal path " she said." Don't worry, no matter which path trouble is going to follow me anyway. Pain, suffering and futility is something I have been preparing myself from the day I un
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