Hero Awakening: Shadow Vanguard

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Hero Awakening: Shadow Vanguard

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Michael Black is a kid who believes superheroes are nothing more than idiots. After his parents were killed in an attack, he loses hope in the concept of saving others. To him, power is meant for one's personal use only, and risking one's life for another, is nothing more than stupidity. Things however change for Michael when he watches his best friend die before him. His ideals change, and with his newly acquired powers, he swears to change the world, and become the greatest superhero alive.

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  • Chukwuemeka Eze


    This book is effing phenomenal. GRR Martin ain't got nothing on you

    2024-01-21 03:32:03
  • Fab20


    A great story, I was immersed from the beginning, curious to see where his goes...️

    2024-01-20 15:46:33
  • Martins


    great story, great pacing, great plot. It's a wonderful read

    2024-02-17 06:25:30
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35 chapters
Michael Black
It was night, the dull light from the crescent moon, aided with the faint light of stars, poorly illuminated the dark streets. Being the most popular boy in one of the prominent Elite high schools was a rather demanding unpaid job.Michael sat on the rooftop of his family house, his eighteenth birthday party had just concluded and while there was a mountain of gifts in front of him, he was only interested in one. His best friend, Daniel Hardwood laid unconscious at the far end of the roof, while guests and well wishers left the premises until it was only the two of them left.This was the night he opened Pandora's box, the only gift his father had left him before his death. He was the son of the most renowned superhero in town, and while his parents had powers that granted them superhuman strength, Michael had been born with no supernatural abilities. At first, none of that mattered to him. In the world he lived in, only two percent of the population were able to awaken supernatural
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Under Attack
The first thing Michael saw when he regained consciousness was the face of his best friend awkwardly close to him. They were still in the basement, and while everything seemed normal to Daniel, Michael was freaking out inside. "Where's the box?" Michael asked as he rose from the floor. He had been too focused on finding the box that he had completely neglected the fact that his once burnt hand was now completely healed. He didn't notice, not until he slammed his fist against the wall in frustration. "I didn't find any box when I woke up, and that was three hours ago. It's well past noon by now." Daniel replied before walking forward to calm his frustrated box. "I think you should take a break from this black box for now. Get something to eat, and we can continue looking for it afterwards." He suggested.Michael didn't argue, nor did he oppose Daniel's decisions. He knew something had happened with the box, and it definitely had to do with the fact that his completely burnt hand was
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I Hate Heroes
"Are you okay?!" Daniel screamed after getting tossed into the nearby table. Their assaulter was clearly a telepath, but it didn't seem like he was well accustomed to his own powers yet. The fact that he had a gun with him must mean that he had just awakened and simply wanted to test out his powers against two defenseless teenagers. "I'm fine...c..call the police!" Michael managed before taking refuge behind a wall. His wound was healing, but he was losing energy quickly. Even though he had healing prowess, it did not take away from the excruciating pain in his lower abdomen. He had no idea why this had decided to happen all of a sudden, he had never been attacked before, so why would it happen on his birthday?Acting swiftly, Daniel reached for his cellphone, but just as he was about to call the police, the gadget flew out of his grip, and in came a six foot masked man. He had broken down the door with his telekinetic powers and had his gun pointed right at where Daniel hid. "If yo
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"The heroes couldn't get to the scene on time because you wouldn't let them!" A deep baritone voice chastised two men in expensive tuxedos. "There was an unusual burst of energy coming from that location. We rarely have enough heroes in the city, we couldn't risk sending them out without first confirming the situation." One of the suited men replied. Antonio Carlos, one of the core members of the research and management department of the hero association. He was a knowledgeable man, very adept with matters concerning science and technology. Every member of the hero association respected him, but that didn't save him from being chastised by the number three hero in the entirety of Geo, Charles McRae. "There were no casualties, so it's not really something to make a big deal out of." The second suited man, Franklin Otter, pointed out. "There wasn't, but a villain got away. That boy's house was completely destroyed, don't you think that's enough damage done?" "That's enough Charles
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There were five hero guilds in Geo, each of them being led by one of the five S ranked heroes of the city. Charles McRae was in charge of the Shadow Vanguards, the second most powerful guild in the city, and the guild with the highest number of A rank members. Michael knew that if he enrolled into the Hero program, he would fall prey to the scheme of the government. And now that the identity of his parents was no longer a secret, he knew he would eventually turn into a toy for them to gamble with. His only option right now was joining Charles' team, the shadow vanguard. Even though they were supposed to be a unit that operated in the shadows, Charles McRae was the polar opposite. He was active during day and night, and that exactly was the reason many people adored him and raced under his command. "You don't have to give me your answer right away. Take your time to figure out what you want, and when you're ready you can call for me and give me your answer." Charles notified and Mich
