The Traveler: Martial Druid

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The Traveler: Martial Druid

By: Kasaix OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Katsuo was the unlucky boy who got a heart attack after a confession, one that was a genius in martial arts being held back by his sickly body. Then the expected abrupt accident happened and he was hit by a truck!... Of course not but he still passed away and ended up finding himself in the presence of a goddess in a brand-new world. First Book of the Eternal River of Time pentalogy.

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Chapter 1
“Kazama-kun I… I love you” Standing under the cherry blossoms Kazama felt like the time stopped for him at that moment. He couldn’t comprehend what he had just heard. Aino? Love him? What? He looked at Aino’s pink lips, almond green eyes, snow-white skin and slightly flushed cheeks. Maybe she really confessed to him? No, no he shouldn’t get ahead of himself. Today was windy so she might have just felt a little cold and it might have been the wind playing a trick on his ears. *Thump* Still, all this self-rationalization couldn’t stop his heart from beating furiously. “Kazama-kun?” Seeing Aino fidget nervously in front of him while waiting for his answer made Kazama’s heart beat even more furiously. So this was all real and he wasn’t imagining anything? *Thump* *Thump* Oh no! While he was making her wait Aino must have been dying from nervousness. He needed to give his answer as soon as possible. As Kazama opened his mouth he still couldn’t believe that his springtime of youth ha
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Chapter 2
Katsuo opened his eyes but, the light was too bright to see anything. 'Ah, I survived.' Katsuo rubbed his eyes to get used to the light but also noticed some peculiarities in his surroundings. He couldn't smell the characteristic odour of antisceptics. Also, the bad was too cold and hard almost as if it was a piece of stone. "What!?" Katsuo yelped as he finally regained his vision. *Thump* His heart started to beat in despair. He was in a temple made of marble. There were, long endless pillars surrounding him and he couldn't see the ceiling, only endless bright light. "Hahaha... FUCK!!" This was the biggest joke he had seen in his life. For once, he had thought his life was going in a good direction. A girl he liked had confessed to him, there were only two more years till he could get a heart transplant and his parents were coming home. If only... If only he didn't try to help that girl and let her die, none of this would have happened. Why would he even think that he could
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Chapter 3
Katsuo returned to the daffodil garden in pain. "Quite curious. I never expected your reunion to go like that" Aeternitas was right. Katsuo didn't expect it would turn out like this either. He was under the impression that it would be a heart-wrenching parting but his father ended up beating him up. He shouted obscenities at Katsuo and hit him in anger. His mother and sister managed to keep him down but what he said still hurt Katsuo. "You are a proud son of the Kazama lineage. I won't allow you to wallow in pain even in my dreams. So what if you died!? Be a man about it and hold your head high!" That resonated with Katsuo and it left a bad taste in his mouth. He didn't want to hear that from his father during their farewells. "Neither did I but I guess it was necessary" then Katsuo bowed to the Goddess. She was a divine being worthy of his worship and he was deeply grateful to her for letting him meet with his family for one last time. He didn't know if he could worship her wit
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Chapter 4
Katsuo looked around him. He was in the middle of a lush forest. The leaves of the trees were wide and he could see wines creeping up on the trees. This didn't feel like one of the forests he would see back home. It felt more like one of those rainforests he would see on TV. After he got up Katsuo made sure there wasn't anything dangerous in the vicinity. Once he confirmed he was safe he uttered the words he only said in his dreams. "Status Panel" --- [Name]: Kazama Katsuo [Age]: 16 [Job]: Civilian [Rank]: 0 [Title]: The Traveler [Background]: None [Strength]: 1 [Agility]: 1 [Willpower]: 5 [Vitality]: 4 [Charisma]: 4 [Mana]: 0 [Active Skills]: Appraisal (Max) [Passive Skills]: Heavenly Body (Max), Polyglot (Max) --- Katsuo looked at his status panel but he didn't know what to make of it. He could see his stats but the problem was he didn't know if they were good or bad. Though there were two that he knew were definitely the worst. His agility and strength were bot
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Chapter 5
As he looked at the beast Katsuo's head started to work as it had never done before. First of all, why could he talk with the beast? Answer; because of his skill [Polyglot(Max)]. Now that he thought about it, in the description it said he could speak any language in existence. That didn't just apply to humanoids. It meant as long as beasts had language he could speak with them. Normally this would be something joyous but right now the situation was too tense for him to stop and start celebrating. Second of all, why didn't the beast immediately attack him? Answer; because he smelled of 'nature'. Again it was because of his passive skill [Heavenly Body(Max)]. The power of nature pulsed through his heart and this was the reason why the beast smelled nature from him. Good. Wait this wasn't everything. The first question it asked was if Katsuo was related to Druids. It meant this beast had some sort of relationship with druids. He didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing b
