The Rise Of Hydra God

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The Rise Of Hydra God

By: IsseiVeskitos OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Lee Sung is an orphan without a home or family, at the age of 5 he learned to kill and steal and grew up in a slum where aggression is common. But since that day it's not the same. Author : hey, i'm Celina i write this story because i love reading and write, this my third story so please help so this become decent. Thanks for Reading <3

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47 chapters
Chapter 1
In this world, where ki and supernatural powers exist, it is the strongest who survive and the weak who beg for food, survival, clothing, water and die.Lee Sung is one of the weak in the world but the only difference is that he was raised by an injured ex-cultivator who can't fight anymore and was let go by his guild but even with his formerly, he couldn't become a cultivator because of his poor talent but he has become a powerful murderer for normal people.His village was between two mountains and a large forest where the trees were 40 meters high and rank 1 to 3 monsters were common.The further you go in the forest, the higher the trees become and the monsters become stronger.-- A teenager with a knife cuts the throat of a man and steals his money."Wow, I got 200 putan from that bandit, maybe I should destroy their gangs, I'm pretty good at assassination after all hehe" said Lee SungLee Sung is a teenager who lives in a slum where everything is allowed and where aggression is
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Chapter 2
Before leaving for the desert, Lee Sung decided to go to the black market to buy some quality equipment and inventory so that he could store these things more easily with 10,000 putan, it should be doable.-- At the black market, Lee Sung could see many people, of all skin colors and even slaves with pointy ears, monsters attached to chains.But instead of just standing there he decided to go do the item part of the black market.He found three interesting items and the system looked deeper for him giving him an explanation of the item's abilities and rank.Dimension Bag (E)A small bag capable of carrying up to 200 kilos and 10 meters widePrice: 500 putanPoisoned Dagger (F+):A basic dagger with the paralysis poison attribute.price: 200 putanFire Goblin Leather Set (E+)Set that protects from the neck to the foot and gives a small resistance to fire and heatPrice: 2000 putanFinally he used 2700 putan but now had a leather set and two daggers, one of which was poisoned to fight
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Chapter 3
2 days have passed since the last quest. Lee Sung has been training like a crazy people in Thai boxing and cultivation technique but still hasn't succeeded in combining fire and electricity.But while he was training a level two monster a 3 meter humanoid lizard jumped on him and screamed."What is a human doing in our territory??!"But Lee Sung didn't understand his language. The lizard man gave him a powerful kick.Lee Sung narrowly dodged the kick while practicing Thai boxing he put lightning and fire on his feet and fists once again dodged the lizard man's punch and he an uppercut that put the lizard man unconscious and he killed him right away using his dagger."Thai boxing is going better than expected"[The King of Monster talent absorbs the Lizard Man's ability to speak all languages]After 3 hours of walking he left the forest and finally arrived at Soma Desert. Today will be a dedicated day for cultivation as he is already halfway to breaking through and passing part 3 of
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Chapter 4
He started a real discussion with the king of the giants. "How many of giants are currently in my father's grave" says Lee Sung"We are 150 giants, why?""I want you to build a city around the tomb and I will be the king, of course I will help you. Call all the giants already." Lee Sung already knew different formes or buildings dependant on the species and constructeur them with the help of the giants.They first decided to create a barrier that is 250 meters high and several kilometers wide, it was big enough to call it a big city and the barriers have a high level magic defense system with stones of mana as a generator.The rank 8 mana stone could make the system work for 1 years until it runs out.They created a castle next to Lee Sung's father's tomb, with several rooms and was made for giants so was more than enough for Lee Sung.The fact of having a bed that is 100 meters wide often made him laugh..The giants were proud of their construction so he didn't say anything about t
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Chapter 5
After starting to learn the blood technique art of turning blood into a weapon. His current level of understanding of the technique he can only turn his blood into a thorn and not that of others.He began to integrate Thai boxing as a close combat martial art, he is sure to win in close combat against any level 1 monster by putting ki in his arms he can even break a big rock.He has been cultivating for 48 hours with the mana cores, he is still waiting for human stage part 3 and getting a strength boostHe trained his body which was lean and weak, he is now much better, you can see small thin but hard muscles.All this happened in his city in order to prepare for his trip.To be able to kill the Dragon God Ari Su-Yong, he has to become stronger and much stronger enough to be god and even pass the last stage of cultivation.[The Dragon God look at you with interested look]Lee Sung got angry after reading the blue window.-- The Dragon God Ari Su-Yong, looked at Lee Sung with interes
