Hunter Stone: Rise Of A Warrior Mechanical God

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Hunter Stone: Rise Of A Warrior Mechanical God

By: I Can Eat Moons OngoingFantasy

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Transferred to a technologically-advanced Earth as an infant from a planetary-powerhouse named Al-Vrygon, Geltorak—now Hunter Stone—blossomed into a highly-skilled fighter, a fearsome technologically-enhanced operative, and a globally-celebrated genius inventor. But at the age of 20, before Hunter Stone could really dream of achieving the status of god-like inventor, Earth suddenly plunged into a crisis of total destruction. A mysterious figure, predating Hunter's arrival, had abruptly risen to power and united the world as its inaugural hegemonic ruler. Unwilling to witness global annihilation, Hunter, who had undergone many training, began to forge alliances with tech-powered soldiers, mechanically-augmented battle veterans, and super-powered alien beings that resided on Earth. Together, they endured relentless violent conflicts and devastating battles against allied enemy forces, as they strived to avert the foreseen apocalypse—a looming decimation of Earth and the extermination of all living beings. Emerging as the revered leader of a particular faction in a desolate, war-torn Earth, Hunter embarked on a space odyssey to seek certain answers. But he became inadvertently ensnared in a scheme that led to the unceasing subjugation and eventual annihilation of numerous planets by a malevolent cosmic force. Determined to halt the unending planetary destructions, Hunter traversed dimensions to lost otherworldly civilizations, where he gathered materials to construct god-like technological wonders, and colossal supermachines known as Divinity-Machines—behemoth cosmomechanical marvels capable of rivalling the grand cosmic powers of hypothetical outer-space omniversal gods. Accompanied by his planet-shaking monolithic inventions, and adorned with the myriad god-subduing items that he built, he gradually formed alliances with friends, numerous other beings, and potent huge armies from distant planets, all sharing the hope of thwarting the tyrannical nefarious power from advancing in its wicked conquest! Yet, the looming question persisted: Would Hunter Stone really succeed, or would he become a mere remnant in the annals of cosmic history?

