I Am The One Who Saved You

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I Am The One Who Saved You

By: Fire Queen CompletedFantasy

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She was looking for the perfect spot to build her tent to sleep over for one night. And the place she found is surrounded by tall trees that the fireflies chose to rest. But a scent of Sandal wood mixed with mint entered her nostrils and make her knees become weak. Elijah Suarez, the college student who doesn't know that the half blood that flowing inside her veins is actually from werewolves is now experiencing her first ever blood heat. "Your scent, I like your scent." The voice from behind together with the thick scent that is now surrounding her entire body makes her mind blank. She saw a man with golden eyes, sweating all over his body and has a.. Tail?! Dwine Frost, A dominant alpha who are having his dangerous first ever rut inside the mountain thought he was going to die. Being a purebred werewolf who can't find his mate because of the so called soul link. If he experienced his first rut without his soul link mate, he's going to die. Two souls meet inside the mountain under the red blood moon. Helping each other to subdue their sexual desires, bodies become one while the fireflies dancing above them. There is one problem, Dwine Frost, after his rut. Actually can't remember what happened when he wakes up in the next morning. Only the scent of vanilla mixed with Rose and orange left in his body. Who was it? Who is the one who helped him to overcome his rut? No, rather. Who saved him?

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  • FireQUEEN


    Who killed her father?