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Chapter 6
The King Of Goblin. There are many things that can be said to be his strengthsHis talent with a sword, his innate physical ability, his natural ki and others...But what he hates the most is that someone enters his territory without permission.The seer told him that a humanoid monster will return to his territory in a few days.The seer advised him to take a troop of goblins but with arrogance, he told her that he could manage it alone with it being the strongest.The clairvoyant told him that he was really powerful and that even he could lose or be seriously injured.The Goblin King hits her and says"Who can defeat me great king of goblins, I'm 2 meters tall I'm as strong as an orc and low level Yin Sword mastery. Do you really think I'm going to lose bitch" he said beating his wife to death aka the Goblin Seer"Please stop honey.." she said crying"Hmph"He stopped and left the room to go practice with the goblins.Goblins are monsters that are usually 5'6" to 5'77" tall and pos
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Chapter 7
Lee Sung's system told him to go back to his city, because enemies would attack his city. He went in and gathered the giants together and told them"A war will start in a few days we will protect our city and my father's tomb and defeat them all, I will personally take care of the king.""Yesss""Yes my Lord !!!""Yess"[Quest:A war against the city of King Lee Sung vs. the goblins will start in 10 days, you have time to prepare.Objective :- Kill the Goblin King 0/1- Subdue Goblins 0/25000Reward :- Rank S Random Skill- Magic potion ]"The enemy has a number of 25,000 soldiers but they are only goblins, You are the great giant warrior of level 8 and I am the great king of the Hydra monsters.We will win and have 10 days before they arrive to attack our magic fortress created with my father's high level products and our house ""Yes my Lord !!!" -- The next ten days passed quickly as Lee Sung's soldier was led in two parts. Lee Sung's group and Regis' group.Standing on the ba
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Chapter 8
After bidding farewell to his loyal soldiers, Lee Sung left for the human world. The human world is very close to the soma desert because it is on the border.But the high-level magic fortress that can even kill hundreds of giants makes Lee Sung not have to worry about an invasion and lose his loyal soldiers.Especially since they are strong and Lee Sung trusts them, especially Regis, his right arm and the strongest in Lee Sung's country.Lee Sung himself is weak, but he has magic skill that makes up for his weakness and good melee ability thanks to Thai boxing.On the way to the human realm, he found hundreds of human corpses on the way then hid behind a bush and heard two people talking, the man said "get out, I know you're there" Overwhelming pressure came out of man's mouth..Lee Sung tried his best not to fall to his knees and used Mystical Flame on the mystery strong man."Aaaaahrhhh"The man burned completely and the woman ran to Lee Sung and pulled out a spear, Lee Sung block
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Chapter 9
Lee Sung and his army of 500 people went to war against the vampires, he took all the elites and let the decent people lead and protect in case of attack. What Lee Sung knows about vampires is very limited he know that if we manage to kill a Vampire, we have a one in 10 chance of obtaining one of his powers that he obtained. Blood Manipulation Art is a power of Vampire.Lee Sung already had a plan to win the battle, and he is 100% sure to win because he will use all his cards to defeat the vampire lord and subdue the other vampires like he did with the goblins.After arriving in a plain outside the Soma Desert, with his vision improving he saw hundreds of vampires in addition to the leader who was in front and in the middle. Lee Sung shouted "Attack!!" Then, the mages proceed to recite spells and blow up hundreds of vampires and the giants and normal goblins attack several of the vampires and kill them.Lee Sung used blood manipulation to create a spear and stab any enemy that ha
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Chapter 10
Metamorphosis. Having a metamorphosis is something to consider incredible even if there is a slight chance of having a metamorphosis when changing stages, Lee Sung was lucky enough to do two metamorphosis and become much more powerful. His only pure physical strength can be considered as a strength of someone at the end of the superhuman stage. Not to mention his magic skill which ranks him well equal to monster stage.That's how powerful he is with his magical skills.Lee Sung used Hydra eye and watch a horde of demonic beasts come to attack them from afar "Everyone, prepare for the attack!""Yes, my King!!"-- Hundreds and hundreds of brainless demonic beasts attacked Lee Sung's fortress..The self-defense system activate and launched lasers, fireballs, giant arrows 2 meters long.The goblin mages just attack with magic spells from behind while the soldiers leading like Lee Sung and Regis took to the front destroying demonic beasts.The giants stand out by killing several demo
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