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Chapter 6
"Hey, Granny Scarlet! How are you today?" Katsuo said as he dropped the basket of fruits he had just gathered. "It's... okay..." Granny Scarlet answered Katsuo slowly as she usually did. It had been more than three months since Katsuo set foot in this jungle and started his life in the wilderness. At first, it was hard, there was that grey blur that kept stealing his food, and then his arms kept getting scratched whenever he tried to climb a tree. Every night he would pray to Aeternitas, to help him, to guide him out of this jungle and show him the way towards civilization. She never answered his prayers. However, it was okay. He knew that she was a goddess and she couldn't return every prayer. He didn't blame her. He wanted to blame her but he couldn't as she had already granted him a second chance at life, how could he be hostile to her? But in gaming terms, he still felt salty about being thrown in here. His first week was the worst, he was constantly hungry and didn't know
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Chapter 7
"Happy birthday to me!" Katsuo snuffed the makeshift candle on top of the big mango-like fruit he found. Today was his birthday. He was finally 17 years old. It had been five months since he had been thrown off into this world. He looked at himself. His hands were rough, covered in calluses. He was wearing clothes made off of fur from the animals he had hunted. His original clothes were in tatters and they had already been purposed into something else. His hair was rough and covered in dry leaves. He hadn't been able to bathe in a long time. The air was cold due to the weather. He didn't know if this world followed the same season cycle but it had been snowing for the last two months so there was only a month left till spring. His body was the one that went through the most transformation. He had lean but tough muscles, a characteristic of his lineage. His mother was the same. Even though she looked chubby, her strength was equal to his father's. If someone saw the current him,
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Chapter 8
*Splash* Katsuo was standing under a waterfall with weights tied to his appendages in a horse stance. He didn't know if this training method had an effect but he had seen it on Samurai Jack so it should definitely work... it will probably work... it had a possibility of working? He hated the cold water in this season, but today he decided to take on this challenge because it was a special day. Today was the day Granny Scarlet's friend was coming to visit her so he needed to look presentable. The snow around the forest was already melting so they were about to enter spring. Such an apt season for the beginning of his new life! "Done!" As soon as his training was done Katsuo escaped from the waterfall. *Brrrt* It was really cold despite the air getting warmer, the water was still cold. Katsuo threw down his makeshift weights and put on his fur clothes. He didn't really like them but this was the best he could craft with his given skills. His fur shirt looked more like a fur po
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Chapter 9
Unlike his expectations, Katsuo didn't hear from the elf that day. He had to go back to his campsite and sleep for the night. He hoped that she would make up his mind by tomorrow. The wait felt like a torture. Most importantly though, he was happy that he finally had a proper conversation with another human... I mean humanoid being after so long. The only things he could usually talk with were sentient trees. He wanted to get an animal companion at first but he felt weird speaking to his food. It was like having a conversation with your egg before breaking it for a sunny side up so he had given up that idea. Could he have made friends with animals that he wasn't going to eat? No. Because there wasn't a single animal that Katsuo didn't eat in this jungle. He had eaten everything from snakes to squirrels. He had even eaten wolf meat on one rare occasion before. This was important because there weren't a lot of animals that he could hunt in this forest. That was why his diet mostl
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Chapter 10
"Okay"After some thinking, Katsuo decided to accept her proposal. He had to because this was the arrangement of the goddess. He didn't know what her plans were but at least he knew that she didn't hold any ill will against him, but most importantly he wanted to have a family again. So what if his family in this world were not humans? He didn't mind."Then from now on your name is Kazama Um'rael"Aranel said as if it was a matter of course."No no no, you have a misunderstanding. In my world, we say the last name first so it should be Katsuo Um'rael""Is that so? Anyway, now that this matter is settled, let's get along well from now on son""Ugh, can't you just call me by my name?""No, you have to get used to it S-O-N"Seeing him bothered by her address Aranel teased him even further by emphasizing it."When do we start training in mana?""Look at this kid, trying to run before he could even walk. We first start by teaching babies how to speak elven but you should have that covered s
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