    2023-05-08 07:36:32
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67 chapters
Soul Link
Prologue In the 18th century, There has Four types of people. The Vampire, who thinks they are the ruler of the world. The human, who is normal and the food for the vampires. The Lycan, who are half Vampire. And the Werewolf, who are the savior of all the human.Inside the mountain that the wolf is occupying, the man is soon to be executed for killing the wife of the king who rules the whole pack of werewolf. "No! Please! Don't kill him!" A woman cried out loud while her knees bend on the stone floor. She's begging her father to do not kill her mate who she knows was being framed by the other Alphas candidates for the throne. "Enough with your madness! He's the one who killed my wife! Your mother! Aren't you mad at him for doing that?! " Her father. The king of the werewolf pack who rules the mountain, lost his wife during the competition. And he thought that the man in his hand right now is the one who killed her. The man is the werewolf who just arrived a month ago and became
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Heat And Rut
March 21 20XX, "Where can I find the best spot?! Come on! Ive been walking for hours now!" Elijah Suarez, the student of tourism who loves mountain climbing is now in the middle of the woods trying to find the perfect spot to build her tent for her to rest. Her parents allows her to go mountain climbing everytime she wants as long as she won't forget her studies. And now, she chose to climb the mountain of Cleopatra's needle in Palawan together with her friends. "Tch! I wonder if my friends already build their own?" She murmured. She was being separated from them because she loves to sightseeing but unfortunately, she got lost. And now, she doesn't know where she is. How many hours has it been? Two hours? Three? She doesn't know at all. She planned to return from where she started when she suddenly heard the sound of the water. "A river?" She asked herself. She decided to continue walking and find the source of the sounds and finally find it. Being amazed to what is i
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Finding his Omega
Present time. In this world, No one knows the existence of all they so called myths. Vampire they still exist. It's just that, they keep themselves hiding from humans who finally understand that every living things has weaknesses. Vampires learned to live naturally with humans without noticing their real identity. And only those wealthy human knows them and secretly protecting them in exchange for better life they are having now. How human helped vampires? By simply making the blood bank in every hospitals in the world. "Young Master, we have no other clues about the Omega you have mated with. Even yourself knew that only the scent of vanilla is left. There's a lot of Omega werewolves who has vanilla scent." It's Jeffrey. Dwine Frost personal assistant. "That's why I need to be in there, while you guys interviewing those Omegas." Dwine Frost, the young bachelor who is now the second to the throne not only in his werewolves family but also in his family's business. His family
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On The job Training
It's already been two weeks since it happened. Luckily her monthly period came one week after she returns home. She can't tell or ask her mom about the abnormalities that is happening in her body. Afraid of losing them and afraid that she might scared them, she decided to keep it as a secret. But sadly, the image of that man keeps appearing in her dreams every night. "Elijah, aren't you finished packing your clothes? You're gonna be late ." Her mom's came in to her room. "I'm done!" She smile at her and follow her out. Today is the day that she will going to Manila for her job training. Her mom, Mrs. Susanne Suarez already find an apartment for her to stay during her stay in there. "Don't ever wonder around especially at night! Do you understand?" Her father's caring voice get her attention. She winked at him and smile. Mr. Felix Suarez, her father who always tells her to be safe and don't forget to call if anything happens. How lucky she is to have these loving parents.
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You Smell like Vanilla
Elijah woke up at 4:30 in the next morning. She excitedly take her bath and and dressed up. At 5:30 she decided to leave her apartment and take a taxi to go to her job. She arrived at 6:20, and before going in, she went to the near store and bought her breakfast. She just waited outside the building to open while eating her breakfast. "Eating in front of my building?" Elijah jumped up out of surprise when she heard the voice behind her. She looked at the person who spoke. "Oh! God!" She withdrew her sight when she recognized the man. The person is no other than, the man with tail! And the man who took her virginity! What is he doing there? Wait, he said.. "Your building?" She looked at him again and even point her finger in the building. "Is it not mine?" The man frowned while he's putting his hands inside his pockets. Elijah gulped. If this is the owner of this building, then does it mean that.. He's her Boss?! The man she slept with is her boss?! But why does it l
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Sandal Wood and Mint
Elijah blinked twice before realizing the situation. The dog can recognize the smell even you tried to mix it. And even he is far away, he can still smell the vanilla flavored candy that she's eating. But why does he have to lean closer just to ask her? What's in there in vanilla scent? "You mean, this candy?" She raised her hand that is holding the wrapper. Mr. Frost stare at her before looking at the wrapper in her hand. His eyes squinted a bit and withdrew himself from her. She finally let out a sigh of relief. He seems to hate vanilla? But why? "Am I not allowed to eat candies with vanilla flavor?" She can't helped but asked. The man look at her again and fix his necktie before answering her. "You can." He said. "Just don't litter around." "Yes sir." Her mind is still focusing on Vanilla. And a sudden recollection hit her again. She remember, Vanilla scent mixed with rose and orange. That is the scent that envelope them together with the sandal wood and mint. S
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The truth about her identity
"What's wrong with you?" The deep and serious tone of his voice made her skip a beat. He looks scary now. "You're scaring her!" Sarah exclaimed. Sarah Marcos, a pure-blooded werewolf who is actually an Omega. She was told by her parents that she needed to be the Dwine mate. Because Dwine, is a dominant Alpha who is soon to be the King of the werewolf clan. And aside from that, he will also be to soon to be the owner of all the Frost company. "Come to me little girl, I'll help you." Sarah smiled at her and offered her hands too. Elijah, who wants to keep herself away from the person who actually caused her to be like that, grabbed the hands of the woman. She can now finally understand how that one-night stand happened. It was also because of that scent. The scent actually came from the dog. "Stand up slowly," The woman said with a kind voice. "Go back to your meeting. Leave her to me." She looked back at Dwine who was still frowning. And finally, after fixing his ne
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Working as a normal Employee
"Here's your coat sir." Elijah brought the coat that her boss asked her to get. They are inside of one of the expensive restaurant in Manila. Her boss is meeting the foreign investors who just arrived yesterday according to the information that Joanna gave her. And a while ago, he asked her to get his coat from the car be he felt cold all of a sudden. She doesn't know if it was true or he does lie but she still followed him. "Put it on." He said. "Huh?" "I said, put it on. You seems feeling cold." Elijah rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. She followed his order because she thought, he really need the coat. But he want her to wear it? "But I don't feel cold?" Dwine averted her eyes and stand up instead. He take the coat from her hands and put it on to her. "I'm not blind." He said. Elijah couldn't read the mood. But when she saw the man eyes, she understood the situation a little. Her Boss wants to use her as a scapegoat. "Sorry, I'm indeed feeling cold
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The Gossip
"Should I scream?" She didn't averted her eyes this time. Elijah want to stare to his pair of golden eyes. Dwine gulped and slowly withdrew himself and sit back to his seat. "We have to go to my last appointment later this afternoon. And I heard that the other management will be having a party tonight, and I am being invited." "Do I have to go with you too?" "Well, yes." "What should I prepare for you before we leave?" "Nothing much, I just need to change my suit." "Noted." The two remain silent until they reached the building of the company. Walking inside the building with her boss, she noticed something unusual. "Why does it seem like they are talking about me?" She frowned. "Hmm.. Maybe because, you're still wearing my coat?" Dwine looked at her with amusement in his eyes. Enjoying himself while watching Elijah being confused. Elijah immediately wear off the coat and hang it in her arm. First day of work, the gossip already spread. "Why did you remove
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She act like a Cat
Elijah helped Joanna to prepare their food while Dwine is standing in the side of the table. Observing the angry girl who choose to do not talk. The situation is troubling him deep inside because it surprisingly affecting his entire system. "Sir, everything's ready. You can start eating now." Joanna snapped out his thoughts. "En." He nodded his head and looked to the angry cat. "Take your seat." Elijah is indeed hungry but her pride is on the line now. This man didn't apologize to her even her name is now ruined in the mind of other employees. And that is because of her boss! "What are you doing? I said take your seat, joined me for lunch." Dwine repeated his words but the girl didn't react at all so he got curious. What's wrong with her? He asked himself. "Excuse me sir, Miss Sarah is on her way up here. She said she'll join you for your lunch." Joanna entered the room and got out again after that. "Since your girlfriend is coming, I should take my leave now Sir
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