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Chapter 1 - Planetary Invaders from the Shi'iar Empire
Chapter 1 - Planetary Invaders from the Shi'iar Empire"Master Holderon, our world is at the brink of total destruction. It's time to go." A tall, blue-haired woman in a skintight black leather suit and was armed with a large curved sword that burned ferociously in a dazzling green fire, said with unfathomably great sorrow in her eyes.Her planet, Al-Vrygon, one of the biggest renowned planet in the Archerion Planet Cluster and was known for their remarkably high achievements and unsurpassed excellence in building powerful technological units and incomparably powerful mechanical assemblies, was on the verge of complete destruction. It was invaded by powerful enemies from the invincible, vast Shi'iar Empire who were capable of destroying worlds because of the god-like powers that they possessed. They were simply undying, super-fast, super-strong, could shoot off city-destroying rays, beams and waves from their hands, chests and eyes, and could tank continent-destroying explosions at p
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Chapter 2 - Alexander Stone
Chapter 2 - Alexander StoneThirty minutes after she disappeared, a long row of fully armored jeeps which were accompanied by large battle tanks with massive, explosion-resistant tires for quick mobility, arrived at the spot in the desert where the pod was located.A tall man with a great muscular build and wore a certain camouflaging uniform, came down from the fifth jeep and headed towards the large pod with an expression of uncertainty in his face.After looking into the pod and saw a really cute, harmless baby that smiled at him and giggled like he did something funny, he immediately removed the dark-tinted spectacle that he wore and produced a tremendously surprised expression in his face."A baby?" He asked with the astounded look in his face further intensifying.Then with a smile appearing in his face in the next instant, he reached into the pod with his arms to carry the baby.But he was quickly stopped by another person that had come down from the jeep with him and said with
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Chapter 3 - 18 years later
Chapter 3 - 18 years later"Hunter, what the hell is wrong with you? Why don't you always listen to instructions? Don't you want to be in this team?!" Lucianna, the female captain of a ten-person team that Hunter Stone was part of, screamed at Hunter with great anger in her eyes.Lucianna was a nineteen-year old girl who was really beautiful and incomparably ambitious. She wanted to be the first person on Earth that would be a Cosmic Mechanical Emperor, one that all mechanics in the world will fearfully submit to and reverently see and worship as their Lord; a Goddess in control of vast armies of planet-shaking mechanical monsters. She was over five feet tall, where she was only an inch away from becoming a six-feet tall female. She had a strongly attractive oval face, bright emerald eyes that was filled with determination and held strongly unwavering hopes for the future in the thickest blackest night. She had pearly white teeth that dazzled whenever she opened her mouth to speak,
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Chapter 4 - Attack by terrorists
Chapter 4 - Attack by terrorists.Once the deadline given for the projects was reached, numerous instructors came in and ordered the leaders of more than twenty group present in the hall to come forward and showcase the abilities of the technological artifacts that they built with the help of their group members. A boy named Kyrion, stepped forward with a sword that once activated, began to burn in a bright blue flame and produce waves of searing heat that spread out in all directions, which immediately caused the people behind him to take many steps back. Only the instructors remained where they were, since they could easily withstand such level of heat. "Good." Instructor Valzid said with a nod of his head."Next person." He leisurely said.Another group leader immediately stepped forward with a metal-frame backpack that caused two pairs of massive foldable wings formed from a shiny, lightweight metal alloy to eject from certain hatches in the backpack, which was then accompanied
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Chapter 5 - Subduing the terrorists
Chapter 5 - Subduing the terrorists"Lucia, do you still remember where you kept the Scepter of Zorris that you created?" Hunter suddenly asked, after he instinctually perceived that enemies of greater strength and power were slowly advancing towards their location."I dropped it in the hall out of fear, when most of the hall blew apart due to the terrifying energy blast that was unleashed at it." Lucianna said after recalling how the scepter fell from her hand to the ground because of the sudden destructive blast of energy that collapsed the hall, which then induced a petrifying shock that overwhelmed her heart and whole being."Hmm. Alright. I will need it." Hunter said and directly went to carry a large engineering toolbox, and also a few important machinery parts."C-Can we actually walk around out with all these that's going on? Why don't we stay hidden here till reinforcements of instructors will arrive?" Lucianna asked with absolute fear in her tone."Hmm. If we do that, then i
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Chapter 6 - Source of Disaster? 
Chapter 6 - Source of Disaster? "The weapon you currently wield, what are you going to do about it?" Lucianna asked with a curious expression in her face."Well..." Hunter muttered as he looked at the powerful, coldly gleaming, electrically buzzing monster-sized rifle in his hand, "...I will keep it. This weapon is a bit powerful to be dumped somewhere like a piece of garbage. Although I have the option of dismantling it to hundreds of parts that can be scattered everywhere to avoid discovery, but I don't want to do so. I have fallen in love with the weapon such that I even named it 'Ten-Fanged Lightning Dragon'. Haha!""Hmm. That's a rather fitting name for the rifle. It's truly like a dragon." Lucianna said with the impressed nod of her head.She then said further when she suddenly thought of something, "But Hunter, how do you explain the machinery parts that got missing?""Well, they aren't supposed to know unless you tell them." Hunter said and slightly giggled. While Lucianna si
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Chapter 7 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (1)
Chapter 7 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (1)"I am finally able to leave this stupid giant trap disguised as a planet! I wonder who created it and for whom exactly. I have been trapped in it for many years now that my husband would think I have lost my life. Ugh!" "But he didn't even come to look for me, that bastard! He neglected and totally forgot about me. Hmm. Anyway, when I get back, I will make him suffer. I will make him pay for not even making a slight attempt to look for me. But that aside, I seriously hope they are all doing really great. I miss my husband and my cute baby so much." "He must have grown so tall and attractively handsome now. I wonder if he would still be able to recollect my face. Anyway, kids from my world have powerful memories. They can easily recall things that happened when they were one-month old babies if they want to. But I seriously hope my love and my bundle of joy are both doing well. We will reunite soon honeys, once I cease my fatiguing spac
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Chapter 8 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (2) 
Chapter 8 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (2) "Hunter, I have considered what you mentioned and would like to ask you a question. If you answer it correctly, then I will go right ahead to fulfill your wish. But if you answer it wrongly, well, I will still fulfill your wish, but that will be at a later time in the future." Alexander said with a serious look in his face. While Hunter upon hearing that, prepared to answer the question with his power of intelligence beginning to operate at full power. Alexander saw the gravely serious look in Hunter's face and smiled, "Son, relax. It's not a question that has anything to do with intelligence or intellectual skills. Just patiently think about the answer to the question and tell me when you are ready, okay?" "Okay dad." Hunter smilingly said with the nod of his head. "Good." Alexander uttered. Then he proceeded to ask, "Hunter, why did I send you to study at an institute, despite you knowing much more than your instructors? "You kn
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Chapter 9 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (3) 
Chapter 9 - Joining the Scarlet Canary Team (3) Approximately 30 minutes later, driving swiftly while following Hunter's directions, they reached the vicinity of the Paul Mackinson Institute of Research and Technology."Alright," remarked Pearl Dane as she exited the car, her face displaying a determined readiness.Hunter joined her, walking towards the towering fence enclosing the Paul Mackinson Institute of Research and Technology.Pearl Dane, after scanning around to make sure that no one was looking at them, extended her right hand to hold Hunter's right hand. "Is the hand holding really necessary?" Hunter asked with a surprised expression in his face. "Well, yes." Pearl Dane replied without looking at Hunter who gazed at her with an indescribable expression in his face. "I thought you can control light around objects from a distance and turn them invisible." Hunter stated, still surprised why Pearl Dane had to hold his hand. "Alright. See it as a date. Two attractive couple
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Chapter 10 - Hunt and Kill Mission.
Chapter 10 - Hunt and Kill Mission.Once the Black Helm finished scanning the Magnetic Repulsion Chest Armor, which only took a few seconds, it immediately presented Hunter with the features and functions of the Magnetic Repulsion Chest Armor.[X-Ray Mode: On] [Appearance/Feature Scan Status: Activated][Scan complete!] [Organizing Data...][Data Organization complete!] [Compiling information...][Compilation complete!] [Named Weapon: Magnetic Repulsion Chest Armor][Introduction:]The Magnetic Repulsion Chest Armor is a technological marvel designed for both defensive capabilities and a futuristic aesthetic. [Details:] (1.) Sleek Magnetic Panels: The chest armor features sleek magnetic panels arranged in a symmetrical pattern across the torso. These panels are crafted from lightweight yet resilient materials, and their smooth surfaces contribute to the armor's aerodynamic design.(2.) Electromagnetic Emitters: Integrated into the armor are electromagnetic emitters strategically
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