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Patrol II
Geo was a busy city in the fall. Corporate workers hastened along the streets in a hurry to get to their workplace to finish projects before the cold season sets in. Stores had multiple discount sales to clear out goods that had been sitting on the shelves all year long. Even normal people were pulled into the hustle and bustle of the city.At night, the buzz of activity died down to some extent. No city was without its own nightlife and Geo was quite lively. Nevertheless, dusk wasn't much welcome in these parts. With the sudden increase in awakened individuals, the crime rate had skyrocketed. It didn't matter if a curfew was in place, criminals drunk in power would break into homes, harm parents and children, and cart away with their important belongings. "You should have worn something thicker, it's cold out here at night." Charles chastised as the two walked down an empty street. "Aren't you cold in that?" He returned as he admired the hero's suit closely. The sleek design accent
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Choices and Emotions
Michael woke up right where he had fallen asleep—on the couch. Charles was already back, and he was seated on the other side of the living room completely immersed in the papers he was reading. "The news about your house is all over the place." Charles informed in a passive tone before taking another sip out of his cup of coffee. Michael ignored the hero's words and with his eyes began to search for Ben's figure. If he didn't know better, he would have said the man had drugged him. He had been lost in thought for a moment, and in the next he had woken up to the blinding rays of sunlight. "Where's Ben?" He asked, but didn't get a reply, not until Charles was done reading the page his eyes were fixed on. "He's making breakfast. He might not look it, but he's actually a pretty good cook." Michael scoffed, unsure if he should be impressed or jealous. Ben Fury seemed to have everything the ladies wanted, and the mere fact that he seemed superior to him in every aspect made Michael a l
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A system?!
Shadow Vanguard headquarters was a lot closer than Michael had imagined. They'd barely spent half an hour on the road, but that didn't stop Michael from harassing Ben with one particular question. "Why didn't you just teleport us here? It's not that far, it wouldn't take any energy from a pro like yourself." "I can't go around using my abilities all willy nilly. Crime rates have been skyrocketing these days, conserving energy is the proper thing to do." Ben replied in his casual tone. "Come with me." He ordered before making the first step towards the gigantic spherical building."I'll show you to the dorms first and help you get yourself ready and everything. But once you go out there, you're on your own." Ben as they entered the building. It wasn't Michael's first time seeing the building, but it was his first time entering it. It was a lot bigger than he expected it to be, and even a lot more furnished. Obediently, he kept pace with Ben and followed the man everywhere he went. He
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Daily Task
Michael lowered the little luggage he had with him on the untouched side of the room. He took a second to stare at his roommate's side, and with a glance was able to predict his probable personality. He seemed to be organized, had an affiliation with dull colors, and was clearly a nerd. With the information he had gathered from his assessment, his roommate was likely an emo kid. They weren't the worst kind, but Michael couldn't see himself building a relationship with someone who acts like life was depressing all the time. Tearing his attention from the more organized part of the room, Michael got straight to getting himself organized. It took half an hour to get everything in order, and after that, he settled for a quick nap. When he woke up, his roommate was already in, but unlike his hypothesis, he seemed to be a rather vibrant kid. He had his headphones on and was too focused on the book before him that he failed to notice that Michael was awake. Michael remained on his bed, and
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First Task Completed!
The gym was just like Michael had expected. It was large with high ceilings, and every inch of the room was illuminated by bright overhead lights. Neatly organized rows of cardio machines, including treadmills and ellipticals, occupied one section, while on the side were weightlifting equipment. The place was a lot busier than he had anticipated, but he wasn't exactly surprised. Some powers required the wielder to develop their physical stats to a certain level. Besides, it wasn't advisable to rely on powers alone in combat. Training to be physically capable helped a lot in situations where the use of abilities were off limits. It was a requirement of heroes who wished to be part of the action squad."Do you visit the gym often? It's rare to see a guy go to the gym hours after he'd been admitted." Damian commented as they walked in. "Not exactly. I've been to the gym a couple times, but I'm not a regular." Michael answered. He had been in a hurry and had forgotten to get into an
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