Incredible Tycoon Eren Morningstar

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Incredible Tycoon Eren Morningstar

By: Hardcookies OngoingSystem

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Born to achieve great success in his life despite being from the lower class of society's hierarchy. Eren Morningstar was a talented young boy and for that he was constantly bullied by prestigious upper class's kids. After passing out the world's most difficult exam as topper, Eren was offered a scholarship in the top university. Still he became the playtoy for the rich students on his very first day of class. His girlfriend betrayed him and chose his rival as her new boyfriend. All this angered Eren but he couldn't do much because he was helpless. That very moment a weird flashboard appeared in front of him with attributes and changed his life in a blink. Paving the path of success in frame, money and power, Eren decided to reboot the system of the corrupted prestigious upper class's people. To know about Eren Morningstar's quest for a better life and his dream of changing the corrupted world, read the ' The Incredible Tycoon Eren Morningstar.'

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  • Hideous pancake


    Woah, a fresh system with magic and urban setting. I like it and am waiting for more chapters. also bro has got good female attention

    2024-05-11 23:58:04
  • Sugar Daddy



    2024-05-22 19:55:40
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Face slapping Tycoon system
"I-Is it for real?" Eren shouted in excitement that his voice stuttered. He rubbed his eyes multiple times to not confuse reality and dream. But no matter how many times he looks at the message on his phone's screen,it remains the same."Congratulations , Eren Morningstar for securing first place in the national economics exam. You have been offered a scholarship to a top university of business administration."The message was from the result association of the national bureau of examination which provides scholarships to talented students for higher education. Eren hurriedly opened his email box and filled the acceptance form from the Academy of Spartacus. When he was done he relaxed his back on the gaming chair and sighed tirelessly. "Everything will be fine now. After completing my academics, I'll get a job in a decent company and then I can provide a better lifestyle to my mother and also propose to Rose for marriage," he thought and smiled to himself. For the last few months he
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Change this cliche storyline
For a second Eren forgot that he was getting beaten up. He focused on the weird floating attribute tabs in front of his face whilst blocking the attacks from the guards.[ Please make a choice before timer ends][...5,4,3,2,...]"Yes," Eren hurriedly replied and the guards glanced at him. They looked down at Eren and annoyingly commented,"You will regret raising your hands on Academy's guards.""Regret? I'm already regretting my feelings wasted on a girl like her. I should have known her true intentions," Eren cursed, throwing hard punches at the guards' faces. Rose was not so bright in terms of studies. She passed the NEE by the help of Eren's notes and the topics he personally tutored her. [SYSTEM INSTALLATION COMPLETED][ NAME: EREN MORNINGSTAR][ AGE : 18][ RANK : PRIVILEGED NOBLE][ TALENT: BILLIONAIRE IN DISGUISE][ SKILL: 0 ( will be added after you complete the given quests)][ BALANCE AVAILABLE: $ 100,000,000....( Can be redeemed into real cash)] 'Huh? Seriously, are you
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Instant spell caster boy
The announcement was made through the media room in the guidance of Lucas. Ten minutes later, all the students of the Academy were assembled on the ground. Eren's wounds were now treated and he was again covered in bandages. "Shall we head towards the assembly hall, young boy?" William was being sarcastic which was a rare sight to witness for Lucas.Eren walked together with William and Lucas to a large assembly hall. Hundreds of students were gathered there and when they saw William arriving they stopped talking and became quiet. But this time he wasn't surprised, rather concerned because he was not following the dress code. Everyone was wearing the uniform assigned by the Academy. It was black three-piece suit for boys and short black skirts and white full sleeves shirts for girls. "Don't worry. You are given a scholarship in my Academy so I will be the one to provide you with books, pc and uniform," William said."Are you a fortune teller?"" No, it's written all over your face
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Serpent Beasts' Master
Nothing happened. Eren looked at his attributes, it was clearly mentioned that he has the skill to perform any spells. He tried once again but nothing happened. "Has he finally lost his mind?" One of the guy annoyingly asked and strode at Eren.Grabbing him by his collar,he scowled,"Boy we don't like playing with kids. Leave or I'll beat the hell out of–" SHAPO TRANSFORM"Eren fell down, adjusting his shirt as he looked at the two frogs hopping in front of him. His eyes glowed in excitement because he finally knew how to use his skill. [ Warning: Your MP is very low for performing powerful spells] [ The spell will wear out after five minutes] "What the fuck?" Eren immediately gets up, hiding the spell book into his backpack. He then grabs the girl's hand and starts running out of there. "Are you a magician?" The girl asked but Eren was too busy escaping. They kept running until they were out of that deserted alleyway. Eren stopped and released the girl's hand, he took a deep br
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Rugs to Riches
