The Cosmos's Strongest

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The Cosmos's Strongest

By: Nile_Clad OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A normal boy in London who was living a normal life until he saw the horrifying scene of his foster mother. After that everything changed for the normal boy who was living a normal life. He got transmigrated into the body of a 9 year old and in a world where Mana exists. He then adapts to the world where the strong rule and the weak are trampled. His main goal being to become The Cosmos's Strongest. Join him on this journey filled with mysteries of the universe. (A/N :- The novel is a bit slow paced in the starting but after 30 chapters it becomes faster. There will be a lot of world building and some complex characters. btw the cover's not mine, if you want me to remove it email me I will release 1 ch everyday but I can do mass releases if you guys support me so if you want more chapters add the book to library and also give reviews. Each chapter will be around 1100-1500 words. If there are any spelling mistakes pls comment it, I will rectify it :)

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    2022-08-31 17:00:48
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    Hi guys, it's the author. I will upload daily and maybe I might do mass releases but only if you guys support me. You can support me by simply reviewing the book and sharing your thoughts, it helps me to improve and also keeps me motivated. And also pls vote my book if you like it.

    2022-08-31 16:54:42
Latest Chapter
26 chapters
Ch 1 - Dark Figure
A boy with brown hairs and dark brown eyes who looked to be around 15 years old could be seen sitting on his bed with a phone in his hand.He was reading a text that his friend had sent him./did you ask your mom permission for the party/The boy put the phone on his bed after reading the text and headed down a flight of stairs.He stopped in front of a door and called out while knocking on the door "Esther, can I come in."He waited for a few seconds but still didnt get an answer so he called out again but this time with a louder voice "Esther, can I come in."Still, nobody answered the door so he just spoke about his reason for coming "Harry's having a party at his house and he invited me, can I go. All my friends will be there, I will be back by nine so please can I go."Even after a minute of waiting he still got no response.Anybody in this situation would have thought that she wasnt home but he had seen her in the house just 10 minutes ago and he also hadnt heard her leave. He th
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Ch 2 - The Wheel Of Destiny
In a dark room a naked boy could be seen covering his exposed parts.When the smoky hand touched him, he was suddenly enveloped by the dark smoke and the next thing he saw was complete and utter darkness.The room had only one source of light, the screens of the monitors. He looked at the monitors, and could barely see the contents of the videos being displayed but he could see a little bit. The colour red, was emitted from each of the monitors.He didnt give much attention to the monitors and started to look around the room.Just a minute ago he was in the hospital room, bedridden and now he was in an endless dark room which had nothing but a couple of monitors and a chair. He squinted his eyes and saw a person sitting on the chair. The chair was so big that he didnt notice a person was sitting on it.He noticed that a person was sitting on the chair but didnt go near the chair as he was still scared.After a minute or two the chair turned towards the boy who was still trying to cov
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Ch 3 - Asking To Be Reincarnated
The silent space was filled with the ticking of the pointer as the wheel was finally coming to a stop.The boy's heart was pounding so much that you would be able to hear it if it werent for the wheel and the pointer.The boy hadnt checked any of the destinies on the wheel before spinning it but as the wheel was slowing down he could see the destinies written, albeit only a little but he could make out the meaning of the destinies.On one of the destinies that he was able to see was written 'to be guillotined'. He started to have double thoughts on spinning the wheel but when he remembered he didnt have a choice he became a bit calm, with his thoughts being 'Whats the worse that could happen, I would die, thats it.'He said those words in his mind to encourage himself and feel a bit better but the fear of death was still present in his heart.The wheel was coming to a stop.And it finally stopped.The boy had his fingers crossed and was slowly opening his eyes as he couldnt hear the w
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Ch 4 - At The Hospital
A woman wearing white dress could be seen walking in a white corridor which was filled with people wearing clothes just like her, with some people wearing blue and also of people wearing random dresses.It was a hospital, the same hospital the boy was admitted in.The doctor was going to his room to see him.She remembered the police and also the emergency care assistant who had bought an unconscious boy to the hospital say that he was lying on the floor just a few feet away from a corpse which had organs spilling out of her.When she heard this she was shocked 'how could a person just have organs spilling out of them while they were on the bed?' She knew the answer to her question but refused to believe it.Because it was too hard to believe that a person would even think of doing that.The police had arrived at the scene before the ambulance and they brought the boy out but left the corpse as they knew it would be best if it was left there and to wait until an investigating team cam
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Ch 5 - At The Police Station
On top of a ten storey building a person could be seen coming out of a white smo... or rather forming out of a milky white smoke.It was night time so the white colour gave out a hint of luminosity.The person who formed from the white smoke was a 6 foot 3 inches giant who was wearing an all black suit, not even a single tinge of white could be seen on his clothes. Only thing shiny in his dull black appearance was his blonde hair and his white mask which had golden stripes on them. Other than his hair and mask his skin was white and shiny too but it was hidden under all the black clothing.The man was none other than ballard, the person who was going to handle and fix all the mess.He stood on the building and closed his eyes. His eyes opened after a minute had passed by, he turned his face towards the left and disappeared but there wasnt any milky white smoke this time, even in that lavishly decorated room where the highness was raging, there wasnt any smoke when he disappeared.Unli
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Ch 6 - Still Stuck In The Darkness
Back at the place where the boy was stuck in the darkness.'Its been like... like... I even lost the track of time. Where is that asshole!!!' He cursed inside his mind.It has been around four hours since the man had gone and left the boy in this vast and endless darkness.The whole time he had wandered aimlessly around the darkness and the only thing he could find different was that the floor's colour would be a bit faded, for every 30 feet he traveled further.Two hours later....'I swear I feel like I am going to go insane if he doesnt come back.' The boy said as he really was on the verge of insanity.After taking out his anger, he calmed down and started thinking again on how to get out of the place but none of his ideas work.One day later.....'I dont know how long it has been but I am feeling really, really thirsty and hungry too.' he said exhaustedlyOne more day later.....'I have sat here and thought about ways to get out of this place for hours now. But why isnt anything wo
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Ch 7 - Ballard VS 3rd Grade Dark Walker I
After sweeping the whole area for about an hour, Ballard was going to go back the mansion of the family he was currently serving, but stopped when he sensed something.He sensed energy..... not his but someone else's.The energy signal was massive and it was coming from the hospital that he had just bombed, about fifteen kilometres away from his current position. He was roaming around the city to find if anymore residual energy had escaped his senses.It didnt even take him a second and he was already there, at the sight where fire was raging and people were trying their best to stop it. The building had collapsed ten minutes after the explosion and there was fire everywhere. The buildings around the hospital were also affected.And amongst all that Ballard saw only person, the person looked like a black dot.The person was none another than the man who abducted the kid. He had sensed Ballard as soon as he came to the planet.He looked up to see a figure with all black attire and a g
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Ch 8 - Ballard VS 3rd Grade Dark Walker II
Ballard and Gainis were floating in the sky just below the clouds.Ballard had just noticed the change in his surroundings. He remembered that when they were fighting the sun was still rising and the sky was bluish black in colour but now the sun was setting, giving the sky a golden colour.He also noticed how far they were from the land because before, the lights of some buildings could be seen but now there was none. It didnt take him long to realise that there was literally no land, all he could see was water, endless water."Dont worry I telepprted us to an area where nobody can see what we are about to do, so dont worry of exposing yourself to the humans." Gainis said after looking at his confused expression.It had been 15 seconds since Ballard was punched in the chest which made it cave in and also receive internal damage.Those injuries had already started to heal. They were no where near to be called healed but the process had already begun. It would take around three to four
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Ch 9 - More About The Universe
The place, the darkness in which the boy was previously stuck.A black smoke was seen in mid air and Gainis formed out of it."Hm, I see you are still sane." He said as he saw a boy with black hairs sitting on a ditch with his legs raised up which were providing support to his arms on which his head was resting while facing the ground.The boy raised his head when he heard the voice.When Gainis properly inspected the boy he was shocked "How long has it been!" He asked the boy."Six weeks." The boy replied with a lifeless voice."And you are still alive!" He was shocked for a an already skinny boy to survive a month and half without food or water.He was shocked because when he properly inspected the boy he could see the boy's bony arms and legs, 12 pairs of ribs and an almost non-existent abdomen.Gainis had seen people of this planet survive that long without food and water but all of them had a very well built body, which in the boy's case it was totally different.The boy was alre
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Ch 10 - Waking Up In The Body Of A Kid
"Because I want you to be a threat to the higher ups. I am tired of being controlled by someone, so I want you to change the current way of the universe.""Elaborate please." The boy said in frustration as he wasnt clearly understanding what Gainis was saying."You see, I am considered as a grade 3 dark walker and being a grade 3 dark walker isnt good at all. Its only better than grade 1 and 2 dark walkers.The higher ups treat the dark walkers which are below the grade 4 mark like dogs, we dont get enough respect.And not only that, but also its that, we the dark walkers are forced to do this. We arent even doing it willingly." Gainis explained."Yeah I kind of get what you are talking about. But why me, can't you do that yourself. I can't even control Mana" He said innocently but something else was going on his head."Thats because dark walkers, light walkers and any other species that are aware of the knowledge of Mana and the energies are severely restricted by the descendants of t
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