"I should just take it off and put it back to its original place," Eren said as he tried to take off the ring but it didn't even move from its place.Panicking , Eren used all his strength into getting that ring off. Unfortunately after one hour of wastage, he realised the ring had become a part of his body. Sighing deeply he sarcastically commented," Now I have to face Director William Robertson wearing his family's heirloom! Wow, I wonder what his reaction could be."***Next day Early in the morning a fleet of black cars parked outside the narrow streets of the Maidens society. From them walked out bodyguards, armoured with guns and daggers. Their black uniform had the emblem of two snake's mouths supporting the green emerald. They were all guarding the three elders of Robertson clan. "Are sure this is the right location?" Mash, the first elder of Robertson clan, asked , getting irritated by the poverty of Maidens society. He was a tall, slender guy with green eyes. Blessed with
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Eren became Chairman
"These are files of all financial accounts which you have to audit," William replied and called one blonde woman inside," And she's Clara, your secretary. Clara, greet your boss."Fixing her glasses on her nose, she bowed down giving full view of her blossoms. Eren turned his face awkwardly towards William and asked again,"Why do I have to audit all the files?I have college to attend.""Yes, as the new chairman of Robertson group it's one of your duties," William replied with a wicked smile and before Eren could ask anything further,he disappeared leaving him alone with Clara."Boss, you don't have to worry about these. I'll handle all your work," She assured and scooped all the files in her hands. Getting seated on her chair, she started with the work while Eren stood there wondering why he got stuck with some woman. To increase his headache, Sophia entered inside his office with a gift box. "Hey, Eren. Our meeting was such a coincidence that now you are my clan's master," she said
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Giving up is not his style
"My father has retired from his job after Mr Xavier was kicked out of his position. He's currently living in his hometown," Clara replied and scrolled through her phone. Eren received a text from his secretary. It was the location and address of her father's hometown. Putting his phone back in his pant's pocket,he thanked Clara and headed out. While walking through the mansion's inner corridors, Eren received greetings from the members and bodyguards living there. When he arrived downstairs, one young man in black suit stepped forward and greeted," Good evening Master, do you need anything?""Who are you?" "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Victor Cloudy, your Butler,"he answered.That young man appeared to be a year or two older than Eren. He was too young to be his butler, maybe William appointed him considering my age. "Alright, tell me about the elders. Are they here?""Elder William had already left for the academy and other elders were busy with interviews with the media
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Past of his parents
[ Congratulations on breaking the spell of concealment LV30][ Hidden quest completed][ REWARDS: 400,000,000$, 2000MP] [ You have reached level 22 ] [ Total Balance: 100,400,000,000$]Sebastian felt his body light after the spell was lifted but Eren was not okay. He had exhausted himself and his breathing increased as he continued coughing blood. "Master, wait I'll bring tissue papers and water."'"No, I'm fine," Eren wiped his mouth with his hand and got up. He tries to cast a healing spell but the floating tab with a warning appears in front of him.[You have exhausted your daily quota of 10 spells] [ The daily quota will be renewed after 8 hours] 'That sucks! Using a high level of spell sure takes up my remaining daily quota,' he sighed and looked at his attribute tabs. He decided to put more points in his strength. Taking a seat Eren began with his interrogation and he found out that his father, Xavier Robertson was a potential candidate for next patriarch of the clan. His
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He's cold hearted MC
"Yes but do it secretly. I don't want the elders to find out about my participation in the tournament, otherwise they'll try all methods to draw me out of it."Victor nodded,"Understood, Master."They arrived at midnight when everyone was sleeping. Only Sophia was awake and blocked Eren's way. Tilting his head Eren looked at her,"What's with your rude behaviour? Want something?" "You shouldn't have tried to dig up the past. Now the elders will try to get rid of you like how they did with uncle X-Xavier..."Her eyes were filled with horror as if she had witnessed the terrifying slaughtering activities committed by elders. On the other hand isn't she granddaughter of William? She must be traumatised by their acts, no wonder she was trembling within. Placing his hand on her left shoulder he murmured,"Give up if you're worried about me because I'm strong enough to protect myself from those old geezers. Return back to your bedroom."Saying that Eren removed his hand from her shoulder and
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Critical Attack
Eren lowered his eyes and looked at her. He couldn't believe she had the audacity to show up after betraying him. If it weren't for the sudden appearance of the system, he could have been thrown into the dungeon for beating up the mayor's nephew and breaking the so-called laws of the Academy. Even so Eren wasn't planning on forgiving her for what she did. Forcing a smile on his lips he says,"Where should we talk? I don't think it's the appropriate time and place."Rose looked around at the gathered crowd and panicked. Clinging onto Eren's arm she whispers,"Should we go into the old library? There rarely goes anyone."Eren didn't say anything, rather he followed her. They left the main premises and arrived at the old premises which were primarily abandoned. He couldn't help but roam his eyes around the vintage architectural masterpiece. This shows that the academy of Spartacus was built in mediaeval times. After world war 2, the royalty were thrown out of power and a dictatorship regi
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